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  2. isn't Santa Claus dutch ? he's the most famous folk tale in history also googling i found these , which all look amazing and I'm going to read them all , especially the first one because I always want more cheese Dutch Fairy Tales, Folk Tales and Fables The Boy Who Wanted More Cheese. The Boar with the Golden Bristles. The Cat and the Cradle. The Curly-Tailed Lion. The Entangled Mermaid. The Farm That Ran Away and Came Back. The Goblins Turned to Stone. The Ice King and His Wonderful Grandchild. The Kabouters and the Bells. Also I believe La Fontaine qualifies ... I love his fables
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  4. Faerie Crossword Answers - [Play] Daily Puzzle Answer - [Play] Across: 3. two 5. chokato 6. armin 8. bearog 10. tag 12. bite 14. moehog Down: 1. rock 2. snot 3. tarla 4. roar 7. meow 9. extreme 11. wings 13. geb Which glue will help you make your craft indestructible? Answer: Strong Forever Glue Prize: 299 NP
  5. Same guy Yesterday Today Whoa... did it actually work? Sure looks like it. Your Petpet has been transformed. Imagine that.
  6. Since Halloween is my favorite Holiday I've read a lot about it. What I understood from it is that the costumes had two purposes. 1. Try and make deceased family comfortable, make them feel that they still belonged 2. Ward off spirits/ghosts with evil intentions. If you dressed like beings from the other realm, your own family wouldn't feel weird or ashamed and would appreciate all the effort. And at the same time the evil ones would only try and posses living humans. So if you dressed up like a ghost or a faerie (a being that crossed the realms too) they would leave you alone. The light of the carved turnips would guide the spirits to their families homes and the "trick or treat" part was actually food aka "treat" you would prepare for your deceased family. If you didn't make them feel comfortable they would get angry and haunt your house (this is the "trick" part). If your ancestors were happy and content they would quietly go back to the other side as other realm closed again. If you made them angry they would resist it and be stuck in our realm and continue to haunt you, your family and house. I myself do not believe in ghosts but I very much respect how they would honor the deceased and I'm a bit sad that we lost the original celebration and now that it's coming back from the USA it lost so much of it's origin. Seems that most people forgot the main aspect: honor the dead. It doesn't matter if you believe in a heaven or not, what religion you have or whether or not you're an atheist. Everyone has ancestors or maybe friends and family that died. Just thinking about them and respecting them once in a while is a nice thing to do. I'm not saying every country should go out for "trick or treat"-ing or celebrate Halloween as it's being celebrated now and I do believe most countries have a way of honoring the dead so it's all good. I for one am happy it came back but I'll just celebrate it in honor of the original meaning. I have Celtic blood running through my veins so I might as well honor it a little. So, IF I have time to carve, I'll carve a turnip.
  7. I think a lot of the more innocent dressing up came from people that don't like the dark intonations of said holidays. Myself being a Christian, Halloween themes can tend to be dark, Though I'm not going to lie, I love myself a good scary movie or haunted house, but I've never been a big blood and gore person. As someone said before it's origin is actually of Celtic descent and not of American/US, but it actually started as a way to ward off ghosts. They'd light bonfires and wear costumes to get rid of them. The part about honoring the dead I think has a more Spanish/Mexican descent. But like I said, as far as it goes for me and I know for a lot of Christians or people of faith (IF they even celebrate it) the nicer costumes is way for us to participate without having to go against our beliefs and have to partake in the blood and gore. My mother was never big on the haunted aspect, we weren't allowed to go into Haunted houses or watch scary movies growing up (oh lawdy, hope she doesn't see that I kind sorta have done that and like some of them! lol), plus dressing up is just so much fun! Me being a cosplayer myself (Someone who dresses up as their favorite characters or makes costumes and goes to events throughout the year) Halloween just gives me another reason to dress up as something super neat and show off my costume making abilities @Yuiina Not all of us can afford a ticket to another country and "enjoy the ride" and to downvote people's creativity just cause it's not spooky seems mean. Just because something isn't spooky doesn't mean it's not Halloweenie, as said before Halloween costumes didn't necessarily have a spooky origin. I doubt the Celts were running around like a murderous Clown trying to eat children (just saying). Me being someone that likes to cosplay, as I said above, Halloween is a wide event in which it's almost free to participate in, having to buy a ticket to every convention and event that's not Halloween just because I don't want to wear a spooky costume is too expensive and I can't say a lot of people wouldn't be able to afford that. I don't think it's entirely fair to also say kids should be excluded from an event in which they can get some goodies just because they don't want to dress in the bloody and gorey, or spooky aspect of Halloween. I guess it also depends on the way your were raised but seeing kids running around as witches and serial killers or killers from movies just makes me sad. I would much rather see them dress as their favorite character, heck even a Disney Villain would be much less demonic then Freddie or Jason (which I will never understand why you want you kid dressed like that! (not you but the world haha)) 🙂
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  9. King Hagan listens contently to your words of wisdom... "You can do a lot worse than success like the agility of a speedy Scamander," you exclaim cleverly. He ponders all that you have said. Well, it could have been worse. What can be worse than the Money Tree being full of Scamanders? King Hagan Says: I'm not dense, youngin'. I already knew that! I'll give you 42 Neopoints for the effort, though. Perhaps a bit of studying will help you before you return tomorrow. Well, you're so WISE, tell me how to catch one!
