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  1. @jellysundae I got to rank 17 yesterday and I think I'm only 10-20 YYBs away from rank 18. I want to try to get to rank 19 tonight though. Just found out this afternoon that my in-laws are visiting on Sunday so tomorrow I have cleaning to do. Fun stuff over her in Dawn-Land!
  2. Come on @jellysundae let's chase All Star together! I'm currently rank 16 and only 10 YYB games away from 17! Congrats on reaching All Star @Angeló!
  3. @Angeló That sounds like me with the kiddos around. I've deliberately told them to shush and wait for my game to finish or to go bug their Dad. I've lost motivation the last couple of days for sure and haven't maxed YYB yesterday and I haven't even started playing at all today.
  4. This is from the rules, so I don't understand where you're getting the 5 days from. If you take into count that the cup started on the 2nd, the 7th day would be today as the break day. The next break day will be on the 15th. I'm not sure about the others as that depends on when this round is over. In previous years a LOT of people complained about the break days being on Sundays so that could be why they were switched this year too, or rather why the cup started a day late. In case anyone else is wondering about the bye-days.
  5. Congrats on your wins today! Playing YYB against your team took forever lol. Your forward and goalie are sure aggressive. Your forward kept stealing the yooyu form me at the start of the game before I even had the chance to get my hands on it first, Then I'd have to chase it around the field. Your goalie blocked a lot of my shots too, which I have to say was annoying lol. I'm glad Faerieland could keep you from obtaining a sweep!
  6. The avatar was released in 2018 along with the other teams, so if you switch to a new team next year, you'll lose this avatar, but luckily it doesn't count towards your overall avatar total. They're granted once you reach rank 1.
  7. I hate to sour things, but you're going to have to deal with the captchas. Yes, they're annoying and whining about them to TNT isn't going to do anything. They've been put in place to prevent people from cheating. Players have been hounding TNT for YEARS to do something about the cheaters and this was the only solution they could implement to stop them. I'd rather have the captchas in place instead of all the cheaters running amok and completely ruining the game for everyone. I find it helps if you refresh the game screen after several games to minimize the captchas from popping up.
  8. An interview was written years ago about these clockwork yooyu's! This is what "could" happen:
  9. If you have an add-blocker or certain add-ons and extensions, they could also be blocking flash. I'd try disabling everything and see if the flash things load that way and then turn everything back on one by one and you'll hopefully find the culprit that way. I've had to switch to Chrome for the Altador Cup. While playing Slushie Slinger in Firefox, the spacebar doesn't work, but it works in Shootout Showdown. It's a weird glitch. Funny thing is, even in Chrome I'm able to load the Customization panel and dress up my pets, which never loads in Firefox.
  10. If you practice enough with those Darigans you can get them into the goal. I dislike them with a passion and I can sometimes get them in the goal on the first shot. If not, I just keep the yooyu on my side of the field.
  11. Important note: You are NOT allowed to play 2 games at once! TNT has stated this several times before. They consider this as cheating and it could get your account frozen, which is no fun. And worst of all, if you're frozen for cheating you won't be getting your account back. So please, if you love your account, only play one game at a time.
  12. We've also put together a very helpful assortment of information for the Altador Cup. You can find it here: https://thedailyneopets.com/altador-cup/index
  13. Good luck Maraqua! I hope your team has a wonderful season this year!
  14. GO NINJAS GO!!! Good luck this year, I hope you can place better than last year. Maybe you'll even end up on the podium this year. I wouldn't mind losing the top spot to you sneaky Ninjas!
  15. Good luck this year to Team Kreludor! I hope you find some Krelodor Kreludites to help cheer you on. I know they're out there somewhere!
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