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  1. Here are a few cheap ones I found: eager4000 Magic Deck 1 200 NP rainbow_porcupine Magic Deck 1 475 NP
  2. lilmikachu Lime Elixir 2 10 NP ledgaming Lime Elixir 1 40 NP literalstardust Lime Elixir 1 50 NP
  3. Here you go: anonymous_2_wow Pomanna 14 1,499 NP ankuwacomit Pomanna 1 1,936 NP loliipopii Pomanna 1 1,400 NP leesadee Pomanna 3 2,500 NP laurenhughes_93 Pomanna 1 3,000 NP
  4. It's allowed to use the lab ray on more than one account as long as you bought the lab map pieces on your main account and transferred them to your side. It's just the cookies that are only allowed on one account.
  5. Hardly did anything. All I cared about was the avatar to be honest. Those points is including the 500 free points box even. I got bronze and 175 NC so I'm happy nevertheless. All I bought was the book a few times. I'll just get the stamp from other users.
  6. The prize shops are open until next year most of the times and for most events so that wouldn't be a surprise to me.
  7. I'm using duolingo too to learn Japanese. Once you get the hang out of reading the hiragana and katakana it's not that bad to learn it. The Kanji is a different story. I'm trying to learn Japanese for multiple reasons: 1. I would like to visit Japan one day, and not the touristic cities but travel through the countryside. 2. I want to be able to understand Japanese spoken anime without needing subs and to be able to read the little jokes/details that are sometimes hidden in the scenes. I already speak Dutch, English and if I brush up on it a bit French. German is a different sto
  8. Hi and welcome to the forums! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
  9. Item prices always go down as more of them flood the market. Buying them in the beginning of an event is never really smart, even if the amount of points it cost to get one had stayed the same. As for the points needed to buy from the prize shop, they said they will return the difference. Give them some time to sort that all out. And maybe in the future wait with getting things from the shop until the end of the event? The Sticky Snowball situation is annoying for sure but I can't really blame them as it was obviously being abused. You can't say the event hadn't changed in years
  10. They'll never allow that. You have to pick one account as main account. The side accounts can't do anything that earns neopoints, like FC.
  11. You might have been frozen not because of what he typed but because you had a shop on your side account. Shops are a way of making neopoints and thus it's not allowed to sell stuff on your side account. So, make sure your side account shops are empty if you have one (for example due to switching main account).
  12. Duma

    Ctrl-V Game

    Aug 14: 5 OR 6 AM/PM NST
  13. Duma

    Ctrl-V Game

    Aug 6: 1 AM/PM NST
  14. Duma

    Ctrl-V Game

    Echte tonderzwam Was trying to find out what the mushroom looked like so I can recognize it when I see it outside. (It's used to make fire, not to eat it)
  15. Yes, there are a few groups, one of them being The Official Obelisk Skirmish Guild. You can go onto the boards and ask for an invite if you want.
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