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  1. Okay that's weird, I also use chrome but might try Firefox so ty! I've seen someone else complain about it freezing on twitter now, but seems like it's not very common Looks like I'm just unlucky
  2. Does anyone else have issues with the game? Yooyuball keeps freezing mid game for me, I lost a bunch of scores like that actually i could only submit 3 scores and now it freezes every time
  3. I'm joining darigan citadel as usual i picked them as kid cause i was emo and edgyyy and it just stuck i kind of want to switch to faerieland but the childhood nostalgia is still too strong haha
  4. thats weird, you sure you didnt change the language (even on accident) before logging off? i will switch the language sometimes but it doesnt immediately register sometimes, so i switched it back to english and itll be in english until i refresh. so you gotta switch several times for it to stick sometimes. but ive never had it switch randomly xD
  5. welcome back^^ on which game did that happen, or is it all of them? i know a glitch with fashion fever is that you need to spend at least 10 seconds and cick around enough for you to be able to submit a score without an error message. (i usually click random a bunch of times and change one clothes item manually and it works). but maybe someone else who knows more can help you out better
  6. same happened to me with my Zafara that zapped to ice!! she was so cute i kept her xD but i had enough nc left to buy a new pet slot recently so i adopted a new zap pet now
  7. My dad only buys used cars and they tend to last him quite a while, i think for most of my childhood he had this old citroen that he had to get a radio for separately lol. It was ugly but functional, so it works, especially for a first car. like yeah ofc there's a risk with it, but as long as you know what youre getting into. it's an option
  8. What are those, clips to put on your bag? o: but still cool find!
  9. yeah, sometimes the predictions "fail" or the % are very similar but this time it seems like an obvious choice - I'm also going with the Order^^
  10. I tend to get wild nightmares once in a while but todays dream was just... weird lol I dreamt i started a soapmaking business with a few other people and we ended up in a huge gunfight against movie-cia-looking guys who wanted to steal our soap recipe :--)
  11. actually i wanted her too since the baelia plush came out, i was so happy to see their story get some recognition in the advent calendar!!!
  12. for me just clicking randomize character doesnt work and i still get the error, i usually randomize and equip one item and then i can send a score it's weird
  13. I didn't know that pets will reject the wrong meds, that's actually so good! I'm glad to know now haha
  14. I'm assuming it's just the cheapest to go to some studio that already makes match games, slap neopets themed art onto their template and call it a day... this might be a tinfoil hat opinion but i just think theyre putting out this poll to claim you, the user, was involved in all of it and that you asked for a match game after all and now they just complied with everyones wishes :))) yeah im not excited for this.
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