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  1. They're limited edition?? GAH! 😭 And they're on sale now?? I NEED that Boba Tea Cup in my life!!! Ok, well done TNT, you're getting me to buy some more NC... 😅
  2. LOL, you're very welcome xD Pretty much every Shamen video is like that; looking like it was filmed by a bunch of students under the influence of various substances. 🤣 I like how Runway threads tend to generate these truly random conversations! @Nielo 👍
  3. The ray is fired at thenameisalice... ... and she doesn't change at all 😞 AGAIN?? Lazy, Ray! Whoa... did it actually work? Sure looks like it. Your Petpet has been transformed. Imagine that.
  4. Yeah, I'm not losing anything. My stocks are maturing, like a fine wine! 🍷😁 *checks stocks* Well hello there! SSS (profile) 71 85 +14 26,000 340,000 2,210,000 +550.00% Someone gave SSS some sugar?? And nope, I'm not selling. xD Though... carrying the sugar analogy through, there's a BIG crash coming. 😅
  5. I'm suddenly reminded of the phrase "cowardy cowardy custard" that we used to sing at each other in a ner-ner-ner fashion as kids when we wouldn't do dares and so on. 🤣 Seems Alice's staying cowardy for a while yet! The ray is fired at thenameisalice... ... and she doesn't change at all 😞 The ray produces a giant flash of light, but Sir Bob of Geraptiku doesn't look any different. When it can't even climb the Multi-level Scratching Post you bought it, you realize that malfunctioning lab ray actually decreased its level to: 1 Just your luck.
  6. @FreakyBowie OMG, I'd forgotten all about that Nicki French song!! Ok, I'm gonna share more '90s WTFyora now! Something I wasn't previously aware of and gained MUCH amusement from! Jason Statham, your (stereo)typical tough guy/gangster type in so many films. Don't point Jason, it's rude. Who spent the '90s cavorting in his underpants in various music videos. ENJOY! (these are terrible videos xD)
  7. So happy for you!!! 😁 Meanwhile for me... 😴 The ray is fired at thenameisalice... ... and she doesn't change at all 😞 Furball shall now be known as Sir Bob of Geraptiku. How nice.
  8. I am now having to look at my CDs and see if I have that '97 one. 🤣 The titles they give these things... The best dance album in the world...ever! Part 2. I find the "part 2" bit hysterical for some reason xD I do still have The best dance album in the world...ever! also. On cassette! Can't listen to it but loath to get rid of it. xD Ok, no Club Mix '97, but I DO have Massive Dance Mix '96 *reads card* It's got Livin' Joy - Dreamer on it, still LOVE that song! Livin' Joy were the bomb! 💣 Hahaha, so true. Buying a compilation CD because it's go just one specific song on it and you've not even heard of most of the others. 😅 Or they've all got pretty much the exact same selection. '90s dance is great for that kind of thing, isn't it! It's so...perky! Ok, just gotta share this now! Also, Youtube seems to be spying on me as when I opened it up it recommended this to me... THIS IS JUST CREEPY, STOP IT!
  9. I did not, which could answer your question about how I have so many of each stock. 😅 Though you haven't been buying stocks for that long, have you? The highest quantity I have is of LUPE actually, so if they continue to rise I could be in for a very nice pay day. All dependent on if I actually manage to sell! 🙄 LUPE (profile) 50 50 0 65,000 773,000 3,250,000 +320.44% TPP went up to 85 and I still just sat here and looked at 'em. That's cool though, maybe I'll get to be one of those irritating people who get to make out like a bandit when a stock rises for the second time, after everyone else has already sold...
  10. Ah, mix tapes! I'm so grateful for growing up during the 80s and 90s. 😁
  11. This custard's getting tough now! The ray is fired at thenameisalice... ... and she gains 3 defence points!!!! Your eyes recover quite quickly after the giant explosion, but that's more than you can say for your Petpet. The Kookith is kind enough to sweep up Furball for you and you head home.
