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  1. Since Halloween is my favorite Holiday I've read a lot about it. What I understood from it is that the costumes had two purposes. 1. Try and make deceased family comfortable, make them feel that they still belonged 2. Ward off spirits/ghosts with evil intentions. If you dressed like beings from the other realm, your own family wouldn't feel weird or ashamed and would appreciate all the effort. And at the same time the evil ones would only try and posses living humans. So if you dressed up like a ghost or a faerie (a being that crossed the realms too) they would leave you alone. The light of the carved turnips would guide the spirits to their families homes and the "trick or treat" part was actually food aka "treat" you would prepare for your deceased family. If you didn't make them feel comfortable they would get angry and haunt your house (this is the "trick" part). If your ancestors were happy and content they would quietly go back to the other side as other realm closed again. If you made them angry they would resist it and be stuck in our realm and continue to haunt you, your family and house. I myself do not believe in ghosts but I very much respect how they would honor the deceased and I'm a bit sad that we lost the original celebration and now that it's coming back from the USA it lost so much of it's origin. Seems that most people forgot the main aspect: honor the dead. It doesn't matter if you believe in a heaven or not, what religion you have or whether or not you're an atheist. Everyone has ancestors or maybe friends and family that died. Just thinking about them and respecting them once in a while is a nice thing to do. I'm not saying every country should go out for "trick or treat"-ing or celebrate Halloween as it's being celebrated now and I do believe most countries have a way of honoring the dead so it's all good. I for one am happy it came back but I'll just celebrate it in honor of the original meaning. I have Celtic blood running through my veins so I might as well honor it a little. So, IF I have time to carve, I'll carve a turnip.
  2. I'm guessing order it is for this round! Following Order too 🙂
  3. Did you collect all the items? The medicine, the blueberry pie and the bandages? If you haven't yet, that might be the reason. To collect them follow the steps explained here.
  4. CHIA at 64 and POWR at 62. I'm selling. I had 23k of those two combined.
  5. I was in the same situation, except I don't want to go to 4 reds before I max out the rest. Thought about Bank Bribery for a bit but decided to just go for Quest Refresh and if it's a faerie that gives out the wrong stats I'll just give them to another pet. Every bit of defense or strength I do get is still 3 reds cheaper.
  6. FAER just hit 67! Summary : You had 9220 NP. After 20 successful transactions, you have 1349200. Yay! 20k stocks finally sold
  7. Thanks a lot! If you ever do need codestones, regulars or red ones, just let me know! I'll be happy to help you out too!
  8. Thanks, I've already sent one Kew codestone so you can copy paste the username. If you need other codestones, just let me know. I have every kind (except for Cui) I'm not looking for free stuff, just want to trade codestones for codestones
  9. I would like to trade Kew codestones for Cui codestones. They have the same value. My training keeps asking for Cui's and my battles keep rewarding me Kew's. I could just go and buy Cui's and sell my Kew's but I figured if anyone from TDN is in the opposite situation why not just trade. Let me know if you're interested. I have about 15 Kew's I want to trade.
  10. I did my dailies, went out for a walk, when I came back I wanted to check the news and I got the same message. It's not just you. Neo is just down atm, don't worry.
  11. Twice a year?! Wow! I've only won twice total. Granted I only play once a day but I do play it every day and have been doing so since 2008-ish. Had a nice 100NP today. Landed one spot next to the NC spot.
  12. I've been doing my 20 throws daily but haven't even won a single coconut. In all my games throughout my online years, I've only managed to knock down 1 coconut. I stopped playing it after finally getting one but tried again after seeing these posts. No luck so far.
  13. Please tell us what you've gotten! Items and what kind of trophy so we can add it all to the database. We have gold and participant already figured out.
  14. I'll give it another try then, my pets come out of the motel in 2 days and I have a blue and yellow in my SDB. I'm pretty sure I fed it blue on it's own birthday as I was still working on defense training but I'll just try with both. Can't feed it HP cupcakes since that would require me to train level and I'm already stuck at 3 reds so don't want to pay 4 reds just for a test XD
  15. Are you sure? I don't know when they changed it, but I picked a blue cupcake in July (at my BD's pet birthday) and fed it to my bday girl. Then picked a yellow one with another pet's bday (August 6th), tried feeding it to my BD pet and it said I could only feed it one. Hence my conclusion.
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