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  1. Yay! Glad we've found another! I was so bummed yesterday when I had a lot of time to play and we were against the practice team. :(
  2. Glad I'm not alone! Doesn't look like we have anyone else here though. :(
  3. I can't believe this thread hasn't been started! I hope I'm not the only one here! With sign-ups ending on the 6th, for some reason I thought the cup didn't start until then! So I started my season yesterday on the 3rd. Oops. Now let's get ourselves out of 11th place! Good luck everyone and have fun!
  4. Officially joined Darigan Citadel (per usual.) The games right now are just practice correct? They don't count towards rank do they?
  5. There's nothing I really do at the moment but a long time ago when I was big into restocking I had a spreadsheet with an average cost of an item, the highest I was willing to pay and the lowest I had ever gotten it for, I loved going through that thing.
  6. I just hate the noise it makes and I almost always forget to turn my volume down. It is strange though, I went three days without it working but it does seem to be working today!
  7. Yeah, expellibox hasn't worked for me in a few days. :( It's my least favorite daily anyways so I'm kind of okay with it.
  8. Yesterday when I saw the reminder to collect your prizes, at first I thought the cup had already started, I got so excited! Oops.
  9. Super excited! It's one of my favorite and least favorite site events. I hate the actual cup game itself, I'm terrible at it, can't score at all but I love Slushie Slinger the other side games. I've missed one or two cups but have never joined any other team besides Darigan Citadel so I will always be loyal to them!
  10. I love the light saber! Everything else is a bit of a pass for me though.
  11. It's the Soup Faerie. "I need your help, please! I'm nearly out of ingredients for making soup. Would you gather a Mega Peagurt Smoothie for me?"
  12. I joined when it was fairly new as well through a banner and eventually lost that initial account from being hacked. I started over pretty quickly afterwards mainly because of my guild though. I was devastated but ended up enjoying rebuilding in the end. I still miss my original pets though. :(
  13. I am the complete opposite. I hated them when I was younger but love them now!
  14. I love all the avocado stuff! I thought it was a cute idea but maybe it's just because of my love for avocados.
  15. I miss my guild as well and all my old neofriends! I wish just a few from my early days on the site still played.
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