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  1. Loic is back! This time he has some spring-themed Dyeworks items for Neopians to dye. This set of Dyeworks items will only be available until April 26, 2020 so be sure to get your items dyed before then. DYEWORKS GUIDE
  2. Hopefully he learns that he needs to stay by the door until his feet are wiped. So far he still likes to leave wet paw prints all over the hall and kitchen. I have to start working with him regularly on that even if his feet aren't clean. Kai still needs to be taught to walk nice on the leash. I find if I walk him on the street he does better than on the sidewalk. Plus I walk too slow for him, so he loves it when we race the kids to the corner. When we do that he has to learn not to cut me off. I do not wish to be up close and personal with the pavement. It snowed Monday night so now Kai's evidence of destruction has been reburied, which is perfect timing in case my in-laws do not heed our warnings and decide to come out anyways. My MIL bought us a pack (or more) of bathroom tissue even though she didn't have to and she's probably going to want to bring us flour and sugar as well. The older girls are starting to go crazy being stuck together all the time. My oldest enjoys the days when her sister is at school so she can play and do what she wants without her sister bugging her. Trying my best to separate them when they get moody so there's no fights. Monday I picked up A's school things and we finished almost everything for yesterday. We just have a coloring sheet to do. Today we're going to finish a few other sheets that she hasn't finished yet from earlier lessons. Her teacher sent home everything we need for the rest of the year just in case the school gets closed completely. She also sent home those square connecting cubes, a play-dough pot, popsicle stick, bingo chips and a bingo dobber! Each week she's emailing with the lesson plan for that week so we know what to work on and certain assignments she's requesting pictures of to be emailed to her so we don't have to keep coming and going from the school each week. This will let her evaluate our kiddos remotely. I'm so glad to know what is happening with A's education now. It's relieved a lot of stress! A wants to write a letter to her teacher, so that's on the plan today. I have to print off primary writing paper for her to use. Her teacher is going to love it! Tomorrow morning her teacher is doing a Google Meet with the kids so that should be exciting. I'll probably sit with A and send everyone away upstairs so there's no noise or distractions. I've never done a Google Meet so this should be interesting. EDIT: A started writing her letter today and I finally published my website!
  3. Things are changing rapidly here so there will still be changes and I expect that number to be lowered. I know it's crazy how people are disregarding some aspects of social distancing and isolation. I know my in-laws just want to see their grand-kids but still. I know they watch the news and health officials are advising against visiting family, so you'd think they'd get the message. We'll just have to wait and see what April brings us. Thanks! My girls really enjoyed it! Olaf's arms, hair, eyes and coal buttons were indeed oreo crumbs. The cake looked a lot better until I added those. I should have just made a chocolate whipped cream and piped them. EDIT Monday Morning: Yesterday my Mr. went into our little city to pick up an air purifier for our home. Our home is really dusty and it gets worse in the summer months. We're hoping that with the air purifier it will help eliminate dust and allergens and help as all to stay healthier. Our furnace filter and regular cleaning of the vents can only do so much. While he was in town I sent him to pick up a few groceries while he's there. Things are cheaper there then they are in our little town. Guess what he found on the shelf at one store?? The ever elusive bathroom tissue. There were two packs and the customer limit is two, but instead of being greedy he only got one. So things are starting to normalize here slowly. According to health officials we are slowly starting to see a flattening of the curve from all our isolation and social distancing so I'm glad it's taking affect. Our province's cases are still rising with 46 in hospital and 14 of those in the ICU. Today I have to go pick up my daughter's learning packet for the week. I'm excited to see what's in there. It'll be good to finally know what to expect each week for my daughter to complete. Once she's completed those lessons we can continue building on her skills with the resources I've purchased for her. Funny Kai happenings: Yesterday it was rather warm out so a fair bit of melting took place turning parts of our yard muddy and making it easier for Kai to excavate. We had just put groceries away and knew his feet would be dirty. My husband went upstairs to get a towel so I could wipe Kai's paws when he came in. He had to wait at the door and he had this sad look on his face like he knew he was naughty. My husband lets him in while he's blocking the path to go upstairs and I'm blocking the path to the rest of the house. Kai right away lays down to let me clean his paws. Even his belly was dirty. I cleaned him up as best I could and he was still banished to lay by the door until the dirt dried and fell off his fur. In that way I love his self-cleaning coat!
