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  1. The ray is fired at ruojk... ... and he gains two levels!!! Woojit shall now be known as Spiffy. How nice.
  2. Hmmm! I wonder... think this could be a difference between generic and specific meds? Oh! and, the healing potions are for physical damage, aren't they, whilst those medicines are for illnesses. So the healing potions are basically a tonic, that'll do you some good, but also not do any harm if there's nothing wrong with you and you take it. Where as taking proper medicine that you don't need... oh dear, that can do all kinds of nasty things, can't it! So I really like that TNT paid this level of attention to detail with regard to this! I mean they could have made your pet get ill with a disease; by taking a cure for it when they didn't need to, so I'm really glad they didn't decide to go down that route! xD
  3. The ray is fired at ruojk... ... and he changes into a Red Kau!!
  4. Yep, going for Sway this time around.
  5. I've yet to have single word success with him... He's just being weird with me. King Hagan listens contently to your words of wisdom... " like the demands of skunk ," you utter astutely. He ponders all that you have said. It seems he is not displeased. That's good. King Hagan Says: Well you're not the sharpest tack in the drawer, but that wasn't too bad. I give you a B! (617 out of 1000) Here is something to help you study. King Hagan hands you: King Hagan He also gives you 86 Neopoints! I guess the extra NP is so I can go buy some soap...
  6. Yeah I've had this experience! It made me very happy that they can't just chug meds at random though! Like Angelo I rarely pay for cures now. I also wait for Ms. Oblivious to heal them, but if she's taking too long I'll use a Cooling Ointment These are GREAT! They're a cure-all, and I get them for free for fighting in the Frost Arena. Same goes for the Warm Amber Ointment from the Pango Palladium Both these potions consistently sell for around 10K, so I keep two on hand, and sell any others that I get.
  7. A strong showing for Peophin Day, very nice! Really loving the Dala horse! Thank you for sharing the story behind it, @aleu1986!
  8. It's not physically possible for them to eat it though, is it, if they're very bloated as the Kelp guides recommend, so the food is all clearly just a lie Dx One bit is even cake, too... I'm sorry @midnight_spell360!!!
  9. Thank you! My lot will fight over the scarf next June, guarantee it xD Though if it's particularly hot there could be some interesting outfit decisions happening. xD
  10. Wow, @Angeló Ray seemed to actually listen and give you what you wanted! Also, heck yeah with keepin' the wig! xDDD The ray is fired at ruojk... ... and he loses 2 defence points!!!! But... nothing happens. It makes a kind of 'zzrrrppptttt' sound before shutting down completely. The creepy Kookith shoos you away and appears quite angry, so you hightail it out of there before he shoots some miniature laser beam at you or something.
  11. Ooh! How lovely of you! If it's still available I would love to have the Shenkuu scarf, please! Username: yantato
  12. That pet, kutebunny! Who is a lightweight, and was very bloated so the best chance for the avatar. Mario had them, and leant them to Seali, and then they came to me, and now Seali's friend Elbereth has them. During the process I had a realisation: Kelp is basically the Matrix. You think you're eating all this delicious food (I think I fed them the four courses 8 times before getting the avatar) but in reality you're getting nothing! I bet someone's pet could be so hungry they were dying, and just eat and eat at Kelp, and never gain any nourishment.
  13. Didn't manage to enter this one, inspiration just wasn't having any of it. So there'll be much from me when I see the entries and realise what I could have done!
  14. @midnight_spell360 Your post is heartbreaking reading ;_; I just don't know what to say. I can only hope, for all your family, that they're building immunity without any tragedy occurring.
  15. A ninja lend has gained me the Kelp avatar. I need a nap. I am not sure I will be able to eat everything... Can I take something with me?!? Your pet is allowed to take some home. We have already boxed up the leftovers for you!
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