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  2. Yes! I've seen a screenshot of someone who had both bombs equipped at the same time! Varia is stronger than my constant weapons, but would only be useful for battles where I wouldn't need a major follow-up. Good thing I almost never 2p battle. lol I ended up trading for Shield of Faerieland and the Culture book, So I'll probably go with the 2 TCGs, Varia, and see how many points I have left over. I haven't figured that part out yet. I'd like to have some extra items for "investment" reasons, but that might not happen thanks to how few prize points were available compared to how many awesome prizes there are. I still can't believe they didn't nerf the Feel Better Soup. I mean, talk about taking the air out of the healer market. Species healers and Bag of Healing Dust prices took a hit on that! Don't get me wrong, I'm a budget battler and that's great for people like me who don't make a ton of NP, but it does irk me slightly, considering the price I paid for my Bag of Healing Dust back in the day. lol If they don't nerf Feel Better Soup, I might just keep that and sell off my Bag of Healing Dust to recoup some of that NP, but, we'll see what TNT does or doesn't do with that. If you haven't sold your Parachute First Aid Kit yet, you might wait to sell it until closer to whenever the battle plot breaks out. The prices might be highest for sellers at that point. Good luck getting an H4000 Helmet!
  3. While I'm tempted to take the side of keep as is because stealthy vandas are A++... if you really have your heart set on the baby cybunny, I think you should keep zapping. Even if it takes a while, it'll be so worth it when you finally get that zap!
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  5. False, didn't eat anything tonight/this evening. I was too busy making a present for a colleague. I probably won't eat anything anymore because it's nearly 10 PM. TPBM can't see any stars right now.
  6. So I've been zapping a pet in the hopes of getting a Cybunny. You see, the pets name is LovelyMassacre and that led to this idea: Inspired by Killer Bunnies as you can imagine. Only the last lab zap turned him stealthy and I have to admit, this also kind of fits the name, doesn't it? Plus he does look kinda awesome. Do I zap over the Stealthy and continue hoping for Cybunny... or do I give this one up as a lost cause. Keep him Stealthy and try to think of another name suitable for a killer bunny by April 27th Cybunny Day?
  7. The ray is fired at darkinvention... ... and she changes colour to Camouflage!!
  8. So I've been on off zapping for a Cybunny. I now have a Stealthy Vandagyre. Not quite what I had envisioned in honesty!
  9. Last week
  10. That statement could not be more true. TPBM is eating something right now
  11. Name: Gabrielle Place: Georgia Animal: Giraffe Thing: Goblet
  12. Welcome and nice to meet you too^^
  13. I think the Forget Me Not Foreground is just so cute and pretty, and it's surprisingly cheap!
  14. Considering how inactive I've been lately, I'm sure there are plenty of other contenders for that particular prize!!
  15. It was less a time zone and more a 'didn't log in until I saw the Facebook posts' me, so my own fault, but still annoying! I certainly could have logged in on the evening had I noted the event had started, but just didn't pick it up. Yeah, the PPPB is my favourite - I really want a Faeerie Meowclops and TNT have made that possible!! I'm a habitual procrastinator. So haven't actually spent any points yet! Eh, I can see that. But a little more involved would have been good. Even just a few more elements so it's not just seven days of five clicks would have been good. It is indeed an advert rather than a plot. I suppose you could call it an event if you're being generous. But again, hits inflated items so there's that! You get the points that you can spend in the prize shop. If you found every day, you should have 175 points I believe which can be spent on some decent prizes. If you found some shards on the next day or later, you will have less points. I have 155 as I missed the first half day. Faerie PPPB seems like a better investment than the regular PB currently. Fewer points and selling for the same price. The stamp is a good one. The bomb is also excellent and will likely hold value.
  16. Looks like you can have both Varia and G-bomb as well which is also interesting! I am still contemplating, but I think Bomb, petpet pb and shield may be how I go. Pity I've only got 155 points. I'm 5 points off being able to pick up the stamp as well! The Feel Better Soup was an awesome Advent Prize, wasn't it! I had the Parachute First Aid Kit on, but it blows it out the water! I'd look at getting a freezer - H400 Helmet is a good one.
  17. Well, my good luck continues! Just won a Cloud Paintbrush at the Fruit Machine! I got 2 mill for mine within a day of putting it on the TP, so worth it! My highest fishing level is 230. I have five pets between level 100 and 200 and three pets over level 200. I mostly get junk that I save for a possible return of Charity Corner. The only other decent things I've fished up are Shiny Shoal Shell Shield (sold for 12k at the time, now worth 1k), several Bag of Broken Neopoints (worth about 2k) and 2-6 point items for Charity Corner. This was by far my nicest haul!! It's worth keeping the stuff though. Values range from 1-6 points and they add up to prizes if Charity Corner ever comes around again. The list of prizes and levels can be found here: https://www.jellyneo.net/?go=fishingvortex
  18. Name: Finn Place: Finland Animal: Firefly Thing: Film
  19. False. I have a very nice sleep/waking up pattern. TPBM wished it was weekend already.
  20. Duma

    Last to post wins!

    Try as you might and never give up!
  21. Bump bump bumpity bump I am winning for now
  22. False, but I am about to tell you my McDonald's order: chicken nuggets, fries, and buffalo sauce. TPBM has gotten up in the middle of the night recently.
  23. Name: Emily Place: Ethiopia Animal: Eagle Thing: Electric guitar
  24. True - 2 demented cats that i'm crazy about TPBM is about to tell us what their favorite type of music is
  25. Name: Daisy Place: Disneyland Animal: Dove Thing: Daisy
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