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  1. I mean the Broken Blue Fuzzle is pretty unnerving The gross food was meant to be unnerving but still... the slooshy bleh of the Salmon Mousse Tea or so much worse, the Eyeball Sushi and Eyeball Pie The Cobrall Root always seems a tad bit alive for my liking...
  2. In terms of the main prizes, I'm pleased with the yooyu - I'd have loved the Tyrannian Yooyu to be re-released but we can't always get what we want! I'm just waiting until I get round to sorting my pets out so I can attach it straight to the pet I want it on and not risk multiple refreshes before purchasing. I've already bought me the Perfectly Preserved Diamond Yooyuball from the SW as I have an Autographed Yooyuball (staff signatures) and a Lost Desert Yooyuball sitting in my SDB and there's the potential to start up a collection here. I might need to comb over the previous years prizes and see what I can afford! I love the Terror Mountain Yooyu Plushie as well and may well end up having two - one for my current plushie collection and one for my (as yet non-existent) yooyu memerabilia collection. The Yooyu Trading Card is also sitting in my SDB and I haven't yet spent any prize points. I'm saving those for the big items currently!! I'm disappointed with the paint brush, but at least it makes the choice so much simpler - if it had been between a paint brush I really wanted like Halloween and the yooyu for example I'd have been really quite stuck, whereas a 45k paintbrush vs the yooyu that I'd set my eyes on from the start of the cup makes life a whole lot easier! I think my combination is going to be the yooyu, the stamp and the earrings and then split the remaining 144 points between whatever prizes are likely to be worth the most for resale as I will need to buy the plushies and any other yooyu content I decide needs to be a part of my new collection. For the staff prizes, the Overflowing Box of Plushies is mega cute and will be going into my gallery as a certainty but may also work with my customisation goal for my Shoyru: So, what about everyone else?
  3. I certainly wouldn't go with the paint brush - at the end of the day, you can buy that with a single day of ghoul catchers so it definitely isn't worth 9000 bleeding points!! I feel for those who won the snow yooyu ten years ago when it was worth 30,000 points and now the better part of 30 million... that's immediately tanked down to 5-7 million!! I think I'll go with the yooyu and the stamp and then I'll keep an eye on prices to decide what to do with my final 1000 points.
  4. Have you tried using a different browser? I'm ok on Chrone, Firefox and Edge but I don't play shockwave games, only flash.
  5. Oh wow! Now that's a data set worthy of the name!
  6. So, I've found an item I'm interested in that isn't currently being sold in the NC Mall and have looked on Jellyneo and such like and have found a potential person to trade with. However, being completely new to NC trading, I am not confident of the etiquette, or in one important point the basic rules. So, my question is whether it is allowed to offer multiple items (obviously neocash only) in exchange for one higher rated item? I know if you are pet trading you can't trade two pets for one, but I can't find a reference to whether that is acceptable with neocash items?
  7. They are all in there already though! Admittedly, they are in the Cockroach place... but a hotel is a hotel right!!? This was me wanting to save all my jelly and omelettes for Charity Corner!
  8. Well, that's something. At least if I keep the depressed ones non active their paint job should be safe,! I know they got rid of the truly random RE's like the invisibile one and the boochi one, but I'm not sure about the sadness one. You're also right, they turned blue not grey... which is actually worse!! I'll try kacheek seek though; hadn't thought of that. I considered Dice a Roo but it's so refresh happy I thought it was perhaps tempting fate! Thanks for the tips!
  9. Well, I did about 50 players yesterday... very few of them had Moltara or Faerieland as their chosen team. I'll increase the data set today!
  10. I am in the unhappy position of having three - yes, three - depressed pets. One was because of an RE, one was because the discarded plushie decided to be mean and I don't know why the other one is depressed. Maybe she didn't like being traded from my side and back or something. I have tried playing with them, I have tried the merry go round and I can't get them to not be depressed! Any ideas on how I can fix this? From a selfish perspective, they are all painted and I don't want them to randomly turn grey. But also, I don't want my pets to be depressed!! EDIT: Turn blue, not grey...
  11. I got pipped to the post for the gold trophy, but I'm more than happy with my new shiny silver trophy in my lookup!! My average score is more like 800!! And depending on the NP ratios, I happily send anything over 400-500, so you are not alone! Thanks! Yes, he does look rather pleased with himself!! I played virtually nothing but AC games during the Cup - so I'm now catching up on lost time! Ooooh boy yes! And it's the three stump setup that gets me every time. I get over the first small one, only to hit the front of the big one or the back of the final small one. Although this time, I just got caught out by two small ones in close succession and landed badly on the second one!
  12. I had long since given up on getting a trophy in Turmac Run... but I might, might, might, just squeak one this month! I just beat my personal best and got into the trophy lists!! Now, I just need to wait and see if I get chucked off the lists by midnight!!
  13. So I was rumbling around the site yesterday and in my gaming hit several games that you can get trophies for without having to be great early in the month. Worth keeping in mind for any of you trophy hunters out there!! Crisis Courier - bronze - 11,350 (the cut off for score review is 12,000 by the looks and score reviews haven't been processed for yesterday). Extreme Herder 2 - silver - 525 Kookia - bronze - 235,000 (so essentially, just complete all the levels) Island Chef Academy - silver - 2045 (I never want to play that game again) On previous months I have also managed Barf Boat - you need at least 1200 to hope for a trophy though - and Hannah and the Kreludor Caves which is more grinding the same level until you reach between 60,000 and 120,000 points...
  14. This sounds like a project I can get behind. *fires up a spreadsheet*. Data points being account name, age of account, team, number of times played, highest rank earned, average rank earned? Might add in individual years. Let's see how I go. You can tell I'm a data monkey in real life, can't you? I get way too excited over spreadsheets. I think the kad is likely the place where the slightly more engaged players hang out. So an average of all of them might be interesting. I'll be back with results in a bit. I still don't go on the boards! The wrath of TNT scares me too much!! I'm a little better at the games though... she says... I'm hoping for a new trophy for my cabinet this month though. Depends on who else plays certain games!!
  15. You say that in jest about the puppy, but my foster brother quite literally used to do his business on the floor. He'd do it in revenge whenever he had been thwarted or punished. He would also urinate up walls, destroy things and all manner of other destructive and aggressive behaviours. This got worse the older he got - I have an abiding memory of darting in front of one of the girls - about six at the time- because my brother was waving a boiled kettle about and threatening to throw it. He was too big to safely restrain by then and the only thing I could think was that it would be far less catastrophic for me to be covered in boiling water than a child. With all this and then some, my foster parents have still never given up on him. They were thrown completely in at the deep end with him, but they learned and the developed new strategies as they went. They've since released a public apology. Which personally, I think has more to do with their loss of income than any feelings of guilt they have.
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