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  3. Faerie Crossword Answers - [Play] Daily Puzzle Answer - [Play] Across: 2. ball 4. shed 6. dua 8. fortune 9. ham 11. tag 13. arnold 15. alton Down: 1. red 3. leaf 5. haunted 7. art 10. acres 12. nova 14. roo Remarkable Restoratives is a shop run by what Brown Ruki? Answer: Anshu Prize: 305 NP and Anshu Stamp
  4. @jellysundae So ruojk is a How Now Red Kau? Well, at least you can get a milkshake out of this Zap!
  5. Yesterday
  6. Yes, I agree but I wonder why they will chug a Healing Potion. (Your Pet) is already healed but drinks the potion anyway. I know it isn't a med but it does heal.
  7. The ray is fired at ruojk... ... and he changes into a Red Kau!!
  8. Yep, going for Sway this time around.
  9. I seems I didn't have one since it's not in my gallery and I didn't give it away. Sorry. Would you like something else instead? And to which username?
  10. Something tells me she's in mood for Blueberries today
  11. @Granny63020 OK, dear lady-you SWAYED me to your Faction!
  12. the budget is decided by someone, somewhere, who decided to put money towards this instead of increasing the amount on the actual site tho well hopefully what @iloveeevee said is right and it's not going to cost that much
  13. I've yet to have single word success with him... He's just being weird with me. King Hagan listens contently to your words of wisdom... " like the demands of skunk ," you utter astutely. He ponders all that you have said. It seems he is not displeased. That's good. King Hagan Says: Well you're not the sharpest tack in the drawer, but that wasn't too bad. I give you a B! (617 out of 1000) Here is something to help you study. King Hagan hands you: King Hagan He also gives you 86 Neopoints! I guess the extra NP is so I can go buy some soap...
  14. Yeah I've had this experience! It made me very happy that they can't just chug meds at random though! Like Angelo I rarely pay for cures now. I also wait for Ms. Oblivious to heal them, but if she's taking too long I'll use a Cooling Ointment These are GREAT! They're a cure-all, and I get them for free for fighting in the Frost Arena. Same goes for the Warm Amber Ointment from the Pango Palladium Both these potions consistently sell for around 10K, so I keep two on hand, and sell any others that I get.
  15. Well that was sorta what was happening for me. I was ready to do the BD for today (Wednesday) and she kept giving me those bottle potions. So finally I paid to cure. Both of those disease names are so close in spelling.
  16. The ray is fired at Ecrn... ... and he changes colour to Transparent!! Back to the Pound The ray is fired at darkinvention... ... and he changes colour to Ice!! Ice Ice Baby
  17. I've never even heard of Neogitus To be honest I rarely pay money for cures unless the day is coming to an end and I still didn't do my daily battles . The Healing Springs Faerie is sometimes so oblivious that my pet's sick and keeps giving me yellow snowballs ...
  18. So, Legretta_Abyss gets Neggitus from one of the wheels. I spend every 30 minutes or so at the Healing Springs trying to cure her while I'm doing other stuff around the site. No success so I finally broke down, went to the pharmacy and bought a cure. The problem is I tried to cure the wrong disease! I'm trying to cure Neogitus! I have a sight problem anyway and usually increase the zoom to about 120% or better to look closer at things but didn't do it this time. Well what I learned from this is when you try to cure a pet with the wrong meds they don't take it and it remains in your inventory. This was the 1st time for this mistake so I was pleasantly surprised because now I can put it back in my shop and sell it. It cost more than 1000 NP's and the real cure was 10 NP's LOL It's the little things that surprise me and make me the happiest. I'm a simple old woman.
  19. I voted for and joined the Sway because I checked the chat boards and if they are right basing their answers on statistics then it's time for the Sway to win. We'll see
  20. Faerie Crossword Answers - [Play] Daily Puzzle Answer - [Play] Across: 3. thar 4. benny 6. tarla 7. alton 8. nova 10. tag 13. fortune Down: 1. bite 2. acara 3. ten 5. yellow 6. two 9. art 11. ant 12. roo The Huggy can be painted all of the following EXCEPT? Answer: Rainbow Prize: 299 NP
  21. It's Ok, thanks for doing this for us! I'm just glad that this let's me know that you are still around. Hmm... what to pick? What to pick? The Sway... where wealth and power reigns supreme . Awakened...where supernatural eeriness reigns supreme. Or The Order of Red where arrogance reigns supreme . Can you tell that I'm having a hard time choosing?
  22. These were all wonderful! The creativity in each different one was really good, I also liked learning about holidays I've never heard of before!
  23. Which faction are you joining for the 217th round? So, vote! Good luck! You must win in 10 battles each round in order to win the boons Sorry I was so late!
  24. Last week
  25. Everything is budgeted and the money used for apps/tv shows/merch etc won't have anything to do with the money used to hire people or to pay them.
  26. This is so sweet! Is the Darigan Team Crazy Wig still available?
  27. I traded with someone else for Moltara Team Face Makeup, and turned my kacheek into a Team Moltara fan that still thinks it's AC season. Thank you very much for the hat nd the idea.
  28. I'm assuming it's just the cheapest to go to some studio that already makes match games, slap neopets themed art onto their template and call it a day... this might be a tinfoil hat opinion but i just think theyre putting out this poll to claim you, the user, was involved in all of it and that you asked for a match game after all and now they just complied with everyones wishes :))) yeah im not excited for this.
  29. A strong showing for Peophin Day, very nice! Really loving the Dala horse! Thank you for sharing the story behind it, @aleu1986!
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