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TDN Members - What is your "Dream Pet"?

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On 12/1/2018 at 7:21 PM, redespeon said:

It used to be the Darigan Shoryu, back when even 100k seemed like an insormountable goal for my child self (and back when RS was the only source of that kind of money).

I don't really like the 'new' appearance for it, so I'm still looking for something I like as much.

I know what you mean. The Darigan Shoyru is my dream pet too. I came back to Neopets a few months ago and finally could afford the darigan paint brush for my shoyru! 

In general, it's a subtle change, but it just looks less evil... I can live with it. lol

darigan shoyru       >>>>>Male Darigan Shoyru

What bothers me is when it is angry. Like, dude, what happened to your red eyes?? *sigh.......*

darigan shoyru

 New dream pet - Robot Aisha! Now that's an artwork upgrade! ?

Unconverted Robot Aisha    >>>>>Female Robot Aisha

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I'm reviving this thread because I've just started thinking about this again! Four dream pets:

1. Faerie Eyrie. And guess what? I have one!! She started out Blue, I morphed her Faerie when I realized that prices had changed a lot since I was a wee'un, and I have not regretted it for a moment. She's probably my top dreamie, and her current custom/design is my favorite that I've ever done. 
2. Brown Uni. It sounds boring, but the Brown Uni design is so appealingly... realistic? I feel like I could do almost any sort of custom on her - from ba warrior to flowery forest spirit - and she'd still look stunning. I'd also settle for White, but Brown is my dream-dream. She's currently Red, which is... well, it's a color. That's about all I have to say about that.
3. Transparent Peophin. Y'ALLLLL! This is my favorite transparent design. I have this sort of warrior-femme thing going on with my (Red) Peophin right now, and I would LOVE to see her become some sort of Transparent avenging elemental with glass skin and a giant sword. I guess I'm halfway there. 
4. Halloween Kougra - I used to have a Kougra, way way back, but I don't know what happened to her!! I had transferred my old Peophin to a side and recently brought her back to my main, but I don't know what happened to my Kougra. I fear an accidental (... how?) abandonment occurred. Regardless, I am a sucker sucker sucker for black cats, so I would probably pee my pants for a Halloween Kougra. Can you imagine??

Runner-up is just about anything Woodland... Woodland Eyrie, Woodland Grundo, and Woodland Koi are imo some of the most beautiful designs the team has ever created. I guess I'm just a bit more attached to the "older" colors than anything else. 

This was a really fun topic to answer! Great idea!

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can I say I love how everyone's reply is so different :) really shows how pretty much every pet and variation has a fan.

for me, my two favorite colors in general are magma and wraith. I've always liked neopets that looked more like, well, animals, or some sort of supernatural creatures. these styles (along with many others ofc) convey that feeling for me perfectly. 
so yeah, 2 of my 5 permanents are magma and 2 of them, a lupe and a gelert, are going to be wraith :)
just need to save up for their multi-million NP brushes haha :D but it's a goal to work towards so it's all good!

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i love kyriis and buzzes just in general, and currently have 7 kyriis and 4 buzzes in my dream team, some of which ive achieved (i have a grey and darigan kyrii, and a zombie and faerie buzz)

but i also really like vandagyres, because theyre basically owlbears. and stealthy is basically a ranger/rogue paint job. together they form the ultimate roleplaying combo. ive already found the perfect name for one (after a ranger archetype), now its just a matter of saving up for the paintbrush



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My eternal dream pet has to be the UC Plushie Buzz. It's so adorable! LOOK AT IT.

I'm not really well versed in pet trading though, so at some point I just got a converted one ? Not the same thing at all, but it's still cute and I can make art of it in whatever style I want, I guess ?


A pet I have yet to create is a Peophin, though. I've always been fascinated by the species and somehow never got one?? Maybe because I've never settled on which one looks best:


God, I love Peophins ?❤️ Gotta work on that.

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1 hour ago, Bingo said:


Depending on the customization you make, all 4 of those are great! 

For example, if you have access to NC, Stealthy (clothesless) Peophin is a great choice! And Daringan is a good color in case you plan on using only NP items. 

Those are just examples of course ^_^


I think I never posted here, so I'll post mine too.


The only pet that I can call a dream really this only will happen in my dreams is a UC Plushie Ixi. 

I have goats as pets and I love goats! And this little guy is just... dreamy! Unfortunately, it's EXTREMELY RARE. Even more than others UCs. 

I think I only saw one of those on neopets all these years. 


It's just too adorable and I want to squeeze it to death. :dance:

And, unfortunately, the converted version is not 1/4 charming as the UC so... :sad02:


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Life update RE: Dreamies!

1. I am still beyond happy with my Faerie Eyrie. She's beautiful. I haven't even touched her custom in years because I like it so much. 

2. I passed on Transparent Peophin in favor of Tyrannian Peophin. I just painted her today and I'm already so much more pleased than I was when she was Red! She kicks it.

