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  1. Nice, I got 2k stolen from me by a pirate...
  2. I didn't realise that there were so many buyable Yooyu's! I seem to have gone for two of the most expensive to start off!! The Plushie, Red, Fire, Green, Blue and regular are all well below one million. The other expensive ones seem to be the Mutant at a whopping 11mil, Water at 3mil, Robot Yooyu at 25mil(!?), Faerie at 18.5mil, Darigan at 6mil. I need to recuperate losses for a little while, but if you're interested in selling I'll buy at market price once I've made make the 3.4mil I just spent!
  3. I finally found a good deal on a Tyrannian Yooyu... I was originally looking at one for a pet, but have since decided on the far more expensive Darigan Candychan... So I now have a cheap as chips Christmas Yooyu and a Snow and Tyrannian Yooyu that make the gallery more expensive at 49 items than my entire 560 strong collection of plushies!!! But he is so cute!
  4. @jellysundae Well, I'm now on page 43 of my SDB - so just beyond where I got to before, and I have a grand total of *drum roll pleasse* 52,639 points! The top items are Shiny Obsidian with 780, Space Goggle Helmet with 528 and Gorunda the Wise with 512. The top points are Space Goggle Helmet with 3168, Galaxy Energy Drink with 1398 and Helm-Mounted Laser Beam with 1368 points. Meteor Bomb and Space Faerie Cereal aren't far behind. But and this is a big but, I haven't yet reached my Healing Potion XX or the wind up chia thing that I bought hundreds of a couple of days ago!
  5. And of course I sold too low. I suppose at least they only jumped by 8 rather than by like 20. I'm now keeping my eye on SKEI which is hovering close to the 60 mark. And I've got 7000 of those so it could be a tidy profit!
  6. Yep, I followed Garet as well and got close to 1.4 million!! Makes up for my appalling spending habits of the last few days...!
  7. The outfit really works on the Relic Chia! And without the hood it works nicely on the Woodland Chia.
  8. I like both the outfit and the colour; the colour has far more texture to it than a lot of the clay colours and the outfit is wonderfully detailed.
  9. That's not cheese! That's yellow snot! Personally the outfit doesnt't do anything for me but I like the detail on the shoes.
  10. I forgot to screen shot but tdub lost two speed before I haven't been training him enough. Come on! He's been level training every day for ages the ungrateful swine....! Wel, at least it was the useless stat...
  11. SHRX is at 72 so I've just leaped and sold 3750 of mine. I've kept 250 in case it tracks up and I can feel bad about selling too early!
  12. I personally find Chia's one of the most ugly creatures to grace Neopia... but I like the rushing wave of the hair, even if I am never going to get one. The only ones that are actually cute are the vegetable and fruit ones!! II like that outfit and think the face mask is really cool, although it would be better if it were two layered items - the shawl and the mask separately. It's quite creepy though and I love the detail on the mask!
  13. Yep, sorry! I think I bought over 100 Wind Up Chia Clowns as there were so many on the market!! I haven't got to them on my spreadsheet so it will be interesting to see just how many I really did manage to buy!! You're more patient than me. I buy pinata's when I see them around the 100np mark but the process of opening them drives me crazy, but I don't actually search for them!! Those are good point odds though... and it probably takes me just as long to buy 390 1 point items... it just doesn't feel as slow!! I'll be back to confirm my total points if I ever actually manage to finis
  14. It's not actually today's achievement... I just forgot to post when I did it. But having got the Elephante avatar I morphed Huggleby into Death Incarnate...
  15. Well I fed my Elephante the peanuts... Then put everyone back in the Neolodge without rememberign that I recently bought the Snorkle Snout for that bleeding avatar...
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