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  1. IT'S BAJIE!!!! Er, well, sorta at least. I dunno if he's really patient enough to cook everything he eats before he eats it! Still, it's such a cute outfit!
  2. Ooh. Lost and pound is (finally!!!! HOORAY!!!) back. I might need to eventually look for a koi for one of my side accounts. That dress outfit is really cute.
  3. Well that's not cool. It was Absolute Corruption's page, but the recaptcha thingy has made it so the calculator on the page doesn't work any longer. Anyone know how many days this one is going?
  4. So much for finishing crocheting my shawl. Does anyone know where to find the pet pages which had guides to how many points you need to earn per day to achieve whichever rank? I have found them in the past, but google is not cooperating with me at the moment to find one.
  5. Ooohhh, anyone know if that background on Ottermore is available anywhere? It would look great with my Severus Snape! Also, yes, those are great names, hahahah!
  6. Oh no Would you like my spider negg to see if it'll still work on the first?
  7. I'd also be willing to trade mine for prizes. Either the dress of flowers, the lavender fields, or the radiant willow tree. I'm also in the boat that I don't think it's worth the risk to open them, but if someone else wants another chance to get a spare of something, I'm game. (note: I'm only online like once or twice a day, so if you ask me, and I don't respond, it's because of that.)
  8. Hardhead catfish are the only ones google showed me with a 3 second search **grumbles** I know there are likely more, though. I also made the connection right away. It's sort of odd to me that they took a pet that is already aquatic and changed it to a completely different species, though. Hm. It does when they change some of the others like that too, though.
  9. Aww, that was one of the ones I was hoping to get, too. I mean, it doesn't look TERRIBLE, but it doesn't look good either. Boo. Maybe one of my biped guys could figure out a use for it.
  10. Did too little homework, some gardening, send a few emails, inquired about new strings for my viola, and am also going stir crazy at home. Really should be continuing to clean/organise my room at some point instead of playing video games. Hm. . .
  11. ONE thing in an outfit that is super saturated isn't horrid, but the whole thing? Makes me think of a little kid who hasn't learned that you don't have to really press on the crayons over the whoooole thing to make the picture look nice yet.
  12. I have her! Yes! I got really lucky with the lab ray and deadly dice with my lab rat pet, hah! I also went ahead and made my last two side accounts so that I could have room in 4 months for the next time this happens to me. Eh.
  13. PLEASE tell me that pun was intentional! I kinda like the hair and the walking stick, but that's about it. It's too saturated. It's like he popped it into a vat of dye, and stuck it on without rinsing or anything. Or maybe hit it with a can of paint before he put it on.
  14. I never have before, but I agree with you that that little guy is SO CUTE! Most I've ever done before is to look at stuff I could stick on a pet I'm considering adopting, or considering turning one of my current guys into.
  15. Odd. I tried to go straight to the pound to pick up a level one pet, and it just kept redirecting me. Hmph. ALL of my pets are either too high levelled, or coloured fancy. Any way to decrease a level or two of a pet so I could transfer it that isn't waiting up for deadly dice and hoping?
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