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  1. yeah i'd also pick seekers for the bank bribery boon ^^
  2. yeah 46 is the max amount of scores per day, after that it stops counting (i just saw that bc ive been reading up tutorials to prepare lol)
  3. joined Darigan Citadel again, just for nostalgia bc i picked them before when i was an edgy teen lol
  4. Going for awakened bc i finally want to get that avatar, i either go for them and they lose or i forget to sign up when they end up winning orz it's the last obelisk war avatar I still need
  5. saw my moms dog again!! i love him, he's so cute
  6. i need the avatar too!! so im going for awakened
  7. The Awakened avatar is the last one I need, so I really wanna go with them >__<
  8. kadding or finding cheaper items with the shop wiz rn is a pain, and i dont want to buy premium for that when im unhappy with the new site overall ive been trying to find good deals on gourmet club items but it's so annoying that i gave up also no links to the sbd is annoying too as everyone else i dont like that it looks like an app on desktop, never been a fan of that look, but if it worked properly i could adjust to it also sad about not seeing their bg's on my pets :((
  9. Thank you!! My second zap was a change to the color ice!! I swapped my zafara from a side acc to be my zap pet but now i kinda dont wanna change her again, it looks so cool and for art gallery, i got in last year a few times (some days have less competition, like borovan day lol) but just havent had motivation lately even if i dont get in it's fun though to draw some neopets fanart for a change
  10. this year i saved up for the lab ray and got some pricier avatars! my goals for next year are: 300 avvies draw more and get into art gallery again maybe win customization spotlight once
  11. i still need both the brute and the awakened avvie, so i'll go with what the majority goes for
  12. im going with sway for the boons. good luck to anyone though
  13. Id go for candy Kougra or Aisha because i love these kinds of lollipops? hard candy is the best! sour fruit gummy Blumaroo looks good too tho.... also while im not super into choccy id go for one of those biscuit pets?
  14. dang i missed the chance for the avvie aaaaaaa but cool for everyone who got it :''3
  15. alright looking at the poll too, I'll go with sway let's see where that will lead lol
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