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  1. I'm still sad they deleted the others I still had stuff I could have won from them (my old phone sucked) that is way too expensive to buy with np. I didn't bother with the faerie one because I hate games like that. You get a fair way in then it becomes either purchase the win in a given level or just play it for months on end without ever getting through it. Hm. Does it have prizes? Maybe I SHOULD download it. . .
  2. To be honest, my first thought was that he'd hacked the game to get the items and when someone found out they decided to be nice and just take those away instead of just banning outright.
  3. Could probably do it pretty easily with fake stained glass. I'm not sure how to with stones, but it seems like it would be possible.
  4. @berriganify I guess I did word that awkwardly, huh? More like they seem like they should be like neopets merch to hang on your wall or put on a shelf, or part of a walkway vs. a pet that you'd customise. If that makes it clearer? No idea if it was the inspiration, but it was the first thing I thought of when I saw it!
  5. Is it weird that I really like the eye tiles because they remind me of a lot of gecko eyes? Like this gargoyle, for example. I like the concept of the mosaic ones, but I think they'd be better as like decorations than pets, if that makes sense? Also loving the thief outfit. It's really cool. Nearly makes me want a techo now.
  6. I'm giggling at the devilish draik since my draik is a vampire slayer. Hehehehe. That'd be an interesting combo if I had a second one It's a SUPER cool design, though!
  7. Lutaris are definitely otters. Lutra lutra is the Eurasian otter's latin name, so it's probably a play off of that. I hadn't actually thought of the getting his name checked. Yeah, it does seem like a good way to get a pet to poof. Shame, really. Also that people report pet names on whims. I've reported all of one. I found it in the pound, and it was a lot more overt than the above mentioned Chombussy. I think it's funny what pets are popular or not, too! I've never really been a fan of shoyrus. They're okay, but nothing special, yet they're the most popular pet apparently. I'm not a huge krawk fan, though I've got one since I found a pirate one in the pound. **snipe!** I've thought about giving her away to someone else, but I've also thought about not. A few, like tuskaninis or moehogs, I think are kinda cute, but I wouldn't own one. And some like jubjubs or kikos or chias? No thank you. Not ever. Randomly, though, I adopted an aisha because while I was playing on dress to impress I saw a custom of one that I thought was cute as could be, though I'd never really liked their looks before. Also, looking at lost and pound, it seems like there are tons less painted pets than normal. Wonder if the extra slots means a lot of people went on adoption sprees, or if it is just that people are abandoning less of them. Shame that so many have names that guarantee they'll sit there forever. Seems there are hundreds that were just Species+Random number as their name.
  8. Thank you! I didn't actually know that. Any of it! I thought you could still only get one extra slot by going premium. Where have I been? Is there a way to ask neopets if the name is okay before you spend np to change her and have someone notice/report the name? It's super cute for sure, but it'd be sad to have it go poof later.
  9. Heya, fellow autistic person! Hehehe, that's why I always put the smilies and such. Because sarcasm tends to go whoosh right past me, so if I'm doing it, I try to make it obvious. Clearly it doesn't always work And yeah. I figured it was a violin because almost no one remembers we exist, haha. Violin? Have a dozen! Cello? Here 'ya go! Viola? Isn't that a flower? How do you play a flower?
  10. Awesome! I was just looking at lost and pound yesterday to see if I could find anything interesting! (though I've got like two spots left on my sides Almost tempted to make an extra and hope I never get caught. . . Too chicken, though!) Out of curiosity, what is name culling?
  11. Sorry, it probably IS a violin. I was just joking. Figured I'd put the silly smiley there to indicate it. Sorry if you thought I was serious!
  12. It's not a violin, it's a viola! Me being an angsty violist who knows we'll never get anything aside, it's a really cute outfit. Almost makes me want to change Shiro_Iro's theme from swordskyrii to a musician. ALMOST.
  13. @berriganify These guys. They're balls with a motor that is offset enough with the weasel on it that it kinda runs randomly. Hahaha. It's great that the meercas get one!
  14. Punk rock spaceman? No idea, but I'm guessing it's a reference to something? I still am not a blumaroo fan, but I kinda like the oil paint one. It looks like a field of flowers.
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