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  1. I did not pick up that Petpet reference at all!!!!
  2. The alternative is to gift a single GBC to that side so you open it and get the boxes on the side...
  3. So you may have lost the 500 points unless TNT restores them. That seems to be a common glitch in and of itself. The prize shop versus the declutter quick stock discrepancy appears to be a completely different glitch and was likely caused by them messing with the quick donate page for most of the day. I imagine they are being swamped with tickets about it. Save your screenshot and if they are not restored in a couple of days, send in a ticket would be the advice I'm going to be following. You've got proof of your actual points and it gives them a bit of breathing space to deal with this next screw up in a catalog of errors...
  4. There's a glicth. My points are showing correctly on the quick donation page but as zero in the prize shop. Someone coded something badly. I assume. I know nought about coding! @Duma However you'd have thought they'd have learned by now that if they bother to communicate in advance then people don't get anywhere near as het up about things. So instead of letting people prepare by diligently purchasing Sticky's, they could have hit that early - like six to eight months ago - and said that they would be closing that loophole. They probably also ought to have either reduced all snowballs or perhaps reduced Stickys to 3 or 4 points instead of a measley one. I've never done CC before either so whilst I was looking forward to the perks, I never had them to lose them if that makes sense! But again, communication six months ago rather than letting everyone prepare for an event that has been overhauled in a way that removed what a lot of people were looking forward to would have been far, far better. You say they don't have to give reasons, but I'd disagree. If they are fundamentally shifting things in an anticipated event then they have to be ready for the fallout if they don't communicate these changes in advance with their customer base. People spend a lot of time and money on the site... and it's a basic customer support thing to announce these sort of shifts in advance. If I behaved like this at work, reducing all the hard work my sites put in, I'd be up on a disciplinary. I get that you sometimes have to make unpopular decisions. But it is always best to be open, transparent and honest as far in advance as you can. The glitches are annoying and had they been the only issue, that's all they would have been. An annoyance. However, in combination with the rest of this mess they are being seen as the straw that breaks the camel's back.
  5. Did either of you claim your 500 and then donate again? Apparently that's causing some glitches where it removes the five hundred as soon as you donate another item.... so some people ended up with negative points. EDIT: check your total on the NP quick donation list. Mine on the prize shop is zero but the correct total is showing in the NP donation section:
  6. Whoot! Two avatars in a week what with the CC one as well!
  7. Or allow duplicates of the same name... or purge old inactive accounts so that some of those old names can go back into circulation!!
  8. I haven't redeemed mine yet... I'm waiting til I'm done donating I think as I can then plan out what I want to buy with my total points. Which will be somewhere around 16,000 I believe with my final push. The quick donation not working is aggravating though!! Completely agreed on all counts. This is just one dumpster fire after another at the moment... admittedly, I wouldn't buy those capsules if you gave me the NP to do so!!
  9. I'm slowly working through the remainder of my stock... but this is even more slow than the 'quick' donate!!
  10. The quick donation page is completely down right now... so maybe they are fixing something. Or maybe not. Who knows!
  11. There is another update. It's in the same random board as the initial update rather than the actual news feed mind you. Because why would you put important news but the news feed!? I'm glad I waited to redeem my points! You should be getting your points back but at this point I don't trust them as far as I can throw them. The entire thing is just a complete hot mess!! As I said, I didn't even know that board exists. I only use the forums for NC Trading and it wouldn't have occurred to me to check for an update there if it hadn't been for somebody posting on Reddit. Yeah. This seems to be a common issue. If you don't redeem them immediately, you lose them. The quick donation page is down for now so maybe they'll fix it... maybe they won't. It's anybody's guess at this point!!
  12. I suspect they will say that it was your choice to buy those items, so it's your problem not theirs. Which is kind of true... but doesn't take into account the expectation of something being the same as it has been for the last five years or so! I got relatively lucky. When I went on a concerted effort to stock up on high ticket items, I hit the six point items. So I kept on buying SS from the Healing Springs whenever I remembered, but didn't want to pay the shop price mark up. So I had several hundred Organs, Cobralls in a Can, Tomato Bombs and Meteor Bombs rather than several thousand Sticky Snowballs!
  13. Oooh, that's a brilliant idea! Thank you! I've been going there manually, clicking the two links and then hitting the wrong item!
  14. I've actually just sent them a message on Facebook to almost exactly that affect: "Hi Team, Can I respectfully suggest that you move your Charity Corner forum post update to the main news field? Most people were thrown for a loop by the price change on the prize changes, because the first - and often only - place we check for news is... well, the news feed. Certainly it would never have occurred to me to check a random branch of the forums when I never go on the forums unless it's for NC trading. I only discovered the forum post because somebody off site mentioned it. I'd also note that whilst many of us will be pleased with the lowering of prices for prizes, you need to address refunding those who already bought their prizes. It takes a significant amount of time to deposit thousands worth of points at 15 items a go, and those individuals who bought early will be even more disheartened to see their points wasted in this way. (No specific ticket number; I hadn't redeemed my points so don't need refunding. Just a note that there may have been better ways of communicating this change to your players.) Communication is the key thing here and it has been rather lacking in honesty. You could have communicated the anticipated change to the snowball situation six months ago, and your dedicated fanbase wouldn't have spent the time and effort in setting timers and ensuring they visit the Healing Springs as many times a day as possible. Instead it was communicated in a brief FAQ released on the day of the event starting. It wasn't rocket science to realise just how badly that would go over with people who have spent the better part of twelve months actively prepping for this anticipated event. A little communication - proper communication, not a post in an area of the site that most of us don't even know is there a day after the event starts - goes a long, long way. Make your fanbase feel appreciated, because currently I can see a lot of disappointment, anger and resentment leading to people cancelling their Premium and potentially leaving the site for good. Many thanks."
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