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  1. Had a 12:10 with my safe set yesterday and made another safe set today (chances are it will be another 12:10 but profit is profit): https://neofood.club/#round=8019&b=vkeiavuepayaekavadaakabaa
  2. I think it depends on what kind of code. Some codes gave an item and a token for Key Quest but Key Quest has been discontinued a very long time ago. Other codes gave you the battle faerie as a challenger. Those are the only two I know of but there has been more with different rewards.
  3. I believe it's like this: A pet's Creator is us, we reward them greatly on the Merry Go Round and we see the devotion by their mood going up quickly. Of course the Merry go Round spins in a circular motion so there you go. The wheels don't really reward your pets since they can hurt them or make them sick and we can't keep on spinning it either. They're not really pet oriented but more creator oriented. I got to pick between Void, Lady and Rippling. Picked Lady and got a second stamp!
  4. Got 12:10 yesterday but today is just horrible so I'm skipping today. Sunday Edit: For today I've got this set: https://neofood.club/#round=8017&b=eoamudoahuaokayalachanacr Monday Edit: They failed us big time! Today I'm planning on just playing safe: https://neofood.club/#round=8018&b=acfanarpenahpcnadpaxackao
  5. Forgot to change my active pet so couldn't test that but I did receive another Tigersquash Jelly again today.
  6. I "only" had 28:10 yesterday but I play safe mostly. I still make about half a million to a million a week on average so not complaining at all! My set for today is this one: https://neofood.club/#round=8014&b=hebpubbafkbdafwbepfygejfv Edit: Got a nice 20:10 out of yesterdays. Today I'm not creating my own since I found a set I like: https://neofood.club/#round=8015&b=yqtxnystxxypxxaopbxadpawa
  7. I kept the same pet active and got Whole Tigersquash Jelly again.
  8. Now you get the background? After buying it? They're messing with you! I had to pick between Rippled, Chalkboard and Lady Blurg. Picked lady and got the backpack.
  9. I haven't really payed attention to the jelly's I've been receiving lately, will do so now though. But before that I've always had different jellies while I always had the same pet active. Edit: So, grabbed my Jelly today and got this: Now let's see what I get tomorrow (unless the bug has been fixed by now, since I vaguely seem to think my jellies were yellow last couple of days)
  10. I had Void, Rippling and Wild. Picked Wild and got a duplicate background. I'm glad I at least had the Wild Negg option, now I just need to get the book.
  11. I'm glad I got the Lever of Doom avie and not the Tomb one if I have to pick either one not to have. At least the Tomb is a free daily.
  12. Even if you find treasure it won't guarantee that you get the avatar. My account will be 20 years old this summer. Granted, I did take some breaks now and then but I still don't have the avatar and I have been going there daily for at least a decade. I have gotten less frequently treasure since beta though (I haven't gotten anything since the switch), but it might be coincidence. I never really kept track of my winnings from the Tomb.
  13. I got the blade as well today! The only thing I still want is the Wild book, got all the other items I wanted. If I don't get to pick the Wild Negg I'll try for a duplicate stamp or just pick the void Negg for duplicate Blades and Books.
  14. If you go here and click on Topsi that appears on the right side: http://www.neopets.com/index.phtml A little basket will appear top left along with a negg that wasn't there before. You can click the negg and it will appear somewhere else on the page. You can see how many you've found on the counter (the basket) If you refresh the page it will reset. It's just a little side game that, as far as we know, doesn't do anything. I believe it's just part of the theme.
  15. I had the void negg three days in a row but first two days it was with the rippling and the chalkboard negg so I picked void and got the book twice. Today I could pick between Void, Lady Blurg and Wild, picked Lady Blurg and got the stamp! I would like to have the weapon and the Wild book but the stamp was my main priority.
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