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  1. I want to send some pets to a side account because I don't want them on my user lookup anymore but I don't wanna pound them. Apologize if this has already been answered here but I couldn't find it. I've read the rules about side accounts here and on other sites. I'm still NOT CLEAR. How do you trade with your side account if you're not allowed to buy any items on side account to use in trading post? I don't want the pets to starve all the time when I send them to the side but if I can't earn any NPs I have to send them from main, right? Also do you have to use same birthday/info when you signup for side account and will this get your frozen for NOT doing so?
  2. That's what I wasn't clear... I thought they were shutting the Ghoul Catchers servers down. Maybe don't need servers if the app is sending to the website, not sure? Apple keeps history of downloaded apps in store for security reasons to prevent faked apps, very closed source with their code except with the surveillance agencies... If you've gotten the app in the past and currently your OS still supports it can simply "reinstall" from cloud.
  3. I'd heard of the scientology thing. Why neopets would allow these pets to be created only to punish the user is beyond me... FYI Ron_Hubbard the Xweetok account is apparently long inactive... ronhubbard the Buzz account is FROZEN... ElronHubbard the JubJub account also seems inactive. lronhubbard the Eyrie owner "tom cruise" account also long inactive... L_Ron_Hubbard the Lenny long inactive ... lmfao also has pets XENU and XEMU USER lronhubbard long inactive... TNT hesitant to use the purge of accounts (and hence pets) difficult to see why OP was frozen if that was the official reason given all these others... good luck OP!
  4. Ah, okay, thank you! One never knows with neopets!
  5. TL:DR I got my account back the other day after being frozen for allegedly cheating at flash games (I never cheated at anything!) and got all NPs and items wiped... It's all good it's just a game... Trying to get back to stamp collecting nothing in millions ever I've already got the collectible cards that aren't millions. Looking at stock market maybe it seems a little involved. Found I still had Ghoul Catchers on my phone and it still works? I thought it was shut down in Dec. last year... but on Neoboards people are still playing too? Is this against the rules I don't wanna get banned again? Also I got a message logging in: The Penguins are working on a very special mission plan! Our server will be down from 09/07/2021 06:30 AM to 09/07/2021 08:30 AM PST to help them get their plan ready! The Ghoul Catchers servers weren't shut down in Dec. 2020 but will be on the 7th? Please advise; thank you!
  6. Yes, I use Opera, but I can't figure out how to get Shockwave to work in Opera. Wow! 20,000 ads per page? I will look into uBlock Origin, thanks. It seems like something to try. Unfortunately it looks like my account has been frozen. So I can no longer worry about logging in to play games! (For anyone wondering - No, this happened before I was frozen.) I tried a bunch of different browsers to get Shockwave to work. Firefox, Edge, Chrome, Safari, Netscape. I am hoping that TNT gets *ALL* of the games converted to HTML5 eventually anyhow.
  7. I'm using Internet Explorer 11. When I view the site without logging in I can play Flash and Shockwave games. Problem occurs when I go to log into my account the page freezes. It loads up so I can see the top menu, my active pet, etc. But it's completely stuck. I get a banner on the bottom saying it is not responding and the option to "Recover webpage". My browser doesn't completely freeze. I can open a new tab. And when I go back to Neopets in another tab, I'm not logged in. I think this is because Neopets is no longer supporting IE. Maybe it's freezing because of the customization stuff linked to accounts, but when I'm not logged in, I can still play games. How can I find out what's going wrong, and if it's possible to fix it? I'm hoping to be able to play - and send scores - for the Shockwave games. Hopefully TNT will update all of the games including the Shockwave ones in the future.
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