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  1. If I already submit to my Neopets artworks on other websites, like Deviantart, is that means...I can't use them to submit to Neopian Times or gallery?
  2. Thank you! I saw your art on NT, they are so amazing!! You really good at making awesome artwork! I made some Neopets artwork and comics, and here is the link: https://tdnforums.com/forum/22-the-art-gallery/
  3. Here are my artworks and comic pages about Seekers, hope you enjoy! Gyro, the Mad Scientist brother? Gyro's choice TNT said that Gyro has six little sisters, but their species are unknown, so I designed them by myself. Reina(Cybunny), Punica(Usul), Nanalice(Xweetok), Sora(Acara), Miu(Jubjub), Ai(Wocky). These six little sisters will appear in my other Seekers comics, they will meet other Seekers members and have new stories! Kind-hearted Cotterpin In my story, Tom is is tough and strong, but he is really gentle and reliable, he always care for others. He is loyal and trusted by Professor Lambert. Sandro's roommate Purple Cybunny Pyjamas, This was given out by the Advent Calendar in Y9. I made my blue Shoyru wear it for a long time...I think it can be memorable for me. The sleeping scientist Gyro always talks in sleep...not only about science, but also... Time to fight! Assistant Philosopher and Smug Scientist!! Just kidding! Head patting! In Japanese anime, people sometimes pat the head of a person (usually a younger one who is close to them) to praise his or her efforts or achievements. They also do that to cheer somebody up. Well...Katie is the youngest one, but she still enjoy patting Gyro's head. XD Tom's important work? I'm sure Gyro's wings are great reference objects for Tom's mechanical wings. If you ask...why don't you draw Professor Lambert? He is the leader of Seekers, he should appear in your art. My answer is...I am not good at drawing Gnorbu...so... Seriously, are you sure you want to see my Professor Lambert art? See? That's why I didn't make him appear in comic... Maybe one day he will get chance...if I decided to draw him again, who knows? Hope you enjoy my Seekers art and comics, I will make more if I have time to draw.
  4. If I make a comic and decide to submit to NT, what kind of font I can use? I saw some users used many fonts to type words on their comic pages...but I am not sure what kinds of font I can use to my comics of NT...
  5. That means...I can design his six little sisters'species myself?Can TNT accept it?
  6. I...decided to make a story about Gyro...the Assistant Scientist of Seekers.That Green Shoyru who has six little sisters. TNT said that"The Assistant Scientist's name is Gyro. He has six little sisters who followed him around everywhere until he escaped to the Space Station University for Intelligent Neopets, and now he performs SCIENCE!" So...I am puzzled...I wanna make a story abour Gyro and his six little sisters...but I don't know what species they are...I wonder...if his sisters are same species with him...or not? I am not sure...should I design that they are all Shoyrus?But I think it will be really monotonous... Can I design that his six little sisters are different species? And...if TNT reject my story again,I will sumbit my story on DA...or right here,is that okay?
  7. Hmm...I choosed Seekers on Round 206,but they lost...I have no idea.
  8. This is the second time I submit it. And...what does that mean..."they have a line of entries waiting"?
  9. They told me try again next week... I submit it again...but I am still worry...
  10. There was a plot called The Cyodrake's Gaze,although I didn’t attend this one,I use the comic to understand what happened. Here is my thought about this plot: "Because of their own misfortune,so they want to create more unfortunate people than themselves." Hoban,the Navigator,he did just like that.Because of his surly temper, everyone on the Cyodrake's Gaze didn’t want to talk to him.In spite of this,Hoban still goes his own way and never thinks about other Neopets' feelings. However,he was unlucky. As the navigator of the Cyodrakes Gaze, Hoban hold a position of honour. After all,Hoban is a man of his duty,despite his lack of social skills, he was able to do his duty as a navigator.He always successfully led The Cyodrake's Gaze through many violent storms and always returned her safely to harbour.Hoban,with his title of excellent navigator, should have been praised and encouraged to do better. However,no one ever praised or encouraged Hoban,just because he was lonely and friendless,although he had a group of crews working with him, they would only laugh and slander him all day long.Despite his stubborn nature,Hoban wanted the rest of the crew to recognize the value of what he had done.But no one was willing to praise Hoban, just because of his personality,they denied the whole of him.Hoban is a earnest man after all,so he went about his navigator life in conditions that were so cruel to him. Hoban often loses his temper,but he is not an absolute villain: “That made Bonju lose it completely,I put my arms up to try and get him to calm down,but I guess he thought I was going to shove him.”