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  3. Ooh, I do like some of the Woodland Neopets, this round will look awesome!
  4. Maractite Xweetok (Shenoyla) is UFT! Looking for: Faerie Lenny Halloween Bruce Maraquan Usul/Cybunny Woodland Korbat Eventide Usul/Kacheek/Xweetok Island Bruce Royalgirl Blumaroo Plushie Pteri/Kacheek Baby Aisha/Chomby Pastel Xweetok Not fussy about names or stats.
  5. Sent in my entry! I was inspired by the natural look of a certain Woodland Neopet and ended up with a simple but pretty entry, in my opinion.
  6. I love to spend time with my girl. Unfortunately, I don’t have much free time to spend on something else. Therefore, I devote all my free time to my love and we always have something to do
  7. I use different creams to care for my skin and always look good
  8. I want to learn French, it sounds very beautiful and I want to move to live in France
  9. Ray's on a roll! The ray is fired at misterFloo... ... and he changes colour to Eventide!! Time to send misterfloo on their merry way now???
  10. A small win like 12:10 or 14:10 isn't much of a big difference in terms of NP .. would make a difference if it's 20:10 and above .. and it won't be much of a loss if it tanked ..
  11. AAARGH, what you done to me, @Secre! I've just caught myself contemplating buying some 4-point omelettes.
  12. And for the first time in three contests, I'm actually on time in entering!!
  13. Snipped into second at the last moment! Last I checked it was a draw on second place!!
  14. Well, it's a skip day today. So instead of trying to make sensible bets, I've just stuck 1000 per bet on some high end hopes. I lose very little when it fails, but have the potential to make a fortune out of very little!!
  15. Bah haha if only I didn't do Woodland last round
  16. Tressa, you should bet all of the 10 in hopes of getting at least one to pay out. As risky as FC betting is-Garet is the most conservative bettor and makes me feel the safest when it comes to betting. 72:1 was great and their 28:1 yesterday turned into 42:1 for me bc I accidently did the last bet "wrong" and got an extra 14:1 with it. Sometimes my accidents actually pay out? *lol*
  17. Yesterday
  18. Thank you to those who voted for me, and congratulations to the winners!
  19. Loved all the magnificent Meercas! Thank you all for entering, and congratulations to our winners! Check this thread for the info on next round's theme.
  20. If you're new to the contest, or simply want a reminder of the rules, they can be found right here. If you want to send me a screenshot of your entry (instead of the image DTI provides) but don't know how, check out this guide. Current theme: Wonderful Woods Description: Dress up a Woodland Pet any way you want. Entering period: Monday, November 23 - Sunday, November 29 Voting period: Monday, November 30 - Sunday, December 6 If you have any questions about this round, or the Runway in general, just post them here, or send me a message.
  21. Thank you so much! It's good to be back. I am still working towards a whole bunch of dream pets - I have all my side account pets planned out and everything! So it was fun to go back through the list and check whether I still wanted the same pets and see what new colours had been released. Other than that I have a few goals I'd like to achieve, seeing how far I can get in Illusen's Quest, working on my stamp album etc, but for now I'm mostly focusing on building up NP and getting back in the rhythm of everything.
  22. Grr! I'm out of practice, so even if I'd picked the right team, I didn't play ten rounds.
  23. Just what is goin' on with Goob! Is he having an existential crisis or something?? xD What's your logic behind that then, Angelo?
  24. I've gone all out, particularly as Goob has now lost several days in a row it seems more than likely he will win this one... I hope. Providing Goob wins, my expected minimum return is 12:10 which isn't worth it unless I put the full bet into it really. Garet's expected minimum if Goob comes through is 14:10 as he's included a single base bet... which I've ignored in my ever hopeful Lucky chase of 26:1. Now if Lucky wins, I'll get a nice 34:10!! It'll be just my luck though that Orvinn or Stuff-a-Roo win upsetting the applecart as that means I picked the wrong horse to chase...
  25. Given it's a single positive day today Im going to only bet 50K
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