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  1. saying it as it is, jelly but for real. I'm with you on this. I like the fact that there's also options like the blue one for magical or underwater scenes, but some 'everyday' choices would be nice, yeah. two of my dream customs are supposed to be in the wilderness, somewhere between haunted woods and faerie land, at night. so some more options for dark shrubbery / leaves / grass and whatnot would be highly appreciated
  2. aw it's cute :) quite fits her char design, nicely done! I've never gotten into neohomes myself, old or new ones alike but it seems like you invested a lot of thought and time into this to make it look good!
  3. Oh well, yeah I know that feeling haha... but the wig really does look cute :) So far I've NEVER gotten the item I wanted out of an item pool. but den again I'm not really willing to try a lot of times, quite the money sink. I just hope I'll get around to NC trading one of these days and get rid of all those unwanted items I have by now in exchange for my dream custom stuff
  4. that... sounds terrifying haha that's what I mean though: once their huge conversion project is over, there's got to be resources free again to do this kind of stuff. I just really hope that TNT comes to the same conclusion. and I have never even heard about code rot. thanks for teaching me something, that's really interesting!
  5. dude right! I was really bummed out too when I found out it broke over the years. before I left for my last hiatus it was still there... I wonder how something like this happens. like, how can a working code that is left untouched 'break' all of sudden? and do you happen to know why they took habitarium down on purpose? everyone seems to have loved it.
  6. *cough* key quest? *cough* HABITARIUM?! *cough* one can dream I guess... for real though, have they mentioned yet what there next big project / next most-urgent point on their to-do list is, after converting the whole site to a non-java version? you'd think that would free up a lot of their resources that are currently tied down in it.
  7. wait, this actually happened/happens? how do they determine which ones are not going to be missed and which players might make a return one day... ? or is it only done to accounts that have been frozen years ago? still - seems kinda unfair
  8. hi there jen :) I'm not sure who you are referring to, but welcome on the forums!
  9. hey there, welcome back :) sorry to hear you were affected by the data breach back then, I can imagine how bummed out you must have been about such an old account.. when you said you've been back since may I just realized that I have been back from my latest hiatus for almost a YEAR now so yeah, it's crazy how addictive neo can be, even these days! what goals are you currently working on? also feel free to shoot me a friend invite on neo if you feel like it :) always nice to see someone around from the forums here!
  10. huh this is interesting, because the same exact thing as OP described happened to me aswell back in july, and I didn't do anything else than to fill in the registration form and click send not sure what I could have failed at there. maybe it's time to review those filters. my issue was only resolved when I made the effort to go on the discord server and asked there to be approved manually.
  11. aw that's such a cute thought @kacheekkawaii :) but I'm totally with you. also imagine: a new site plot that's book/library/riddle/paper chase themed... honestly my DREAM and a fitting avatar + site theme to go with it of course
  12. no explosion here yet either. but I'm still kinda riding that high from winning a coconut at all :) if you're to busy/lazy to do the actual 'game' @Rayd1978, you could go with the text-only link! barely takes a minute for all 20 throws
  13. i could log in just now but played for about 20 minutes before I realized I didn't get any NP for it :( sigh
  14. I know what you mean - had a similar feeling! it kind of reminds me of a type of toys from my childhood... they had something to do with trash? like critters living in dumpsters and what not lol. I'll try to find a name / picture. not sure if that's the same association you were having but I'm 26 and from europe so maybe this lines up EDIT: found it - I was reffering to "the trash pack" ... little toys that literally come in trash cans. here's a trailer from back then. quality is terrible but you get the idea, maybe it will kickstart your memory if this is what you meant kute :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJxEXnj-R4U
  15. I'm also going with brutes, I heard this is what the guild(s) went with. would be great because I still need that ava :) good luck everyone!
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