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  1. This is awesome of you! I'd love the Darigan Team Trousers and Cleats to selfbetrayal please!
  2. I'm awful at Scrabble type games so L&L got downloaded, tried and uninstalled in the same day. I completed Ghoul Catchers but had to spend money to get past a couple of levels on I think Faerieland? I admit, I only did it for the in game rewards! But yes, a newly done habi or KQ would be great, particularly if they kept the in game rewards. Complete and hard agree. I mean a revive of something like Habi would be very cool. But you'd think they'd sort the complete majority of the site that isn't converted yet!
  3. It's like, if they want to have a matching game then just update Ghoul Catchers with new levels... which were promised before the game was discontinued. They already have a matching game. An an island builder that still isn't available on Apple. Instead of faffing around with new mini-games, I wish they would just work on the site and what is already broken!
  4. Having followed the link to the feedback form on the news page (direct link: https://sdwj.99.com/q/aA7v6j), it would appear that they are now considering yet another bleeding match game after only just discontinuing Ghoul Catchers. I just... don't get it. Match games have a hugely over saturated market and I surely can't be the only person who is sick and tired of them. Even games that seem to be actual puzzle related that I download from interesting ads end up having a match format to them and I delete them. If they really wanted to develop a decent mobile game then something like Treasure Finders of old (yes, I'm probably showing my age) which was a shop simulation as I recall that was actually really darn good. Or a re-code and re-make of Habitarium - which would work perfectly in a mobile format! I know they don't own the rights to the original game, but the idea is sound. Re-name, add a load more petpets, add some additional jobs and such like and they could re-make it as a whole new game. KeyQuest - again, I know they'd have to code it from scratch as they 'lost' the original code. But can you imagine the interest from their player base who have been calling for them to bring that game back!? They could do it so you have an option to play single player or multi-player and make it a fantastic mobile game. Or well, you know, just fixing the site!? Fixing the cruddily converted games we have and actually converting more of them on a monthly basis?! I might admittedly be biased because I really dislike match games now, but it just seems so... pointless! The only space for free feedback in the form is the 'Other' response on what would you look forward to most in a Match game. My response: "Absolutely nothing. There is no merit in creating another match game only months after abandoning Ghoul Catchers. The main site needs all the resources you can throw at it and instead diverting to inane mini-games. The market is additionally already flooded with match games. If you must do a side game, then a simulation game like the old Treasure Finders game or a new version of Habitarium would likely go down reasonably well with your customer base. But another match game is just a waste of time, effort and money."
  5. Mara clothing is extremely limited and largely NC only. Any current Mara clothing will not work on the new Kiko; they don't go back and adjust the code to allow previous items to fit. But any new items will fit it. You're better off zapping a Kiko as species changes are just as random as colour changes. So your Grundo could just as easily turn into a Cybunny or an Ixi for example. Species changes have always for me reverted to base colours as well. So your Grundo may zap Kiko, but it will be a base red, blue, yellow, green colour. You would then need to keep zapping and hope you don't get another species change before the right colour change! What many people do is buy morphing potions to bring their pet back to their desired species if they zap out of it. Kiko morphing potions aren't that expensive - usually under 100k - so it's not as devastating as zapping a Gelert for example where the cheapest morphing potions tend to be 2 million plus!
  6. Yep, exactly. Although as the Chia has lots of random fruits and veg that no other pet has, there are usually always options. For a cheaper paint brush, it may well be more cost effective to paint the initial pet the right colour and then change species. But for Mara or Stealth for instance which are both insanely priced, or for lab only colours like MSP or Ice Bori, the switcharoo works better! And hah, that was not my intention, I admit!
  7. Yep, brand new. I was just really quick off the mark! It should be zappable, all of the other Mara pets are!
  8. Because I took advantage of the Premium perk in order to prevent spending 6 million plus neopoints. The PP allows you to morph your pet into a different species and keep the colour, however if you have a pet in a colour that your new species doesn't have, it allows you to pick a new colour. Kiko has all of the cheap paint brush colours, so the cheapest way I saw to do it was: 1. Morph into a basic Chia (200k odd) 2. Feed a gooseberry pop (300k odd) 3. Move across to Premium perk, click that I wanted a Kiko to get the message that gooseberry doesn't exist as a Kiko colour, would I like to pick a new colour. Yes, yes, I would. I'll take Maraquan please! WALLAH! A 6 plus million paint job for under 600k! I did it before with my MSP, but at the time Poogle didn't have a water option. So I morphed Shenistre into a Water Kau, then used the Premium Perk to turn him into a Poogle and picked MSP as my new colour!
  9. 250! FINALLY!!!! Eight codestones can go rot in hell!! Heeeeee!
  10. Yep, I've had a 3 point before... never a 5 point!! But yes, it would have been most appreciated on my CODESTONE PET!
  11. Mara paint brush which shot up in price after the Mara Lutari was announced and I now suspect it will stay sky high. Some pets have morphing potions, but the Kiko doesn't yet. Lab ray, with the obvious proviso that it is random. FFQ if you're lucky enough to get one. I've had two with FQ cookies now over a lot of cookies! Premium perk - if you change your pet to a species and colour the Kiko doesn't have (I used Gooseberry Chia) you can use the Premium Perk to change it to a new colour in your preferred species.
  12. It's brand new as of yesterday/today I believe for Kiko day!! Fan art based like the Lutari and I fell in love instantly!
  13. Although havign taken him out the Lodge, I tried again even though he was bloated and it worked!! He's beautiful!
  14. So having fallen in love with the new Mara Kiko, I decided to use my Premium Perk on it and morphed my JubJub into a Chia. Unfortunately, I am now stuck with this ugly fellow until he gets hungry as I forgot he was in the lodge. So he can't eat the tasty Gooseberry pop I bought him! Ummmmm... oops. I have decided that my sides Lutari is going to be morphed into my Shopkeeper JubJub as the new Lutari colour failed to wow me. But Ottaas name reminds me of water creatues (otter) and so Mara is a perfect colour for him! I just didn't anticipate that Chia face grinning moronically at me!
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