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  1. So I've gone from not knowing what SOTAC was two years ago to being head hunted! That's a turn up for the books!
  2. I had the same issue. I downloaded regular Flash and it didn't work. I ended up following the first comment here (which my husband would have killed me if it went wrong!): The comment was: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jxobqr9nf2uext5/CleanFlash_34.0.0.192_Installer.exe use this And that seemed to work perfectly!
  3. After two years odd waiting on neopets to get their backsides into gear, I have finally given in and downloaded PaleMoon. Why? Because without the games, I'd all but lost interest in Neopets. It's frankly a miracle that I lasted as long as I did when the main things I was interested in were trophy and avatar hunting. I never thought I'd be so grateful to see this: I have less than days before the AC to get back into the swing of neopets again though...
  4. *mods, feel free to move this into the new AC board once it's created. I had a looksie and it doesn't seem to be available right now so went for General instead. I just received a very nice and polite email congratulating me on my Altador Cup scores and number of plays last year, noting that I switched teams a lot and asking if I'd already picked a team for this year. Interestingly, the individual has been with three different teams in four years. Those teams have ranked 1st twice and 2nd twice. Could this be a SOTAC head hunt or am I just blowing my own trumpet?
  5. I just wish I'd have looked it up sooner in honesty. I must have been 16-17 when I reached that point... I'm 34 now! And admittedly, I've only tried in blasts but that's still a good long time! Congrats! If you haven't already twigged, the AC is starting next month and if you can get the stamp it usually sells for a couple of million to boost you further!
  6. HAH! After all this time!! Now onto the silver trophy!
  7. He's strangely cute. Vandy's are definitely growing on me.
  8. HE'S SO FLOOFY! I need it!! So very floofy! *runs in circles excitedly* *stops* Oh darn it, that's two Toy Paintbrushes I now need to pick up... The Cotzan design is cool as well. Possibly a cheaper 'crosspaint' option than an LD paint brush!
  9. I love that gummy worm!! And the outfit is minimalistic and very detailed! I love the sash and the tongue. I have extra items for my eventual Voldemort custom!
  10. Good job I'd already used all my points as I completely missed this!
  11. Oh both the outfit and the colour are very good indeed! The splash and tusk detail on the water is excellent and the Judge Hog outfit is very well done!
  12. I might actually have a shot at silver now! Doubt I'll ever get to gold though! EDIT: Just beat the next Tournament. Admittedly, the game is less challenging when one routine wins 90% of the time. But it beats being as frustrated as I was for bloody years by Master Vex!
  13. Food Club - although not as good for new accounts. Dailies - Trudy gives increasing amounts up to about 20k for 24 days and 100k on day 25, so worth logging in every day just to do it. Do all your dailies, even the junk ones as junk can be stocked up for Charity Corner. Things like fishing have a small chance of mega buck items at higher levels, but even storing the junk gets you future points. Same with the Money Tree - aim for 2-6 point items if there's nothing decent. Restocking - pick one or two shops and start learning the items. You can make decent np even on lower end items and mega bucks if you get lucky. I tend to go for 20% profit, but you can figure out what you prefer. Battledome - You can get codestones to sell from the Koi Warrior or Nerkmids from Jetsam Ace if you are Premium. Refresh a lot - games like Neoquest or Cellblock or just buying junk for Charity Corner give a lot of refreshes and increase your opportunity for RE's. Most are useless. Some give stat gains, some nominal neopoints. A handful can drop truly valuable items on you. Events - The Altador Cup is coming up. Take part, get as many points as you can and sell your prizes for decent change. If you can aim for the stamp, that's usually worth a couple of million. Last year I got the top prize (that took real effort though... Double All-Star is not fun and my fingers hurt and I had no life at all outside of the Cup...) and sold it for 16 million. Bought myself a Candychan and banked the rest. Charity Corner made me several million a couple of years ago.
  14. You inspired me to try again. And after years of being stuck on this round, I finally looked up the best way to play and won!! I've spent years - literally, I got to this point as a teenager and never surpassed it - playing defensively. I'd start off with the obvious move and then try at random to make lines, but more focussed on blocking their lines. It worked well until this round and then failed miserably. Having looked it up, I've finished the round in... ummm... ten minutes or so,
  15. You can also buy more pet slots now if you have NC. I currently have 15 on my main.
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