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  1. The neoboards would have been a faster way to answer your question and find out if you're restock banned or if the shops are just empty. If you provide a link to the actual shop you'll be able to get a better answer. Hope you decide to stick around!
  2. Kari is pleased with our efforts and for solving the Petpet mystery of Neovia. Head on over to Kari to claim your final event prizes! EVENT GUIDE
  3. Try using overflow: hidden instead. Display is not allowed for some reason. I know there is a way to work around it. You might want to check out the shop coding tutorial on Sunny Neo.
  4. Whoops, sorry about that! There appears to be a problem with the url from the beta pages not copying over properly. The link has been fixed now!
  5. Yes, you'll be able to get all the prizes for the apples!
  6. As long as you complete the Apple, without using a 1-pack you'll get the bonus for that apple. Doing it on day of release isn't a requirement.
  7. That would be because I forgot to link to the guide!! Thanks for letting me know! I wouldn't have caught it myself. Today has been a "day" lol! The link has been fixed now.
  8. I hope they credit you! Make sure you look at the guide from the link I posted so you know what each one is for. Unless you just want to get the 15 pack to get all the prizes. The good thing about this event is you can wait to use your ticket packs and don't have to use them right away. That reminds me I should put a link to the event on the guide page since there isn't one in the mall. Oh, and thanks for your kind words about my little one! She's bugging me to go read her a story and just about hung up on her Daddy because she's in a hurry to go upstairs for a story.
  9. Neovia's very own Apple Bobbing Bart has joined in on this years' Festival of Neggs! Bart has special apples for Neopian's to dye in order to receive exclusive NC prizes. Each apple will have 5 prizes, plus 1 bonus prize for a total of 6 prizes. The event will run from April 19th to May 11th, 2022. However, you have until next years' event launches to claim your prizes. NC EVENT GUIDE
  10. If you go to our guide, there is a table that explains what each of the ticket packs does. I hope that helps, if not, feel free to ask. https://thedailyneopets.com/customization-wearables/neggs-22 You will not be able to use the dye kits from last year's event for this one, unfortunately.
  11. @Granny63020 and anyone else waiting for the NC Guide. I just got home from the ER after taking my 5-year-old in. We spent most of the afternoon waiting there. She's fine, just a minor cold causing some minor issues. The site downtime, may hinder the speed of which I can get the guide up, but I will have it up as soon as possible for you all! Thanks for your patience! Supper and then time to get to work!
  12. @Granny63020I hope they get back to you soon! Their FAQ system right now is really weird. I even have trouble finding answers to things.
  13. I would submit a ticket to TNT over this. Hopefully they can credit you or do something to make it right. They shouldn't have last year's event stuff up while people are waiting for a new event to start.
  14. The 404 page on our event guide is in fact the NC component. The NC component has not started yet. When hrtbrk did up the guide, the link was updated for this year to save me a step later when I do up the NC Guide. I'm hoping to have the guide up on day of release, but it may take me a day or so to get to it. I'll try and get to it right away for you though! I just confirmed that this year's NC event has not started. The neggs you purchased are from last year. It looks like they uploaded them into the NC Mall instead of the ones for this years' event. Way to confuse everyone TNT!
  15. @Aquamentis12VPN's along with any internet technology is able to be abused unfortunately. PVR basically allows me to record TV programs from my satellite receiver system and watch them later. I can also keep them for as long as I want. Not sure what the acronym stands for though lol. I mostly use the VPN for streaming, banking and shopping. Norton also has a secure password vault that's been super handy for managing my passwords across 4 computers. I'm in Canada and Norton has been flawless so far. I've used Betternet VPN on my iMac for years and it does work, you just can't choose your location. I think there are others that do work, but I'm leary on downloading anything in case it's not legit and is actually compromising my security.
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