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  1. Yesterday
  2. The Obelisk Guild's gone for Awakened, if anyone's still undecided. :3
  3. The umbrella Academy and Orange is the new black on Netflix.
  4. Crown of Swords by Robert Jordan, I'd say 3/5 as a standalone but 4.5/5 as a continuation. It's part of the Wheel of Time series (the 7th book) and famously the first of the 'slowdown' books where there is more of a focus on world-building and fleshing out characters than on moving the plot forward. I really liked it, but it's not my favorite of the series.
  5. It's in the family Plex library, no idea how it got there.
  6. Nice, I got 2k stolen from me by a pirate...
  7. Yeah, I never do the expensive quests like that one. The reward is very rarely worth it.
  8. Whoa... did it actually work? Sure looks like it. Your Petpet has been transformed. Imagine that. You should come back tomorrow and try again!
  9. Faerie Crossword Answers - [Play] Daily Puzzle Answer - [Play] Across: 3. fyora 4. red 7. ocean 8. bika 11. gormos 13. hat 14. nova Down: 1. eyrieki 2. art 5. acres 6. tag 9. armin 10. bite 12. one 13. ham Which of the following is NOT a lab ray only colour? Answer: Garlic Prize: 321 NP
  10. When you get an error after you update and you click back, the prices you typed in previously are there but the items locations have changed if you sorting them by price and if there are more than 1 unpriced items. So say you have 10 unpriced items, and you clicked back, the prices stays the same but the items locations have changed, so best to always do a f5 to refresh the page. And even tho getting an error after you clicked update, items that you remove are already removed when you click the back button. Page may not refresh when you click back.
  11. haha yeah I find it weird too that it seems so inconsistent for that wheel in particular. Can't use 2 fingers to scroll down on my trackpad when my mouse pointer is hovering over the wheel picture either
  12. So today, while I was pricing my items via shop wizard, I finished what I was doing on the first page which was ordered by ID, but removed a couple of items, and pressed update twice by accident. It gave me an error that said that I was trying to remove something from my shop that wasn't there anymore. No big deal. I went back, and checked the prices of everything which looked like they were still good, and pressed update again. I continued to price more items. Then, I pressed order by price, which took me to my cheapest items, and found out half my items were mispriced! A couple of my high-is
  13. The color is... well, what you would expect of a Custard color. The colors themselves though look a bit odd. The outfit though, is really cool. It's unique and interesting for sure! All around an ok day for the Mynci. As a personal fan of the Mynci though, i wish it was a bit better.
  14. The Clay color looks really good! The shift in dark to light is a bit odd to me, but it's really good for a clay color. The outfit is really pretty, the mane looks a bit bare, but that might just be the color it was accompanied with. Good job all around for the Tonu!
  15. Last week
  16. It sure was, last time I checked votes was I think Friday and there was a 4-way tie. And thank you (and everyone else who gave me a vote)! As soon as I saw that 'Heart in Plain Sight' item I knew I had to base my entry around it.
  17. I didn't realise that there were so many buyable Yooyu's! I seem to have gone for two of the most expensive to start off!! The Plushie, Red, Fire, Green, Blue and regular are all well below one million. The other expensive ones seem to be the Mutant at a whopping 11mil, Water at 3mil, Robot Yooyu at 25mil(!?), Faerie at 18.5mil, Darigan at 6mil. I need to recuperate losses for a little while, but if you're interested in selling I'll buy at market price once I've made make the 3.4mil I just spent!
  18. Thank you to those who voted for me This was another close round My favorite one was the Open Heart Surgery one .. well done .. I secretly wanted it to win first place haha .. but I'm honored to share 3rd place with you
  19. I just did a Fall theme a couple Runways back (the one with the Kau) and I did the Summer one too a while ago so I don't know what I'll do next I'll just wait for last - second inspiration
  20. I have a Red Yooyu and a Fire Yooyu in my SDB They're not very expensive and I believe I bought them for more than they're worth now
  21. Congrats !! That is amazing It's a big NOPE for me today Cheops Plant x3 Dried Apricots x2 Box of Wheat Flakes x2
  22. I finally found a good deal on a Tyrannian Yooyu... I was originally looking at one for a pet, but have since decided on the far more expensive Darigan Candychan... So I now have a cheap as chips Christmas Yooyu and a Snow and Tyrannian Yooyu that make the gallery more expensive at 49 items than my entire 560 strong collection of plushies!!! But he is so cute!
  23. My battle pet now has 9 more hp. Up to 1162 total. Might be a bit excessive given I only use the battledome for Jetsam Ace and the Obelisk.
  24. @jellysundae Well, I'm now on page 43 of my SDB - so just beyond where I got to before, and I have a grand total of *drum roll pleasse* 52,639 points! The top items are Shiny Obsidian with 780, Space Goggle Helmet with 528 and Gorunda the Wise with 512. The top points are Space Goggle Helmet with 3168, Galaxy Energy Drink with 1398 and Helm-Mounted Laser Beam with 1368 points. Meteor Bomb and Space Faerie Cereal aren't far behind. But and this is a big but, I haven't yet reached my Healing Potion XX or the wind up chia thing that I bought hundreds of a couple of days ago!
  25. Faerie Crossword Answers - [Play] Daily Puzzle Answer - [Play] Across: 2. bib 5. web 6. tag 8. art 11. fortune 12. ruki 13. nik Down: 1. altalaphus 2. bbq 3. bite 4. nightmare 7. ant 9. acres 10. benny 11. five What years April Fool's Day joke involved closing down the battledome? Answer: 2007 Prize: 302 NP
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