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  1. 14:10 today and I accidentally skipped Saturday so missed out on 18:10 - doh. Gone with Garet again today, although removed one of the 13:1 Goob safeties and replaced it with an 8:1 base bet.
  2. Oh, I jpined the movement to send them a ton of faxes a day that was going on at the time. And joined a guild for the first time. I was outraged! I think I stopped playing for a long time shortly afterwards in honesty! But yes, I really want this years event to go well and be of a decent standard... unfortunately, I don't want to set my hopes too high as they are destined to be dashed! Hah! That sums it up nicely!
  3. They do and now the whole outfit is up. I removed one of the background pieces as it looked a tad too busy...
  4. Yeah, I was doing that whenever a faerie or darigan yooyu came in at the start of the tournament as I can't play those balls for the life of me. Then I discovered it wasn't permitted, swore silently and started reading my book when those balls came in instead.
  5. Oh I'd forgotten about the CAPTCHAS. How did I forget about the bleeding CAPCTHA's??? They drove me barmy last year. I barely played SS and MSN because of them and was almost ready to throw my computer out the window with SOSD! I managed just over All-Star last year and I was cursing the limit on YYB as that was the only game without the bleeding CAPCHAS... I mean, it's awesome that they lowered the requirements for All Star since my last experience with the AC, but having to find parking meters every three games was seriously aggravating!
  6. Yeah, that's my exact fear. I recall an editorial or something saying the games would be released as a 'trial run' for practice and feedback... I'd have expected that to happen by now if it was going to happen at all. Let's be honest, how much feedback do they really hope to implement change on in less than a month!? The thing is that people are annoyed by the poor implementation of the currently converted games, but they don't form a big part of the site. However when you have an event like the AC where people have to play the same game hundreds/thousands of times through a month in orde
  7. Personally, I have the same sense of low key dread that I got coming into it last year mixed with the excitement of possibly getting another Yooyu for my gallery. The dread is always there because playing the same games hundreds of time is never going to fill me with glee... This year though, I don't have the feeling of missing out on neopoints by not playing my usual flash games for 50-100k a day... as there are so very few Flash games. However, I also have this growing dread that of the flash games that they have converted, very few of them actually work. And even the ones that do
  8. They've done nicely on both the colour and the clothing, haven't they? I particularly like the vines flowing up the Woodland Hissi. Very pretty! The outfit would probably look awesome on the Woodland Hissi as well! Unfortunately only the staff and tail piece are currently modelled on DTI
  9. Oooh, I'll have to try and see if I get a different one tomorrow! I didn't check the converted page today!
  10. It was something along the lines of: I just thought I would check whether you were all right up there at TNT as we have noticed that there have been several incorrect quiz answers recently. What with the recent exposure of Topsi, I thought it worth taking the time to ask whether there has been a hostile takeover that we haven't noticed? I thought after I sent it that I should have included a line about them responding in coded messages via morse code or something. But it was the end of the working day and I was running on empty at the time.
  11. I just sent in an Editorial question asking if they were all ok and whether Topsi had taken over without us noticing. ... I'm not sure how they'll manage to respond if Topsi has taken over mind you...
  12. It doesn't look like you missed much over the weekend, although some lucky so and sos got 70:10 on Saturday. Garet got 14:10. And yep, 32:10 for you as well!
  13. Tuskadreams the Island Tuskanniny is UFA. I'm currently training stats to make her more adoptable as well.
  14. 32:10 yesterday. Score! Gone with Garet, but I've taken the Tailhook safety over the Admiral Blackbeard safety.
  15. Ooouuuuuch! But you might want to add a few words to that post or it will get pinged by the mods I think!
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