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  1. oh my goodness i love the coconut one
  2. I think Keomi is so cute, her little neck scarf! You can def make a comic if that's what you want to do, and can even start just make a short strip, 4 panels like in a newspaper! Just enjoy! If you prefer just drawing characters, do that!
  3. these are so cute! there's something so nostalgic about digital art with bold colors and black outlines, plus the inherent nostalgia of neopets. love!
  4. hahaha the second one seems like a threat? adopt him or perish. if you didn't adopt him, i think you might be cursed... also the first poster's username makes the listing funnier
  5. I was on the birthday livestream and after they released the code they asked people to not all redeem it at once haha, of course the site crashed!
  6. It says the NC Mall is under maintenance haha :((((( hopefully they'll extend the window you can claim it
  7. I'm obsessed with the Maraquan Vandygyre, soooo cute! I love when we get more pastel Neopets too, lots of customization possibilities!
  8. haha this is kind of awesome, irl customization. it's a whole look. ~kacheek core~
  9. The Halloween Hasee is so cute I want a real life one...
  10. I love that! For me it's cooking for myself, for sure. Sometimes it sucks to be hungry and tired and still have to make something, but sitting down to my own food feels like the ultimate self-care. It's like a, "Thanks for looking after me, Body! Here's your reward." Feels like the food is almost more nourishing that way haha Is that cheesy?
  11. Hmmmmm if it's specifically a Halloween thing they might have been talking about the Trick or Treat Bags. They're basically Halloween-themed capsules you collect by visiting different shops and locations. There was an announcement post on TDN from the news people about it, but I'll also put the link to the JellyNeo page about it that'll explain more and give the locations where you can collect them: https://www.jellyneo.net/?go=trick_or_treating
  12. It's kind of a pain, but if it's not too much trouble you could also take a photo or video from your phone of your computer screen, then either upload it from your phone here or text/email it to your computer to upload. I second installing an ad-blocker, maybe a different one from the past one you use that caused issues, but totally understood if you're not comfy with that. If you use Chrome, it's super easy and as long as you keep it up to date it should work well, or de-install/re-install when you have issues.
  13. agreed! they're so cute, the spring version of the more autumnal leafy ones the woodland korbat has
  14. Are the prizes unique to users or is everyone getting the same prizes site-wide? Just took a pet out of the lodge but now I have to wait for her to be hungry again haha
  15. Haha you def caught on to which forums I was talking about, it's so intense there, esp around Festival Festival, it just doesn't feel nice. I really do hope more people join here, or both! It should be encouraging to talk to people playing and loving the same game as you, not stressful.
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