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  1. Restocking! Takes a bit to learn what to look out for and takes money to expand your shop to fit more items, but I've made pretty much all of my money this way. I watch TV on the left half of my screen, restock on the right using The Shop Directory with The Item Database in a tab under it. I reference the price estimate to see if an item is worth buying, usually I go for a minimum $1k profit.
  2. Hi @Nielo! I think your inbox might be full? Hope everyone's having a great day!!!
  3. Thank you for this! I am totally willing to spend as many NP as I have, but unfortunately still not ready to spend human money. Plus I'm sure it'll be all the more satisfying that one day when it just happens for me!
  4. Being around kids can be super healing, in my experience. They pick up on things really easily, sadness especially, and won't know how to offer condolences, but they're in the moment with you completely so you're not alone. I have OCD and grief frazzles/inflames that. I don't always want to or have the energy to address negative feelings, but find there's a compromise between suppressing and losing it when I'm kind of just a kid with myself. They're just there with you, even whilst they're gleefully making a huge mess just for you. I don't know, maybe that makes no sense lol. I just keep my own thoughts company. And then I play whatever pops up on Youtube when you search "magical library raining ambience" to help me fall asleep or take a sleep vitamin because when I'm sleep deprived... ( ˇ෴ˇ)>⌐■-■
  5. Oh! The cotton candy mane!! Might be my new favorite Gnorbu, though I will always love Plushie Gnorbu dearly. I kind of wish the Candy color pets had more defined eyes, though, they'd be cuter. But I guess the design is to imitate candy more exactly?
  6. Let me know if this doesn't work! Good luck! https://www.neopets.com/browseshop.phtml?owner=rgory01&buy_obj_info_id=47102&buy_cost_neopoints=2514 I am always so stressed out by quests, so you are very brave to me
  7. My Neopets username is actually @strawbreathe, different than my TDN (used to be my TDN before too). If yours is Hiddensnake, I just requested you.
  8. Maybe your subconscious is telling you that you undervalue yourself, and that others would fight to have your creativity and talent.
  9. That sounds fun! What do you look for in books, food, and stamps? Do you have a theme or is it just keeping whatever things you like?
  10. Aww, a Christmas miracle! And it looks like it perfectly fills out the rows and everything. You should link to your gallery so we can peek!
  11. I agree. I've had a lot of amazing conversations here about mental health, loss, joy, everything. Neopets itself does have a lot of strict rules, plus most of the user-to-user interfaces are slow and outdated. And a lot of Reddit just gives me bad vibes, though r/veronicamars is pretty cute. I'll definitely be more active in Altador Cup this year! I'm Chinese so, naturally, my kid rebellion logic scoffed at Shenkuu and was Terror Mountain all the way growing up. Now I'm Team Shenkuu, though I'm obviously aware of how problematic and sometimes just racist Shenkuu as an idea is. Shenkuu lore/items/clothes/petpets are pretty appropriative, any use of the words "oriental" and "exotic" are so gross and cringe, and it's just sort of stereotypical in a way that comes from lack of cultural specificity/trying to fit a bunch of Asian cultures into one fictional place. But I love a lot of the design of Shenkuu food. Hands down the most delicious-looking Neopets cuisine, and a lot of the dishes have real-life names and look true to their real-life equivalents. You can tell a lot of love and care went into that aspect.
  12. Zombie desert queen!! Post pics when you complete the look please.
  13. Hmmm... I'm sorry to say my account is letting me Neomail my friends and either none seem to be online/I guess could be a bug. For your Neofriend—could be their account is frozen/selected to not show up when online, or a bug. Wanna add me (@strawbreathe) and see if you can Neomail me? It might let you know if it's a problem on your end or theirs. In the past, some people have said their Neofriend stuff gets buggy if they have too many, might be worth deleting some Neofriends you don't much contact if you have a bunch.
  14. This makes a lot of sense! I like that TDN is so wholesome, even though it's mostly trusted adults (?). Neopets is a safe space without being baby-ish. There doesn't really seem to be a strong sense of community on there too vs familiarity and regular convo here.
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