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  1. There's always one (and only 1) of each symbol in each color. What I do when there's only one spot missing is just checking which color I don't have all three of and then check what shape I'm missing in that color. That's the one you need! We also have a solver, you just copy the source code and fill it in and it will tell you how to solve it: https://thedailyneopets.com/articles/negg-solver
  2. Or mini you made a crazy house in the past and you'd want something completely different...
  3. Did you check back after the event was over? The one quest that I tried to refresh and cheated me out of my reward showed up after the event was over. I did get my reward and I still had the item in my SDB from buying it the first time.
  4. @jellysundae I hope everything will work out for you with your meds! That's really important! For me, since no training is allowed I cleaned up a bit outside and made myself a tiny dojo at home: At least, when the weather is fine like it is this week, I can do a few exercises on my own.
  5. I've been refreshing a lot but I could only find one as well, even more expensive than the one you found yourself:
  6. Yes, I'm doing great! Busy with modernizing the house I bought two years ago. Got myself two kittens from the shelter after I moved so enjoying their company. Almost everything changed for the better for me these past two years. I hope your health problems will stay away from here on out! Getting back into school sounds difficult especially with this whole COVID-19 situation.
  7. Midnight Cat isn't my neoname, its just a little title i have here on the forums. Best to search for Zenmiya. And, like you, I'm not too fond of the candy color for most pets but i do like this one!
  8. I already gave her a dip. She is now a Candy Zafara instead of plain blue. After some research i found out her custo will cost about 6 mil. For now she's mostly naked on my account. Her name is Zenmiya if you want to look.
  9. My second one! Yay, I get to paint my last pet in the color I want it! Edit: Here she is (Or at least how she will become once I bought all the items for her customization):
  10. I work in an "essential job" company so I still have to go to work everyday until I get any of the symptoms. 2 people have already been quarantined at work that I know of. We have a lot of crazy but understandable rules now as we try to work without being at risk or being a risk to any one else. All people in my country need to work at home if they can and a lot of stuff is closed. Luckily no grocery stores or pharmacies and such. Some shops have taken measures against the hoarding too by putting a max amount you can buy on stuff. As an introvert that lives alone I don't mind to be at home and I wouldn't have minded either if I couldn't get to work (as long as I would get payed!) but the one thing I do miss a lot is my training. Since January I finally switched position at work giving me the opportunity to do some sports again and I've been loving it. We had a seminar planned for mid April but the seminar and the trainings have all been cancelled. I would have celebrated my birthday with them. I've been practicing a few things I remembered at home but it's not the same. I'm not complaining though, (well maybe a little, I think that's because everything else in my way of living hasn't really changed much so it feels as if my hobby has been stolen from me but not the work stuff) but it's only a minor thing. I also know of ppl who had a deceased relative (not due to the virus) but they can't hold a funeral with friends. There's no more than 10 or so people allowed. No food or drinks or any of that. Officially they're not even allowed to hug each other to comfort one another since we all need to keep at least 1 meter of distance between people. We've been sending out virtual hugs as that's the best we can do at the moment. I hope all TDN'ers and their families are and will be safe!
  11. WILDBREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤗 Glad to see you're back! I Hope you were doing fine while you were gone and I hope you're still doing fine and will continue to be so .
  12. Don't worry about asking. We're here to help. On the top of the page you see the numbers, they correspond with the pictures, so you just tick any and all you like to vote for (more than one is allowed) and then click the Submit Vote button. Just make sure, if you entered yourself, to not vote on your own creation.
  13. Welcome to the forums K! My favorite pets? uh, Not sure, I like a lot of them depending on the color. My absolute favorite one is one I'll never have though since it's an UC faerie Draik.
  14. I'm noticing that most people that are having glitches with the faerie Quest rewards, are people that also opened a FQ Cookie. I planned to keep my cookies in my SDB until a few weeks after the event, when the prices aren't so inflated anymore, and thus far I haven't had any problems with the rewards of my quests yet.
  15. Welcome to the forum Ceddy Bear! It's nice to see players return to Neopets. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
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