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  1. The dudes at Andkon Arcade can be of assistance if you want to play Flash games (and Shockwave ones as well) in 2021. You'll need Pale Moon browser and a non-time bombed version of Flash (version is the last known Flash version before Adobe time-bombed the Flash player in all releases made after June 2020). Here's their guide.
  2. Just click on "Shops" on the above toolbar on the new layout, and click on "My Shop" (the second option under the NP section), and you'll be taken to your usershop (which has still yet to be converted at the time of this post). You'll find the Quick Stock and SDB links still intact on that very page.
  3. This happened at utter random, but I managed to find my Magma Pool time after over a decade of not knowing it. My Magma Pool time is sometime around 10:15 PM NST.
  4. My Petpet Lab Rat keeps getting all the better zaps in contrast to my Neopet Lab Rat, I don't even know if want to change my Petpet Lab Rat after this. Got a Hoagie Kadoatie zap on my Petpet Lab Rat (formerly a Cloud Barbat before today's zap). The Kookith begins wildly pushing buttons on the console, which looks to be made of cardboard and... Achyfi cans?! This can't be right! You begin formulating a plan to rescue your Petpet and run far, far away, but it's too late. The ray has already been fired... Whoa... did it actually work? Sure looks like it. Your Petpet has been tran
  5. On October 18th of 1985, the western equivalent of Nintendo's Famicom and known savior of the video game crash of the 1980s, the Nintendo Entertainment System (or NES for short), was released in North America. This October 18th marks the 35th anniversary of the beloved 8-bit powerhouse that revolutionized video gaming for many years to come. Do you have any fond memories of the original NES back in your youth? Are there any NES games you've enjoyed from the console's heyday or even today? Any NES accessories or other NES-related memorabilia you own? Feel free to share and discuss if
  6. @mokusei4 I was checking around the Neoboards, and one user from this thread suggests adding this to your My Filters list on your uBlock Origin if you still have trouble getting Flash games to work on Neopets: @@||cdn.playwire.com/bolt/js/zeus/embed.js @SimplyTragic If you go to your AdBlock Plus settings, click on "Advanced", scroll down until you see "My Filter Lists", copy the above code and paste it in the text box that says "Search or add filter(s) (e.g. /ads/track/*).", and you should be good to go. I had to install Adblock Plus and replicate this for myself. @Angeló Thanks
  7. @enigma_of_fandoms By any chance, are you using uBlock Origin as your adblocker? Users of that have had problems recently getting Neopets games to load. Most of these problems are caused by requests from cdn.playwire.com being blocked by certain extensions. I posted step-by-step instructions in an earlier thread to get Neopets games working again for uBlock Origin users without having to uninstall and reinstall uBlock Origin. If you happen to use Privacy Badger and if that's blocking cookies and requests from cdn.playwire.com, allow/greenlight cookies from cdn.playwire.com if those happen
  8. @WhiteWolf Sorry to bother, but by any chance, are you using uBlock Origin as your adblocker? I posted some instructions to get Flash Games on Neopets working again for uBlock Origin users without taking the risk of uninstalling and reinstalling uBlock Origin a few posts ago. I had this issue myself just yesterday. MAJOR EDIT: I found an easier fix that'll work for not only uBlock Origin users, but for Adblock Plus users too. Found right in this post linker here:
  9. To anyone with uBlock Origin, you can use Dynamic Filtering (available when you check the "I am an advanced user (required reading)" option on the uBlock Origin settings menu) to greenlight requests from cdn.playwire.com if you're getting a grey screen on Neopets games if the standard enable Flash method doesn't work. Here's the guide for to enable Dynamic Filtering on uBlock Origin. I'll post a step-by-step process on how I did it for those having the grey screen error on Neopets games caused by uBlock Origin. 1. Click on the uBlock Origin icon on your browser's extensions bar and o
  10. I haven't got three Ummagines in a while either. Another Poppit for my Grey Faerie Quest stash.
  11. Today's October 9th, and you know what that means? It's Leif Erikson Day! Hinga Dinga Durgen! Quick info from TimeandDate.com: Here's a relevant clip from the SpongeBob SquarePants episode Bubble Buddy, where most people have heard of Leif Erikson Day in the first place. It's not a made up holiday contrary to what the narrator said from the start of that very episode, but it isn't a federal holiday either sadly.
  12. A welcome back from one former TDN staffer to another. This is Neomysterion by the way, or D-Pad Doc as I'm known as on many trenches of the net these days, and I was a Global Moderator here back in the early 2010s. Nowadays, I've been reduced down to a lurker. Congrats on graduating uni by the way. All is well on my end, it's just slow with all these current going-ons is all.
  13. After almost 2 weeks of turbulence during the event, I have ended this years Charity Corner with: I had a cartoonish lot of spare items sitting in my SDB that have been piling up for almost a decade. As for prizes, I ended up getting:
  14. As per Question #14 of the Saving Dacardia FAQ, the prize shop will remain available after the event is done. I wouldn't be surprised if this year's CC prize shop will stay open until next year's CC (if there'll be one that is).
  15. Final Mutant pet until they decide to introduce a new Neopet that is. No offense, but I was expecting something more gross and sinister like some of the legacy mutants. This looks more like one of those monsters that'd be more at home in a 60s or 70s Saturday morning kids show if anything.
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