  4. That's one way to use the emergency alert system. I'm sorry your mom had to postpone her appointment. I hope she gets her sore looked at and taken care of properly. Because it's not healing there's a chance she'll need antibiotics. In the meantime I would just treat it with whatever first aid supplies you have at home. She could use peroxide to help bring out the infection, but that may sting depending on how open the wound is. Tea Tree Oil is also a good antiseptic too. Might be a good idea to consult with her doctor first before applying anything like peroxide though. Wishing your mom a speedy healing process! Some people are not understanding the "stay home" message being shoved into our faces at every turn. It's rather annoying. My in-laws are one of them. Hopefully you'll have better luck convincing your dad to stay home than I'm having with my in-laws. I know for a fact I'm going to ruffle some feathers when I refuse to let them come out. They're planning to come out around Easter or just afterwards because the weather will be nice then. After telling them numerous times that it's for their own good they stay home as much as possible, they don't seem to be listening. They're both elderly folks with health issues, so you'd think they'd be a little bit more cautious. They don't even seem to understand how some businesses are closed. My husband had to explain to his dad that the Honda dealer is closed because of the virus until April 7th (or something) and another Honda dealer is open, but not to the public so they'll have to send the part out he needs for the quad by courier. I guess the quad's starter switch has been buggered up for a year and dad waits until now to say something. Now my husband may have to go out there and change the part for him when it comes in if the regular mechanic guy they get to do things around their place doesn't want to come out. Parents are frustrating! We got a health update yesterday and it looks like anyone scheduled for an MRI will still receive one so hopefully my Mr. is on that list! I'm so glad you got your trolley and that it helped out! That was so nice of them to even assemble it for you to. I'm glad when we went shopping I was able to get a pack of paper towels! We go through a fair bit for cleaning. I bought 2 large tubs of lysol wipes several months ago and am down to my last one that was just opened not too long ago so we're stocked on cleaning and disinfecting supplies. With kids around I tend to stock up on those things before we run out and before we actually need them. Our grocery store in town put up plexi-glass shields for the cashiers and they also have the floor marked for where you can stand. Almost everything here is starting to be replenished. I'm not sure of the bathroom tissue problem. But food stuffs are being replenished. My husband was able tog et two boxes of chicken strips for the kiddos yesterday and two pizzas for us. There was still no Fairlife milk, so we're starting to think it may have gotten held up at the border since it's made in the US. Little One will just have to make do with what we can get her. The other brand is still on the shelves at least. Here in Alberta they've limited social gatherings from 50 to 15 people now. Yesterday I touched base with two friends who have kids my girls' age. Both families are doing good. The kids are going a bit stir crazy though. Yesterday we did presents and cake. The youngest got an interactive learning desk that she just loves. She also got a singing Anna doll from Frozen 2 that she loves the most. Her other gifts included a set of 9 matchbox cars, her own set of small metal spoons (she chewed all her plastic ones and Kai helped), and a Frozen 2 travel cup. Middle monster got a singing Elsa doll from Frozen 2 and a set of 9 matchbox cars too. They both got a package of 60 Chupa Chups lolipops to share. Elsa and Anna were by far the biggest hit! We had to listen to both their songs all afternoon until bedtime. I had to hide Anna from the little one to get her to put it down so I could get her to sleep. Without further ado, here's their cake:
  5. @jellysundae My husband is also waiting on an MRI. We haven't heard anything so we're not sure what's going on with that. He's on long-term disability because he injured his hand at home last year in January. He's developed complications with the healing and needs to see a hand specialist to either do a small procedure or go in for actual surgery. No idea if and when that's going to happen. His LTD runs out in June next year. There's so much to do in that time frame! Today watching TV and the news programs I'm seeing a lot of ads saying for elderly folks not to go visit their kids and grand-kids so hopefully I can use that with my in-laws and convince them to stay home. Hopefully the nice weather will help people get through this difficult time without causing too much of an uproar. Gardening is a nice idea to start. We're getting close to our growing season here so I'm sure a lot of people will be doing that. I won't be one of them because I have a 4-legged excavator ravaging my yard. In my flower bed I have three groups of a poisonous flower called monkshood or wolfsbane. I'm pulling it out ASAP for the safety of Sir Kai Bosh and my youngest who will probably be running around the yard more this summer. When it was planted I didn't know it was poisonous. I got it from my MIL. She pulled up all of hers I think but I left mine since it wasn't hurting anyone and my kids were old enough not to go into the flower bed. Kai is not that smart lol! In a couple of my flower pots I may plant some herbs, but we'll see. Today is birthday cake and presents for my two kiddos! I'm making a marbled rectangular cake decorated to look like Olaf from Frozen. 😃