—— Though Hoban's humiliation to his colleague was outrageous,he quickly realized how hurtful his actions were,he still cares a little about others. “I had an argument with Anshu,he was getting pretty upset.”——Hoban could feel the restlessness of his companion,is he really a Neopet who turns his back on others? "Yeah, let's see you laugh when I sail you into a storm."——Hoban hoped that his companions would understand his value,but his remark was only reproved by the rest of the crews. Because he couldn't take the insults he had been subjected to for so long, he began to lose his temper with other Neopets,Hoban imposed all this on another Neopet,Bonju,he hoped the Blumaroo would be more unhappy than himself,however,Hoban’s"reward"was to be pushed overboard and adrift for weeks. Then the crews frantically searched for Hoban,and it was only when he disappeared that his value was understood.Sadly, most of the crews went to him with reluctance,they just wanted to explain to the media. By the way,Hoban looks different to every Neopets—— "Yeah, let's see you laugh when I sail you into a storm."This was Hoban's words when the crews complained about his Navigation. At that moment,Hoban in Captain Tuan's eyes, there was a lot of dissatisfaction,Captain thought that he was angry with the crews. At that moment,Hoban in Kentari's eyes,was making a vicious mockery of everyone. At that moment,Hoban in Bonju's eyes was full of disdain,which also foreshadow Bonju's behavior. At that moment,Hoban in Linae's eyes,he saw everyone in blame themselves,then he was so angrily that he shouted at them,this foreshadowed his subsequent quarrel with Linae. At that moment,Hoban in Anshu’s eyes was fierce,this foreshadowed their quarrel. But what about the truth? How did Hoban think when he said this? At that time,Hoban had no intention of losing his temper or provoking others, but laughed and joked with them: "Yeah, let's see you laugh when I sail you into a storm." It was a joke,of course,Hoban certainly didn't want to see the ship caught in a storm,he just wanted others to understand how great it was for a navigator to get the ship out of the storm.Unfortunately,they couldn't understand Hoban's joke,in the eyes of the rest of the crews,he was as grumpy as ever. Perhaps this is the answer Hoban most wanted to hear: “We believe you!Because you are the best navigator in the Neopia!” “My eyes are the eyes of the victim, and my hands are the hands of the destroyer.” Many people have compared Bonju to a heinous villain because he pushed Hoban overboard,even people directly thought he was evil,was that really the case? Bonju,a masterful chef,was hired for his talent,and he deserves it.But why didn't he start a cookery school,or work as a chef in a big hotel,or be the personal chef of some wealthy family?Those are better than being a chef on a ship that can be stormy at any moment. Bonju endured a tedious journey across the sea,cooking splendid meals for an unappreciative crew while they meandered around looking for bargains in seedy ports.However,no one ever thanked him,the crews repeatedly humiliated and vilified him and his meals.The crews make money, that's their business, and it has nothing to do with Bonju the master chef,then why Bonju was willing to cook food for eight Neopets and wash dishes for eight Neopets without any return? We don't know,maybe it was Bonju's decision. Bonju lived a hard life day and night,he had many troubles that did not belong to the chef, but no one cared about him,no matter how much Bonju tried to satisfied everyone,they were still very critical, and they rated Bonju's efforts as worthless.Then what is Bonju's hard work for? Is it worth it? Bonju worked hard,he was no less unfortunatly than Hoban,in a way, Bonju is more unfortunate because Hoban has imposed his own misfortune on him. Every day,Hoban would complain about Bonju's cooking, which aroused the resentment of the other crew members.However, as time went on, the other crew members began to complain secretly about Bonju's meal, although they ate heartily every day. How pathetic! This is Bonju's reward for all he's done? Bonju was the victim, the most pathetic victim. After Bonju being insulted by the other crew members,he insulted Bonju's cooking,Bonju,who has been suffering from the insult of others,now he finally lost control. If the other crew members were the trigger for the case,it was Hoban who blew it up. Bonju pushed Hoban overboard,from the victim to the perpetrator. Ironically,when the truth came out, Bonju became a famous Chef of Neopia.When it was all over, Bonju became a master chef in Neopet's minds. “I’m sorry,but is was simply too much for me to bear.”