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  1. Personally, I think it's cute. But, it's not very mutanty-ish. It could be more creepy and spooky like some of the others. It kind of feel like they were lacking some inspiration for this one. It's still cute though!
  2. Unfortunately, you cannot put a NC Gift Box inside a Gift Box. If you want to keep the background with that pet, it'll have to stay on the account that it's on.
  3. Currently, we have all the ALP pets we need and I think we're good for items as well. @Emily would know more about that. You could always lend on the Neoboards if that's something you wish to do. Thank you so much for your offer!
  4. Sometimes they start things on a Friday, so it may start tomorrow or Tuesday would be my best guess. I hope it's Friday so I can get all my donating done before the weekend is over and school starts on Monday.
  5. Oh no! Sorry to hear that! I hope your back feels better soon. I slept on the couch last night and my back is not too thrilled with me today.
  6. @jellysundae Boy you got that right! Everyone is sharing the blame for this for sure. These days it doesn't take much to anger my Mr and upset him. His usually short temper is much shorter. That was even pre-pandemic. Cabin fever has definitely set in. Plus it doesn't help that there's so many of us stuck together in a small house. Our house is only about 700 some square feet. Every corner of this place is cluttered right now. So we're all feeling boxed in and trapped. We were looking at other houses but we can't do anything right now since the stupid banks don't see my husbands disability income as income. He needs a job, or I do, or to be declared totally 100% disabled from performing any occupation. The kids were looking forward to moving and it all came crashing down. Things would be so much better around here if the oldest would actually listen and stop instigating half of the fights because she wants to play with something and it has to be her way or she's yelling and screaming at her sisters. Even trying to get her to bed. It takes almost 2 hours from the time I say start getting yourself ready for bed until I finally lose my bananas and then the next 20 minutes is filled with constant attitude and "rushing" because she's running out of time. Thank goodness school is starting! They are going to hate me for a while when they get thrown into their new routine and have to deal with it. But that's ok they can be mad at me all they want. I'll temporarily lose my marbles some more, but once they settle in we should be all set. Schools are reopening here and we have the option to keep our 1st grader home for at-home learning so we're doing that instead of sending her to school. I keep telling the kids we are stuck in this very small house together and we need to learn how to get along or this is going to be one miserable year for everyone. So far that hasn't sunk in yet lol. They are definitely little monsters! I guess Dad is scarier than Mom. Even when he goes upstairs to lay down for a nap because of a headache or something it doesn't matter how many times you tell them to knock it off and be quiet, they don't listen, but yet they'll let me rest. When this virus is all over, I'm taking time off somewhere by myself! Even if it's just sending everyone out to the farm for the weekend. I'll keep Kai at home so I'm not too lonely. Plus Kai listens to me better. He's clearly a mommas boy.
  7. Kai is very passive and he doesn't like confrontation. Whereas Bear is more of an aggressor, though he's not particularly aggressive. He's gentle around the kids and I've never seen him growl or nip at them. It's his territory though, so he's protecting it. Kai is the intruder. Bear is clearly the dominant one as it's his home, so Kai recognizes this and keeps away. Kai is in super duper deep doggy trouble right now. We just bought a shed and have to put it together. My hubby unloaded it from the truck today and had everything somewhat organized on the lawn. He goes inside to lay down and take a nap and rest his hand. Kai is outside and ends up chewing on the plastic ventilation grate panels so now we have to order new ones. At least we can still assemble the shed without them as we have to physically drill the air vent holes in the vinyl. Kai got in huge trouble for it and my Mr. is now super mad at Kai because of all his destruction. Literally nothing is safe outside unless it's nailed down. We know this! So in reality, the packages shouldn't have been left at his level unattended. I ended up sleeping all day because I just didn't want to get up and deal with everything. Every morning when I get up the kids are right away at each others throats fighting and yelling at each other over stupid toys. If I stay upstairs they behave, but as soon as I come downstairs it's chaos. My Mr. should have woken me up or at least told me what he was doing. I could have helped him with it and we could have even started putting the darn thing together and kept an eye on Kai so he wouldn't have chewed anything. But nope, he has to go and try to do things himself. Not much I can say or do about it. It is what it is. It's supposed to rain tonight and possibly tomorrow so we had to put everything back into the box so all we accomplished was moving it from the truck into the yard. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day and Kai behaves.
  8. You sure can! I have mine replaced. The only thing you cannot do is lie about your account age by putting a 15 year shield when your account is only 1 month etc. It's recommended that you do not have a shield that indicates how old your account is. A word or short phrase is best. Sunnyneo has great tutorials for doing this. Sadly, I'm on mobile right now so I can't grab the link for you.
  9. Nope, just a Kai! They might, it all depends. They were able to get closer this time without a scuffle so who knows. We just have to stay vigilant when everyone is around. When they're in the yard by themselves, Kai stays away from Bear.
