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  1. That's right, you heard me! There's madness going on in the NC Mall! TNT has not only released one Retired Mystery Capsule, but 3! Wait, that's not even the best part! If you purchase a MME Retired Mystery Capsule 5-Bundle, you get an extra one free. With a 10-Bundle you get 3 free MME capsules. What are you waiting for? Head on over to the NC Mall and get in on this deal and the fun! These MME Retired Mystery Capsules are only available for purchase in the NC Mall until April 4, 2021. Remember to check out our complete guide for all items available from this retired mystery ca
  2. TNT is changing how they handle tickets. I would send in a completely new ticket to them. You can do that here: https://www.jumpstart.com/support/np-classic I hope TNT is able to solve your problems and get those items back to you.
  3. Welcome back to Neo and to TDN! The Advent Calendar is currently happening, so don't forget about that. I hope you decide to stick around longer this time!
  4. Weebly is a fairly good option too. W3Schools has amazing coding tutorials and if you're ever interested.
  5. Two brand new Baby Mystery Capsules have crawled into the NC Mall. The Baby Bash Retired Mystery Capsule is only available until November 18th, 2020. While the Baby Bubbles Mystery Capsule will be available for purchase until November 30th, 2020. We have a guide with all the possible item available from the Baby Bash Retired Mystery Capsule here.
  6. I'll make a proper news post when I'm all finished. Thanks for editing your post! Official News Post is Here Please continue discussing these capsules there. Thanks!
  7. The Baby Bash Retired Mystery Capsule is only available until the 18th of November. The Baby Bubbles Mystery Capsule is the one that's available until the 30th. I'm working on a guide for the retired capsule as we speak and should have it up within the hour.
  8. Which would suck horribly because I've already opened all of mine and got nothing decent from them. I never have any luck with these things and should honestly just sell them from now on.
  9. It's that spooky time of year again! Head out to explore Neopia in search of 7 exclusive goodie bags for this year's trick-or-treating. These bags will only be available today, so don't delay and get them before they vanish. Royal Potionery | Deadly Dice | Space Armour | Spooky Food | Coltzan's Shrine | Booktastic Books | Magma Pool NOTE: You will not be able to claim the bags from shops if you're using the Beta site. Switch to the Classic Site if you're having difficulties.
  10. It's time to get your spook on! Returning this year is the Haunted Mansion NC Mall event. Head on over to the NC Mall and purchase your Haunted Mansion Luminous Lanterns in packs of 1, 5 and 16. Don't delay! This event will only last until October 31, 2020. HAUNTED MANSION GUIDE
  11. Loic has brought us some brand new Dyeworks transformations. These new color options will only be available until November 6th, 2020. Be sure to get your items dyed before then or you'll miss out. DYEWORKS GUIDE
  12. Sorry about that! Hrtbrk and I tried to get things to work properly, but haven't had any luck. There may be something in the forums settings that needs to be changed or we'll just have to post news a different way. Either way, this is just a temporary hiccup. I thought it was Marble too and was evening starting to add it as Marble to the database, until I went to the Rainbow Pool and there was no Marble there. Then I was confused and had to go read the news announcement a little bit better.
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