  12. I'm amusing myself with trying to recreate Sexy and I know it At least I was amusing myself, I've run out of steam now, not sure I can be faffed with checking through everything looking for items that might work to complete it. This is as far as I got. It ending up being a Chia made me laugh, but it was the only pet with glasses that were anything like the video so it had to be! 😂 Note I'm not mentioning the band name as I'd get a warning for it I'm sure. 😅
  13. AURGHHH! TPP's at 74 right now... To sell or hope it goes back up... WHAT TO DO!! 😱 EDIT Oh, hey! TPP (profile) 71 82 +11 32,000 396,000 2,624,000 +562.63%
  14. Better? I do see that the plethora of trees was a bit over the top because of the different colours and textures all crammed into the same space, but I did like how the trunks/ground broke up that noticably dull and empty space by the fence there. I might keep the apple tree, that does tone with the coat nicely.
  15. Ozzy in my head now! That's an EPIC entry!! Oh, and do I see three Beatles songs there, I do believe I do. 😎 I TRIED to do Blondie's Rapture, focusing on the man from Mars, and now he only eats guitars, I didn't have a whole lot of success with that, big shocker there, huh? 😅 This was the best I could manage and I was unsurprisingly underwhelmed by it!
  16. The coat's amazing, isn't it?! I'd tried it on Tate before and it looks pretty cute on him, but Cora's got the height to make it look really great. 😍 Just tried it on Tate again, the main issue is NP items to go with it to make a decent outfit. But you can see the jacket itself does look good on him. I've altered Cora's customisation again. Triggered by irritation at the lack of decent hand-helds. So I've given her a reason to use the lovely brolly. 🥰 That chocolate bar purse is a genuine lefthand item, a bit of a rarity I think, rather than one of those ones that uses a variety of layers depending on what other items you've got equiped. So yup, Cora's strolling in the rain for a while because I really like how her bright outfit pops against the grey background.
  17. I'm gonna be in big trouble if you've seen what I said in my thread then. 😅 Pets are meant to be cuddly! (sorry to all Lennies)
  18. The ray is fired at thenameisalice... ... and she gains 2 strength points!!!! Strong custard... 💪🥣
  19. What if I don't want to! *stamps feet and throws things*
  20. Well this is intriguing!! The Beatles maybe? 🤔 Says she just saying the first band that comes to mind. 😅
  21. Interesting! 😮 As I'm on red codestones now too maybe I should go back to the fishie then!
  22. The ray is fired at thenameisalice... ... and she changes colour to Custard!!
  23. Sorry for the double-posting but I couldnt edit it into my previous post, not enough room Oh Em Gee you guys! Look what I got again today! 😮
  24. The ray is fired at thenameisalice... ... and she gains 2 movement points!!!! The Kookith begins wildly pushing buttons on the console, which looks to be made of cardboard and... Achyfi cans?! This can't be right! You begin formulating a plan to rescue your Petpet and run far, far away, but it's too late. The ray has already been fired... Whoa... did it actually work? Sure looks like it. Your Petpet has been transformed. Imagine that. You should come back tomorrow and try again!
  25. I'm proud of me too, haha xD I'm experimenting with the Felf top, there's not a huge amount it works with, but it's not a total wash out. The Its Too Cold In The Office Jacket looks pretty good as is, but the band of red adds a certain something The Neovian Blumaroo Gentleman Jacket Same thing. There's also the Swanky Denim Jacket that it does the exact same thing for, but it's too much blue overall for me, even with the respite of the red. vs. though with the addition of the scarf... 🤔 That looks cute, doesn't it. That scarf looks very good on a Blum! I think it's the long slender neck that does it, it affects the way it's drawn. If I use Tate as an example as he's equally rotund but has little in the way of neck... this looks rubbish, doesn't it! Yes, I think I'm going to enjoy customising a pet that has both an actual neck and visible legs.🤣 😁
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