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  1. I'm sure they're just... re-wiring it... @___@ Don't believe that for one second to be honest. >_< Maybe, to quote Bart Simpson, it was like that when they got here.
  2. They'll continue to drop in price as more people win them from the Well, I'm guessing, because right now they're what the majority are wishing for. But I don't suppose they'll drop down too far? According to JN's page the y14 Halloween bag is reasserting its authority now, lol. Not being pushed aside by some whipper-snapper Usukicon bag! *waves cane* That bag's the perennial fave, isn't it. It loses favour briefly for new items, then muscles its way back to the fore. The power of them Alabriss wings! xD
  3. @Angeló You've won again I see! Opening or selling? I opened the one I got, and got the over caffeinated bobblehead I was hoping for AND the tooth faerie usuki as a bonus! B)
  4. I wonder if it's safe to spend any points yet ^o^;; From what the boards are saying (a 100% accurate source of information, i know!) the prizes from the tier 1 and 3 caps were mixed up... So far I've mostly just been donating and my point spending has only been on 2 tier 1 caps, so no big losses for me. But I would like to be able to get going with things without risk at some point! xD poor TNT, this gonna go down as the biggest dumpster fire of an event ever?
  5. I know what the problem is! The salt on Board 7 has gone beyond critical mass and the whole site ASPLODE
  6. A guy I follow on Insta shared a video of him feeding his baby goats oat biscuits, their crunching def fits the ASMR bill! Also they're adorable.
  7. Ray's trotted out and old fave here! The ray is fired at misterFloo... ... and she changes colour to Starry!!
  8. Yeah I think this will go down as the biggest hot mess TNT has managed so far. Kind of in keeping with the rest of 2020.
  9. SO CUTE!!! The ray is fired at misterFloo... ... and he changes gender!!!!
  10. I'd love to know why they changed things, but I doubt we'll ever know, I'll be surprised if it's even addressed; though as some people are cancelling their premium maybe they'll feel obliged to say something?
  11. Yep, just the last two had the perks, it was the donate 5 items to get 1 back thing prior to that. I am being a bit cynical though, aren't I! I guess I just wish Neo wasn't such a dramafest all the time, TNT do seem to bring it on themselves though, over and over again! Gotta say, ignoring liking the prizes or not, they're all very well drawn! Right now there's a very good artist producing Neo stuff!
  12. I think what's gone on is they're fully aware that they've created a monster with CC and are looking for a way to tame the beast, lol. Also a message to us all to not put all our eggs in one basket? TNT's not obliged to do something just because we expect it; because we draw conclusions and develop expectations from what's been done in the past. This is something Neopians as a whole really should have learnt not to do by now as this kind of scenario happens over and over again. If people spend over a year speculatively spending NP on items for an event they don't even know will happen, let alone work the same way; then throw a fit when it doesn't actually work the same way... I guess that's 100% human behaviour for ya, right there, lol. People are mad at themselves so lashing out at TNT? The entitlement's VERY strong right now whatever the personal cause. I spent all year stock-piling sticky snowballs from the healing springs, but I've said on here before that if they did disallow them (or nerf them) it'd be nbd because by neopian standards the cost of them is so negligible, that low cost was how I justified the buying of them in the first place as I'd never allowed myself to buy CC stock before. I've yet to even check CC out, my brain needs time to process the changes and it's not ready to do that yet it would seem! Maybe a lot of my don't care attitude is once again down to the MS, my ability to react, to give a [insert expletive of your choice] is so minimal that I just can't care that stuff's been changed so drastically. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. Talk on board 7 right this second is that all items are worth just one point, and it's just prizes this time around. I'm laughing, cause the salt level in reaction to this is gonna be like the Dead Sea. I am not setting foot out of the Shenkuu hangout for the foreseeable future, it's not gonna be safe.
  14. Hahaha, yes indeed, but the office itself is still very grim to me, though it seems that one was two big walls of windows. But not much point if you need to keep the blinds closed so you can see your screen. Those air quality maps are terrifying, this combined with covid is just... Looking at that map now... D:<
  15. The ray is fired at misterFloo... ... and he gains 3 movement points!!!! i can FEEL that level lose zap coming for me too. xD
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