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  1. I love Michigan, but I have always wanted to check out Rotterdam - the cubic homes are especially intriguing.
  2. It could be what you sent, specifically. Some things give you an item as well as the person you send it to,
  3. Uhmmm. Creepiness above. lol. I guess I will be following along and going with Seekers.
  4. I'm going with Thieves this round. No particular reason why...
  5. I suppose I'll go with Awakened as well. Why not? lol I feel like predictions have been off for some time now anyway.
  6. I thought that the tusks looked weird as well, but looking at them as banana for sure makes a lot more sense!
  7. I am so excited to hear about the world maps being updated! Seriously look forward to that almost as much as AC!
  8. I never knew that you could break dubloons down! The price of them is ridiculous, I recall reading somewhere that it's due to a few people hoarding and stocking them. Kind of sad.
  9. I had a recent visit with my Grandparents. Watching them interact with my three year old son is pretty much the coolest thing ever to me. My Grandpa is 77 and loves running around with him.
  10. I guess I'm going to go with the Order. I like the RQR boon. Not as well as Cheaper by the Dozen, but I'm not so sure that the Sway have much of a chance.
  11. I'm confused as to whether I'm voting for the color alone or that color/species combo specifically?
  12. I also despise the new site, for a multitude of reasons. I agree with you about the site theme. I worked for mine as well. I guess the biggest issue for me is the way the pets are now displayed, with no backgrounds, a lot of the items that used to have motion do not any more. It's really very sad. I won't even go into the artwork and total lack of creativity. Yeah, I'll adjust. But it's not going to be pleasant.
  13. So this was the monthly 'premium collectible'? I was unsure if it was for the Holidays or the monthly freebie. Usually I am not a fan of frames either, but I do like this one.
  14. I am fortunate enough to have all of my dreamies (sans UCs). I wish that they would do a dreamie petpet version. In that case I think I'd go for a Xampher or a Candychan!
  15. Guess I'll be a thief with you lol Last week I went with the majority and lost
  16. For the very first time ever, I have placed bets. I wasn't sure exactly what to do - even looking at Garet's bet page, I was still unsure if I am supposed to place all of them or pick and choose or..?
  17. Did anyone receive the coupon code for opening the bag? I didn't get mine?
  18. MrDumbo the Stealthy Grarrl Neopet MrDumbo has a Petpet! Zappy the Noak (540 days and 1 hours old) Statistics Owner: (questfinder89) MrDumbo likes exploring the land. When meeting others, MrDumbo would act very friendly. - Attributes - Age: 2,711 days old (65,086 hours) Level: 37 Gender: Male Height: 49 cms. Weight: 166 lbs. Fishing Skill: 0 Jobs Completed: 0 Jobs Failed: 0 Job Rank: Intern - Battledome Stats - Hit Points: 27 / 102 Strength: GREAT (34) Defence: very heavy Movement: EXCELLENT (41) Intelligence: average Played: 0 Won: 0 Lost: 0 Drawn: 0 Score: 0 Challenge MrDumbo in the BATTLEDOME! Rating this pet has been disabled.
  19. I didn't get that? I got Chocolate Birthday Cake Suit and Birthday Balloon Bouquet. I'm not so sure that I like either. Edit - those came from the MC not the bag. My mistake
  20. Welp! Guess I'll go with Brutes! I remember how exciting it was (for me) to complete this set of avatars.
  21. Personally, I liked the Rainy day capsule the most of the two. My favorite NC items are the fortune cookies - the wheel of archives gives you three items (one a day, randomly) for less than 100NC/item.
  22. I guess... Awakened it is! I love the suspense when their really is no clear-cut choice.
  23. Please forgive me if I am posting in the wrong place. Do you get an item code with Zazzle merch that grants the Space Faerie as a BD challenger? If not, what is the best way of getting a code? I do not want to buy a code, as I understand that to be against the rules. I want to buy merchandise, legitimately, to get a code. TIA. Update - I am still wondering lol. Anyone?!
  24. If it's predicted that the Sway or the Order will win then fight for them and you have a chance at getting the refresh quest request boon, which allows you twice the chance at getting a quest from the grey faerie.
  25. If you're willing to use NC you can probably knock down your total a bit by buying faerie quest fortune cookies and using them to get rainbow fountain dips from the grey faerie. The cookies cost 150 NC and I usually get dip about every third cookie.
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