3. My Halloween Kougra will have to wait another day, because today I painted my Red Flotsam to Tyrannian as well, and he's so much cooler now. Perhaps I'll set up my H.K. on a side one day. 

4. I am hyping myself up to spend the 600K for a Brown paint brush so that I can finally have my Brown Uni. I thought I'd get tired of the idea, but I definitely haven't!!

Don't even get me started on C vs UC pets ? ? (are either of those a crying emoji? i honestly can't even tell anymore. rip my eyes.)

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I have so many!! Baby Lupe, Chocolate Xweetok, Water Aisha, Faerie Poogle and Faerie Pteri are my most wanted. 
I've also wanted a Plushie Kacheek for years but I finally got her thanks to the premium species change perk. So worth it! 

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i pretty much have mine....I'm not changing my Eventide Aisha cuz i busted my butt for that Altador Cup prize (AC8 i believe...Eventide Paint Brush). I just managed to get my other dream pets this year: Magma Ixi (after FIIIINAALLLY catching the guard napping after all these years), a Candy Kougra (lucky enough to have the Rainbow Pool faerie answer a Grey Faerie's request), and a Mutant Poogle (can't remember if i got the potion or if that was another rainbow pool quest).

Originally i had wanted a Faerie Lenny (love the peacock design), but i'm not as big on faerie pets as i used to be (my Kougra was faerie-type previously) so for my Lenny, i'd like it to be Steampunk.

My Quiggle, i think burlap is cute, but that's a lab ray only thing and i really don't want to keep zapping it in the small chance it'll stay Quiggle AND turn burlap....maybe a Water Quiggle then? I haven't decided yet.


Edit: Oil Paint and Swamp Gas are pretty cool Quiggle varieties. If I get another pet, I want a Vandagyre and if i do that, i like its Christmas, Chocolate, and Magma options. ❤️

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After getting my faerie bori (still not as cute as the UC), all I really wanted was an UC Grey Yurble.

They are just so cute, I mean...


I also loved the plushie eyrie, but wanting a faerie, grey and plushie PB when hitting 100k was an achievement was just too big of a dream for this girl.

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I love UC pets the most, but my most wanted current converted dream pet is a Maraquan Eyrie. So pretty. ;u;

Someone gifted me one! I'M SO HAPPY AHH.

My other dreamies that I eventually want are Mara Gelert, UC Fae Kougra, UC Dari Aisha, and Mutant Poogle.

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My ultimate dream pets are a lot of UCs that I doubt I’ll ever get, so those are more pipe dreams haha. When I was a kid one of my big dreamies was an alien aisha, and I made soooo many applications for them back in the day, so I think my inner 14 year old would be so happy to know I have one now :D

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I'm slowly but surely achieving all my dream pets one by one now!! My goals have changed somewhat since I was first on neo many moons ago, but several of them are still the same:

1. Faerie Kougra - this was my all time dream as a teenager and I actually managed it once upon a time. Then I got hit by the evil invisible pet RE whilst playing neoquest and it was all for naught! I've now decided on a Royal/Faerie crosspaint, but I'm waiting until Autumn is over as I only recently painted him camoflage to go with the autumn customisation.

2. Halloween Lupe - this was originally a Royal Lupe and again was one of the few dreams I actually achieved as a teenager. I have since cross-painted him into an awesome Royal Werelupe!

3. Mutant Draik - completely unachievable as a teenager, but is a goal I hit with the help of a Fountain Faerie quest and the far more accessible priced Draik eggs nowadays!

4. MSP Poogle - another unachievable goal as a teenager, as the lab map was expensive and I didn't have the patience for the randomness. I achieved this one from the Premium species change loophole. I actually morphed my poor Jetsam into a Water Kau in order to get there... and have since decided I want a Mutant Jetsam which is just typical really.

Then there are the ones that have changed but at least kept the same species:

4. Plushie Shoyru - this used to be a Darigan Shoyru, but having come back to the site, the design just wasn't doing it for me at all.

5. Tyrannian Peophin - I'm not sure what my old goal was with my Peophin, I'd just got her painted Christmas so she wasn't a basic colour. I suspect I wanted Royal or something like that. I was toying between Relic and Tyrannian in the end, but the Tyrannian won out.

New goals:

6. Maraquan Jubjub - I adopted a Clay JubJub from the Pound and have just realised how bleeding cute the Maraquan Jubjub is!!

7. Lost Desert Koi - I made a Koi on a whim...

8. Woodland Ruki - Because that is gorgeous!!

9. Halloween Grundo - It turns out I like Halloween pets! I have an Elephante named Huggleby and that seems a perfect name for Death Incarnate.

10. Darigan Gelert - I saw the Darigan Gelert playing AC for Darigan and fell in love.

And pets I don't yet own:

11. Baby Cybunny - I have already started collecting baby stuff on my side...

12. Oilpaint Ixi - Because that is a stunning design!!

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