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  1. It's funny. I really liked the wide grey sidebars. They really helped tone down the brightness of the page to me, and I love that.
  2. I haaaaate the new site. It is horrendous. The bright yellow background makes me feel like someone is stabbing me in the eyes (I had a nice background for a reason. One I had to work to earn!), it feels way slower, and I JUST spent cash to upgrade my pet's look, yet now I can't see her wherever I am. I also can't seem to find anything unless I click a link HERE to find it. I found like one page yesterday that I liked better, yet I can't find it at all today =( Plus since I use a computer to navigate the site, it makes it even more difficult. I've got no tips, but I'll have to
  3. I get the feeling that while I could so use my flag, I'd have to stick to ace, short for asexual, as part of the term would likely still be flagged. No skin off my back because that's what I typically say anyway, but yeahhh! This is great for the site
  4. Anyone know how to get more than 4 side accounts without being frozen? Asking for a friend because while I love all of my pets, I SO want a wocky for that outfit!
  5. Thank you. I just. . . guess I had not realised how close to the end of the year it was until I noticed the advent calendar and was like "ooohhh." Really hoping they keep the classic site. I spent a lot of effort to get a couple of those plot backgrounds and they look way better than the mobile site does.
  6. I keep getting nagging reminders that flash is going away after this month. I also see that neopets hasn't really updated anything on the site in a while. I still have to enable flash on the various pages most of the time when I log in. Are they planning to just do away with the stuff that's still flash based (and aren't most of the games?) or have they been working behind the scenes, and just planning to unveil everything at once? Or is this why there's the big push to the (omg, no, it's soooo ugly) mobile site version, since it'd probably use different coding?
  7. Congratulations! It's always lovely when you win something you've been wanting in game for some time!
  8. That's. . . weird. I wonder why it blocks the game itself versus just the ad. It seems to manage everywhere else. *grumbles about how she was born in the wrong century with her understanding of how technology works* I swear, by my technological ability you'd think I was like 90 or something.
  9. That fixed it. Any idea if it is a neopets thing (they got irritated that people are using blockers, sort of like yahoo mail's nagging) or if it's an adblock plus thing?
  10. I've been having the same problem lately Really bites because a few times I've actually had some time to play and haven't been able to.
  11. Oh my goodness, why did you have to tell me that? Oh no, now that is all I can see! I agree that it is very cute, though.
  12. Shame Buffy isn't a practitioner. . . My draik would be peeerrrrfect for this one! Oh, I'll have to try to cobble something up for this one, though.
  13. That is one heck of a cool uni! I agree that the fiery feet would have been awesome, but fortunately it works either way.
  14. I got both items safe and sound. Thank you so much!
  15. Oohh, I'm col_mack. If the pyramid tent or silver star bracers haven't been snagged yet, I'd like either of those, please. Thank you very much! You're super nice to do this!
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