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  1. Ehhh. What in the whole world are they doing to Relics?! I feel like the last few have been just awful, IMO. This gives mad haunted woods vibes, until you get to the tail?! I rarely complain on here, but I've been waiting on a Relic Lupe for years - and this is NOT what I was looking forward to AT ALL lol
  2. Also, if your pet is WEARING the item it will not show up - which is pretty frustrating as well.
  3. I could not have summed up my OWN experience better than this. We've been married two months shy of five years.
  4. I did the very same thing smh lol Pretty fitting for April Fools though that it would be a 200np item lol
  5. I agree - a lot of the outfits that they've put out lately could be a whole new PB color. The crystal Ogrin outfit comes to mind.
  6. I'm really happy that they didn't put out another boring, grayish zombie pet. Not typically a huge fan of zombie - but I like this.
  7. The closet is also doing something similar for me - It takes literally forever to load, and the items that my pets are wearing never show up unless I take them off. Kind of annoying.
  8. Yesterday was my Grandpa's 79th birthday. I completely forgot to get a GOOD picture in all of the hubbub. It was a cheesecake filled spice cake with cream cheese frosting and cinnamon crumb topping. Maybe next time I bake I'll remember a GOOD picture smh lol
  9. Same with my closet. Hopefully whatever they're working on makes things a lot better.
  10. How do you tell them apart? (The MMEs)?
  11. I'll modify the darned thing then! It's too cute to pass up, and my son has been hanging over my (and his dad's!) shoulder more and more lately watching us play - I feel like he would love it. I can't wait to see the chocolates, and sincerely hope that in the future the two companies can come together more for improvements! Thank you very much for taking the time to respond to me!
  12. Would anyone happen to have read anything about the Advent Calendar (the IRL one.) Specifically, is there a story inside with it (like part of it each flap/day) and if you get an item code for buying it? Any information would be appreciated!!
  13. For whatever reason - this just annoys me. Especially the question of how much NC a UC is worth...
  14. I recently went through this struggle - I cleared out all of the common items, (up to r89 I think) and kept the rest. I donated over 1000 Gorunda the Wise and Flutter cards lol Best of luck in whatever you choose to do!
  15. I love Michigan, but I have always wanted to check out Rotterdam - the cubic homes are especially intriguing.
  16. It could be what you sent, specifically. Some things give you an item as well as the person you send it to,
  17. Uhmmm. Creepiness above. lol. I guess I will be following along and going with Seekers.
  18. I'm going with Thieves this round. No particular reason why...
  19. I suppose I'll go with Awakened as well. Why not? lol I feel like predictions have been off for some time now anyway.
  20. I thought that the tusks looked weird as well, but looking at them as banana for sure makes a lot more sense!
  21. I am so excited to hear about the world maps being updated! Seriously look forward to that almost as much as AC!
  22. I never knew that you could break dubloons down! The price of them is ridiculous, I recall reading somewhere that it's due to a few people hoarding and stocking them. Kind of sad.
  23. I had a recent visit with my Grandparents. Watching them interact with my three year old son is pretty much the coolest thing ever to me. My Grandpa is 77 and loves running around with him.
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