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  1. I joined The Sway too! Let's hope they win even if I won't be able to enjoy the boons much Also, I'm not worried, because of the shape of my eye and the fact that I practice martial arts they decided on a "laser only" surgery. Your eyes get clamps so you can't blink and you get a pain killer and something to keep you calm. Then all you need to do is stare to a laser light for about a minute for each eye and it's done. I will need a lot of eye drops and yes that will be horrible because I can't stand water in my eyes either even though I never had something bad in my eye. But I'll just make sure I keep the after-op en pre-op schedule and I'm sure it will be fine! I can't wait to actually be able to see in practice and without glasses
  2. My eye surgery will be next week Tuesday, so it will be during a boons week it seems I'm leaning towards Sway myself, I'll see either tonight or tomorrow morning who has the majority of votes and then decide who I'll join.
  3. Which faction are you joining for the 233rd round? So, vote! Good luck! You must win in 10 battles each round in order to win the boons. Oxbridge Prediction: Obelisk Team Last Win Win % Prediction Brute Squad 9 rounds ago 25% 37% The Sway 5 rounds ago 56% 50% Thieves Guild 4 rounds ago 23% 13%
  4. I just checked a few shops in Neopia Plaza and the shops there are plenty stocked!
  5. Brubarcellos 1 1,200 NP buy_sell_trade 1 1,250 NP bbblue_eagle 1 2,099 NP Here you go!
  6. If the Skirmish guild went with Seekers, and another major team found that out, they might have done everything they could to make sure the Seekers didn't win. There are a few major battle groups and for some strange reason they don't like cooperating with each other.
  7. Food club is great once your account is older, and the battledome is another great way to make NP fast once your pet reaches level 50 and you're able to defeat the Koi warrior. Of course getting their will cost money first in training and weapons... Trudy's still is easiest as long as you spin it each day as the amounts increase the more consecutive days you spin it (until the bonus of 100k, when it resets).
  8. Awakened won. Don't forget to collect your consolidation prize!
  9. (I know we're going a little off topic here) BUT I know those floaters and everyone has them from time to time I think. If I recall correctly I believe they had something to do with protein cells from your eyes that got broken down or somehow came into your eye liquid, as they float around in there and get broken down, they might come in front of your "field of vision". Thanks in advance for offering to take care of the poll if it happens to be that week!
  10. I'm getting my eyes lasered on the 24th of this month just so I don't need any more glasses, nothing serious luckily! I'll have to avoid screens for at least 1 week after surgery. After that I'm allowed to work as well, so looking at screens shouldn't be a problem anymore.
  11. Yeah, I haven't been doing much of my dailies lately so I haven't battled in ages. That's how it got passed me that this topic wasn't being posted anymore until Granny63020 asked for it. That's why, as soon as I had time, I checked the obelisk battle and noticed it was on a voting round, so I went ahead and made a topic. I'll try to keep posting it, but I will have eye surgery in a few weeks so I won't be able to come online during the recovery time. Let's hope it's during a cooling off period and no new topic is needed. I joined Seekers this round too btw!
  12. So, vote! Good luck! You must win in 10 battles each round in order to win the boons Oxbridge Prediction: Obelisk Team Last Win Win % Prediction Awakened 2 rounds ago - 31% 32% Seekers 5 rounds ago - 30% 40% Thieves Guild 3 rounds ago - 23% 28%
  13. Hi and welcome back to Neopia! Too bad you couldn't remember your login information, but if it's been 11 years it might be possible that your account got purged too. I'm not sure when the last purge was (it was a long time ago) but 11 years surely is a very long time. A lot has changed as well so if you have any questions, feel free to ask!
  14. Yeah, I followed a link from the Neoboards and didn't even get a negg choice. Then I went to the shop from this url of Lampwyck's Lights Fantastic and I do get my negg options. I've also pointed out that the guide has a broken url, so I'm sure someone will fix it soon!
  15. They might have miss clicked! Wanting to put it in their album or SDB but ended up discarding it! I received the stamp yesterday as well but mine is now safely in my stamp album.
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