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  1. I'm rooting for you, Mayetra! Hope you get it soon
  2. The Order of the Red Erisim wins! Oops
  3. This is my fourth Navigating the Void book this festival Best of luck to all of you!
  4. I'm using the links, but maybe I should try it manually? Hmmm But that's good to know! Thanks, Jen
  5. This is true, although I do like the tomb avvie more aesthetically. I guess it depends on whether or not we're going for the avvie collector high score table. I'm not, personally, because my account is only two months old, and even if I get every single avatar that is available to me, I'd only have 374 At this point, I'm just shooting for the ones that I actually like.
  6. Here's some bedroom funk for your weekend Star Heart EP - Chad Johnson
  7. Wow, zapping a faerie neopet? What a daredevil! I dunno, looks to me like that guy's ready for spring break ⛱☀ Not gonna like, everybody. This is the third time this week that I've gotten soot
  8. Wow, congrats! That is some crazy good luck Haven't gotten anything yet since I started ~two months ago. Hoping for something soon!
  9. Thanks so much for responding, Nielo and Duma! I appreciate it It makes me wonder what the numerical odds are of getting it Yeah, I've only sucked a couple thousand np on the lever, but from what I've heard, it's a total crapshoot. Wow, that is ridiculous I hope you get it soon, Duma! Surely a 20 year old account deserves that pretty avvie
  10. Hi everyone Is it just me, or do you never get anything from the Deserted Tomb daily? I've been doing it every day since I made my account two months ago, and I haven't ever had a positive result. At this rate, it'll take years to get that avatar! Hope you have a nice weekend Alex
  11. I got the avatar, at least Best of luck with your zaps, everyone!
  12. Wow, that is some excellent luck I keep trying for the stamp, but no such luck yet. Maybe I should just do the Void Negg, since two out of three items sell well (I got the book on the first day and sold it for ~87k). Best of luck, everyone!
  13. Woah! That's fun Good luck with your zaps, everyone!
  14. Does anyone have a Blue or Purple Rock? If so, I'd love to buy it! Let me know
  15. Here's the link to Oxbridge786's pet page
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