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  1. Oof. Another one? And it sounds awful. I hate PvP games with a passion. I used to really enjoy things like Clash of Clans and there was a Viking game I got into. But to keep my village 'protected' I had to spend real money and I quickly got bored when I logged back in and someone had hit me for resources or damaged my structures. Meh. My 'short' answer on the questionnaire: It sounds like a terrible idea. First of all, the main website needs the attention not a parade of quickly abandoned mobile games. Second, it's focus is on destruction rather than co-operation. Third, there are too many elements making it messy and unfocused. Finally, there is no mention of game to site rewards. If you really want a town building game to work, make it like Habitarium. Players build up their little world, can visit other worlds and help - not destroy. Work with your player base; there's no point trying to compete with a competitive PvP game like Clash of Clans. But the Neopets fan base would absolutely back something like Habitarium. 1. Make it a co-operative building game rather than a PvP build and destroy game. 2. Get rid of the slots idea. It's a added tack on that brings no added benefit to the game. 3. Include tradable rewards on the main Neopets site providing accounts are linked. Stamps, backgrounds, wearables etc are always popular. Straight neopoints for daily tasks would also work.
  2. I like most of the mutants as well. Depending on how many slots I end up with on that account, I'd be tempted by the Chomby, Uni, Gelert, Lupe and Vandy (just because of how ridiculous they are!). But that would put me at 12 pets on that account!
  3. Well, that's a turn up for the books! Second FFQ out of the same FQC!! So I now have my Mutant Acara as well! I was toying with the Poogle as I have 22 hours to create a Poogle apparently. But the Poogle MP is fairly cheap as I recall... actually I may create one for the account anyway. Can always paint it later! And as I created it, I can ping him across today to customise! I pinged the BG and foreground across from duplicates in my SDB. The background does work remarkably well considering that it was a whack whatever slim pickings I have in the closet on her! Ixi is also on my list. I want Pteri, Peophin, Ixi and Poogle (need at least one more pet slot as I now have Lutari, Jetsam and Acara!). There's one Ixi Transmog Potion on the TP at the moment, but I dread to think what they want for it! And thank ye!
  4. And one fully customised mutant Lutari! I need to add some backgrounds and foregrounds to that account really. I've got quite a lot of mutant wearables, but very little of anything else!
  5. Yep! That made me smile as well! Just a pity it was the pet that I intend to be a baby pet!! Yeah, I've currently got headdress and robe; I assume that's what you meant?
  6. I shifted LovelyMassacre to my main as I got a Desert Vandy zap and wanted the clothes. But there should be an extra pet there as well. I have 11 slots on that account currently, so I can continue adding for a little while yet!
  7. You can never have too many babies! Oooouch! Looks like someone has been inflating those then! I've just chucked you a friend request. Feel free to ping me if you need a price check whilst on a quest! Not that this specific scenario is likely to arise again, mind!
  8. I've been zapping in the hopes of getting a Cybunny. Instead I got a Vandy, then a Darigan Vandy (no clothes) and then a Desert Vandy (pretty clothes!). So I've promptly transferred across to my main to steal said clothes, morphing the pet so they won't transfer back. My only question is do I use the headdress or not...? I'm thinking not, as it looks... very cluttered, I think... Not sure of the pink caplet either... Headdress and caplet (this definitely doesn't work). Caplet Headdress no caplet No headdress, no caplet
  9. So... ummm... yep, welcome the new baby to the herd! Chikaera kind of reminds me of the Pokemon Chikorita and yeah, the Poogle ain't green... but there is a slight similarity I guess! Also reminds me of when I did parent/teacher conferences with my brother - he was always in trouble. Always. And I just knew that he was sat there singing/chanting 'Go to hell, Shakera' in his head as I tried to persuade school/college that he deserved a second bleeding chance... or a third... or a fifth. It really didn't help that he started growing out facial hair and I still looked like a minor child, despite being older than him!!
  10. I'll have to post once I get him back to my side and can customise him properly! Yeah, 8 mil is a pretty penny to be saving! If I'm lucky enough to get another one I'll do the Acara! Oof, I dread to think what MP mistake that was. I've had a few in the past! I did just find a Baby Poogle MP in my SDB though and now have another baby added to my growing family. Chikaera kind of reminds me of Chikorita and the Baby Poogle isn't too far off as far as neopets/Pokemon crosses go! It also reminds me of when my brother was in trouble at school and I had to go to parent/teacher conferences knowing he was thinking 'Go to hell, Shakera' on loop in his head... Congrats on the Steampunk Grundo! It's a nifty colour!
  11. ... I can't say I'm not incredibly pleased with this! That gives me an excellent opportunity to actually do something with my mutant side: NP wise, the Acara would have been a better bet. But the Lutari MP is still 8 mil odd and I'm not sure how long TNT will graciously allow us to transfer Lutari's back and forth. It may be forever, but the pet slots have been out quite a while, so it may be coming to an end!
  12. You know... I didn't even consider the Lutari... although I already have a Mara Lutari which is clearly based on the axelotl and I'm not keen on any of the other colours barring mutant.
  13. Sold most of my CYBU stock at 62. Bought BB at 15 as I only had 4000 of those. Wishing I'd held only my TNPT as that is now well over 100! But hey ho, I was at over 3.5mil in shares. Down to just below that now as I had quite a lot of CYBU.
  14. I think the reason people don't want caps for high end items is that it is so much more difficult to get them back. I can get caps whenever I want (and even before I could stock up at the end of the month. There's no supply and demand issue. Whereas with higher end items, you tend to need to have something someone really wants in order to trade back for them. People will let 2-3 items go for caps, but after that it's item for item. Maybe two 4-5 items for a 10 item at most. The only real exception to this is when big ticket items come out in the Mall - MME's etc. I picked up a lot of my high end wishlist for 1-2 MME's last time the came out!! I went crazy for the caps originally and regretted all bar the baby one. I still ended up with a lot of items that I didn't want, but baby items trade really, really well so it didn't matter too much. I can't grouch too much as it does mean I have a decent trading list, but way too much money was spent. And that was when I could get 2000NC for $7. Now they've closed that loophole, it's just way, way too expensive. I don't mind biting on the grams providing I like the regular items and I'm not just trying for the bonus item. Got bitten there as well! I probably ought to check the Baby Spring Paint out on more pets then... I can't remember which one I tried it on but it wasn't an appealing look! I've still got it. It's my 'dynamite option', I guess for if there's ever an item I really, really want that is too expensive for me to get any other way! And yep, Trudy's, FC, stocks and Jetsam Ace. Trudy's is quick, FC requires and aged account and is quick, stocks are only profitable in the longer term and quick, Jetsam Ace requires you to spend real money and is quick. Re-stocking takes time and is boring! So essentially, there's enough content on the site for ... about an hour a day unless an event is going on. Re-stocking is more time consuming, but it's only profitable if you have the np to burn and the time to burn. And I don't make a huge amount - I tend to haunt the book store, so I make between 300np-2000np an item usually which is slow going. I've never managed to get an 'awesome' re-stock!
  15. That's the stupid thing - he's fine! He was just crying in that one random event whilst complimenting me! WHY!?
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