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  2. Welcome to TDN Forums, Kat! And welcome back to Neo! I'm Rissa! I'm a long time player as well! And oddly enough I played and still own my original copy of The Darkest Faerie for the PS2! I never beat the game, but it was fun! ^^
  3. Faerie Crossword Answers - [Play] Daily Puzzle Answer - [Play] Across: 3. alton 4. two 5. blue 8. lampwyck 10. roo 12. gormos 13. sink 15. five Down: 1. altalaphus 2. ant 6. tag 7. acres 9. rock 11. art 14. nova AN MSP Poogle is featured in all the following EXCEPT? Answer: Poogle Racing Prize: 396 NP and MSPP Squirty Toy
  4. Congrats on the haul!! It's always such a pleasant surprise when you get something decent from a goodie bag. I guess these really are worth the hype
  5. If only I knew... What makes me mad about Neopets is these ghouls stealing my NPs... Someone really needs to do something about these rascals! They're climbin' in our windows snatching our NPs up!!!
  6. After reading the Wishing Well Whining posts, I decided to try my luck and spend 1,085,999 NP on 4x Usukicon Y22 Goodie Bag For science! Here we go... Will I regret everything, or celebrate like there's no tomorrow? Alright, first one gives me... Not bad! That's almost half a million NP worth of prizes just from the first one! The second one gave me... Tooth Faerie Usuki Doll and Usuki Veggie Plate Okay... that one's not as good. Net loss on that one. The third one gave me... The same as the first one! I can reuse a screenshot! Not bad at all. Lastly, the fourth one... Caffeine Overload Usuki Bobblehead and Nights in Neovia: The Usuki Doll Mystery NO WAY!!!!! I guess I saved the best for last! That one paid for all of them! So, to recap, I got... Caffeine Overload Usuki Bobblehead x1 Nights in Neovia: The Usuki Doll Mystery x3 Tooth Faerie Usuki Doll x3 Usuki Veggie Plate x1 That honestly went better than I expected it to. Feels good to make up for all those now useless Sticky Snowballs I purchased... Time to price this stuff and put them in my shop!
  7. I did not pick up that Petpet reference at all!!!!
  8. The alternative is to gift a single GBC to that side so you open it and get the boxes on the side...
  9. First time getting the big win! I didn't really believe I could be so lucky until now!
  10. you can, but you need a gift box to do so. the OP doesn't want to invest in NC for her side account to buy a gift box, so she can't move the item. The only other way would be trudy which she can't do on a side account, or for somebody to send her a gift box straight to her side account.
  11. I really like the seaglass foreground, but that's about the only prize from the shop that interests me. I already got the foreground, so I think I'm going to donate enough for a silver trophy (hopefully the points to trophy ratio will be the same as last year) then stop.
  12. Wait does this mean you can't just gift the NC background to the other account?
  13. Hi everyone! My name is Kat and I'm a long time player. I first got into neopets from playing neopets and the darkest fearie, decided to check out the website, and I've been hooked ever since then. My favorite neopets are aishas, but I have a soft spot for kacheeks too. It's cool to see such a big neopets community out there like this one!
  14. Yesterday
  15. I'll put him back on that side then. Thank you. Not a big deal, really, I'll just move one of the others around
  16. I'm sure they're just... re-wiring it... @___@ Don't believe that for one second to be honest. >_< Maybe, to quote Bart Simpson, it was like that when they got here.
  17. OMG i only just saw what these meepits are doing !! They killed a fellow petpet !! RIP
  18. Ahh yes, Habitarium. I miss that game. It was the only way I really earning NPs. Made my first (and probably last lol) 10mill that way. I figured the reason for closing it was a NPs issue and that it was owned by another company. Oh well, maybe one day they will bring it back. I loved KQ too but had a crappy pc and it would be soooooo slow. So I didn't play it all that much. It was still a fun game tho.
  19. I have 3 Hue Brew Potions ; Dyeworks Hue Brew Potion, Dyeworks Celebration Hue Brew Potion and Festive Dyeworks Hue Brew Potion. I basically want to get rid of them cause I have no use for them but not sure if anyone wants them. I have 21 GBs, so sending them over isn't a problem. Im guessing that I can ask for something that is equal to the price of a regular Hue Brew Potion, which is 125NC and the only item really worth it to me is the Lay Ray fortune cookie. So if anyone is willing and able to trade at least the basic HB potion for a Lab Ray cookie that would be great!
  20. thanks for the heads-up sometimes people buy -abit- overpriced items as an encouragement .. i'm hoping for that
  21. Yep, you can do them all daily, but I think sometimes the buffer between when you can fish varies. Sometimes I need to wait 18+ hours between.
  22. LOL well I guess that makes sense. Instead of me starting a new topic, I figured I would just ask it here. Are all 6 pets allowed to do the fishing daily? Cause it seems that no matter what pet I start out with, one of them won't be able to fish. even tho they all fish at the same time and it's been more than 12hrs since the last time. It's really annoying cause I'm trying to get my other pets fishing skill up.
  23. I remember the last Charity Corner when the website was frequently down and there was no checkboxes for the first half. At the time, I didn't know how it could get worse. Silly, naive past Mystery. I've never seen damage control on a live event before.
  24. The ray is fired at randomsilliness... ... and he changes colour to Striped!! 19-9-2020 The ray is fired at darkinvention... ... and she changes colour to White!! you can't see it but it's there .. ok here you go
  25. They'll continue to drop in price as more people win them from the Well, I'm guessing, because right now they're what the majority are wishing for. But I don't suppose they'll drop down too far? According to JN's page the y14 Halloween bag is reasserting its authority now, lol. Not being pushed aside by some whipper-snapper Usukicon bag! *waves cane* That bag's the perennial fave, isn't it. It loses favour briefly for new items, then muscles its way back to the fore. The power of them Alabriss wings! xD
  26. I've found the same item in the regular shop wizard for 270k and someone selling 2 of them for 272k. If you want it to sell, you may need to adjust the price.
  27. My Morning Skincare Routine: https://shrinke.me/xxL2rcnR
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