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  1. I never have before, but I agree with you that that little guy is SO CUTE! Most I've ever done before is to look at stuff I could stick on a pet I'm considering adopting, or considering turning one of my current guys into.
  2. Odd. I tried to go straight to the pound to pick up a level one pet, and it just kept redirecting me. Hmph. ALL of my pets are either too high levelled, or coloured fancy. Any way to decrease a level or two of a pet so I could transfer it that isn't waiting up for deadly dice and hoping?
  3. The worst part is that I looked, and found a camo acara that I like in there. The name isn't ideal, but she's cute. And will probably be long gone before I can snag her. Oops. How old do you need to be to adopt fancy pets again? Hahaha.
  4. Finally made a third account for myself. Honestly, I've been wanting one for a while, and when I saw all the poor lost pets in the pound today (THOUSANDS OF THEM!) I figured I'd grab the last 7 species on my want list. Two for the main accounts (including the chomby I got earlier) plus a few more. And I forgot that you have to be a certain number of days old to adopt anything irregular, lol, oops! So for now I've got a little vandagyre that I need to customise (can't make an account without creating a pet.), and I'll watch those thousands as they sit there looking all sad, and wanting homes 😞 Hope the next couple of months go by quickly, so I can adopt some, and hope there are some good ones in there when I can!
  5. Hmmm. Thought about making one of these guys since it's their day, but ended up adopting one from the pound instead. Lost and Pound says there's 50-ish stuck in there. Just saying 🙂 Now to find a way to customise her I really like the colour, personally. I think it's pretty, though I dunno if it'll be workable. The outfit isn't my personal style, but I think it's super cute anyway.
  6. Oof, I've done the clutter thing. But only to transfer np to my side account, which means I'll put that in the description, and just have my two accounts open in different browsers so it's an on quick off quick sort of thing. . . I'm assuming the prices are in the normal range for the items (I don't know either off hand, sorry!) Are they both marked under the new shop pricing prices, or over? If under, maybe try them in your shop for a bit to see if they sell there?
  7. 😮 You're so lucky! I was thrilled last year when I got one. Though this year I've gotten three from Fyora, so I'm not sure what's going on with that, except for my happy little ixi getting stronger.
  8. I've got a few completely untrained pets that I could put in there against you if you'd like. I'll be at work most of the day, (around 3:30 our time, since your time zone should be the same as mine) so if you know how to select a pet, I can get into there. Edit: I'll try to remember to refresh this every half hour or so so I can see if you still need it
  9. Got a dark faerie to start, but I'm hooooping that I can get a rainbow by the end of the month ❤️
  10. Current job: Notetaker at a college for students with disabilities. Dream job: Being a professional orchestral musician. Realistic dream job, since I have garbage coordination : I'm taking an arts management course at the moment, hoping I'll be able to get a job in the offices of an orchestra (would love the local one. . .) or possibly a museum, though I'd need to brush up on my art history for that. I also want to (eventually when I can figure funding out. . .) start a small farm focusing on raising heritage/rare breeds of sheep for wool (not meat) for hand spinners/felters and/or knitters/crocheters. I'd also like to perhaps add some alpacas and angora rabbits to the mix. Possibly with a side of farmhouse cheese from a heritage cow breed as well.
  11. I'm. . . not voting in this one, lol. I think this is the first time I have actually loved them ALL, so mine would legit just be a vote for everyone XD
  12. I am glad I'm not the only one. And even if it is just junk, it's a minimum of 31 points for the charity corner with no risk! Could be worse! (unless you get something worth some np that is)
  13. I completely forgot that the Snowager is hibernating this month. Oh man, today was the first day I've actually had it hit me. *facepalm*
  14. Eep! Are we allowed to use side accounts? I'd love to get my uni painted, assuming I could finally figure out which colour I want for him!
  15. Oh jeez, I have been using my old computer at my aunt's place, so I figured my trouble with yesterday's was that the computer at work was so much faster. Good to know it wasn't just me!
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