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  1. I'm gonna visit Edna right now. She only wants two items, so This is my main problem with Edna!
  2. The ray is fired at Burfin... ... and she changes colour to Sponge!! This from a few days ago, but no-one else had posted so I couldn't. It was saved here as I nearly double-posted, that realised and scuttled away. xD Today: The ray is fired at Burfin... ... and she gains 3 maximum hit points!!!! Frankie shall now be known as Lazpip. How nice. At least while Burfin is Sponge they'll be able to sop up the drool from those three tongues.
  3. I'm wondering what the other categories will be, they've switched out one they needed to avoid (best site event bypassed, maybe?) with yesterday's, but they're gonna have to do that with a few more yet. How about... Most Obtuse Editorial - Pick from four excellent examples of us avoided current site issues like a boss!
  4. That's pretty funny actually xD A pain in the bum to hunt the items down, too! You'd have to individually check them all on the item databases to know. Plus you'd be up against the scarcity issue because of their age... though, as he's shown us already, @Angeló's good at stuff like that! Definitely a gallery guaranteed to cause you more pain than pleasure though? ^-^;; This purely hypothetical gallery had better win the spotlight trophy!!! xD
  5. Ooh, what does this mysterious sentence mean? Pretty cool to have had a Pokemon deal that early on though! That'd be a really esoteric gallery theme idea... items that were other items until their promotion run ended. xD
  6. I did wonder about that, but not far enough forward in my head for me to actually use their calculator. xD I'm going to do so now though!
  7. I don't think there's anywhere on Neopia that could be Wales, really; it'd need mountains which Neopia has; but rain, lots of rain, rather than snow other than on the high peaks, and many sheep ofc! Neopia doesn't have the green hills and valleys landscape that Wales does (other than in Neoquest). Also, road signs with the English names spray-painted out, and milk churns stacked on the corners of hairpin bends to make getting holiday-makers cars towing caravans around them so much harder it was the '70s when we had those holidays in Wales, I don't know how anti-English the general feelings ar
  8. Well done! I've not managed to guess correctly so far xD
  9. Gosh I know, right? I have a Robertson's Jam badge that I've had since I was little, the golly's playing football. *roots about online* one of these. That example being sold for 75 quid! These are 50s vintage, I guess someone gave it to my mum to give to me, or she found it somewhere, LOL, because why get a footballing badge for a little girl? Especially as it wasn't a new thing. I always thought that was weird, even at that age. xD But they're definitely not something any decent person would wear now. The sheep thing... *poker face* So they were! WAIT
  10. I played this yesterday... it's terrible isn't it, laggy and the Turmac's pretty unresponsive, he doesn't bounce very well >_< I had that score issue too! I'm sat there like"how did I score 600 and something I'm sure I didn't get that fishberry?!" That death noise is horrible, isn't it. It's almost like some fingernails-down-the-blackboard thing, or a blast of static or something. Why on earth not use the existing sound? So weird. @SecreFashion Fever scores do send, you just have to wait a bit. Not long, just give is a few seconds and it should go through. Oh, wait, I mean wai
  11. This makes me feel far more comfortable about the use of ethnic dress on Neopets actually! It comes at it from the opposite angle; makes it a fully inclusive thing, rather than just white artists using other cultures stuff willy-nilly.
