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    Sleep, sunshine, reading, playing on Neopets, drinking tea, eating cake and planning global domination.

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  1. @Nielo PLEASE nag me if I don't get an entry in for this before the weekend! ❤️
  2. I'll have better luck than I've had in the past, as I've NEVER been able to remember to use it. 😖
  3. Yeah, I realise that could also be what's going on. You've reminded me about the well now so I'll wish for something!
  4. Every time someone wins twice, is it always 2 of the same item? Implying a coding hiccup maybe?
  5. @Angeló That looks pretty cool, the coconuts though - seem kind of random with the bones? What item is that? Wait, I've found it. Ah, a DD prize, Wheeler's whatnot then?
  6. jellysundae


    Tombola's being judgey about your scaly male flesh! I got nothing from it today, but not complaining as those apricots sold straight away.
  7. And now... STFP (profile) 58 49 -9 34,000 461,000 1,666,000 +261.39% 😅 Blink and you miss it!
  8. Haha, I wish I could! That l'il guy is SUPER cute! *peeks at image info* Oh! It's a backward Lizzie! I don't get what the Hallowe'en costume's meant to be, but it does make it at least three times more aborable. xD It's the eyes having to peep out from under the hood, I think. More snoozery for me and Alice though.. The ray is fired at thenameisalice... ... and he gains 2 movement points!!!! and no getting rid of this guy yet! Sir Bob of Geraptiku shall now be known as Type Mismatch Error. How nice.
  9. This made me laugh so much! The ray is fired at thenameisalice... ... and she changes gender!!!! I KNOW! And it's not going away yet xD But... nothing happens. It makes a kind of 'zzrrrppptttt' sound before shutting down completely. The creepy Kookith shoos you away and appears quite angry, so you hightail it out of there before he shoots some miniature laser beam at you or something. Looks like you'll have to come back tomorrow. Don't you worry, I'll most definitely be back tomorrow! 😧
  10. @Angeló I've got nothing useful to suggest, just wanted to say that look there is pretty awesome. The paintbrush items look great against the green. This is me personally prefering contrast to toning when it comes to colour, but look at that guy!
  11. *sigh* These things are frustrating, aren't they. Disguising the misplaced mouth with eye shadow not a look you'd be interesting in? They make her look kinda tetchy. 0.0 Oh hey, look. granny's specs that we got for Christmas minimise it quite nicely!
  12. jellysundae


    You put your hand into the Tombola and draw the following ticket... Oh dear, that's not a winning ticket 😞 ... but you win a Booby Prize!!! Never mind, why not try again tomorrow? Your Prize - Dried Apricots Aahh... Im feeling sorry for you, why not have 133 Neopoints as well! 👍
  13. They're limited edition?? GAH! 😭 And they're on sale now?? I NEED that Boba Tea Cup in my life!!! Ok, well done TNT, you're getting me to buy some more NC... 😅
  14. LOL, you're very welcome xD Pretty much every Shamen video is like that; looking like it was filmed by a bunch of students under the influence of various substances. 🤣 I like how Runway threads tend to generate these truly random conversations! @Nielo 👍
  15. The ray is fired at thenameisalice... ... and she doesn't change at all 😞 AGAIN?? Lazy, Ray! Whoa... did it actually work? Sure looks like it. Your Petpet has been transformed. Imagine that.
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