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  1. Happy New Year to everyone here! Here's the foods my pets chose this month: Two Strawberry Cookies and three slices of Pizza among the chosen foods. I see that Hootenandy's looking forward to Aisha Day with his pick.
  2. An interesting way to start off the new year (spoilered just because).
  3. This happened when I was fishing earlier this Christmas morning: Merry Christmas you Alien Aisha, and thanks for the Nerkmid!
  4. Was doing some fishing earlier this evening, and Hootenandy (my Stealthy-Magma cross paint Vandagyre) managed to hook this up:
  5. Tedhaun


    I'm just going to leave this here (spoilered just because):
  6. My oldest Petpet would have to be my Royalgirl Faerie cross paint Poogle Lippstik's Purple Bloopy on one of my sides (originally on my main years ago): Lippstik has a Petpet! Xesqunic Poisonflier the Purple Bloopy and its Vernax (4466 days and 2 hours old) NOTE: Petpet age is as of the time of this post.
  7. This happened while I was doing my daily rounds at the Battledome today. This Alien Aisha decided to gift me this for Christmas: Merry Christmas mate (and anyone who reads this post really) and tell your friends I told them the exact same.
  8. That URL you posted has some extraneous URLs in it. Just remove the two URLs that have the word "premium" in them since the URL you want (the third one in the string) doesn't have that word.
  9. Happy October everyone! The spookiest time of the year is here! Horror flicks, Halloween specials and tricks and treats galore! I just can't wait to scour haunt around various locales of Neopia for the yearly Trick-or-Treat Bags (if they're still doing them). With that aside, here's what my pets got this month. Only one Spooky Food this month which is quite underwhelming. I got a cake with sevens on it, I guess you can say seven is a scary number knowing that it ate nine.
  10. People elsewhere have reported that players have been getting this error when they visit Neopets within the last hour: Error 543 The origin web server is not available I was on the verge to visit the Lab Ray and do my usual dailies, but that will unfortunately have to wait. EDIT: Site's back up as of 12:26 AM NST, for now.
  11. It's been done, the Blumaroo Court Jester avatar has been secured. After many countless tries and random Meridellian foods earned, I have made King Skarl laugh in hysterics. Now to get the King Hagan avatar. Screenie for proof just because I can:
  12. As of sometime around 6:00 AM NST or later, every page on Neopets loads up with a blank white screen. Rogue Meepits, StackPath-related troubles, or just a technical hiccup this morning?
  13. Happy August everyone! Here's the foods my pets chose this month: I take it that Hootenandy wanted to try out that Garlic Butter Hot Dog firefly_goblin picked last month, and Flootenkerp and Nifuel wanted to snag some last minute chilled summer delights before summer unofficially draws to a close.
  14. Happy July everyone, and hope you had a nice Canada Day or 4th of July if you celebrate either one of those. A few days late (I was caught up on the Altador Cup craziness), but here's the foods my pets chose this month: Now Hootenandy's picking the unusual foods this time. Strawberry and Cheese is not what you consider an ideal summer treat. Asides that, everything else is fine.
  15. Usually getting around 10 to 12 goals in a good game here with the occasional 13 goals if lucky. I have been also getting 2 to 3 Darigan Yooyus in a single game fairly often (but not always), but it's mainly the RNG turning against me. I've posted advice from another user on the Neoboards last year for those who were having trouble scoring goals in HTML5 Yooyuball last year. Disregard tip number 4 in the linked post as it's no longer relevant since the whole Invisible Snow Yooyu ordeal has since then been resolved.
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