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  1. I guess... Awakened it is! I love the suspense when their really is no clear-cut choice.
  2. Please forgive me if I am posting in the wrong place. Do you get an item code with Zazzle merch that grants the Space Faerie as a BD challenger? If not, what is the best way of getting a code? I do not want to buy a code, as I understand that to be against the rules. I want to buy merchandise, legitimately, to get a code. TIA.
  3. If it's predicted that the Sway or the Order will win then fight for them and you have a chance at getting the refresh quest request boon, which allows you twice the chance at getting a quest from the grey faerie.
  4. If you're willing to use NC you can probably knock down your total a bit by buying faerie quest fortune cookies and using them to get rainbow fountain dips from the grey faerie. The cookies cost 150 NC and I usually get dip about every third cookie.
  5. Welp. Brutes it is, I suppose! I have been seriously slacking in the AC department. I'm at rank four...meh.
  6. I was seriously hoping for burlap, bur stealthy is pretty cool! I recently adopted a basic-colored jubjub named _snotbubble_, within a few days I was able to turn him snot. Smh lol. That's why I rarely go to the pound, I seem to drag home the 'unadoptables' lol
  7. UFA leowomon Woodland Uni Level 7 4,766 days old MrsBuzzington Candy Buzz Level 1 265 hours old Please neomail me if interested
  8. Thank you very much for the information, I do hope that you're right!!
  9. Seriously upset that there was not a new color released for Jubjub day!
  10. Awakened Hoping to be able to utilize the bank bribery boon!
  11. They remind me of the Cuban Grass Lizard - I love all herps, and have had quite a few. Now all of my pets have fur...I love them all, but... just not the same smh lol
  12. Candy is alright. Mosaic is...meh. But - I am in LOVE with that outfit!!! Beli must have it!!! Off to drain the bank account I go.... But I can't find it anywhere! :(:(
  13. I hope that you get to seek an affordable, practical treatment option. Best of luck to you and yours.
  14. Is there a way to make a pet hungry? I'm a little anxious to begin Beli's gourmet food adventures.
  15. I got my last avatar in the previous skirmish - so I'll help out with the Order :)
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