——Bonju Also,many people think that Bonju pushed Hoban just because Hoban made him angry,in fact,it's not accurate. Hoban was pushed overboard and adrift at sea for a month,he was painful and almost despair,even so,he never blame Bonju entirely for the crime. If Hoban REALLY wants to put all the blame on Bonju,when he was found by the crews,he could just say like that: “Bonju was angry because I said that his meal was awful,that’s why he pushed me overboard.” Then it is over,and Bonju would have no chance to explain,if he did,they will think that he was lying. However…Hoban never said that,if you read his quotes carefully,you will find that he wanted to defend Bonju: “I put my arms up to try and get him to calm down,but I guess he thought I was going to shove him,because he shoved me back,and sent me flying over the bow.” That is what Hoban said,about the reason why Bonju pushed him. So,that is the reason why Hoban was pushed by Bonju,at least,Hoban said that. It is not because“Bonju was angry because of the insult”,it is because“Bonju thought Hoban was going to shove him”. So…Bonju’s behavior was “Excessive defense”,not because he really want to hurt Hoban intentionally. Hoban is not a scoundrel,and I believe he has regrets and introspect himself. He was afloat in a crate a long time,without annoying insult,without the crews who always said that he was the bad omen. He finally can calm down and thought quietly…and I believe that’s why he tried to defend Bonju when he was found,that's probably because he realized his fault… We all know that Hoban and Bonju has their crimes: Hoban,he insulted Bonju’s meal,and always complain and lost his temper at the others. Bonju,he pushed Hoban overboard,wanted to hide the truth and didn’t admit that he pushed Hoban. However…are Hoban and Bonju the only ones guilty? Are the rest of the crews innocent? Captain Tuan,he has no patience with his crews,and didn’t care when others were insulting Hoban. Orrin,he slacked off at work,and never told others that someone was fell into the sea timely.(Although he was locked in storeroom,he could have banged on the door or shouted loudly to get others attention,but he never do that,he just told them…the next morning.) He could have told others about it earlier… Kentari,he often looking poorly upon those he views as lazy, especially Hoban,however,if Hoban is really a lazy navigator,why he can still always successfully led The Cyodrake's Gaze through many violent storms? Linae,she always insult Hoban that he is the bad omen,because of the storm,she laid all the blame on Hoban,and ignored that he always work hard before. Anshu,he never try to understand Hoban that why he can’t led them to Krawk Island,like ask him”What does that mean?”(Well Hoban gave him some fancy explanation with lots of confusing nautical terms,Hoban was also responsible for this.) Shumi…well,it seems like he didn’t do anything bad,like insult,argue…however,his crime is…he did nothing.Because he did nothing,he has crime.As the first mate,Shumi always realize that the crews were insulting Hoban and Bonju,he can stop these happened,he can try to advise them not to be so rude…but he didn’t,he just watched these happened,then didn’t do anything. Onlookers who ignore all this are often more hateful than bullies. Every Neopet on the Cyodrake's Gaze…are guilty. If any of them had been considerate of others,perhaps none of this would have happened. When Hoban left the dining room,if Captain Tuan was willing to listen to him… If Shumi could stop the crews insulting Hoban… If Kentari could understand that Hoban always work hard as a navigator and no longer hostile to him… If Linae can trust Hoban amd never called him“Bad Omen”… If Anshu can ask Hoban if he can explain the reason why they can’t go to the Krawk Island in a simple way… If Orrin didn’t be lazy or tell others that he saw someone fell in water earlier… And…also… If Bonju can control himself and try to understand how Hoban feels… If Hoban can tell Captain Tuan that the crews were insulting him and made him sad… They always have so many chances to stop these happen,but they never realize it… If we only blame Bonju because he was the culprit,then he's so pathetic. By the way,although the Neopedia said that Bonju has superb cooking skills and even the Emperor of Shenkuu likes his Steamed Fish,it seems like Bonju can make gross food sometimes… However,most of the crew members always enjoy his meals… I think there's only one way to explain it: Just like in the real world, everyone has different tastes,some people like Chinese food and some don't,some people think stinky tofu is delicious, while others hate its taste. Just like durian, some people like it and some people hate it. It is difficult to cater for all tastes,and that’s why although Bonju is the excellent chef and always bring splendid meals,but there are still neopets who don't like his food. That's the only way I can explain it. Anybody remember this story about The Cyodrake's Gaze?What do you think of it?
  11. Wow!That is sooooo cool! Sorry that you didn't remember Oikawa. Well,Oikawa is the character from Digimon adventrue 02,he was possessed by Myotismon...in the end he use his life to rebuild Digital world. If you watched DA02,you will remember him.
  12. I see,Matt(His japanese name is Yamato) married with Sora in the end. Still remember Oikawa Yukio in 02?
  13. I see!I watch Digimon from 1 to 4 as well! By the way,your avatar is cute!!What anime character she is? Do you remember Oikawa Yukio?
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