  12. Hahaha, yes. I enjoy melting American's brains when I tell them the building I live in is 400 years old xD They're all "that's older than my country!" Which is a very problematic statement but we'll not get into that here as we're already doing that in another thread. ^o^;; Yeah exactly! Which is why I'd have thought there must be much earlier forms of what became Patience on those more durable game pieces. Same concept, just not the playing card suits we know today. Hmm... I guess it's down to written history again. Didn't count until some educated white bloke discovered it and wrote
  13. Once again I'm unsure which to go for. They're all nicely drawn ... a thought occurs! Isn't it a good thing they didn't add the Mutant Vandy in yesterday's options!!! Shows TNT has a teeny bit of sense, at least! Maybe that will show up in the "let us never speak of this again" category. Ok, to my choices! The Eyrie's outfit's one of those ones with different bits all lumped together by the look of it. The ear and tail rings are on the thumbnail of the massive necklace. But when I try it on DTI they don't show up at all. If I had an Eyrie those would be the pieces I
  14. I suspect you might, you just might not have realised what it was you were seeing, do these look familiar? I had one of these dolls as a kid, souvernir of a week spent in a caravan in Wales; and yes, it rained pretty much the entire time. The welsh traditional costume seems to be one of the more practical ones; lots of hard-wearing and insulating Welsh wool going on there, and a hat that's nowhere near as ridiculous as a lot of the ones you see. x'D I wonder where the red dye came from though... that's a really bold colour, not the kind of stuff you get from lichens and moss a
  15. I think out of the two I like pyramids more, probably because it's rarer that you make an actual lose, but it does still have its ways of trolling you, just like regular solitaire does. x'D Whoever came up with Solitaire truly had no IDEA what a global time-wasting opportunity they'd created, it was probably some ancient Greek or something... let's go find out! *invetigates* OH! I am disappoint! Ancient Greeks, you let me down! You'd have thought it would have existed in some form WAY before the 1700s, which is pretty modern-times, considerin'!
  16. One thing that this past year has done, more than any other I think, is give a far clearer idea of the depth of racism and white privilege that exists in any "western" country. It's good that the awareness of it is out there now, and it's being more actively addressed, but the very depth of it is both mortifying and terrifying. Social media reactions have also taught us that a horrifyingly large amount of people are just so ignorant, and shallow, and self-centred. Wait, no, that's not fair. The problem there is it's the people who feel strongly enough about something who are the ones who
  17. Neopets solitaire is nowhere near as much of a jerk as the Windows version though. I used to play that quite a lot going back 10 years or so, and I'd set the result to cummulative, and I've end up SO FAR IN DEBT. On the rare occasion that I won it wouldn't even make a dent in it. I still think getting my pet sick twice in one day's my peak anti-achievement so far this year.
  18. It's probably the same kind of people as the ones saying they were boycotting Sainsburys because of that Christmas ad showing a black family and how that didn't represent them. -___- White fragility ftw? You're very right that representation isn't the same as appropriation, but too many people twist things to suit their own narrative and agenda, don't they; and some truly don't comprehend the distinction. Oh another note, those royal girl outfits. The Ruki is just SO BEAUTIFUL! OFC I immediately want to cross-paint Berry for the dress. xD I rather like the colour clash, esp
  19. Look at it this way; how many people other than a Brit would know a Welsh costume if they saw one? Or a Pearly King/Queen's? It's all relative. :3
  20. The ray is fired at Burfin... ... and she goes down to level 1 She'd got back up to Level 3 before he whipped them away again, lol. But... nothing happens. It makes a kind of 'zzrrrppptttt' sound before shutting down completely. The creepy Kookith shoos you away and appears quite angry, so you hightail it out of there before he shoots some miniature laser beam at you or something. Oh gosh, please, just get rid of this dollar store piece of tat! x'D
  21. This is TNT running true to form. xD Like the side menu which has create and adopt a pet as the 2nd and 3rd options, two things that are hardly a used on a daily basis thing.
  22. I was very torn too, but in the end I went for the Lutari. I do suspect this will be one of the few decent categories this year. ^o^;; But then isn't pretty much anything like this a situation where you are having to choose from a selection of things that someone else has selected? So pretty much best-of-a-bad-lot the majority of the time?
  23. This kind of stuff's always gonna push some people's cultural appropriation buttons, isn't it. In this case at least it's not making money off someone else's history as this isn't an NC thing. Plus there's the issue of how some people will accuse anything and everything of being racist, when it's not that at all.
  24. I shall take the opportunity to remind you that I won twice in one 24 hour period, so I think you're safe.
  25. It certainly looks that way doesn't it. If I'd created this outfit I'd have made the trim on the bottom of the top a separate belt, so the top (and the belt) was more useable, but TNT don't seem to think that way, sadly.
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