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  1. I really liked playing Letters and Legends! Played Ghoul Catchers for a while but it was so focused on spending money to even be able to complete a level as it was nearly impossible without power ups that I just gave up on it and bought the collectibles. I'd love a "new" habitarium and KeyQuest! Plus they had a really nice NC part too! You could just play the game without having to spend money but buying some items made it more divers and fun!
  2. Hi and welcome to the forum! It's great to see long time players come out of the shadows and interact with us!
  3. Another "Not much of a kiko fan here" but this mara kiko is stunning! They did a really great job on this one.
  4. That would be Alien Aisha's. They LOVE Gross food, according to some description. I've never tried it if it's true though.
  5. Going with thieves as well! Joined them now because I'll just forget tomorrow anyway.
  6. I just noticed the Brutes won! Yup, great timing to pick a boon Not that the Brutes have good boons for me, but still.
  7. No CC would certainly tick off some people even more! It's funny how people can get annoyed by so many little things. They'll just have to wait about a year, then their points would be a pretty 0 again XD
  8. Yup, some people are just greedy. If you want the stamp either buy it off from others (Like I will be doing) or spend every waking moment playing games for Altador Cup with your focus on the games that level you up the most. I've got a measly 228 points but I barely played so I knew this from the start. Staff tournament I got 45158 points so I can buy plenty from that shop.
  9. Fun Fact! Both Binary Supagoo as EhLo FrOyo have a score of 2760, so it doesn't even matter if you picked the other one! My overall Total isn't too bad. Round 1 I could have done better and Kikocat kinda let us down this year. (Also posting the screenshots with the idea to have it as a reference for next year, esp with the two new surprising high scores of Aesop and Miss Rainbow)
  10. How do you even have the time to play that many games a day? If I'd spend ALL of my free time on AC games I'd be able to play about 9 hours a week (Monday to Friday). That would also mean: no other dailies, no eating, no getting groceries or anything that you'd normally do. Just getting home from work and play. Since weekends are usually off days, that wouldn't help me either.
  11. If your account is younger than four months, you can adopt an Acara, Aisha, Blumaroo, Bori, Bruce, Buzz, Chia, Elephante, Eyrie, Flotsam, Gelert, Gnorbu, Grarrl, Grundo, Ixi, JubJub, Kacheek, Kau, Korbat, Kougra, Kyrii, Lenny, Lupe, Meerca, Moehog, Mynci, Nimmo, Ogrin, Peophin, Pteri, Quiggle, Ruki, Scorchio, Shoyru, Skeith, Techo, Tuskaninny, Uni, Usul, Vandagyre, Wocky, Xweetok, Yurble or Zafara that is Blue, Brown, Checkered, Glowing, Green, Invisible, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Shadow, Silver, Skunk, Speckled, Split, White, or Yellow and Level 1 or 2. No food colored Chia's before the account is four months old.
  12. I made it to Rank 1 and I'm happy to have reached the goal I had given myself. I hate grinding lol.
  13. I joined Brutes too, now I just hope I don't forget my battles like last round.
  14. Brutes seem to be a favorite this round but I don't like their boons.
  15. They don't have a Faerie Quest tracker but you might be mixing it up with the employment agency in Faerieland. You can see on the petpage how many jobs they've done: Some of the fansites have a Quest tracker but you need to keep it up to date manually.
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