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  1. actually im the opposite , it got more fun the more i played because I finally managed how to blow Gwyl away and stop him right in time , but i finished Lava 1 without getting AAA score so I had to finish Lava 2 for the score and like always when im playing a hard game i had an anxiety attack towards the end with no way to pause .. my palms got sweaty .. I eventually ended with 767 points ... but i wont be playing any time soon that's for sure
  2. Thank you . I'm not Ok . She is only 7 years older than me or so .. she used to play with me and babysit me when I was a toddler .. Yesterday I wasn't feeling much .. just overwhelmed .. today it settled in and i was in bed all day .. doing nothing .. I haven't played yet .. how many levels do you need to complete to get AAA score ? (plus the secret level)
  3. Gwyl's Escape 750 points my HS is 690 I seriously loathe this game but maybe i have a fighting chance let's see i got all day to play
  4. oh !! i didn't know i have a Silver in Black Pawkeet but I didn't know you should keep on LOSING to get a Trophy haha But look at the HS .. several Million NP's are lost
  5. @Robin Hood what do you mean Slots Biggest Loser ?
  6. 1002 i think this is the first time i get far in this game .. YES I unlocked Level 12 but didn't play it the levels suggested by Nielo and on the neoboadrs are not the levels i like to play .. level 2 is horrible , awful , repugnant !! either way , play the levels you like and you will get there :)
  7. i did something stupid yesterday i was practicing and i got to level 10 or so and today when i saw the game i clicked NEW GAME and now i can't even pass level 3 it's 8 pm and we just got back from my cousin's funeral i need to rest , eat , clear my mind , then maybe play some more
  8. it's at 61 and i only have 2k stocks so maybe i'll wait til 63 or 65
  9. i used to love this game but i haven't played it in so long so it took about 10 or so tries until i got the hang of it again and i ended up with 742 points as opposed to my previous HS of 726 my best advice is try and align the cannon with the anchor it gets farther away with each level but you can still put the head of the cannon at the right part of the anchor. i dont know how to explain it in words , you have to use your visuals and imagination or just put your fingers on the screen and try to align them ... Near the end, aim it for the top of the anchor. also lose the light petpets .. focus on the more heavy ones (faellie 1.2 , angelpuss 1.4 , snowbunny 1.5 kg) you don't need less power .. it' just the power bar moves faster with every level so you need to release it faster the last level (level 7 i think) you don't need to aim high .. bcz the petpet will go above .. aim a little lower and the petpet goes right into the basket the prizes suck .. i was expecting a special kind of Pirate Petpet or pirate wearables but nop .. toys .. at least there's a book :)
  10. lots of "foods" are battledome items , for example i would have no problem adding the meat loaf to the gallery :)
  11. i'm right with you .. there's only 1 hr difference between me and Europe .. but hopefully it'll be fixed soon i got today's AAA score in one try ... i have the avatar in this game .. how i don't remember .. but this is a luck-based game that depends on random bonus drops so i'll probably never get that high again
  12. The ray is fired at darkinvention... ... and he changes colour to Silver!! He looks like a real Egyptian Statue Blue CatamaraWhoa... did it actually work? Sure looks like it. Your Petpet has been transformed. Imagine that.
  13. TNT/JS will have to rectify it somehow .. i remember a glitch happening once and they allowed the players to "miss" the day or they'll have to run a script and award everyone the daily prize even if we didn't send the score today i have a score of 525 ready to send but it's still not 8AM yet for TNT to be in their offices (or maybe they come to work at 9? idk) .. we will need to wait and see FUN TIMES NEVER END WITH JS TEAM
  14. DD is glitched today When you choose opponent and send your score it will tell you to challenge them again and so the score won't register and you have to play again I haven't played yet due to this glitch
  15. PDSS (profile) 49 53 +4 3,000 45,000 159,000 +253.33% PDSS is on the rise
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