  6. I have no idea if people are behaving themselves in my small town. I haven't ventured out in a week now. I sent my husband to the post office today and he went to the grocery store. A math book I ordered for A is in along with Little Monsters' birthday present. Apparently, town looked quiet with not many people out and about so it looks like people may be following the social distancing measures. My biggest problem right now with people is the fact that they're buying up all the essential goods. Even our small town store is seeing people being stupid. We're pretty well stocked on everything except for milk. We rely quite heavily on our local grocery store for milk so that we don't have to make the 40 minute drive to a small nearby city where there's a Walmart. The regular homogonized milk was at the store thankfully! However, my youngest drinks the Fairlife milk that's ultrafiltered and lactose free. There was none of her milk in the cooler. Another similar brand was there so at least my husband was able to get her some milk. She used to drink the regular milk before we switched. Since we switched we've noticed if we give her the regular milk it upsets her digestion. If necessary, we may need to switch her back and in time her digestive system will adjust. In our little city milk was well stocked when we went shopping. It was just the bread, bathroom tissue, hand sanitizer, and certain cleaning products that were gone. I don't understand people and how they have to panic buy and not leave anything for anyone else. The colouring avoidance is only when it's on an assignment and I'm telling her she needs to color something. If any of her school work from her teacher involves colouring I'll have to give her an incentive like "if you color it really nice your teacher will love it". A loves her teacher so I think that may work. We'll see though. I don't know what was up with them last night. They were able to work side by side, but when a movie was put on for bedtime, Frozen 2, they had to argue about who got to sit in the rocking chair and I got to the point of shutting it off until they got their acts together. Anything that involves music for some reason they have to rock in the rocking chair to the music. They can't just sit there and enjoy it. The rocking chair is only big enough for two of them. Little Monster used to be able to fit between them but she's gotten bigger. Usually they're nice to their littlest sister and let her have the chair, but not last night lol. Tonight trying to get them to do schoolwork side-by-side didn't work. I had to work with them separately. He is huge now! Probably weighs 110lbs. I could be way off with that number as I can't take him to the vet for a weight check and we don't have a scale big enough for his bum to sit on. Our vet is still open like normal, but Kai is healthy and we don't need anything so there's no sense taking him there. Plus I don't think he'll fit in the back seat of the truck. We usually take him with the van, but it's snowed in at the moment. Our snowblower decided to not work when we had a huge snow dump. Our truck is a 4x4 so the snow isn't a problem for it. There was just way too much snow to shovel, so we just left it. Kai won't stop growing until he's about 3 years old. Right now he's getting most of his size and he'll fill out more and possibly get a bit taller than he is now. The fuzzy goofball has destroyed our yard! He's got holes everywhere and the trash I've picked up and bagged from the yard, he ends up destroying the bag and dragging everything around again making a huge mess. Kai sleeps downstairs in front of our front door where it's cooler for him so when I get up he's all over me. It's like I just got home and he missed me. He knows he's allowed to come lay on the bed with us anytime, but he hangs out by the door instead. With his thick plush coat I don't really blame him
  7. I'm not sure why K behaves like that. I think it might have to do with a bit of jealousy because her sister is doing better in KG than she did. I also think K may have a learning disability that's making things difficult for her. I was going to try and get her assessed but things happened and I wasn't able to and now we're dealing with this virus so it's put on hold for a while longer. If it works better for K I may teach them both separately instead of together so she's less stressed. I've noticed with A, my KGner, she doesn't like to color on assignments. She avoids it! I hope I can convince them to stay home too without ruffling any feathers. I'm glad you worked out your situation with your Mom and family for Mother's Day. No need to put you both at risk. You can always celebrate at a later date when this virus mess is all worked out. I will definitely upload a picture of my fuzz-wuzz. My husband is online gaming right now and uploading a picture will kick him out of his game. So I will do that later when he's finished. I found one I posted to Discord recently! I hope you're able to get the issue with your meds sorted out! My husband was supposed to call the insurance company today and I don't think he did so I'll have to remind him tomorrow. I need him to find out how his coverage will be impacted by the isolation measures being taken. @Duma That looks lovely! A good way for you to get some exercise and fresh air at the same time. When it warms up more here I plan on sending the kids outside to play for a bit since our yard is fenced in and they're isolated. A picture of Kai is in the spoiler so it doesn't hog a bunch of space! He's shedding so much right now that I need to do the floors almost every day, though that doesn't happen lol. Edit: Funny thing happened tonight. Both K's sisters were asleep so I had K working on the rest of her health assignment from today. A wakes up halfway through it and comes over to do schoolwork. A is working on finishing her phonics workbooks her teacher sent home after they moved onto a new lesson. Some pages weren't completed either due to not enough time in class or A was absent. I always tell A to take her time even when she's in class there's no need to rush. It can always be sent home and completed. Both girls were able to do their work side by side without any fits. I was even able to help A read a small reader while K finished writing her few sentences. The second reader A didn't finish because she wanted to take a break and go play with her sister. I call this a win! Now to get them ready for bed when it is way, way past bedtime.
