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  1. Nice! I have a Hallo Grundo on my side! Pretty! Kacheeks are one of the few pets that I really like hair on!! Nice selection!
  2. I've finally stuck around long enough on the site to do more than just Food Club and leave. So here's mine (hopefully the upload works...).
  3. Oof.. That's a definite yeouch moment then!! And I clearly missed that scandel in my long hiatus!
  4. Yeaaaah... that's definitely red. Someone at TNT is colour blind! Double oof!!! Hopefully it's just someone inflating them artificially and they'll come back down!
  5. I've been trying to figure out what is 'wrong' with that Burlap colour... and I think it's the eyes. They are... both too big and I think angled more like the pet is facing forward? I'm not sure, but it's offputting. The outfit is stunning!!
  6. I really like that outfit even if I find Grundo's as a whole underwhelming. The exceptions being the Grim Reaper and the Mallow Grundo which are both excellent! The Halloween Reaper is possibly only awesome because you can't actually see the Grundoness of it under the clothing!
  7. Sold half of LDSC for 64 and sold the remainder today for 79. Not back going!
  8. Thanks! I haven't opened it yet, although I have downloaded it. I saw some content warnings on the main Steam page though! In fairness, without the warnings I likely wouldn't have picked it up as it looks rather too pink and fluffy from the pictures given! I'm not usually into dating sims, so I'd have kept on moving, but the content warnings made me more interested!
  9. I'm almost glad that I failed to find inspiration this time round; I could seriously never have beaten the originality on show here! Also, never heard of the literature club game. Thank you to whoever sent that one in, I've just bought it!
  10. I agree that TNT don't always have the best history with naming conventions... the Gypsy Camp immediately comes to mind!! I remember this all went a little crazy on Facebook once when one of the new outfits was released - the most recent Elephante, I believe - and one of the comments being so strongly in favour of other cultures being included as it made her feel included as a child (obviously the last comment was very specifically aimed at the Facebook post!!):
  11. I like that they've merged two candies here; the gobstopper and the long multi-coloured tail. I admit, I far prefer the tail in honesty, but there is some originality here to be rewarded! And I agree with the character based outfits being really cool!
  12. I love that Rohan outfit even if I don't own a Blum! And the Burlap is cute! It's not as 'freaky' as some of the burlaps as well!
  13. I'd have gone down the route that it's inclusive to all; I'd hate to be a kid playing and have nothing on site that represents what I see as normal. Providing that it's done respectfully - and not mockingly - I'd have thought it would do a lot more good than ill. I might have to see how the armour looks on a Wraith or Woodland Ruki... I have the Woodland and was toying with the wraith!
  14. It also gives a nice batch of six point CC fodder which is excellent!
  15. Get nerks, sell them for codestones. You can also get red codestones from Jetsam Ace, so it's a win win!
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