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  1. For today I made a list 1 to 10 (since I haven't unlocked anything beyond level 10) and played all of the levels as practice runs, with a guide open, writing down Yes or No next to my numbers. Some levels I just had to ignore a few coins but once I learned what to grab and what to ignore I had a good grasp of what levels to play. I used the code "freetime" in level 2 as that took me the longest, leaving me with the most extra points (if I hadn't messed it up and died lol). I used the code "nomorerocks" in level 9 as suggested by Nielo. After losing two lifes I used the code "gimmeabreak" to get an extra life. It's glitched and sometimes you'll get more extra lifes! I played in random order, started with some harder ones (but not 4 or 6), checking the guides and worked my way to the easier levels. I did this because it's mostly frustrating when you're close to the score you want to get, only to get a hard level and failing. So by starting with the harder levels, if I messed up I could just quickly restart without having to do everything again. Once I had AAA's score I tried the levels with a NO on my list just for "the fun of it". I already had the score, so I didn't have to stress out about it. In the end I played levels 1 to 10 and used my last life trying to unlock level 11 (but failed). Now I'm wondering if I could unlock it with the time code on level 10... Might try that another time, if I don't forget (but I probably will ). If you have to unlock everything, you could just play level by level, using the codes to make it easier to unlock them and then just click "end game - Continue game" so you can use the codes again to unlock the next level.
  2. You can't. That's just their pose with one arm raised. It didn't had anything to do with the item. Some colors (Like Baby) still have some different poses, but most colors have the same pose for the sake of customizing. PS: There are no dumb questions, so don't worry and feel free to ask. We'll always try to help if we can.
  3. It's not you, it's broken for the moment. We'll have to wait for TNT to fix it.
  4. So far I've been going every day but never got any left overs. Maybe I should bring my baby Xwee to my main and try again. Cloud Jubjub isn't having much luck.
  5. The origami one is just the day and date prize. Abi's is a donut. Don't forget the code "doughnutfruit" that fills up your entire time again! Also, in my opinion, it's easier to control with keyboard arrows than it is with your mouse. Faster to switch left right as they jump and switch places. I just love this game, even though there is so much luck involved. And the Soundtrack! ❤️ I think it's the only game I actually turn the sound on. The elderly Hasee is not my favorite though. I'm just not into the elderly color.
  6. I've been able to get gold every single year for DD and GMC. I always pick AAA and, eventually, I always manage to beat him. Sometimes it takes time and some degree of frustration, but for avatar games, the score required to get the avatar is even higher. Also, a lot of games require some dumb luck.
  7. You can't lose it after getting it. It's just if you don't make the score that year you won't get it. Once obtained a trophy it's there to stay, forever.
  8. Well, some people enjoy a good challenge. Beating your own high score feels good but you're less likely to do so if you're not challenged. At least that's how it is for me. Sure, some games I get frustrated too when I'm really close to the required high score. Mostly that happens when I only have a limited time that day and it's challenging. I really want to get the scores on the day of release. If I have all day to play I would really enjoy a good challenge. I love how DD is set up, with the 2 scores. People that are fairly good at games and love a challenge can just go for AAA each day while people who aren't enjoying a hard to beat score can just see what item they like more and go for that score. Thanks to Abi's score everyone can feel like participating in this event. Also, disabled people or people with little time on hands can still get nice items and a nice trophy at the end.
  9. They might just be broken. I have no clue. But for the game collector avatar there are plenty of other games you can play!
  10. My advice for this game is play on large screen and use your mouse. In the beginning of the game, try typing "hungrymeowclop" in between throws. I would usually first drop the first item in the cauldron, then type "hun", guide the next item to the cauldron, type "gry". Guide the next item. Type "Meow", item, type "clop". Then when I'm down to 1 live I would type the s and gain my extra life. Try and get the item to the right side of your wand. Also, like said above, the fish and the rat are worth the same amount of points feeding the cat or dropping in the cauldron and the donut is only 1 point more. I would certainly try to get the other items into the cauldron but if you have to drop one, any item fed to the cat is better than losing a life.
  11. Remember to collect ALL the potions first before turning them in at the cave. You get extra points for every potion handed in at the same time. Up and Down arrow lets you look above and below you, so before jumping of a platform, take a look where and if there are enemies. You can jump over them and you can jump a long way to get to other platforms. Some trees (the ones with bushes) can be used to climb/stand on top of them. You can do it!
  12. Just a small tip here if you're having trouble with Tangram. Like said above, have a guide open next to your game. Turning pieces can be done with side arrows, and flipping them with up arrow. Also, play on LOW quality and LARGE screen. You'll see some lines to help you fit them correctly with your first try. Play on NORMAL mode, hard really isn't worth it. If it's still hard for you: take a break between the levels to study the guide a bit, at least to look at how each shape looks like before completing. That way you'll know at which one to look at right away. If it still confuses you, you could grab 4 post-it's or so, and once you've completed a shape, put a post-it on top. That way it will be easier to see what shape you still need. Picking the right one (and remembering what you've got) is easier if you have 3 or 2 to pick from compared to 5. After a level, remove the post-its and scroll down in the guide to the new ones.
  13. The reverse points power up is nifty too, since you have a large area to get a bullseye. And with the moving boards (bigger/smaller and sideways) powerup, as long as you score points with your shot, you get a new power up!
  14. Sorry, no. The only way to transfer NC items is with boxes. So you would have to spend NC on your side account to get a box or somehow get a box another way on your side account in order to transfer the items.
  15. I finally got a new one too! Been trying so hard on this one, now thanks to the Charity Corner perk I finally have it! One game that can be deleted from my "favorite" games.
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