  8. @jellysundae I hope you're able to contact someone and get a slot for your groceries. Being in that predicament is not fun, and the not knowing part can really take its toll. As for my KGner and my Gr3 girl it's not a matter of getting them to do things together. My oldest, K, she gets insanely mad when her sisters so much as sit beside her and do their own thing while I'm teaching her. She will honestly flip out and lose it on her sisters. I usually have to separate them with different things to do which makes it more challenging to get K to do her schoolwork because she'd rather go join her sisters. With my KGner, A, doing schoolwork now I want to try and get them working at the table together and then they can take a break when they're done their lesson.K just stalls and procrastinates, A just gives it her all until she gets bored and wants to do something else. For my now 3-year-old I ordered her a learning desk that she can learn on while her sisters are working on their studies so she is out of the way and occupied. It's scheduled to be here on the 26th. I think I lost the battle with my in-laws. Seems like they're still planning on coming for a visit sometime in the near future. I'm like did you not listen to a word I said yesterday. My MIL even said to my husband while they were talking yesterday that she doesn't know when they'll come for a visit because they don't want to bring diseases to our house because she doesn't think I will like that. I think my husband ruffled her feathers when they were talking yesterday and she made that comment. Now today totally different. But then again I was on the phone with her and she won't confront me with things.🤦‍♀️ I'm not giving up with them though. I going to keep reiterating that they should stay put. If anything I can send my Mr. out with the computer and the internet hub to get them connected and I can walk them through how to use their computer over the phone then they can FaceTime with the girls and keep in touch better while we're isolated. This afternoon I got a text message from my brother-in-law. He thought he was texting his brother, my Mr. But he got me so we chatted for a few minutes. We haven't heard anything from them since late summer. Little One's birthday was today and to celebrate she got to talk to Grandma and Grandpa on the phone which is exciting! She's never done that before. She'd always just grab the phone and run off with it and not say a word. A couple weeks ago I was talking to Dad and Little One comes over and yells "Hi Dad" into the phone. So I put it on speaker for her to talk to her daddy for a few minutes. For a treat I took out a cinnamon coffee cake that was in the freezer and the girls each had a small slice of it with some strawberry ripple ice cream. It's been a good day for her! Wednesday we're planning on celebrating both their birthdays and making an Olaf inspired cake. I'll post a pic after when it's made
  9. @trickkey There may be online resources available during the quarantine/isolation period. @sunny098 That seems rude considering 3 weeks ago I don't even think the virus was that much of a problem in the US yet. But I could be wrong since I don't live in the US. Either way, they could have just asked you to leave if they were uncomfortable. California was just put on their lockdown as of today. Now in my province there have been some changes. Alberta Education has cancelled all provincial exams for grade 12 students. These exams I believe are needed for post secondary, but they might waive that or have the students take them in August, provided the virus has been dealt with by then and isn't much of a general threat to the public. Nothing new from my daughter's school so things are going ahead as planned for them sending home work packets starting on the 30th. Because I have a printer I may have to print everything myself, which is fine. I'm fully stocked on paper and ink and have all the school supplies we need. The only thing I need is lessons from my daughter's teacher so I know what to teach. During my husband's brief shopping adventure this afternoon there was still no TP on shelves, but there was bread. He picked up a couple small birthday presents for our girls and some ingredients to make them their cake. At Walmart they're no longer allowing people to use their own bags and will bag your groceries for you, but you have to pay the 5 cent per plastic bag fee still. Superstore, from what I've read is still letting customers use their own bags provided they bag their own groceries. They're also waiving the 5 cent plastic bag fee for those who don't bring their own bags. They may stop allowing the reusable bags in the coming days. Because Walmart is still charging for bags I told my husband I would have just put everything loose back in the cart and put everything in bags before the groceries went into the vehicle. He didn't think of that so he got a couple plastic bags. Which is fine because we could use some. I had a whole stock pile under my