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  1. Shame Buffy isn't a practitioner. . . My draik would be peeerrrrfect for this one! Oh, I'll have to try to cobble something up for this one, though.
  2. That is one heck of a cool uni! I agree that the fiery feet would have been awesome, but fortunately it works either way.
  3. I got both items safe and sound. Thank you so much!
  4. Oohh, I'm col_mack. If the pyramid tent or silver star bracers haven't been snagged yet, I'd like either of those, please. Thank you very much! You're super nice to do this!
  5. I go through phases of having them then not. Some of my stranger ones: I was Hermione Granger, and Professor McGonagall was leading me past a white picket fence like the errant schoolgirl I was to where I was needing to tell Professor Snape that he and I were expecting a child. I've had a few with my middle school crush (ick) where it seems he and I are the only people who can move. One from my old music theory professor where I was trying to apologise to him for something, one where he was wandering up to the wall I was building in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. I know there's
  6. I'm probably going to paint the little guy, so I don't really need it. Thank you, though
  7. Oh, that armour is adorable. He looks so stately in it. I really need a fifth side account. Why must neopets have limits? It isn't like I earn anything on them, lol.
  8. You know. My zapper is just one I picked up for the name (shi jia which roughly translates to test drive. Hahah.) I hadn't even considered zapping them and releasing to hope they got picked up by people. Hmmm. If shi ever gets to a decent species again, I might have to start trying that.
  9. Krawks have been sort of on my want list forEVER now. I've got all the permissible sides (boo. I want more, haha) and was browsing lost and pound this morning. Within the past 24 hours someone abandoned a pirate krawk with a good name. Yes! I now have myself the krawk I've been wanting for YEARS, and didn't have to pay a ridiculous amount for her Now to find a paintbrush. Of course I've also gotten a ton of other pets from there recently. I can't believe how many nicely painted pets get ditched. I've even seen a few with the more expensive paint jobs like eventide in the
  10. I'll put him back on that side then. Thank you. Not a big deal, really, I'll just move one of the others around
  11. Hahaha. . . silly me. . . I have been adopting pound pets recently. I had a nice little gnorbu on one of my sides, which I moved to another, but he's got a background that I didn't remember was neocash. Without risking getting banned from playing Trudy on a side, or without buying neocash for a side account, is there any way to transfer that item to my other side, or do I just need to wait until next month and plan to keep that pet in the side he was originally on? Thank you ^^'
  12. . . . Oh my goodness. They're still doing the box from inventory thing? Does anyone know of a quicker way to donate than the 15 items per thingy? I've got an old/slow computer, and doing it this way is torturous Edit: OH! Never mind! I found it, haha. Silly me. Just ignore that. The np checklist. I assumed it told you how many points each item got you.
  13. I don't LIKE techos, though! But I'm a music major, and that minstrel is tempting! It's not FAIR, gosh darnit!
  14. Iiiinteresting. Rellee goes from being a Buffy-esque character to looking like a witch who is about to perform some sort of ritual. I honestly can't tell if I like it or not.
  15. IT'S BAJIE!!!! Er, well, sorta at least. I dunno if he's really patient enough to cook everything he eats before he eats it! Still, it's such a cute outfit!
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