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  1. Aw the Xwee Twee lil barista is so cute!! But not so sure about the silver, not sure if it's trying to be brushed steel-y vs. shiny, but they look a little bit sickly...
  2. Wooh! Congrats!! As someone who's being zapping for a year without luck, this is so exciting! Definitely share a pic if you'd like! And my votes for Chomby colors: Stealthy or Tyrannian!
  3. Super interesting survey but also so sad to take. Further proof that they just want to make money off of us and I guess by taking the survey I just gave them free info on how to do that? I also just dislike how any event nowadays is about paying real human money for themed items. And even some of the free goodies, it feels way more about then selling them to make NP than events with thoughtful writing/story. As a player who plays fully free and only gets NC through events or the scarab game, I'm running out of things to do. I'm saving a dragonpile of Neopoints, but seems like the game is heading to a place where all of the new features need you to be IRL spending. Sad :((
  4. Oh I looove the origami korbat! Am I a korbat person now??
  5. Is this working for people? I wasn't able to set it up using Duo, so I downloaded Google Authenticator and it didn't work on there either... EDIT: I also tried both browsers Waterfox and Chrome, but it wouldn't take my activation code. I sent a ticket but you know how that is... ),:
  6. Too cool! Congrats!! Def on my bucket list, but I tapped out yesterday after 3 minutes, I'm too impatient!!
  7. 6 is incredible, I love it haha
  8. The faerie one does NOT have any Neopets perks and feels like the standard match-3 game just poorly rethemed.
  9. yay so glad to hear it!! hope you can catch up on all you want to now!
  10. If you send me your ideas and the items you want to play with, I can message you back the DTI image, it works for me!
  11. Haha exactly! Tomorrow could be the day? I'm all set for right now on all my other pets/their colors, so I've just been zapping the one, so it's extra slow going the stubborn part of me wants to get it without having to chase it and the rational part of me- no it's mostly the stubborn part rn. my birthday passed and i totally forgot so was offline but i heard there's some sort of birthday boon? does it increase the chance of the lab ray changing your color? bc then that's only like almost a full year away! And good to know the time frame, now I can tell people I have a 3 year life plan! and just thanks for this all glad to know everyone else suffers the same sufferings and such
  12. Renaissance Festival yes! Or totally looks like an Arcane character.
  13. 8 months later, no luck still do i give up?
  14. I don't know if this is related, but I haven't been able to submit scores for weeks now, I only get the "Undefined" on all the buttons of the game, even after logging on/off, clearing my cache, etc. Have not received any response from support for weeks.
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