kitchen sink but we had a leak and they all got gross so they were thrown out. My husband had a chat with his parents tonight and they're still planning on coming out for a visit, just not anytime soon. They're waiting to see how things transpire over the next little bit first. So that's good news! Edit Below Today is Little Miss' Birthday. I'm probably just going to take out a cinnamon cake from the freezer for everyone to have a treat. Because two of my girls have a birthday so close together we're going to do their cake and presents on Wednesday where it's halfway between both their birthdays. In the meantime we'll be spending the weekend catching up on housework. I may get my husband to do a project upstairs that has been put off for a while to give him something to do. Frozen II just came out on Disney+ this week so the kids have been watching that constantly. I have some work to catch up on and I want to make digital versions of my learning resources I have for sale so teachers purchasing products can give their students digital access to the files, plus finish a couple I've been working on.
  10. My husband ventured out today. We forgot a couple of things on Monday when we went to get groceries. He's also picking up a small present for our two girls who have birthdays this month. Our youngest has her birthday tomorrow. I ordered her something from Amazon but it won't be here until the 30th and Dad found something else she might like. He's also get a lint roller thing a doodle because our Great Pyrenees is shedding a ton these days and the air gets everywhere! In about 3 weeks we've used up a 500 sheet lint roller. He also wanted to get some shop towels to clean our kitchen and bathroom because they're more durable than paper towels and we may be able to clean them for reuse, depending on which ones he gets. Stores in my area have already changed their hours so that the opening hour is for seniors and individuals with disabilities or medical issues making them more at risk. In early March my daughter picked up a cold from school. She kindly passed it on to the rest of us. We know it's not COVID-19 related because it wasn't in our province at that time and we're not travelers or been around anyone who has been traveling. Mine has turned into an allergy-like sinus cold. I still have a cough, but it's so much better than it was. I'm hesitant to really go anywhere unnecessary so people don't stare at me. Fun fact! My KGner who is missing out on going to school now has done more school work this week than her homeschooled sister has. My KGner is way more interested in learning and thinks it fun whereas my homeschooler thinks it's a chore and she'd rather be upstairs playing with her horses.
  11. Thanks for your kind words Midnight_Spell! We are one of the "lucky" ones because our finances will not be impacted by the quarantines and isolation measures. My husband is on Long Term Disability and was actually forced to resign from his company because they had no modified work for him and had given away his position to someone else who is just abusing the responsibility. With my husband being on long-term disability, our insurance company pays him at the end of every month so we've always got money coming in. I'm a stay at home Mom, so I have no income. I'd be terrified if he actually did have to go to work as he's around people who are unhygienic and other people that travel a lot. Things are so much easier when we don't have to be an adult lol. I'm trying to stay current on what's happening, particularly anything related to my area without worrying too much. I feel like I may have to have that argument with my inlaws soon. I'm not looking forward to it, but I hope they'll understand it's because we care. They can be stubborn at times. Thanks for your kind words Hanso! It is definitely a relief for them to be handling the situation so well. Mind you the only thing that's really changed is my daughter can't go to school and we're not going out for walks. But we haven't been going out for walks for a while because the weather has been cold. I will definitely be insistent on them staying put. I don't even want to go out unless I have to. I hope your school can put together some kind of plan for you so you don't miss out on your final year. Here, for High School students that are graduating, my division was quick to put in place a plan to help these students continue their education and be able to write the provincial exam for their courses. The provincial exams haven't been cancelled, but the education people are working on a system to allow students to take these exams. @epona1 That is my favourite part about taking online courses. The ability to pause the teacher to take notes or pause them because you need to tend to the needs of your children or pup. My biggest concern right now is my neighbours are back from spending time in the U.S. and I really really hope they will self-isolate for 2 weeks. They're usually coming and going constantly while they're home.
