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  1. While out for a stroll, darkinvention looks down and finds 4,543 NP on the ground. Today looks like a lucky day!
  2. most of them are in the 200k range so if you play Ghoul Catchers every day and some games here and there you can start a nice collection of them .. except for maybe 2 or 3 more expensive ones next time i knock one down im sending it to you :)
  3. two of my 3 lab petpets are currently Soot .. they don't stay a normal petpet for more than two days .. but each person's experience is different .. at least you have it now
  4. @Yuiina there is still one game left .. I won't spoil the name if you don't want me to , but if it's the game the Boards are talking about , it is crashing on all browsers once you get to a certain score .. so they may change it or remove it completely and end the event with today's game
  5. i was dreading Nova Defender but 230k isn't so bad .. last year or the one before it was 750k points .. anyway if you follow JN youtube video guide it is very much doable .. i got the score (244 +) but not the way i wanted there's something about the bonuses i don't understand .. some people get 50k+ points in level 1 but i get 35-40. i ended level 2 with 207k points with only 1 life left and i had to go in level 3 Kamikaze style .. i'm lucky i got enough points to purchase the second weapon upgrade and i just went to the middle and started shooting like crazy and somehow i got the score i also tried to lose a life in level 1 and raised my level 1 score to about 80-90k .. that almost got me the score in level 2 but i lost my second life in the level (3rd overall) in a stupid way (my mouse got stuck) and the game ended at 228 points .. so that's something to consider as well
  6. to be honest i think you should've gotten it sooner i can't wait to get AAA Avatar myself when they give out DD prizes
  7. well they call her "Assistant Meerca" so she's like a secretary or a librarian :)
  8. it's MARBLE-OUS i really love the Marble Color the holly on the snow is a nice touch to break the monotone color
  9. The ray is fired at randomsilliness... ... and he changes colour to Jelly!! but i'm keeping him in the Robot Casing so he won't be squished
  10. Kiko Match II Took me 3 tries til i remembered u can turn off the animation anyway , done and done
  11. actually im the opposite , it got more fun the more i played because I finally managed how to blow Gwyl away and stop him right in time , but i finished Lava 1 without getting AAA score so I had to finish Lava 2 for the score and like always when im playing a hard game i had an anxiety attack towards the end with no way to pause .. my palms got sweaty .. I eventually ended with 767 points ... but i wont be playing any time soon that's for sure
  12. Thank you . I'm not Ok . She is only 7 years older than me or so .. she used to play with me and babysit me when I was a toddler .. Yesterday I wasn't feeling much .. just overwhelmed .. today it settled in and i was in bed all day .. doing nothing .. grief hit me hard .. I haven't played yet .. how many levels do you need to complete to get AAA score ? (plus the secret level)
  13. Gwyl's Escape 750 points my HS is 690 I seriously loathe this game but maybe i have a fighting chance let's see i got all day to play
  14. oh !! i didn't know i have a Silver in Black Pawkeet but I didn't know you should keep on LOSING to get a Trophy haha But look at the HS .. several Million NP's are lost
  15. @Robin Hood what do you mean Slots Biggest Loser ?
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