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  1. Looks like the Invision one. Also, thank you for letting us keep Shift if we want it. That bright grey killed my eyes.
  2. I can't multi-vote. Sorry to be a huge hassle ^^'
  3. I want to do the whole plots, not just the battles! That'd be fun. I have had my account for decades, but had a long hiatus and missed all but the Wraith Resurgence. I hadn't even considered the battledome before recently (the last plot sort of got me into it, and lately I've really thought it seemed fun) so sadly wouldn't have bothered before they changed to the new 'dome. Ah well. Maybe I can hope they'll fix it one day.
  4. I wish they would allow us to play the old plots without the fights like they do the Altador plot. Oh well. Right now, I'm getting a lot of codestones from the koi warrior on hard, so I don't really see a a need to chance yet. I don't know of anything else that'd give me the np to sell for enough to make up for that. Does defenders (assuming it's been fixed) scale to your pet's level, or does it just stop when you hit a wall for what your pet can take out? Edit: Looks like it has not been fixed. Boo.
  5. Oh, that's interesting. I thought the scamander was the only money tree exclusive item. Wonder if they'll still appear from time to time after the plot's over, or if it's just what gets released is what's released then they're gone (or in TP/auction inflationland) for good.
  6. THEY EVEN GOT HIS RAINBOW Out of curiosity, how do you get the new items? Are they in one of the shops or something?
  7. What should I put the Downsize! in place of? I'm still a bit of a coward who sticks to enemies I can kill in one round, so it hasn't been an issue YET, but I'm sure it'll eventually be a thing I need to worry about.
  8. Well it finally happened! Col Mack is at a high enough level that she is on 12 hour training sessions. If I'm lucky, I can get the 250 bonus on at least one of those stats before any plot-based fighting starts. This is the equipment currently. Are there any good all around shields that are buyable/not obscenely expensive that I could use to replace both of those? Other than that, seems okay, right? At least for someone like me who doesn't have tons of experience, and is still training my girl up regularly.
  9. Ah! Sorry, I didn't see the other update. My mistake!
  10. @Musical_Shoyru I think you forgot to open the polling back up.
  11. OHMYGOODNESS! Those two faerie outfits are absolutely adorable!
  12. ACK! I have been slacking on my pet's training lately! Oh nooo. I was hoping to get her up to the next bonus, too. Maybe it'll take a few weeks until the fighting starts and I'll still be able to.
  13. You can win prizes from it? o_0 I've been sort of regularly spinning all of them for the daily quests, and haven't gotten anything from it.
  14. A reddit post a while back said it was a server glitch, and that it is still accurate, just showing the wrong info. Maybe check this evening to make sure your dailies counted to be on the safe side?
  15. Oooohhhh, those flow fins are so pretty! Dunno if I like the base body colour (wish I could have it as JUST the fins and have a nice paint job otherwise) but they're still really nice!
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