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  1. Can't believe this board is still up, made it like seven years ago
  2. Glad to see this thread is still running after all these years. Bought some STFP today.
  3. Im at rank 6 right now, I dont play everyday usually I just max YYB
  4. TNT is definitely tampering with the scores lol two teams get 43 points in MSN and everyone else gets 1 or 0.
  5. Reselling is a great way to make neopoints as long as you resell items that are in demand (ETS) easy to sell items
  6. I forgot to do dailies for the past few days and missed out. Gonna keep looking for a stock at 15 / share today
  7. Yeah I regret selling now :P Its at 91 now but I only had 2k so oh well
  8. SKEI is at 80 I sold last night at 76. Id sell now, 80 is good :)
  9. TPP is at 70 now. I think I'll hold on to it until 75.
  10. I hope you get your accounts back Angelo. Lately Ive been hearing though that newly frozen accounts have automatically cleared galleries. Can't confirm though, good luck.
  11. A board where we can talk about stocks. P.S. IF this board gets popular can it be pinned. ^_^ :D :dance: :happydance:
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