  12. I'm in Alberta, Canada. This week came some unexpected changes for us. I'm sure there's many Albertans who expected these changes but I wasn't one of them. Maybe I was just trying to convince myself this will all blow over and not impact us. We all do what we have to in order to cope with change and uncertainty. Monday we went into our nearby little city to get groceries. We do have a small grocery store in the small town we live in, but prices are higher and there's not much of a variety. So making the 40 minute trip 1 - 2 times a month is worth it. While shopping I kept my youngest in her stroller and away from people and things she could potentially pick up. My older 2 children were instructed not to touch anything and keep their hands in their pockets. I made sure to bring hand sanitizer with us and as soon as we got home we all washed our hands thoroughly. Part of our reason to choose shopping now was we had all come down with a cold. We were all finally able to go do our shopping. On our way home I finally had the chance to check my email and learned that all schools in our province have been closed until further notice, which could be for the rest of the school year. I got an email from my daughter's principle stating that they are working on a plan for our kids to continue their education at home. My oldest is homeschooled so I already know the drill and went into full homeschool planning mode for my Kindergartner. I picked up my daughter's things from her school Tuesday morning and learned Wednesday afternoon that her teacher is putting together weekly work packets for the kids to be picked up every Monday starting on the 30th. Now I can relax a bit knowing her teacher is providing us with work and I don't have to scramble and purchase resources. One of the items sent home with my daughter's things was a birthday card from her teacher. My daughter's birthday is on the 30th. The 17th I was supposed to be parent helper for her class and I was going to bring a treat for the class. That didn't happen and I've been saddened by it and seeing the birthday card brought me to tears. I'm honestly more upset about the schools being closed than my daughter is. I'm used to being cooped up in the house so that's not a big deal for me. My kids are worried about going outside and my oldest asked me if it was safe to go outside and play today. I told her she could go outside as long as she doesn't go near anyone and stays in our yard. Which is not an issue because our yard is rather large and no one bothers us because of our giant dog. It was too late for her to go outside when she asked. My kids are learning about all sorts of scary things like quarantine and the virus, but they're handling it all really well. I'm proud of how resistant to change they are. Tuesday and Wednesday my KGner and I have done some of her lessons. Today we actually read two books with her reading most of the words with minimal help. Until we get the learning packets we have work to complete that was sent home from her teacher when the class moved onto a different lesson. I don't know of any child who doesn't like to color, my KGner does not like doing school activities that force her to color. She'd rather practice her writing instead! My oldest is homeschooled, so I've been splitting my time between both of them. To keep us busy when we're not learning, my husband and I have games on the PS4, the kids play in their room, or we'll watch Disney+. The last two nights before bed we've been watching Frozen II. It looks like the new Star Wars movie is being added to Disney+ early as well. It may already be uploaded, but I haven't looked yet. My youngest has a birthday on Saturday and my middle has her birthday on the 30th. Every year between their birthdays their Grandparents come for a visit. But I think with the uncertainty of this virus I'm going to suggest they stay home. They're elderly and have health issues so I don't want them traveling so much if they don't necessarily need to. If anything we can go out to their place for a couple of hours and set up their computer with the internet so they can video chat with their grand-kids every day if they wish. My youngest had an appointment at the end of this month for a fluoride varnish treatment on her teeth and that's been cancelled. The kids do have a dentist appointment scheduled for June, so I'm hoping by the time we get to June they've got more of a lid on this virus and we can hopefully start getting back to normal. Even if it means schools remain closed until the fall. Doing my best to stay positive through all this! Stay safe and healthy TDNers!
  13. When an Item is released in Future Fashions it will be available in the NC Mall to everyone on the 3rd day. So the other item you're waiting for probably came out a day after the beanstalk one and should be available tomorrow. You don't have to wait for items to retire for them to go into the mall or until spring. Just those three days from release. I just checked and those items should be in the NC Mall as it's been well past the 3 days. You may have to search for them in the mall's searchbox.They are showing up in the Green shop for me though, so try there.
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