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  1. You can take a look at our guide to see what prizes you missed. I hope you feel better soon!
  2. You can create a lookup with any theme you like. There are some exceptions to this as it has to follow the site rules and be safe for all ages. I don't know anything about the theme you're inquiring about, so I'm afraid I'm no help there. If you need help with specific aspects of your coding, I can help with that.
  3. Are you following the steps listed here: https://thedailyneopets.com/neoavatars/kiko-rock It's specific to your account so it's not something we can just give you the url to.
  4. Drivers like that are one of the reasons I still don't have my drivers license. I'm glad you're ok and didn't get into an accident. We live in a rural area and one of the hiways we have to take to the city is busy and full of morons. It's a 2-lane with lots of commuter traffic. We're heading into the city and the speed limit is 100km/h. In the opposite lane is a big truck with several vehicles behind it. This red car decides to pull out around a car, obviously speeding and tries to pass the car and the big truck. We're coming up on this big truck and we have nowhere to go. The car has nowhere to go except to hit the brakes and pull in close behind the big truck. People like that must seriously have a death wish or something.
  5. Oh my gosh! I feel this so much lately! Over the last 6 years things just haven't been working out the way they're supposed to and it's been a struggle sometimes to get through all the hurdles being thrown at me. Our life has changed majorly as a result and my husband has been forced to work away from home, so he's missing all the fun stuff we do. We got a brand new dishwasher and it's only been installed for a month. Already it's broken and unusable. I've been waiting 2 weeks for a repair technician and now with the long weekend I'll be waiting until next week. Like what are the chances a brand new major appliance is going to stop working almost immediately afterwards. After everything, I'm like ok what's next?
  6. For one, I no longer care if my house is clean when company comes for a visit. Despite past instances of my lack of cleanliness being used against me. I still clean and try to have things tidy, but I no longer care and won't stay up all night just to make everything presentable. When I'm tired, I just crash. We have a small house and with 5 of us, a big dog and a bird, things get messy quick. Kids don't really pick up after themselves unless they're motivated enough. My husband and I started our own business this past year. It's just a small trucking company and has been enough to pay our bills and catch up on things. We'd be doing better if it wasn't for the constant repairs on our highway truck. Something always seems to go wrong each month that puts us a bit short of our contract. I think the biggest thing for me is I figured out what my passion is and what I want to do with my life career wise. It's just getting into a position that's a bit difficult. I'd like to work as a teacher, but unfortunately cannot afford the education for that right now. I'm going to work as an Educational Assistant and help the younger kids who are struggling with their learning or have learning disabilities like my daughter.
  7. Results "should" be out today as the staff tournament has ended. If not today, then definitely by the end of the week. What TNT will likely do is take away some of the wins these groups have accumulated throughout the cup and the end results would change. All Star Groups are a group of people that play the games properly without cheating. There is just a LOT of them and they band together to join a team and help them that year. Each year their loyalty changes. JS stands for JumpStart and they are the owners of Neopets.
  8. I know we'll probably get bumped unless they calculated the final round differently. I think there's talk of nerfing teams with cheater groups too. Anything can change, but for right now I'm enjoying 4th place even though it might not last. We did extremely well in the finals!
  9. We can still hope they do! FL is in 4th right now and I'm so excited! I played so much the last two days and was so close to reaching all-star.
  10. Friday was the last day for matches. Unless the results reveal a tie-breaker then there may be a day for that match to take place. https://www.neopets.com/altador/colosseum/standings.phtml?tab=schedule&day=all If you go there you can see all the other AC pages. The home page is broken right now while we wait for TNT to update it for the final results and prize shop and all that fun stuff. The AC has a confusing schedule with rounds and break days.
  11. Could you give us more information as to what game(s) are giving you problems. Sometimes there's a captcha that fails to send and you need to refresh your game tab. That doesn't always fix the problem though. More information would be helpful.
  12. I understood what you were asking, and you still need to use an image editor to make it transparent like you want. I've been coding for years and to my knowledge, there's no other way. I suggest taking a screenshot of your sidebar so you have the correct size. Than in an image editing program of your choice you can open your screen shot and overlay a shape that you can then adjust the transparency. Delete your screenshot and save as a png.
  13. You'll need to use an image editor to make your background transparent.
  14. @Granny63020 Just choose a team you like! For most participants, it's mostly about personal goals and prize shop points at the end. I've been a loyal Faerieland supporter for years and we're usually at the bottom somewhere.
  15. You can contact Neopets' support desk by sending an email to [email protected] with your account username and what you've been trying to do.
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