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  1. Mind you, doing dailies that earns you neopoints on multiple accounts is against the rules and could get you frozen. Make sure you only do neopoint-earning dailies (like scratch cards) on your main account!
  2. Since it is flash it will be replaced. They talk about it here: In the video around 13:30 minutes they talk about the neohomes. 1.0 and 2.0 will be replaced by 3.0 and they are working hard to convert the items so people don't need to rebuy them. It might be wise to strip your current neohomes and put the items in your shed or SDB though. After it stops working it might not be possible to access your items.
  3. It might still work but it is true. Both the classic as the neohomes 2.0 will be replaced. I'm not sure if they will convert the items so they'll be usable in the new version or not.
  4. Hi and welcome to the forums! Glad you decided to join us from out of the shadows. It sure is a year with a lot of changes! 2020 just likes to confuse us, even on neopets!
  5. We're in lockdown and all my family lives abroad. So even if I didn't have to work I couldn't celebrate the holidays with them or anyone. I've also had to switch teams at work for the holidays (I don't really like or know these colleagues very well)... Normally spending the holidays at work would have made it a bit better this year but this year I'll probably be just bored. Let's just hope for a better year next year. I'm really not looking forward to this years holidays.
  6. Here you are: juuhmoon Little book of puzzles 5 1,500 NP wildchild1254 Little book of puzzles 1 1,500 NP jeanniewood Little book of puzzles 1 1,598 NP javacup567 Little book of puzzles 1 1,600 NP
  7. Welcome back to Neopets and welcome to our forums. Coming back on neopets birthday sure is nice timing.
  8. Welcome back Wolflover! Glad you decided to start playing and use our forums again.
  9. Seeing as you said something about your phone, just a quick question: You're not using mobile version are you? I don't think it's available yet on mobile.
  10. The site theme will automatically be active on Halloween but to actually use it year round you have to make sure you refresh the site at 11:59pm NST on October 31st and make sure you get the notification that you unlocked the site theme. If you did this and it all seemed fine, double check your list of site themes, it might not be the last one in the list. You can also right click and check the page source of your preferences and just search for "Haunted Woods" using ctrl+f . If you can't find it that way it means you didn't actually unlock it unfortunately.
  11. Here are a few cheap ones I found: eager4000 Magic Deck 1 200 NP rainbow_porcupine Magic Deck 1 475 NP
  12. lilmikachu Lime Elixir 2 10 NP ledgaming Lime Elixir 1 40 NP literalstardust Lime Elixir 1 50 NP
  13. Here you go: anonymous_2_wow Pomanna 14 1,499 NP ankuwacomit Pomanna 1 1,936 NP loliipopii Pomanna 1 1,400 NP leesadee Pomanna 3 2,500 NP laurenhughes_93 Pomanna 1 3,000 NP
  14. It's allowed to use the lab ray on more than one account as long as you bought the lab map pieces on your main account and transferred them to your side. It's just the cookies that are only allowed on one account.
  15. Hardly did anything. All I cared about was the avatar to be honest. Those points is including the 500 free points box even. I got bronze and 175 NC so I'm happy nevertheless. All I bought was the book a few times. I'll just get the stamp from other users.
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