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  1. As you may have noticed, I haven't been able to update last round's thread to reflect the winners. I actually had issues posting this topic as well. My current theory is that it's related to the images, because I did manage it eventually by saving them all to my computer and uploading them from there (I often just copy the image source, but I think that's probably the problem... 😬), but I doubt I'll be able to update last round's thread. But anyway, it's time to vote for your favourite entries again! Important note: Voting for yourself is NOT allowed! Doing so will result in disqualification. Please double check your votes before submitting them to avoid mistakes, because they can't be changed afterwards. Current theme: Executive Realness Description: Dress up a pet as a CEO/manager/general business person. (If your pet is working from home at the moment, they're still dressing as if they're going into the office, so they'll look professional during the numerous video calls they have to take during the day. 😉) Entering period: Monday, March 23 - Sunday, March 29 Voting period: Monday, March 30 - Sunday, April 5 Be sure to check out the animation links below each entry to "see" them in all their glory! (And make sure to enable Flash on DTI!) #1 Executive Realness Animation link: https://impress.openneo.net/outfits/2043260 "CEO of Nakron. Nakron is a very new company that aims to provide high quality electrical services throughout Neopia. They are only just installing their equipment so we have yet to see how successful they will be. Slogan - For our power is your power. Stock Market Symbol NAKR." #2 You Better Work! Animation link: https://impress.openneo.net/outfits/2044591 "She's a high powered business Lupe with lewks to match!" #3 Manager in Quarantine Animation link: https://impress.openneo.net/outfits/2045657 "Day 17 of self - quarantine : I haven't changed or had a shave / haircut since I ran away to my vacation home ... I may be rich but I'm sloppy and can't take proper care of myself. Day 18 : This morning I felt something move in my beard ... also I'm running out of food ..." #4 Pastel Spring Animation link: http://impress.openneo.net/outfits/2045772 "Welcome to Neopian Fashion Week here in Faerieland! Our coordinator, Anya Cirrus, hopes to made this the best runway yet. As the snow melts and the flowers bloom, the jackets are shed and the soft spring colors appear. Enjoy the show!" #5 Trudy the Accountant during Tax Season Animation link: https://impress.openneo.net/outfits/2046051 "Trudy actually LIKES numbers, but sometimes having a Tax Beast puncing bag to vent frustration helps when business gets out of hand!" #6 Stockmarket Trader Animation link: http://impress.openneo.net/outfits/2046542 "Feeling feverish - I'm selling off!" #7 Makin' it rain Animation link: http://impress.openneo.net/outfits/2043697 "Let's sign this merger and make it rain up in here $$$" #8 Working from Home Realness Animation link: http://impress.openneo.net/outfits/2046284 "Admittedly, she's feeling a lil' zonked and zombie-ish with this whole working from home thing-- the new norm due to the Chickaroo outbreak. Even with her little guy running around the house, she's keeping it executive real for her video calls with colleagues and clients."
  2. Oh wow, that's a lot of stuff to deal with; I hadn't realised home deliveries would be affected in some places. 😞 I hope you're doing okay, you're health definitely comes first!
  3. Thanks. 🙂 I did consider buying it, as it's not all that expensive, but I've had a Plushie Petpet Paint Brush for aaaaaages, and both that paint brush and the Angelpuss were just hanging out in my SDB anyway, so I figured this would be a great time to use them.
  4. Yeah, that's what I'm considering. I attached it yesterday, and was hoping that the problem would fix itself if I just waited a day, but it hasn't, so re-attaching it is probably my best bet at this point. *Edit: nope, no dice. Removed petpet, refreshed the puddle, re-attached it, refreshed the puddle a bunch of times, cleared my cache, but no luck. 🤔
  5. Thanks. 🙂 But Plushie is definitely an Angelpuss colour (I specifically chose the Angelpuss for this pet because I thought the Plushie Angelpuss would like nice with her), so it's not the paint brush. It's just not showing up at the puddle at all. (One of the other petpets I attached, a Skree, is showing up, even though I have no paint brush I could use on it.)
  6. Stupid question time! I finally attached petpets to three of the pets on one of my side accounts, and had intended to paint the Angelpuss Plushie. However, when I go to the petpet puddle, only one of the three petpets is visible, and it's not the Angelpuss. (The other one I can't see isn't paintable, so that one makes sense, I guess.) Is there a simple rule I'm missing? Does the pet the petpet belongs to need to be a certain age for the petpet to be paintable? (My Scorchio is only a week old.) Has there been a change in the "paintability" of Angelpusses? Am I missing something super obvious? 😆
  7. I think it's possible to create an account without making a pet. (Or at least, it used to be, because last year I stumbled on an account I'd apparently made 8 years prior (and had completely forgotten about), and it didn't have any pets on it yet.)
