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  1. @Rayd1978 That is one of the reasons I will NEVER work in retail again! Also, the pay is not that great. I am a Stay at Home Mom and a full time Teacher to my oldest who is homeschooled. I design my own lesson plans for our year. To help her with her learning I also design learning resources that I sell online. However, I have yet to make a sale. I opened my shop in August and haven't made a sale yet. I'm hoping that changes this year. I'm starting a website and social media accounts as well to get more traffic. My dream job would be an actual Teacher or an Accountant since I'm really good with numbers.
  2. Mouseykins


    You can only download on mobile devices though so like a phone or tablet. I stream on my PS4 and there's no download option. I'm not sure if there's a download option for desktop as I don't stream Disney+ on my iMac. At times our internet connection can be a bit slow, so if I pause and go back a bit before restarting then it works better. Might be something for you to try if you haven't already. Clone Wars is AMAZING! I'm currently rewatching it and Ahsoka is one of my favs too. My 2-year-old LOVES Ahsoka and will ask for "Soka" when she wants to watch Ahsoka. She'll get frustrated when there's an episode on without her in it. Her favourite is the movie special with the Baby Huttlett. Have you watched Rebels? It was awesome! I've also watched the first season of Resistance, but it wasn't as good as Rebels. Honestly I'm not all that impressed with the new Star Wars movies Disney has been throwing out. The only one I've actually liked so far has been Rogue One. The others have just been mediocre. @Angeló I think you're gunna have to settle for some plushies!
  3. Mouseykins


    I LOVED watching The Mandalorian! I do not like how everyone is calling the green baby "Baby Yoda" because it's not Yoda. Yes it's Yoda's species, which we do not know what it is. It just makes it confusing when everyone is calling it a Baby Yoda and you have to explain to your 8 year old that it is not Yoda. I'm going to miss The Mandalorian! That was our Friday night routine for the last few weeks. So my husband and I could watch without interruptions, the kids were sent upstairs to play including their little sister and the pup was usually sent outside. Looking forward to the next set of episodes whenever they decide to release them. Dave Filoni even had a role in the show too! He voiced Chopper in Rebels. Have you watched Rebels Angelo? I cannot help you with the Alien baby thing. My only suggestion is a human baby and dress him/her up lol. Other than that you'd have to build a robotic version lol. @hbw Have you tried downloading the episodes to your device and watching that way? That way you can watch offline without streaming. You just have to be able to download them.
  4. That sounds like a lot of fun actually! Our day of craziness is done here. The youngest is tuckered out and fell asleep easier than she has all week. Kai, our pup got a lot of toys and some treats. He was busy playing with everything instead of taking his usual nap in the evening. I am now looking forward to the end of "When's Christmas?" being asked multiple times a day.
  5. This is why I try to do most of my holiday shopping online! People and crowds this time of year tend to annoy me really bad. I used to work at a large chain grocery store and I deliberately worked on the holidays just so I could double my income! The store was open for shorter hours on the 24th and 26th. Both days I got double time. The store was closed Christmas and had it been open I would have gotten double time and a half like other stat holidays. Now that I have a family, Christmas is very low key. My husband never really had good Christmas Holidays. They were always lame and he got presents he couldn't use, so it was just a waste. The only good part for him was the fancy meal on Christmas Day. So because of this he's not really into Christmas, plus we don't like how it's been monopolized so much by retailers. I'm not much for Christmas either, but I do it for our kids. The only decorating we really do is just the tree and maybe a few other things put up in the living room. Nothing too extravagant! With a large pup, and a 2-year-old who thinks everything belongs to her, large amounts of decorations is just asking for trouble. My daughter has already broken a few ornaments this year. Two were glass and other ones she broke the top plastic piece so I can't hang them back onto the tree. My girls don't get piles and piles of toys and things they don't really need. It's usually books, movies, a couple of toys they've been wishing for and some things they need. This year they're each getting electric rechargeable toothbrushes, PJs, winter hats, coloring books, and some chocolates and treats for their stockings. Normally I place a rather large order with the Disney Movie club but I forgot about it until it was too late and they wouldn't have arrived on time. We open our presents on the 24th after supper and take Christmas pictures in front of the tree. On the 25th we usually have a turkey dinner. Sometimes depending on the weather and my husband's work schedule we'll go out to his parents place for a couple of days or even just a day. This year is going to be difficult for us. It's our first Christmas without Mouse, and just putting up her ornament that I got her last year was heartbreaking. This will also be Kai's first Christmas, so I'm hoping the sadness will be offset by Kai's craziness for all his toys and treats. Kai is getting spoiled this year! My kids are counting down the days until Christmas!
  6. The navigation on the main site has also been updated. Under the Articles tab at the bottom is the Advent Calendar link for our guide. Also, if you click Hrtbrk's red and green Advent Calendar link at the bottom of the topic post, it'll take you to our guide as well.
  7. The outfit reminds me so much of Merida from Brave. If it wasn't species specific I'd be putting it on my wishlist for my Blumaroo.
  8. The sale you've all been waiting for has arrived! Head on over to the NC Mall to pick up your Gift Box Mystery Capsules 50% off! Only capsules marked in red are part of this sale, so be cautious. This sale will only last today and will end at 11:59:59 PM NST. Get them while you can! Additionally, The Gift of NC Promotion is back as well so the more NC you spend in the mall this holiday season, the more you'll earn back at the end of the event!
  9. You don't have to win the fight for the gender change. All you need to do is have the scientist change the pets gender and then withdraw from the fight. Staying in the fight runs the risk of ending the fight with additional gender changes and not getting what you want and having to redo the process all over.
  10. A BGC costs more than the TP limit of 2 million. So you will have to use the auction house. If there's one up for sale on the TP that you're interested in, you'll need to contact the seller to set up a private auction for it. Additionally, our TDN ALP does lend the BGC. So if you are just wanting to use it for the avatar you could use our program. You can find out more information here: https://alp.thedailyneopets.com/?page=reqs_BGC There's no harm in submitting a request, even if you don't get approved. 😃
  11. After turning off your adblocker are you refreshing the page? It's working for me on Firefox without turning my adblocker off.
  12. Apparently some dailies and site features are behaving funny. Try turning your adblocker off if you're using one and see if that helps. I'm not sure if Faerie Quests are affected.
  13. Have you followed all steps here https://thedailyneopets.com/altador-plot/part3/? Make sure you click all the "continue" buttons. We do have a Constellation Finder tool that you can use here https://thedailyneopets.com/altador-plot/constellation-finder/ Hope this helps!
  14. That's actually how our ALP lost it's first Bony Grarrl club. That was before my time. I'm not sure if it's happened since then though. I still haven't utilized my new pet slot on my main. I better get on that!
  15. Thank you for the information @Scoobert_Doo! I'm glad there's no GMC right now. I kind of dread the gaming events sometimes. I always thought their timing of having it run around US Thanksgiving was a bit weird. Wouldn't it be better to have it at the start of the month instead? That's my thought process anyways.
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