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  1. Sorry for such a delayed response! I'm useless at checking neo/related forums ! I'm a teaching assistant at a special needs school
  2. Currently listening to one of my favourite bands, A Day To Remember
  3. Oh no! I'm sorry I've done something similar in the past to my favourite pets lol
  4. Hey lovely I'm very good thank you! Glad to hear things are good. I actually work in education (a school) now so I'm still settling into the new school routine myself aha! Hahaha! I lived in South Yorkshire for 6 years so I was very confused when people suddenly started calling me duck
  5. hahaha I guess "ey up" is Yorkshire! and ditto!
  6. Awww haha! It definitely must have been the energy which brought me back I've missed you!
  7. Hey I'm Lou and I've returned to neopets/TDN after a very long break. I used to be on the TDN news team back in the day! My long break was mostly due to graduating uni/life changes. Hope all is well! Trying to catch up on what I've missed over the past however many years hahaha
  8. The debate that matters ;) hehe. I'm pretty sure this one hasn't been done yet. Cola or Pepsi? Which do you prefer? :D
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