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  1. I love changing my hair colour to suit the challenges I'm going through. I have medium dark brown hair and am no stranger to bleaching my hair and going platinum blonde. A couple of years ago during the pandemic, I bleached my hair and colored it purple with blue underneath and blue highlights. I wanted to show my fun colourful side. Last year in January I coloured my hair the blackest shade I could. I did this to show the darkness I feel on the inside. It was a great way for me to work through my struggles and start to heal. It's still a process, but this change helped. This may not be your general form of self-care, but I enjoy gaming with many friends online from across the globe. Chatting together and working as a team helps me to escape all the drama I have going on and gives me some socialization. If I'm unable to do this, I start to go to the dark place. It's not so much missing the game but missing the comradery. My ultimate favourite form of self-care is a long hot shower!
  2. Do you know how to screenshot? If so, please send in a screenshot and Ian can take a look. Also, it would be helpful to know what page or pages this is happening to you on. I tried seeing it on my end but I think my antivirus is blocking them. It might be one of the ad partners that is being obtrusive again. It happens from time to time. After sending your screenshot, you can turn on an ad-blocker so you can use the site without the annoying ads until it gets resolved. Feel free to send me a PM if you like.
  3. The reason things are becoming inflated is due to the "Charity Corner" aspect of this event. People want to take advantage of everyone's need for the higher rarities and skyrocket the price. It's a shame really as it ruins the event for people which is why in past Charity Corners, I've only done what I felt as the bare minimum. Now that we're only able to donate 10 items per day makes things a bit trickier as I have been hoarding piles of dung in my SDB for this such event.
  4. Remember to go to your preferences and turn off Trudy's Surprise for your side accounts.
  5. Hello Irene, Fellow Canadian here! I'm out west in the prairies. Welcome to TDN!
  6. Is it possible you have an add-on or extension that's blocking it from loading? I don't blame you for not wanting to use Chrome. I'm a Firefox user as well and when I have to use Chrome for certain things it irritates me. I hope you get this issue figured out!
  7. These posts are coming from a spam bot, similar to a robo caller which is why they're able to do so many so fast. Ian probably won't find the culprit, but hopefully, he can shut them out so we can have our forum back to normal. Thank you all for your kind words and patience while we deal with this annoying intrusion. If you notice something that we've missed, like a spam post that's been up for several hours but hidden among other posts, please report it so we can take care of it. But if it's showing up on the side of new posts for each forum, we'll be able to easily tackle those ones.
  8. Hi, my apologies for not getting back to you both until now. The last couple of months have been super busy for me. Some of our pets are housed on side accounts and I have been having issues getting into a couple of mine. Emily and I are hoping to have pet lending up and running soon. We appreciate your patience!
  9. We are just as annoyed as you are! We are doing everything we can to stop this from happening and have all anti-spam protocols in place, but they're still getting through. Ian is investigating what's going on and hopefully, we can get this sorted out soon. I wish it was as simple as beating them with a broomstick! Hang in there everyone!
  10. Hello, welcome back to Neo and to TDN! The new layout definitely takes some getting used to.
  11. You could also try emailing neopets support and see if your account is in the system. If not, try registering again. The security feature that refreshes the page could be causing problems for you as well. You can reach them at [email protected]
  12. Faerie Crossword Answers - [Play] Daily Puzzle Answer - [Play] Across: 2. alton 3. bbq 5. tag 6. fortune 8. benny 11. eeeee 12. nova Down: 1. anshu 3. bite 4. arnold 6. fyora 7. nine 9. drenched 10. ant 11. eraser What time zone in the United States best matches NST? Answer: Pacific Prize: 303 NP
  13. Yep, you were missing the obvious three dots in the right corner of your post. I merged them for you. I'm actually quite shocked by this news and I agree Aranel, what is the truth here? I think only time will tell. I'm barely on the neoboards during the AC off-season. If they're making a general chat board, I'm sure teams could make a general chat board there too and still have the main scoreboards and such.
  14. The Neopia Negg finally gave up that stamp! Next I'm going for the book and maybe the wearables. I"m not sure yet. That stamp was my priority.
  15. The festivities have only just begun for this year's Festival of Neggs! Take a leap over to Hop & Dye Neggs to use magical Rainbow Fountain water on some neggs and earn exclusive prizes. The event will run from April 27th to May 22nd, 2023. There are several ticket packs available for the event. It is important to purchase and use the correct one during the event. Bonus prizes will be awarded for completing each negg as well as for the event. All the details and a list of prizes can be found in our guide. HOP & DYE NEGGS GUIDE
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