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  1. ughhh I want this avatar so bad! I think it might be my dream one I'd consistently use. here's to hoping I'll have some of your luck if I play every day @Robin Hood also I love those coconut designs - evil yet cute. I might start a collection. some day. when I'm rich and famous and stuff.
  2. @Angeló, I'll shoot you a pm on neo. :) I was really thankful for kiko match today, finally a game again that could be done easily for me. got AAA on the first try. and with that, I'm done with my 15 scores, phew. now, if they decide NOT to make that avatar available this year I'll be really... bummed out. it might be obvious but I'm kinda over it with this event lol
  3. it is simple: I see a Stephen King reference - I vote for it but honestly, many great entries! how cute are those plushie timon and pumba?!
  4. um, not sure why nobody is saying this right now, but @Angeló, I'm sorry for your loss. hope you're okay, or going to be okay soon. hugs if you want them today's game, gwyn's great escape or what it's called, almost broke my will. I got AAA's score eventually, but honestly, I hated every second of it. I'm so glad I didn't look at the list of games beforehand, otherwise I might have chickened out. but it's almost done now - three more games and only one more AAA score needed for the ava!
  5. woah, didn't know about this either. what a depressing money sink I don't think I'll go for that one... but thanks, learned something neo about neo today!
  6. you might not have noticed before, but as duma already said, their poses are always the same. if you see pets that have a different position it's because they are so called 'UC pets' - unconverted pets, that are not creatable anymore and therefore really rare and valuable. they can't be customized like 'regular' pets can be, though.
  7. phew, for once I heeded my own advice and came back to the game after a break. it was a close call but I got that score with 734 points :) so yeah, question still stands, anyone wanna team up for the team challenge? haven't sent the score yet! EDIT: nvm, found someone :)
  8. @mairead123 woah congrats on that score! any wisdom you can share? my frustration with that game is beyond words. it just... doesn't make sense. the physics are so bad! how do I need LESS power the further up the basket is?! I lost twice already at 570 points :(
  9. ouf I'm just really glad they fixed it in time. would have hated to break my streak and depend on TNT to get a proper recompensation :| did they give a statement somewhere on what had happened? honestly, I wish this as well as an up-to-date roadmap would be in the 'whats new' section on neo. I'd much rather know about these kind of things instead of every single new NC items. (not that there's anything wrong with that, but you know, some more transparency for the players would be even more appreciated by most IMO) onto another day of daily dare! petpet canonball it is. I have no memory of how this works but I'm definitely trying to go with AAA again, and it's a team challenge, so if someone here wants to team up for this one, let me know!
  10. I mean, it looks like food, the name suggests it is food, it fits right in with your collection (awesome work so far by the way! 600 items sure is some dedication ), and based off of what unholy things neo consideres to be food, I would much rather trust your own categorization than theirs I'd say go for it and put it in there!
  11. your hair is definitely not flat, no worries :) however, the naturally curly hair look would really suit you aswell I think. I may even look healthier and less frizzy that way. the trick to lush, voluminous, and healthy curls is using the right products. I don't think you would have to trade off fluffiness for healthiness :) you could get some insight from a professional hairdresser or check hair-related subreddits.
  12. I might be alone with this opinion but I find the eldery hasee to be really cute I am usually not into the elderly color at all, but this one just looks so poor and ... shriveled up, yet content with its situation, I don't know I just wanna hug it so, carnival of terror it is today. let's see if I can get my current high score from 340 to 500. good luck to everyone again! DD really went by fast for me, it's only a handful of games left already...
  13. yeah I can live with hasee bounce too! I don't play the flash games much these days so it's always a surprise to see my old highscores... for this one its about 230 so I should be fine :) maybe I'll go for gold next year too, who knows! so far I'm only thrilled about the ava and the valuable collectables everyone is talking about
  14. ah, I get it. that's good to hear, being able to lose them again would be a nightmare lol @Angeló, I agree! my previous score was only in the 300s, so I was concerned first. but after reading the game guide and giving it a serious try, I actually got the AAA score on my second play :) can't believe I might actually get this ava on my first DD season! @Sciurus carolinensis well, a trophy's still a trophy, right :) I imagine it to be really hard to get an AAA score in EVERY single game... do many player get that trophy? would be interesting to see the distribution data among players
  15. wait, what do you mean by 'it cost you the trophy'? can you actually LOSE a trophy once you've earned it? not that I have any worth mentioning but I might try to earn some in the forseeable future
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