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  1. Who did you fight to get that?! I bought a Flaming Blooble Potion to complete a Faerie Quest, a few days ago, and I paid the crazy price for it!
  2. Looking for a Tooth Faerie Bed for today's Faerie Quest, please. Unfortunately, I did bring the Shop Wizard up, before getting my quest, but I entered Faerie Bed in the search instead, and, of course, nothing was found. Thank you for any assistance! EDIT: I just managed to find one in the Faerie Furniture Shop!
  3. I always love this event. Helps get my pet's stats up, for very little NP, vs buying Code Stones. Plus, I like free items (daily rewards), even if they aren't worth much. TIP: When you login to Neopets, BEFORE you go to do your Faerie Quest, open another tab to the Shop Wizard. If you do that first, you will get a chance to use the Shop Wizard to find the item the Faerie is requesting. If you refresh the Shop Wizard page, after getting your Faerie Quest, the Shop Wizard may not let you search, as it now "knows" you are on a quest. (Saw similar tip on the "Help" NeoBoard, and a Neopian mentioned that you can refresh as many times as you want. I have had problems in the past, but, just know refreshing may or may not work). If you forgot to do that, you can always ask a TDNer for help with finding the item by posting here: This is today's prize for visiting: Grey Faerie Potion I haven't seen it before.
  4. The Mosaic Uni looks like a piñata, or like this, but with a horn (and, maybe, more "upbeat"): I think it is the eyes. I do like the outfit. The wig needs a little help, as you can see the pink mane popping out, here and there, but it doesn't look too bad. And the clothes fit the body.
  5. Hmm... Invisible Tonu. I'm just not "seeing" it. Can you actually dress up an Invisible pet? If you can, it might be fun, but just not a color I appreciate. This outfit is limited to work with, but the hat does fit it's head (no fur or ruff disappearing), the jacket looks like it is being "weared", as a jacket should, and you can see the brown pant leg. Overall, it seems to be a clean look. There are a few backgrounds that would work well, with a "detective" theme.
  6. The Sway?! Sure, I'll join. The Magic 8 Ball says: https://media.giphy.com/media/3orieYvhT5EVfSFyBa/giphy.gif
  7. I was thinking the EXACT same, when I saw the "news" on Neopets! I don't think Candy is a bad color, overall, but that stripe is a bit in the wrong place. The outfit looks good, though.
  8. I agree. When I think of "Woodland Chia", this is all I see: https://media.giphy.com/media/N43z2n4gUrpD2/giphy.gif Not very original, but, a new color, none-the-less. The sailor outfit looks good, though.
  9. Not sure. I do not use the "Remember Me" option, and, if I do not do anything on TDNF for a period of time, I will be automatically logged out. I believe it is a security measure.
  10. I voted for the Pirate Marafin, because you can never have enough of this: Well, then again, maybe you can never have enough of Pirates...
  11. I voted for Trudy's Surprise. I haven't done the Cooking Pot in ages, and didn't know the "prize" pool was updated. The prizes do look better, though.
  12. I actually went with the Brutes. 8 times since the last win, seems like a long time. Even though they aren't popular, I feel it may be time for a win. Boons aren't great, either, but as I've said it before, "I'm not in it, to win it."
  13. I do think the "Castle in the Sky" will get the Neopie, but I voted for the "Fall Leaves Shower". I like fall, am I think these look nice.
  14. Kinda curious, now. I noticed the background you are using, appears to be "animated". Does Alice experience the same with a non-animated background?
  15. I voted for both of the same reasons! I like how the colors change, and 20 years is an important event! Hoping for another 20 or more years!
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