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  1. The ray is fired at Burfin... ... and she loses 2 defence points!!!! Nothing looks different about noname but you can sense something happened. It becomes evident later when it tries to climb a tree but breaks off the branch instead. The ray has increased its level to: 2
  2. Hmm... maybe if Ray's created another Buzz, it could be finally time for Burfin to get a change??? Let us see! The ray is fired at Burfin... ... and she changes colour to Electric!! Haha, well, it IS a change? Ray Jr. understood the memo though! Whoa... did it actually work? Sure looks like it. Your Petpet has been transformed. Imagine that.
  3. The ray is fired at Burfin... ... and she gains two levels!!! But... nothing happens. It makes a kind of 'zzrrrppptttt' sound before shutting down completely. The creepy Kookith shoos you away and appears quite angry, so you hightail it out of there before he shoots some miniature laser beam at you or something.
  4. That is so adorable of them! Hope part of your happy birthday is vastly enjoying playing this!
  5. I got Kiwi Jelly today instead of water. >:3
  6. I'm very afraid that the answer to this is a resounding yes. But my persistently optimistic side holds out hope that the AC games will have been done better. We were meant to get time to practice on the new games, according to Aesop I think? But I don't imagine that actually happening. Turmac Roll's awful, isn't it. But to share out the ire: Ice cream Machine's gameplay is upside down... and Hasee Bounce doesn't have the doughnutfruit time bonus any more...
  7. OMG Such a shame that we're NEVER gonna see this question! !!!!! They've altered the answer now, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
  8. If we didn't have the fan sites helping us out with this we'd all be playing Daily Puzzle roulette. x'D
  9. Oh! Now I remember that I finally placed some bets yesterday xD *trots off to see how Serg did for me* Collect Winnings Round Bet Info Amount Odds Winnings 8034 Shipwreck: Gooblah the Grarrl Treasure Island: Scurvy Dan the Blade Hidden Cove: Federismo Corvallio 4672 NP 12:1 56064 NP 8034 Shipwreck: Gooblah the Grarrl Lagoon: Young Sproggie Treasure Island: Scurvy Dan the Blade 4672
  10. It's been wrong for days now, and today's question's not only wrong, but completely garbled too. I was going to talk about this on the boards but I didn't want to hand people another reason for complaining, on a nice shiny plate. >__< This is so weird though, what gives, TNT!? Is running the DP Topsi's job now?? It's certainly behaving like a malfunctioning machine.
  11. The ray is fired at Burfin... ... and she loses 3 movement points!!!! Petpet of DOOM shall now be known as Pooky McDroolish. How nice.
  12. Yep, going to Sway this time around. I'll report later when Mario says which way the Obelisk Guild's going, just for the sake of info sharing. EDIT: The guild's gone for Sway too. You'd hope that means the win is a foregone conclusion then, wouldn't you... but we know from past experience that the Obelisk and Food Club swap tips on how to be jerks, so we shall see!
  13. The pet is indeed really nicely done. I'm kind of glad that they didn't try to make it look like a gnarly root or something else as they have with some of the Woodland pets, as that can be so hit and miss. A well done "traditional" Woodland pet is better than a poorly executed alternative one. This one looks like a carving that's been lovingly oiled for years, there's some lovely glowing depth to the gloss on the wood, I want to stroke its head.
  14. Someone's succeeded with getting a bit of the Lupe outfit already. And they have that up for sale for 999,999 NP, as you'd expect really as it's so early in its existence. I'm disappointed that we're seeing the same base shade for both genders again, and the outfit tops are all-in-one, and the glasses are the exact same item just with added decoration. It's mainly because of the scarf that I'm disappointed with the lack of separates though, that would work so well with so many other outfits. Once again grandpa's clearly hipper than grandma; he's lookin' cool in his flat
  15. The ray is fired at Burfin... ... and she gains 2 strength points!!!! Whoa... did it actually work? Sure looks like it. Your Petpet has been transformed. Imagine that. You should come back tomorrow and try again! My new pet rock has got a cold!
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