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  1. Sooo true haha, it weirds me out too, but I guess some Neopets are carnivores. You should get crazy stats if you eat it instead of hatch it.
  2. Wow the purple hydra is soooo cool, the earth elemental one too! All amazing, happy late Draik Day!
  3. I think pandas and owls are the animal inspos for Vandagyres, but pandas are my favorite animal so I'd never be mad at another Neopet inspired by them. The albino panda that recently made the news made me think a star-nosed mole/panda hybrid would make the cutest Neopet. I had no idea! That is too cool!!
  4. I think @ginnypearl's adorable ideas proved @granny63020 point that a member contest would be so fun. The people on here are so imaginative!
  5. Today's daily puzzle made me think about whether Neopets would ever release a new species again! Vandagyres were introduced in 2014, the most recent new Neopet. I know there have been so many site changes since then, and so many beautiful, amazing other features. If they do make a new species, what do you think they'd look like?
  6. The flower ears look sooooo lovely, I'm really enjoying all the elemental-y designs lately. I think the little wallet chain is so cute too. I imagine it's hard to design cute clothes for the Neopets with shorter torsos, but lI like these new ones!! I love all designs but I can't help but feel like the ear ones, they don't work in the same dimension as the rest of the Grundo body? Like it makes the ears look flat and behind the rest of the head. The spiked ones are sick though, space punk rock grundo is a vibe.
  7. The chipmunk is scary, good scary? To be determined... But I loooove the look of the tails! The alligator one is gorgeous, the insect-looking one too. They're all gorgeous. I don't always like the clothing items that are too realistic, but this was a great balance.
  8. Okay cool! Glad to help, wish it was an easier fix haha
  9. Hi! Have you also completed the Secret Lab Map set? You'll need to complete that one first before you can do the Petpet Lab one. If you have, I'm not sure what else could be the issue... Worth making a ticket if you don't mind waiting 2 years.
  10. omg you're so right, i'm obsessed with the little guy, his little hat and little mustache and his little cuffs, what a cutie
  11. Yay!! I second Secre, life and the world brightened by this news! I used to love these games to unwind, it'll be so nice to go back to and see what I'm still good at!
  12. The dragonfruit!!!!! Oh I love it so much, the colors! I haven't really be feeling these last couple pet outfit drops, but this??
  13. Haha totally looks like Ferdinand. Also, I love the look of the galaxy with the candy Kau color
  14. How... unsettling... I kind of love the maraquan, esp the realistic-y skin texture and then just the giant eyes and smile. Wacky, love it. I love the poison frog markings! The vibe is very Pocket Frogs, do people remember playing that game?
  15. This is such a cute idea! I've already started, it's really fun haha. I definitely have more of an appreciation for marble Neopets, aesthetically if not creatively!
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