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  1. @jellysundae Luckily I already picked up my meds at the pharmacy for this month. so no more trips to the pharmacy. Although, my mom says when she went to go get some distilled water for my dad's CPAP machine, the pharmacy was almost empty. I think it's a matter of time before people get rebellious. At least here in California (or the rest of the US) there are still quite a lot of people not heeding the lockdowns and going holidaying. In fact here in the SF Bay Area, they had to shut down Point Reyes National Seashore today because people flooded the area over the weekend. So far none of the state owned beaches has done anything and people are holidaying there. 鈽癸笍 I've heard stuff from our relatives/close friends in China. It's very scary, and even scarier people aren't taking the lockdowns/quarantines seriously. Many extended families have already died because of this.
  2. @jellysundae So sorry to hear that with the delivery problems. I think I'm probably having a bit of a similar problem of my own. Being the child of immigrant parents, I have a very different palate than them (Westernized). My mom is the one doing grocery runs but she doesn't quite know the western food I like. I've been trying for over a week now to put my Amazon Fresh order down but it won't let me as there are no delivery slots. Being partially blind and visually impaired now this is the much easier option than going to the store with my mom (and she is refusing). I mean, that isn't the only reason I want to go with her, Asian Americans are getting racist attacks, and I don't think people usually want to mess with cane girl as I have a weapon in hand, despite not being able to see too well (the canes been a good social distancing tool too). 馃槄 But still my mom insists I don't follow because I'll slow her down. It's really sad what it's become, as a Chinese American, I've been keeping an electric stun weapon in my pocket in case some racist tried something. I used to feel pretty safe in California, but not currently...
  3. Oh yeah having a slight cold and allergies the worst right now. 3 weeks ago I was suppose to go into the eye clinic at Stanford for more tests. I had a bit of an allergic cough. Now I have no idea if the nurses thought I was completely blind or something cuz I do use a white cane. They had me go into a quarantine room at the EYE CLINIC (I can't believe they had that prepared), and this nurse in full on hazmat came out to ask me questions and take my temperature. They kicked my mom out immediately, she actually had a slight cold (which cleared up in like 2 weeks, no other symptoms, and it was really light). My whole family have been avoiding people as much as we can for weeks as if it's the plague, and when we have to meet up we took as much precautions as we could, so there is no way we could have came into contact with COVID-19 very easily. Also they didn't even guide me the way you normally guide someone blind (normally you hold onto the elbow of a sighted guide), the nurse walked far in front of me and made noise, told me to follow with my cane (and they deal with blind folks/low vision at this clinic). This was before all the lock down stuff happened here in California. I thought you're still allowed to go out in California for a breath of fresh air, walk, or run, but you have to maintain 6ft, unless you live in the same household. Not too sure, don't quote me on it. My vision conditions been acting up recently (neurological) and it's been semi-hard to read things (even large print), and news sites don't always have best compatibility with screen readers. I've still been going on small walks, although it's very rainy. No one gets in my way anyways because they don't want to get whacked. 馃槄
  4. Just wondering how everyone is coping with the COVID-19 outbreak. Where I am in the SF Bay, it seems we're still allowed to go out for walks but have to maintain distance (although California's been getting a very wet March right now). Things do suck a bit. I seem to have a bit of allergies and a minor cough (no other symptoms, and I'm fine in air filtered room), but it freaks everyone out. 鈽癸笍 I'm actually been dealing with vision impairment for a while and I use a white cane unfortunately, so I never get close to anyone almost all the time.
  5. Lucky you. Tarla dropped a few things on her way out. Wuzzle
  6. Lucky you. Tarla dropped a few things on her way out. Temple Of The Sky Stamp
  7. Lucky you. Tarla dropped a few things on her way out. Babaa Chair
  8. Lucky you. Tarla dropped a few things on her way out. Bloopy
  9. Lucky you. Tarla dropped a few things on her way out. Purple Zafara Gnome Plushie
  10. I need a Warf. Can someone help me? Edit: Nevermind, found one.
  11. Lucky you. Tarla dropped a few things on her way out. Green Scorchio Plushie
  12. You won a prize: Mini Waterfall Pond
  13. I figured it out. Chrome was filtering 3rd Party Cookies. I had to unblock playwire. Finally works again.
  14. I personally use UBlock Origin. Works even on some sites with those ad-block detection codes, and offers more control to manually prevent detection on some it doesn't block by default so... It's weird, this has never happened before. It was working up until a week ago and I didn't change any settings or anything.
  15. Am I the only one where flash games aren't working? I just end up getting a screen like this, it used to be intermittent but now it's been the same for several days now. I'm using Google Chrome, I've allowed Flash on Neopets. Anyone else having the same issues?
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