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  1. Somehow when I was searching, I missed a lot of those. WELL THEN! My entry might have been different, but I am happy with what I ended up with, so maybe not.
  2. I get the feeling you'll have a lot of the same background. Hah. Ohhh, but I'm still stuck in WIGS, let alone any other accessories! Oh my. I guess it's a good thing I've got another week or so to get my entry in.
  3. @discobiscuit That was exactly what I was concerned about. Thank you! I know it was annoying when I got a couple faerie quests that put me from 4 codestones to 5 because my strength was too high, so I can't imagine doing it with the reds. I'd likely cry. Of course I'm also a girly little thing, so it's a bit understandable.
  4. I'll look into getting up to 250 def/str. Depending on the start date, it could be doable. And then work on HP for whatever time I've got left before level grinding. I keep hearing about the kitchen quests, but haven't done any yet. I'll need to look into those, I think.
  5. I read somewhere (and can't find it now) that if you train your HP to 3x your level, it'll put you in the next training spot. So like, if I get her to 300 HP now, I'd have to up her level and/or use more codestones to train the next level. Is that true? I WAS hoping to get to the 250 mark before the next plot, though of course since we don't know when that'll be, no idea if it'll actually get there or not
  6. I've read a lot of people rush train their pet's level to 250 to save on codestones. Currently my battledome pet is at level 113, and str/def are close to twice that, but her hp is still only 165. At what point does it become more economical to rush train to 250? Reds are more expensive, but I'm using more at the moment (and could sell unusable tans when I get them from the battledome). On the other hand, the stash of reds I have would probably go really super quickly if I was only using them (and with the quicker training time again, right?) Is it just personal preference, or has anyone out there actually calculated it out somewhere?
  7. I've been on the site (well, lost my previous acct due to password/email shenanigans, eh) since May of 2003, and I finally got this this morning. WOO HOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Now to get the billions I'll need for the stamps, books, and booktastic books, lol.
  8. My reply to this is going to be rather funny. I think the rhino is okay, but the lack of a mane just throws me. Yet I nearly squealed when I saw the museum set because fossils! I mean, I guess the crest sort of makes up for the lack of mane. Hm. Wish it was a touch better in the skull, but EH! It's still cool.
  9. Hah. Chia seeds in the food. Clever. Is it just me, or is the banana quite scary? Like, it looks like they stretched him out on the rack or something >_>
  10. I also prefer items. I try to keep up the streak (so far haven't missed a day since it was introduced! That'll last until the next hurricane, lol.) and don't care what I get really. I've sold a few things, and kept a few. As a side note, though, I do tend to prefer it when the daily rewards are neopoints. Don't think I've gotten many great prizes (a couple petpets aside) from them.
  11. Why does the valentines candychan look so sad? I mean, they always do, but poor guy. It's like me, hahaha. I looove that Lupe, though it'd definitely need contacts of some sort because I think the heart eyes are creepy. I like the dress, but the stick under the heart on the bow makes it look like someone stuck a lolly to the poor pet.
  12. Sigh. At least one person has voted for me. Thank you, random stranger! One day there will be one of these that I really do good at. Maybe. If I'm lucky The currently winning one is cute, though.
  13. @Pascalla I think I saw on reddit that they tend to make them somewhere on the neoboards or one of their social medias that you're not allowed to talk about on the boards. Makes sense!
  14. **facepalm** You are correct. It is. I have no idea how I made that mistake. I blame that I was getting ready to leave work and my brain goofed, haha. You'd think I'd know two of my favourites apart, but noooo. Apparently. NOT!
  15. Will it actually be until 1AM, though? Or will it be like last time when everyone was scrambling to get dailies done before everything reset streaks?
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