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  1. As you are trying to play Shockwave games, unfortunately, Internet Explorer is, pretty much, the only option available, as it is the only browser that still supports the Shockwave plugin, with one exception, as I will explain, below. Opera is based on Chrome, and Chrome dropped the Shockwave plugin, back in 2015. So, Opera may not support Shockwave. Edge never did. Unfortunately, too, as others have mentioned, with Neopets being converted to HTML5, IE doesn't work really well with HTML5. Although it supports it, it may not support the newest HTML5 standards. Most websites will tell you to use a different browser, if using IE, as they say it isn't supported anymore, or "out-of-date". I haven't tried IE on Neopets for some time, but the last time I tried, the "Games Room" didn't work properly, meaning I couldn't see all of the items, and games links would cause my PC to "freeze". So, I just tried, and although I was able to login, Neopets keeps "not responding", with IE, just like it is happening to you. Even though I stated Chrome no longer supports the Shockwave plugin, there is an extension called "IE Tab", for Chrome, that allows you to view pages with Chrome, but using the "IE engine", and allows Shockwave to be "used", within Chrome. However, it suffers the same fate, as it is using IE to display the Neopets pages. In Chrome's case, it just "freezes", and I have to "End Task" it. Only other option, for a Windows PC, is to use the last version of Safari for Windows. It can still be found on the 'Net. I just installed it, as I had a copy from a while ago, on Windows 10, 2004 (May update), and it works. Please note, however, that Apple hasn't supported Safari for Windows, since 2012. Using an old, outdated browser can put your computer's security at risk, so use at your own risk! Same with using an old, outdated plugin, like Shockwave. I, too, hope they convert the 8 Shockwave games. For now, if on a Windows PC, the last version of Safari for Windows seems to be the only way to play them. EDIT: I use ABP (Ad Block Plus) and it is now blocking the ads. I believe Neo fixed the issue. I know, too, most prefer uBlock Origin over ABP.
  2. AC XV, that is. Well, for at least for another year. Yeah! As for the flamingo, above, I think it is a Post Malone fan.
  3. Like @jellysundae, went with the Brutes. It is just easier. I can't think much, during the AC, as my brain tends to only think of Yooyuball...
  4. I think the YooYus could use a break. Go Stealthy JubJubs! I do like the design. Nice job.
  5. I picked the same as @jellysundae. I think she is on to something. The "old" players, have dome well, in the past. I picked Gutterfoot as the Star Player. I never seem to pick the "winning one, though.
  6. Same here, as best I can. But, yea! We won yesterday's match! However, this year's AC is feeling like this:
  7. I like to think that, too, but it's not certain, and I just don't know. If TNT would add that, then I'd feel a little bit better. Still, don't like the little guy/gal exploding. I wonder if we could get the PPL involved?! However, they have THE BEST after-score animation, as they do "the robot". Always makes me laugh!
  8. I think it is the "winner's curse". It seems we can't get a "day" win. Did Team TM lose players, this year? But, whoever plays AC, is a "winner", in my book.
  9. Accidentally right-mouse clicking the screen, while playing YYB. It brings up an Adobe Flash box that you must click "Close". While the box is open, I cannot control my player(s). And, the screen change/refocus in YYB. Sometimes, if you are on the right side of the field, and go to the left side, generally at the bottom, the game screen will "shift/refocus". Not super bad, but just weird/strange. Of course, the mind-numbing, monotonous, corporal tunnel causing game play. AC hasn't really changed, since the beginning. The same 4 games. The same number of days (roughly). And, even if you reach All-Star, it's still not enough points for the top AC Shop prizes, let alone to get more than one. I love/hate AC. Last thing. The (incredible) guilt I feel, when I don't score with the Clockwork YooYu. Are they able to repair it, or, it is gone forever? It's all my fault, if it explodes.
  10. A "grey screen", where the Flash game is supposed to load, is often due to Flash not being enabled within your browser, and for Neopets, itself. Some maps have been converted to HTML5, but "customization" still uses Flash. Firefox, now, periodically asks to enable Flash. Meaning, if it asks, and you play on Neo for a while, going to the maps, it may ask you to enable it, again. Do you receive the prompts to enable Flash, when logging into Neo, for the first time of the day, when going to the "Maps of Neopia"? Latest Flash version is As @RonJB mentioned, is it up-to-date? You mentioned Avast. Does Avast ad a plugin/extension to Firefox? If so, it is possible Avast could be blocking Flash, as most security products consider Flash a security risk. Avast may allow exceptions, too. If so, try adding Flash, and see if it helps.
  11. IIRC, it takes about 24 hours for it to show the change, or, rather, 24 hours to cache the change on the server.
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