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  1. Final Mutant pet until they decide to introduce a new Neopet that is. No offense, but I was expecting something more gross and sinister like some of the legacy mutants. This looks more like one of those monsters that'd be more at home in a 60s or 70s Saturday morning kids show if anything.
  2. Not to mention that they won the Altador Cup three times within a five year time span and robbed Meridell from the gold they deserved this year. Last item I remember them stealing from me was a copy of Neovian Darkfall I got from Grave Danger months ago. If they didn't steal it from me, I'd have 6 extra CC points. Apologies for sounding harsh, but I am going to get my revenge on them next AC for stealing an Everlasting Apple from another member on here and to the unlucky fella on the Neopets Subreddit who was robbed of his Kanriks Blade. If they ever even dare to steal any chocolates and colourful sweets that I'm about to buy and gift to an old friend of mine for her gallery on her birthday next month, I'm not messing around anymore when AC XVI comes around.
  3. Since Comfort Rock Companions, like other AC and AC Staff Tournament Prize Shop items, are r101, they give out 1 point each. EDIT: Apologies for the ninja, Jellysundae.
  4. I had a cartoonish amount of stuff to donate (around 30,000 items or so) I've been hoarding for practically the past decade or so with spares of r90-r99 Battledome item drops (mainly from Neocola Centre and Dome of the Deep), stuff won from dailies and old site events among other things mixed in. It took me 6 days (with all the hiccups during the first week of the event included) to burn all my spares. I'm still doing my dailies and especially the Battledome for extra CC points.
  5. That is a Brilliant Sun and Moon Potion. It was given as a final prize for those who participated on Team Moon in the Sun Vs. Moon Games Master Challenge back in 2013. It increases your Neopet's intelligence by 7 points if used. Here's its Not So Brilliant counterpart that was given to Team Sun, which is more darker and cloudier in appearance and increases your Neopet's intelligence by 2.
  6. Outside of using one as a DVD player, The Darkest Faerie is one of the only reasons for me to own a PS2 despite me being a Gamecube kid back in the former half of the 2000s. Sincerest apologies. With that aside, welcome back to Neopets and welcome to The Daily Neopets and their forums Kat. The name's D-Pad Doc, or Neomysterion or The Plushie Ultimatum as some may remember me back in the early 2010s, and I am the resident chocoholic and master of disguise over here and yet another longtime Neopian. Make yourself at home I'll be seeing you around the forums.
  7. As of around 10:11 AM NST, this error decided to show up: Error 543 The origin web server is not available There have been 502 Bad Gateway and 504 Gateway Timed Out errors minutes prior the Error 543. I was in the midst of donating stuff for CC when this happened. CC this year has been nothing but a shipwreck. EDIT: Ninja'd
  8. Thanks for the heads up on TNT on doing something with Sticky Snowballs, by nerfing the point value of them due to them being the easiest r100 item to acquire (mainly via the Healing Springs shop). I knew that they'd tie up this Sticky Snowball loophole one way or another. Heck, I got other r90 to r100 goodies I can chuck in for Granny Hopbobbin and Captain Rourke, mainly 6 and 8 pointer Battledome item drops and stuff from dailies unless if any of those got nerfed. I tested a few Itsy Bitsy Tiny Snowballs (r98, Battledome item drop from the Winter Arena), and they still gave me 8 points each at the time of this post.
  9. While it may not be everyone's cup of tea, customizable Invisible pets are a thing. Then again, I'm placing my bets on a newer colour that hasn't been used on Draiks yet like Oil Paint, Burlap, or Marble.
  10. Actually this upcoming Tuesday at the earliest since Monday is Labour Day, a national holiday in the US. TNT doesn't normally post news on US national holidays. While I wait, I'm going to scope around my SDB for r90 to r100 items I've piled up from dailies, Battledome fights et al to donate to Granny Hopbobbin or whoever's manning the Charity Corner this year. In addition, the Ever Stocked General Store is closed for the duration of the event. Everything there will net you chicken feed in terms of Charity Corner points anyway.
  11. 0. 6 is scared of 7 because... heck, everyone knows it.
  12. I just want to say congrats on the Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water snag from the Fishing Vortex Coolmusic_Girl! I know this happened during my hiatus from here, but I did manage to score a Mysterious Swirly Potion from the Fishing Vortex a year or two ago. I'm on the fence of selling it since I haven't a real use for it.
  13. Another longtime Neopets player Scratch that. I meant to say three longtime Neopets players making a comeback. CoconutDragon, MysteryAF, and MildVermillion, welcome back to Neopets and I also gladly welcome you to The Daily Neopets! Mind my disguises, I'm not really Tedhaun (or whatever my display name and profile pic is). You can call me D-Pad Doc (or Neomysterion as I used to be known as here back in my early years here), I am also a longtime Neopian and the resident master of disguise around here, but I'm more of a lurker type these days opposed to around 10 years ago.
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