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  1. Which faction are you joining for this round? So, vote! Good luck! You must win in 10 battles each round in order to win the boons. Oxbridge Prediction:
  2. Which faction are you joining for this round? So, vote! Good luck! You must win in 10 battles each round in order to win the boons. Oxbridge Prediction:
  3. Duma

    Last to post wins!

    It's not very exciting or anything but it's nice because unlike with adding items, that get released at midnight and we would want to add them to the database as quickly as possible, or with events that need updating and such, I can do my TDN job whenever I have time. I usually check it in the morning and after work.
  4. They don't have that bad of boons so I don't get it either. Guess we'll have to wait longer for Order boons and for those who need it, the avatar.
  5. In addition to what Aquamentis said, if you play 1P battles and you know what icon types your opponent can and mostly can NOT defend against, you try to pick weapons that have the most icons of that icon type as to do the most damage possible. For shields the same way, if you know what icon types your opponent will inflict, try to pick shields that defend the most icons of that type. For the moment, if you have Lens flare and Warlocks Rage, there's two turns you don't have to worry about the icon type, you'd just pick the weapons with the most icons as those will do the most damage (and don't bother with a shield for 2 those turns, the opponent can't hit you), at least for as long as the BD abilities work as it is working now, but they have been like this for a very long time already.
  6. You're right! I was thinking of the Freezing Potion for water damage. I'll think it over what I buy. I did see the Moehog Skull and Thundersticks but they are insanely priced. I didn't know the Thundersticks were from the AC, if only I had played more. AC is my least favorite event and I usually only get to rank 1 3 free turns would be great and if they change the abilities I'll see what strategy works out best then. No use speculating over it yet. Who knows what they'll do, if they even change it.
  7. Yes, the Helmet is cheaper but I figured if I use it with my Kelpbeard Trident (which is my main weapon) The marbles have water damage too, so less likely to be blocked. If I use the helmet and my opponent blocks some physical and some water I end up doing more damage with the Marbles/Trident combi. I haven't used a freezer yet so I'm not 100% sure, but I thought the freezer would freeze the opponent for the next turn and not yet the turn that you use it. If it works like a sort of lens flare as in that the freezing is the same turn and they don't get to attack or defend, then it wouldn't matter what icons and the helmet could be an option. But I don't know and without a freezer to test it my gut was telling me to go for the Marbles.
  8. Duma

    Last to post wins!

    Yeah, it's always like that, some people (like me) just look at unread topics and then decide whether to post or not. In this case you were the spark to bring it back to my unread list. too bad. Now if only other people would join in, it could become fun again!
  9. It's all based on luck and on the rarity of the item. The well doesn't give out items above a certain rarity. The rarity is speculated to be r89. So not all items are given through the Wishing well. Aside from the restrictions you are aware of already. There's some more info about it here: https://thedailyneopets.com/articles/wishing-well
  10. I have 9 pages of battledome equipment but I couldn't find a freezer right away. Most of it is junk from plots or dailies etc. I'm thinking of just getting a Magical Marbles of Mystery from the hidden tower whenever the discount day is. NP aren't that much of an issue for me. I mean, I can't pay like over 100 mil and I probably won't pay over 10 mil for a single weapon unless it's REALLY good but still, that's plenty to get some decent stuff. Thanks to you and these topics I am really thinking of picking up my daily battles and training. I just hope I'll have the time. I still have 17 Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie in my SDB so if I get a Quest Refresh boon it would be a really good idea to use one!
  11. Duma

    Last to post wins!

    You were close but nope, still not winning. Keep trying though! You're close!
  12. Yeah, my set only has the Downsize! now for defense but I have some cheap shields in my SDB (Like the Leaf Shield) I would see what shield to equip if I had to fight harder opponents like in DoN or in a plot. But for only Koi, who I can 1 hit KO or the Skirmish opponents (where I 1 to 2 hit KO the bosses on easy) I don't need any shield other than Lens flare and Warlock's Rage. I will post in the other topic with a list of my shields and see what a good upgrade would be. I don't know too many shields.
  13. Also, you can check how many fights are eligible for the skirmish on this page: https://www.neopets.com/prehistoric/battleground/
  14. Duma

    Last to post wins!

    Still not winning though But welcome back!
  15. I've only battled in 1P battles and it's been awhile too aside from the obelisk battles when there was someone in need of an avatar. I usually fight Koi Warrior for the codestones. Walein would work too but in my own small test I got a few more reds from Koi than I got from Walein. That test was done years ago and I don't know if anything changed since then but if I battle I'll battle Koi as I'm always in need of red codestones once I start training again. I've been too busy in real life to actually do a lot on Neopets but I think battling and training would be one of the first things I start doing again once I have the time for it. If they ever bring back the Defenders of Neopia I would certainly come back to battling and training more.
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