  8. I'm not sure what I did to the first post in this thread, but it's almost impossible to edit it at the moment; the page keeps crashing, being so slow that getting the cursor to show up after I click takes literal minutes, never mind actually typing something. (Firefox keeps showing the bright yellow bar with "A web page is slowing down your browser" and the option to wait or stop the page. Stopping the page does fix the slowness issue, but it will no longer show links as images, and I think it's the reason it won't save my edits. Either way, my last attempt to edit it was so disastrous, I couldn't even get the cursor to show up long enough to paste this text in. I even tried to login on Chrome, but after 3 attempts entering what I'm 99.9% sure is the right display name/password combo, I got locked out. 😂) So I'll be trying to update it to show the winners, but I'm not sure if/when I'll be able to. I might just make a new post, but for now I'd like to congratulate our winners (aleu1986, FreakyBowie & jellysundae) right here! I did post the info for next round's theme though. You can find it here. And I've created a poll to choose the theme for the 100th Round of The Runway, so you can vote for your favourite themes.
  9. Alright, I've collected all the suggestions for a theme for the 100th edition of The Runway. Thank you for sharing your ideas! You can vote for as many themes as you want (including the one(s) you suggested). I think in some cases similar themes have been done before, but some (like the new faerie one) are so long ago that hardly any of the people regularly entering now will have entered that round, and considering the suggestions for normal themes I've been receiving lately, I think we'll start revisiting older themes soon anyway. Some of the themes are already fairly detailed, but in case one of the ones that isn't wins, I might ask the person who suggested it if they have a more specific idea for it. But also feel free to discuss the themes in this thread, and suggest ways to implement it.
  10. Right now I appear to be unable to edit The Runway thread to show the winners. Not sure what's wrong, but the editor is extremely slow, and it's now failed to save all my edits 2 times. 😞 I will continue to try and get it done, but I wanted to post next week's theme anyway, because there's a good chance I won't be able to post the results today. If you're new to the contest, or simply want a reminder of the (updated!) rules, they can be found right here. If you want to send me a screenshot of your entry, but don't know how, check out this guide. Current theme: Executive Realness Description: Dress up a pet as a CEO/manager/general business person. (If your pet is working from home at the moment, they're still dressing as if they're going into the office, so they'll look professional during the numerous video calls they have to take during the day. 😉) Entering period: Monday, March 23 - Sunday, March 29 Voting period: Monday, March 30 - Sunday, April 5 If you have any questions about this round, or the Runway in general, just post them here, or send me a message. *** Thanks for your suggestions for the 100th round! I'll be putting up a poll soon. ***
  11. I'm one of those people working from home right now, and while I don't like it (I don't mind being home a lot, introvert that I am, but I'm easily distracted, which makes being productive while working from home challenging XD), I'm lucky to be working in a sector (IT) that can easily switch to working from home. I can only admire all the people like you who still have to go into work, and have to deal what all these extra rules and regulations!
  12. I also had a quest disappear on me, and I think refreshing the page is what caused it. I managed to finish it by getting the item in my inventory, closing the quest page tab, and then opening the quest page again from the link on the TDN dailies page.
  13. I've definitely had years without any FFQs during the daily faerie quest event. It's really just luck, no guarantee. (But this year's event is insane, and has doubled the total amount of FFQs I've had in my 16 years on Neopets.)
  14. Really? Interesting. I used a Cookie as well, but have had zero quests glitch on me (I've already done all the quests for this cookie). (I kinda feel like I'm jinxing myself here. 😆) Sometimes it helps to check colours on Dress To Impress first, to get a good impression of what they look like (especially without the clothes). You've had really bad luck with all those glitches! 😕 I did see a staff post (from Jade) on the neoboards, apologising for all the glitches. They're aware of them, and they're working on them, but they've obviously changed a lot for this year's event (different items being asked for; "rare" quests, like the Fountain Faerie, being much more common, etc.), and since they seem to be pretty random, they're probably hard to reproduce, let alone fix. (Speaking as a software developer, glitches that only happen occasionally (instead of consistently) are the worst to fix, because first you have to figure out why they're only happening sometimes, instead of all the time, even though the exact same action is being performed, and then there's making it happen on purpose, so you can analyse/fix it, which is really hard if you don't know how you can force it to happen.)
  15. You're welcome. Haha, that's good. And things like Trudy's Surprise make it easier than ever to get NPs in the first place, so you should be able to save up quite a bit, if you wish. 😁
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