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  1. Yesterday
  2. most of them are in the 200k range so if you play Ghoul Catchers every day and some games here and there you can start a nice collection of them .. except for maybe 2 or 3 more expensive ones next time i knock one down im sending it to you :)
  3. two of my 3 lab petpets are currently Soot .. they don't stay a normal petpet for more than two days .. but each person's experience is different .. at least you have it now
  4. I want you to spoil it. I need all the advance warnng I can get. I still have 4 games to do.
  5. @Yuiina there is still one game left .. I won't spoil the name if you don't want me to , but if it's the game the Boards are talking about , it is crashing on all browsers once you get to a certain score .. so they may change it or remove it completely and end the event with today's game
  6. Whoa... did it actually work? Sure looks like it. Your Petpet has been transformed. Imagine that. LOL This is the derpiest thing I've seen in a long while
  7. Yessssss!!!!! I finally got this avatar checked off!
  8. Is it today the last day? Or is it tomorrow? Or when is it? xD
  9. So getting your petpet transformed into a pile of soot is quite frequent then xD
  10. I got the avatar recently and I think that's entirely down to @Robin Hood and @Rayd1978's combined luck spreading around, as I hardly EVER remembered to play this game. So stalk 'em both a bit and see what it nets ya! 馃槒
  11. I didn't even bother with AAA again because it was starting to get on my nerves. Besides, I couldn't have gotten the avatar. I only had 13 AAA scores going into this one. Whoops! Oh well, there's always next year. 馃檪
  12. i was dreading Nova Defender but 230k isn't so bad .. last year or the one before it was 750k points .. anyway if you follow JN youtube video guide it is very much doable .. i got the score (244 +) but not the way i wanted there's something about the bonuses i don't understand .. some people get 50k+ points in level 1 but i get 35-40. i ended level 2 with 207k points with only 1 life left and i had to go in level 3 Kamikaze style .. i'm lucky i got enough points to purchase the second weapon upgrade and i just went to the middle and started shooting like crazy and somehow i got the score i also tried to lose a life in level 1 and raised my level 1 score to about 80-90k .. that almost got me the score in level 2 but i lost my second life in the level (3rd overall) in a stupid way (my mouse got stuck) and the game ended at 228 points .. so that's something to consider as well
  13. to be honest i think you should've gotten it sooner i can't wait to get AAA Avatar myself when they give out DD prizes
  14. So many entrants! The bacon-eating Plumpy wall clock in #14... 馃槀 I've never spotted that on that background before. Seriously, can you imagine? A clock that wouldn't tell you the time unless you kept it constantly fed with bacon; the artist who had that idea must have laughed themselves silly whilst drawing that. 馃ぃ I'm interesting in the grand hallway you can see through the doorway there. That's some fancy-shmancy house to have smelling of bacon constantly. xDD Loving the POP of #11 It really hits you, right in the eyeballs! and then you read the story... Also #2 really has me thinking... candy canes GROW where it's snowy?? Someone needs to try this out.
  15. ughhh I want this avatar so bad! I think it might be my dream one I'd consistently use. here's to hoping I'll have some of your luck if I play every day @Robin Hood also I love those coconut designs - evil yet cute. I might start a collection. some day. when I'm rich and famous and stuff.
  16. I agree with @Angel贸 and @Scoobert_Doo! That color is stupendous! Snow is snow :) The outfit is quite adorable and has nice colors as well
  17. Faerie Crossword Answers - [Play] Daily Puzzle Answer - [Play] Across: 6. lavaghoul 7. tag 8. geb 11. extreme 12. mallard 13. one 14. eyrieki 15. set Down: 1. faerieland 2. roll 3. ball 4. battledome 5. bot 9. pen 10. clouds What keeps Princess Lunara happy these days? Answer: Wearing her lapis amulet Prize: 490 NP
  18. 11 is hilarious! As well as 14.
  19. well they call her "Assistant Meerca" so she's like a secretary or a librarian :)
  20. Yes. Neo seems to have been down for the past 15-20 minutes. It seems to be up, now, but is very slow (laggy) bringing up pages.
  21. Is anyone else having "issues" with Neopets today, August 19th? How are we supposed to complete Daily Dare if we can't have access to their site? I can't believe we are still struggling with this!!!馃槫
  22. Last week
  23. "I wish there was a way to know you're in the good old days before you've actually left them."
  24. I have to agree with @Angel贸. The Marble is really, really, good. And the holly on the Snow is a "nice touch". The outfit looks "Neovian", to me, or rather, a Meerca could fit in nicely, if in Neovia. Looks like she could be related to The Crumpetmonger salesperson.
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