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  1. I forgot to say it, the other day. But, thank you! (Heartfelt Thank You) Thank you, for putting this event into prospective for me. When I heard about the "Sticky Snowball" bring "nerfed", I was a bit upset, at first. However, your comments on this "board" made me realize that it was my fault for buying the "Sticky Snowballs" (actually, me being lazy, thinking CC would be easier/wouldn't have to work as much), it was "par for the course" (JS/TNT, usually making a mess of things), and it wasn't that big of a deal. To be honest, I really only do CC for the avatar, and, possible trophy. The other things (perks, donate 5, get 1 back, etc), are just a bonus. CC seems to have never been the same event, twice. So, the way JS/TNT handled things wasn't great, but we all make mistakes. I do believe they need better communication with us, and it needs to be on Neopets (not some other Q&A on another platform). But, all I really care about, in the end, is that Neopets is still with us. I still enjoy being on the site.
  2. Well, there is still the end of the year to consider, or, more to the point, then end of Flash, at the end of the year. If, "much" stuff still isn't converted, and AFAIK, you still can't earn NP from the 25 or so converted games, it could be worse, IMHO. And, every Charity Corner Event, so far, has been a mess, so, I guess, it's "normal". I mean, it wouldn't be a Charity Corner Event if something didn't go wrong. But, to be on the positive side, the Halloween "Trick-Or-Treat" bags, as long as they do them, are something to look forward to, along with the Advent Calendar. Those seem to be stable.
  3. Got this one today. Not too hard to get, though. Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Charity Corner 2020' as an avatar on the NeoBoards!
  4. If they run the donating like last year, (15 items at a time, IIRC), I don't think it will be too bad. I don't expect a lot, as they are working on converting Flash. Just be careful, if you are looking at donating "1 of" items. May want to verify it isn't a "high selling" one. I know I received rare items from the first CC, but cannot remember which ones, except for a stamp. And, I wish I had battled in the Battledome, everyday, since the last CC. The "Weak Bottled (Element) Faerie" are rare items. I remember donating a lot of those, for a decent amount of points.
  5. Yeah, that crepe, looks more "creepy", than crepe-y. The more I look at it, the more disturbing it gets...
  6. Are you on Beta? If so, there are only 10-15 games available to play, and, I believe, you cannot earn NP from playing them. If you aren't on Beta, do you see a grey screen, where the Flash game normally loads, or do you see a black/blank screen, with three, red cycling dots? A grey screen tends to be a Flash issue, while the black/blank screen, with three, red cycling dots, tends to be an issue with a "bad ad". An ad blocker extension (for Chrome), usually, helps, with that. If you use other plug-ins/extensions with Chrome, it's possible one could be blocking Flash. In a few cases, anti-virus/anti-malware programs were blocking Flash. Flash being "out-of-date" can cause Flash not to work, too. Please post what "screen" you are seeing, and I'll try to provide recommendations.
  7. I went with the Brute Squad. I play, just to play. Don't really go for the boons, but it is nice to get them. Anyhow, good luck all!
  8. Went with Awakened. I think the Order will win. I went with Awakened last round, too, but we know how that went. Anyhow, good luck all, whatever faction you chose. Remember to have fun!
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