  10. I know right!! Personally I don't believe in getting an animal fixed unless it's physically or medically necessary. I feel that you're taking away a part of them. I know others may feel differently, but that's where I stand on it. And it's not like Kai is running around town making puppies with every dog he can find. He stays in our yard and is the best behaved boy on walks, aside from pulling me halfway down the block at almost 14km/h, but that's a different story altogether LOL. I think the vet is considering the money from the procedure and having that drive their recommendation. Also they say it reduces the dog's risk of getting certain kinds of cancers. I'm not a vet so I don't know the validity of that, but from experience, Mouse is the only dog to have had cancer and getting her fixed wouldn't have prevented it. Kai would be at a high risk of infection because he lays in the dirt all the time. Sure he'd wear the cone of shame without too much trouble, but he would probably get the site infected. Oh the vet also says that getting him fixed would make him more docile when he was younger and that if he started to show any signs of aggression it would have to be done sooner rather than later. He's the gentlest giant on the planet! His only non-gentle thing is he likes to tackle us. He's slowly learning that he's not allowed to do that. But he's not being aggressive, he's just excited and still doesn't understand that his size can hurt. Yesterday we went out to the farm for a day trip. Kai came with us and was getting along better with the other dogs there. Kai did get into his first scuffle with the male dog there, Bear. But Kai was only defending himself and Bear was defending my MIL. Kai got too close to her and Bear didn't like it so he tore after Kai and Kai was about to rear up and use his weight on Bear. Both my husband and I were telling the boys to stop and go lay down. Neither listened, so once my hubby saw Kai start to rear up, he knew what Kai was about to do, so he thumped Kai on the head with a stick. They immediately ceased and went their separate ways. Neither dog was hurt and Kai was cautious around Bear even more. In order for Kai to stay cool, he'll lay outside almost all night on the deck, or now under it. He's actually dug out part of the area under the deck to make himself an entrance. We call that the Kai Bunker. He can see the front gate from there when he peeks out between the steps so I'm sure that would be a shock to people coming into our yard when he just appears out of nowhere lol. In the house, we keep it a bit cooler for him. Normally I'm wearing my hoodie all the time. During the really hot days the window on the front door is half-open for him and we leave the window open on the landing for him all the time. Those are his two favorite cool spots to lay. We do have laminate floors so they're always a bit cool. Kai loves laying on the couch and in the rocking chair. It's amazing how he can curl up in that chair and sleep. Kai had a fun adventure yesterday and he's tired today. He travel so well in the van! We stopped once on the way out and on the way home to get a drink and snacks for everyone. I let Kai out to stretch his legs and it's always funny to see everybody turn to stare at us. (sorry for the novel!) Hello Ennoshima! Lovely to see you again! I wish you all the best with your anxiety and other challenges you're facing right now.
  11. lol that sounds exactly like my fuzz-wuzz! He's a Great Pyrenees weighing in at only 92lbs at about a year and half old. He's still got a fair bit of growing left to do. Normally the males get to be around 160lbs. Especially when they're long and untrimmed! Also, his are lower on his paws like a thumb so it's easy for them to catch skin. It hurt like a bugger that's for sure! My husband cleaned it for me and put some liquid band-aid on it. Surprisingly, that stung the second time. To make matters worse, shortly after that Kai decided to use me as a bowling pin and go bowling. He didn't mean to knock me over, he was just going to fast and ended up slamming into my legs, taking me out. I roll-flipped over him as he sort of jumped over top of me. It was quite the spectacle I'm sure. One of those camera-worthy moments. Out of that tumble, I didn't end up with a scratch or anything. With Kai, once you get him into a position like that he becomes submissive so you can do whatever to him. His favorite is when he's on his back and getting belly-rubs. He loves getting his legs and shoulders massaged too, especially after a walk or a run around the yard. My husband thinks the vet had ulterior motives for muzzling him because he has never been aggressive towards anyone. He's thinking that they muzzled him because he's such a large dog. They're also insisting that he needs to be fixed and we're not interested in doing that to him. There's no medical reason why we need to. He's perfectly healthy and non-aggressive. He sleeps it off like a good child! His biggest challenge there is finding a cool spot to lay. The house is SUPER warm and no air conditioning on the hot days. When we came home he was a sleepy boy and slept for about 2 days. The first day he kind of looked a little depressed. I think he missed the exploring, but after that he's back to his normal self.
  12. I feel ya! I would like things to go back to normal, but looks like this is our new normal for a while. @jellysundae We finally got Kai into the vet for his nail trim! He went last week for his annual check-up and immunizations. It was way past time for him to get them trimmed. About a week before he went, I was out in the yard and he charges behind me and pounces on me. His big paw caught my shoulder and his front dew claw gave me a nice long scratch from my shoulder down to the middle of my back on that side. It's still healing and hopefully it won't scar. Funny thing, at the vet they put a muzzle on him. He was scared to go into the treatment area. Poor boy! He remembered his ear treatments and it was the same vet. After they put the muzzle on him, he completely calmed down. I find it funny that they muzzled my big boy. I"m not mad at them for doing it, he's a large dog and not knowing how he'd react, they're just keeping everyone, including Kai safe. Kai's also been at the farm a couple of times now and he has a blast! We're going again on Sunday for a day trip.
  13. We weren't necessary under quarantine orders, just isolate and only venture out for essentials. Now things are opening up more and more. I've taken the kids in to the grocery store with me a couple of times but they're wearing masks and under strict orders not to touch anything. If they do they have to sanitize their hands right away. Surprisingly they've been behaving better now than they were pre-pandemic in the stores. I agree, staying home all the time can get to you. All three of my kids have been stuck together all day, every day for months and they're arguing more. Hopefully, once school starts and they get into a routine things will calm down. It's helped them to go for a bike/scooter ride in the evenings. I'm most thankful for the dentists being open again. My kids go to a specialist in the city. They were late for their routine cleanings and exams and I wanted to get my youngest in. Her top molars looked weird to me and it turns out she has no cavities and just extra cusps on those molars for more chewing power I guess lol. Hang in there!
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