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  1. I thought that was weird too! I was just going to take the image from the news that they used instead of from the Rainbow Pool but they didn't even upload an Invisible Jetsam image in the news. So I grabbed the Rainbow Pool image that had the floating Jetsam grin. I see TNT has fixed it now though. LOL
  2. It is my understanding that you can claim it and use it on your side account. I have on each of mine. Since you can't use Trudy's Surprise or get gift boxes on your side account unless buying a Gift Box Mystery Capsule (GBC), you're not really gaining anything except a free item from the NC Mall on that account.
  3. Ok I think I know what happened to your code. You probably had too many characters and it was automatically removed when you saved the page and neo formatted it. This happens with petpages too when you reach the limit. It takes off stuff you have no room for. Unfortunately, unless you have a backup, a cached file, you've lost your records. The issue your seeing with the overhang is probably due to some missing code that got wiped by neo. You're probably missing some closing div or table tags. Might I suggest saving your code everytime you update it to notepad++ or something where you won't lose it? I know kind of late now for this predicament. I save all my stuff to Textwrangler since I'm on a Mac and this way I never have to worry about Neo goofing up and wrecking my code like this. Another thing to consider which is a complete longshot is emailing support. Maybe in their files/records and whatnot they have your last saved changes or something and can restore it.
  4. I clicked on the first username on your list under Trophy Cabinet and it came to the anchor page, so your data is still there. I'm not sure what is going wrong on your end. But everything looks alright on mine. If maybe you want to upload a screenshot of what you're seeing wrong then I might have a better understanding. I can also upload a screenshot of what I'm seeing. My Mr. is online gaming right now, but when he's done I'll add to this post.
  5. Loic has filled his shop with fall-themed items so we can show off the change of seasons in a variety of colors. Head on over to see Loic at Dyeworks to see what items he has available to be dyed. DYEWORKS GUIDE
  6. Prizes for this years Daily Dare have arrived! Head on over to Headquarters to claim your rewards. Prizes Guide
  7. I "briefly" looked at your application. I haven't given it a thorough go through but you did submit correctly, so no worries there and I have your app. You can apply to up to 4 chains per month and be in all 4 chains. So as long as you don't give me a big list of all the ones you need, you're good. Confirmation messages will be sent via the forums hopefully on Saturday or Sunday.
  8. Participant Badge here I come!! My 💜 was just not into it this year. I had so much going on and sitting at the computer to waste time playing games all day was not something I cared to do. I completed half the challenges and left the others. I accidentally challenged AAA before sending scores on a couple of games thanks to my toddler pressing buttons on my iMac. She's 2.5 and knows how to work this thing, it's kind of scary lol. I know I'm missing out on a shiny trophy for my UL and a collectible but I'll just have to take out a loan from the bank and buy it.
  9. It doesn't look familiar to me, so I have no clue if the took inspiration from something. I don't watch any of the teen vampire movies/shows.
  10. I LOVE that clothing set and I MUST HAVE IT YESTERDAY!! New goals lol!
  11. Before you close your account you can send your pet to your new account. Otherwise it will just stay on the closed account with any other items and neopoints you have on it. So before closing it if there's anything you want to keep, transfer it to your new account that you're using as your main.
  12. Be sure if you're using a premade layout and changing the images or anything on it that you still leave credit to the place you got the layout at. I have no experience coding shop layouts or I'd offer my assistance. I do think Sunny Neo has a coding section that can be used for shop layouts as well so you can design your own.
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