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  1. Not game lag, server lag. Played on low quality most of the time as well. And the server can be a nightmare to deal with then. I usually take 5-6 seconds to complete the game, 2 seconds for sending (sometimes immediately, sometimes forever), and another second or two to click, slower if I'm wathing something on the side
  2. I though you were in jail :P In all seriousness, did the other writer disappear, and like the report went very late?
  3. Your SOSD is off by a lot, I doubt you can do 0.12 minutes (7 seconds) a game with he lag and all, 0.17-0.2 is more realistic. Anyway congrats on Rank 45. My calculation goes: YYB: 1058*(2.85/60) = 50.3 hours SLSL: 80*(3.7/60) = 4.9 hours MaSN: 1494*(0.3/60) = 7.5 hours SOSD: 5352*(0.2/60) = 17.8 hours Total: 80.5 hours (2.78 hours a day), which is low. The median is probably ~4 hours, did not play much some days. Double All Star can be done in ~3 hours a day, apparently. That's low.
  4. I finished the AC barely reaching Double All Star at 11:54 PM NST, fitting end for always rushing to meet the 12 AM NST cutoff for a new day lol Had 20,021 points, good for rank 30. YYB: 1058 games SLSL: 80 games MaSN: 1494 games SOSD: 5352 games GPG: 11.455 (+0.59) from last year
  5. ...the middle bracket awards less points is not true. The points is still 33 points for first, 28 for second, so on for all brackets, which means the last placer in the top bracket can be overtaken by the first placer in the middle bracket (which is kinda unfair), but at least teams didn't tank for 7th or anything. (MQ being nerfed again opens up a spot for contention in the middle bracket's 1st place)
  6. Yooyuball Goals Scored 6,501 Goals by Luvea Trivon 1,483 Goals by Vonde Cayle 1,576 Goals by Rhee Solters 1,376 Goals by Derbi Azar 2,066 Saves by Leera Heggle 764 Number of Wins 578 Number of Draws 0 Number of Losses 0 Slushie Slinger Games Played 21 Top Score 668 Make Some Noise Games Played 400 Top Score 6,339 Shootout ShowdownGames Played 2,538 Top Score 1,200 Just made All Star last night :D...aiming now for Double All Star but at least Rank 26 (in the ~AbsoluteCorruption page)
  7. Yes but please help your team by finishing SOSD instead of 1-goal. It takes only an extra 5-10 secs. and it's 35x better for your team's scores :)
  8. Post the results from the Coincidence daily here!
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