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  1. Yeah I hope this doesn't mean that only the first two days of the calendar are going to be any good. Today's entry's swiftly undone the goodwill engendered by Days 1 and 2.
  2. If this one turns Invisible, we'll KNOW that there's something afoot in the Pound.
  3. The ray is fired at BloomingRainbow... ... and he changes into a Red Kau!!
  4. YIPP (profile) 61 65 +4 37,000 492,000 2,405,000 +388.82% Watching you! The rest of my stocks seem to be following Snowy's example and hibernating.
  5. I'm very confused by the "stealthy" look. That's a Kitsune mask, is a Xwee meant to be a Japanese fox? The whole thing's about as un-stealthy as you can get. xD
  6. You've found today's hidden item! As your reward, you've earned the following prize: Autumn Leaves Snowball Not seen one of these before!
  7. Absolutely prepared for the big loses that are gonna be coming Tate's way, do not remind me of this when I have a meltdown when they actually happen, ok??
  8. Some interesting choices this month... very festive pizza from Tate there! and from the Advent Calendar I was so full of trepidation about the changes to the Advent Calendar; but it's cute, I heave a huge sigh of relief! @AngelóIs Peopha on a pre-holiday season cleanse or something?
  9. The hat alone is on DTI, so whatever it is, it's not attached to that, haha. Goggles are though.
  10. Hannah outfit is *chef's kiss* That coat! So flippin' cosy!!! I'm a bit bemused by the steampunk, what... what is that behind the head??
  11. That's a really nice outfit, it's a shame that the belt isn't separate but I'm loving how L'oreal ad the hair is. xD
  12. Nope, not your fault, this is entirely me; while I might be managing to enter again now, braining ability is less than before and there is a higher chance now that any round might be more than it can deal with. Of course now you've given us more time I'm really wanting to try again, but there's still full-on from
  13. And here's me with my seasonal zap! The ray is fired at BloomingRainbow... ... and he changes colour to Skunk!!
  14. Stuff I have, and I'm absolutely living dangerously and using Tate... Huh >__>
  15. The ray is fired at BloomingRainbow... ... and he gains two levels!!! Whoa... did it actually work? Sure looks like it. Your Petpet has been transformed. Imagine that.
  16. I am struggling with this, the two people I've had inspiration for haven't panned out and I'm feeling very much overwhelmed here.
  17. @berriganifythat strong reaction to the 2nd dose is good though, isn't it? Meaning your immune system was fighting it hard? Cold comfort at the time though! x__x
  18. That's intriguing I wonder how many people this is happening for. Hope you do get to get a booster soon then, and it does help! Seems booster protocol is even more varied per country than original vaccinating was! a fellow ninja who is in the US has had her booster already - she's in her 20s and completely healthy, not a front line worker or anything. People in America can just wander in and get one. Though a lot aren't, ofc, because of rife anti-vax behaviour. Mine's kinda ouchie today, turning my bedside light off last night required me to turn over and use my right arm as the left one wasn't havin' any of me reaching out and back, heck no! It's still that level of soreness this morning. But unless I'm going to spend the day doing the chicken dance or something it's really not gonna be a problem. xD ....... Oh no... See, saying chicken dance, I now have the Birdie Song in my head... GO AWAY... please? It won't Sorry (not sorry), because misery shared and all that... I was 10 when this came out, I thought it was awesome.
  19. I've been to the docs' today to get the 3-monthly bloods that I have to have done because of the medication I'm on, and they offered me my Covid booster while I was there as they had 10 doses left over. As my brain had so far not let me do anything about getting my booster sorted out, despite daily reminder text messages from the NHS, this was just awesome! Just waiting to see if I have any side-effects now. I had AZ for the jabs and had close to no problems, the booster's Moderna so don't know what to expect but I'm hopeful it'll be the same level of close to nothing.
  20. Finally one I'm willing to complete! xDDD
  21. HAHAHAHA, pizza delivery for cheating dieters! There's a special code to use when you order, and the pizza doesn't come to the front door but to a pre-arranged secret delivery location. The last choice you make from the additional toppings selection tells them where to take it to: black olives - garden shed; jalapeños - garage; extra cheese - alley behind the house; anchovies - upstairs window, amount of anchovies denotes which window.* *extra tip required for upstairs delivery. The ray is fired at BloomingRainbow... ... and she changes gender!!!! Pants McGee shall now be known as Humbug. How nice.
  22. Why can't it be both? xDD Maybe they're like dogs and quite happily eat it?
  23. The ray is fired at BloomingRainbow... ... and she gains 2 maximum hit points!!!! That sad Ruki pose!
  24. The ray is fired at BloomingRainbow... ... and she changes into a Red Ruki!! Nothing looks different about Pants McGee but you can sense something happened. It becomes evident later when it tries to climb a tree but breaks off the branch instead. The ray has increased its level to: 3
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