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  1. I guess I'll keep up the trend of everyone having signed up for a different team. Brightvale here. Wonder if we can get all the teams represented here? I doubt we'll win, but then again I doubt I'll get to the highest point level. I always start out strong then fizzle out pretty quickly given how many points you need to earn each day to hit that level. Who has that kinda energy? (bots, I know, but I don't even know HOW to cheat, let alone wanting to risk my account to do so.)
  2. I definitely side eyed the anglerfish's angle for a moment. Guess it's a good thing it goes on the fish. I've never wanted a koi before, but that ribbon set makes me just grumble about how I need to shell out for some neocash and figure out where I want the extra pet slots because it is SOOO cute. Don't like the transparent, but I've never liked them in any pet, so that's not really any sort of surprise.
  3. Oh gosh. My wishlist is SO outdated at this point >_> I'll have to play with that some. I dunno if addicted is the right word for it, but I keep coming back because I like my little creatures, and it's easy enough/only a few minutes a day to interact with them most of the time. I've played too many phone games (especially) that are really fun in the beginning, but pretty quickly the devs become super greedy and you have to either pay a lot of cash, or be in the game enough that it feels like a second job to keep up. Aside from a week here and there (like with Altador) in neopets, I've never felt like that. Even trying to up my bank account like I'm currently trying to do before getting back into buying books, then all the rest of the random collectibles I'll never finish collecting) when I was getting burned out on the old flash games (**sigh**) I could just stop playing them for a bit and not miss tons of stuff or feel like I'd fallen so far behind that I'd never catch up. Even if TNT IS getting a lot more cash-grabby as time goes, it's nowhere near some of the games that have 1-2 events per week, and you've got to grind for energy for hours a day to be able to get halfway through any of them. Wait. What's that you say??? I have hobbies that AREN'T Android Game Clone #1,765,923? That's wild!
  4. @Mouseykins When I click the three dots on top of my post, it only shows report/share options. Maybe a bug? @Secre Yeah. That's why I thought perhaps the last safe one they knew of? Or as you've said, plenty of other sites can do it without. I am definitely not the most knowledgeable in this area, though, so I have no idea what would be better.
  5. The dog toys are freaking adorable. I almost want to give my jedi lupe one of them just because it'd give a feel of a puppy playing dress up. Hmmm. On that hand, does anyone know if the baby pets would be able to play with toys, or if they still hold to the baby pets can only wear baby-themed stuff on their bodies rule? Because that would be freaking adorable. Teeny tiny baby lupe with a huge stick? Yes please! The relic looks way better without the fangs and huge toenails.
  6. @Secre I don't blame you. Ixis have always been my faves. I've only got two of them, but they're SO freaking cute. But I also love my big kitties. Hahaha, I'm glad we can have more than 4 pets total ever now. Looking back I can't believe any of us were ever satisfied with that.
  7. I can half see the email, since a hacker might change it, buuut on the other hand, as you said, a lot are defunct now. Maybe last one before you/a hacker changed it to the current would be a good compromise? I never use the boards, or rarely have (think I've had a half dozen posts on them ever?) so can't comment, but sheesh. Give the adults an off-topic board with a password or something? Or like an age restriction of some sort? If youtube etc. can do it, you'd assume they could. Even if some kids got in and parents freaked, they can say they made a good faith effort. Also here for nostalgia XD Especially since they seem to not care about the games, and I'm STILL upset about the way the newly improved mobile site looks when I use a computer for everything. Ugh. The owner of the company is an AI? REALLY? I hadn't heard that.
  8. Have you tried looking at Dress to Impress? I think they've got all of them tested now.
  9. I saw a post on reddit about it that said that a lot of accounts were made with temp. emails to do this, starting the day they were created, and that a lot have been banned. I have no idea where that person got their numbers from, but apparently someone donated nearly 200K neopoints from one fake account. Also I have no idea what they're protesting. edit: Makes me feel better that I still think I accidentally tossed 100 or so obsidian from my SDB to the tree by accident clicking donate instead of discard, though!
  10. >_< OH MY GOODNESS! I've gotten the snowglobe and stamp (hooray!) but I've opened the polar lights one trying to get the wearable and the book and every time I've gotten the candle instead. That is HORRIBLE odds! Especially as I'd sort of like to try for the space fungus and plasma effect if I've still got time in the event.
  11. I SWEAR there used to be an emoji on like every forum in existence that had a guy running around in a circle waving his hands frantically. I need that one right now, thx. Wheeee! One of my faves got SO MUCH! I am not a fan of the markings on the toy, but it looks so soft and snuggly I need to get a second kougra now, too, so I can get that smuggler outfit. Erm, sans the weird hairs because those look iffy, and sans the gloves, but aside from that the whole thing is just completely fab! (Also, I'll be the oddball. I didn't think teeth, but the strings on a hoodie so you can make it tighter around your face, and until I figured that it was a weird braided beard thingy, I was thinking it makes the outfit look like a little kid playing dress up.)
  12. Thank you! I had completely forgotten we could do more than one, so I was a bit lost when I noticed all of the ones he had up. I had pretty decent luck with him, so I figure I'll stick with the one I used before.
  13. https://www.neopets.com/~boochi_target I wanted to get back into this since I'd made a fair bit of cash with it before (dunno why I stopped, honestly.) I remember I used this page for it, but I am currently not remembering HOW I used it. It seems like he's got a bunch of bets up for the same day? Which do I do, just the top? But he's got total possible winnings at 5 million+ (on the current day) and that'd mean doing ALL of those bets. Does it let you put multiple brackets up on the same day? Oof, I swear I had this at one point.
  14. The fur trimming also seems to be more viking inspired than samurai. They were from a much colder region, so it'd make more sense anyway.
  15. You could always think of other cybunny names, and if you can't think of one by the time you'd need to create one start zapping this guy again. Or get a second zap pet for a while while you debate!
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