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  1. I guess I'm going to go with the Order. I like the RQR boon. Not as well as Cheaper by the Dozen, but I'm not so sure that the Sway have much of a chance.
  2. I'm confused as to whether I'm voting for the color alone or that color/species combo specifically?
  3. I also despise the new site, for a multitude of reasons. I agree with you about the site theme. I worked for mine as well. I guess the biggest issue for me is the way the pets are now displayed, with no backgrounds, a lot of the items that used to have motion do not any more. It's really very sad. I won't even go into the artwork and total lack of creativity. Yeah, I'll adjust. But it's not going to be pleasant.
  4. So this was the monthly 'premium collectible'? I was unsure if it was for the Holidays or the monthly freebie. Usually I am not a fan of frames either, but I do like this one.
  5. I am fortunate enough to have all of my dreamies (sans UCs). I wish that they would do a dreamie petpet version. In that case I think I'd go for a Xampher or a Candychan!
  6. Guess I'll be a thief with you lol Last week I went with the majority and lost
  7. For the very first time ever, I have placed bets. I wasn't sure exactly what to do - even looking at Garet's bet page, I was still unsure if I am supposed to place all of them or pick and choose or..?
  8. Did anyone receive the coupon code for opening the bag? I didn't get mine?
  9. MrDumbo the Stealthy Grarrl Neopet MrDumbo has a Petpet! Zappy the Noak (540 days and 1 hours old) Statistics Owner: (questfinder89) MrDumbo likes exploring the land. When meeting others, MrDumbo would act very friendly. - Attributes - Age: 2,711 days old (65,086 hours) Level: 37 Gender: Male Height: 49 cms. Weight:
  10. I didn't get that? I got Chocolate Birthday Cake Suit and Birthday Balloon Bouquet. I'm not so sure that I like either. Edit - those came from the MC not the bag. My mistake
  11. Welp! Guess I'll go with Brutes! I remember how exciting it was (for me) to complete this set of avatars.
  12. Personally, I liked the Rainy day capsule the most of the two. My favorite NC items are the fortune cookies - the wheel of archives gives you three items (one a day, randomly) for less than 100NC/item.
  13. I guess... Awakened it is! I love the suspense when their really is no clear-cut choice.
  14. Please forgive me if I am posting in the wrong place. Do you get an item code with Zazzle merch that grants the Space Faerie as a BD challenger? If not, what is the best way of getting a code? I do not want to buy a code, as I understand that to be against the rules. I want to buy merchandise, legitimately, to get a code. TIA. Update - I am still wondering lol. Anyone?!
  15. If it's predicted that the Sway or the Order will win then fight for them and you have a chance at getting the refresh quest request boon, which allows you twice the chance at getting a quest from the grey faerie.
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