  10. 8th Mosaic Grarrl Attempt: The ray is fired at Besloor... ... and he loses 3 defence points!!!! El Champion shall now be known as El Champion. How nice. Yeah, okay. 9th Mosaic Grarrl Attempt: The ray is fired at Besloor... ... and he doesn't change at all 😞
  11. 🤣 A - Don't like ANY of 'em, TOO MUCH PURPLE. B - I still like the one with the hearts topiary best, but #2 is a close second. The others are also too much of the same palette, or she's obscured by the fence. C - the fence obstruction doesn't bother me with this batch, interesting... 🤔 a lot of too much purple again with these, I like 1 or 2 best D - Definitely 4 or 8, those curtains are hideous, I DETEST items that block a great chunk of the picture, AND, leave a gap at the sides. 4, I think, the mist looks magical, and adds more contrast than the forget-me-nots. You seem to like tonal combinations far more than I do, I'm very much the opposite, as you MAY have noticed.
  12. What bothers me is that my mind can't choose between all the these options: > http://www.neopets.com/~Lytivia < WARNING! There's chance you might lose your mind by entering this link (Don't tell me I didn't warn you )
  13. That's what I thought! I don't remember learning, back on 5th grade, about Trick-or-Treating on my English class! Halloween from the UK seems more fun in my opinion. I'm not a fan of Trick-or-Treating. That's so cute Feeling depressed already... Absolutely loved the Guy tradition and the kids' faces are priceless. 👍 Thank you for that! On jellyneo's Halloween Contest I downvoted every entry that was not spooky or dark. Sorry but I don't think that dressing as your favorite characters from pop culture is Halloweenish. This is super easy to fix. Like to cosplay? There are events for that. Like to dress as like sailor, pirate, barbie, mermaid, sandwich, etc.? Make costumes parties and such. Or! Buy a ticket to Portugal or Brazil and enjoy the ride xD Just don't mix those ups with Halloween.. it doesn't make sense. Speaking of Carnival in Portugal, there is something that "upsets" me. You are familiar with Rio de Janeiro's Carnival. People dancing Samba half-n&ked women with glorious outfits. Right? For many years, Portugal's Carnival was all about having fun and dressing randomly like this Can you guess what's happening more and more in the latest years? BINGO! It's turning more and more like Brazil one. But there's something people don't think of. While the Carnival in Brazil happens in their summer, here in Portugal it happens in our winter. If you want to get sick, all you need to do is go dance Samba here during Carnival Yes, it even hurts to look at them Yeap... yeap, we are.
  14. Tarla is up! http://www.neopets.com/freebies/tarlastoolbar.phtml Good luck ;)
  15. I'm not really interested in getting one, I want the normal Money Tree stuff back. 🤣
  16. HAHAHAHA, tell me about it, I doctored your words as they do it with anything they can think of here (red velvet cake as an example, that's 100% an American cake, but it's everywhere here now) but Hallowe'en's got to be the biggest thing. In the UK Hallowe'en has always been a thing, because of those ancient Pagan roots. But trick-or-treating? Nope. That's a modern import. We also spell it with an apostrophe, at least people of my generation and older do, I'm guessing the American way will have infiltrated the Millennials and younger. But we've never really celebrated/ackowledged it much in modern times. I remember making spiral snakes out of black sugar paper to hang from the ceiling when I was in my first year of primary school, these dudes. But they never taught us WHY, it was just Hallowe'en so this is what you did... I've no idea why we call the stuff we used sugar paper, pretty sure it's what's called construction paper in the US, but sugar paper it is! But yeah, that's my sole recollection of doing Hallowe'en stuff during my life-time! Kids NOW, I'm very sure, do the trick-or-treating thing, but this is entirely supermarket-driven. The supermarkets are forcibly changing the UK's culture solely in the name of profit. Welcome to the 21st century... The pub next door to me goes all out for Hallowe'en, decorating the front of the building and encouraging patrons to dress up. Because pubs are a dying breed in this country now, since smoking in them was banned basically, and the supermarkets (again) sell alcohol so much cheaper, so like the supermarkets other establishments use as many holidays - ours or anyone's! - as they can to drum up business. So there'll be some interesting sights out of my window in a few weekend's time. 👀 So yeah. In the UK Hallowe'en is an ancient thing that is mostly ignored by the modern population, we pay FAR more attention to Bonfire Night 5 days later. But then all kids get taught about Guy Fawkes and the gun-powder plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament at school, so it's embedded in everyone's minds, and, well, there's fireworks!! Kids used to make their own "Guy" - out of sacking and stuffed with straw, a scarecrow basically - to throw on their own bonfire, and they'd wheel him around in a barrow before the day, asking "penny for the guy" to buy their own fireworks with. Our version of trick-or-treating! Candy?? Nooo, we burn an effigy on a fire! The whole guy thing doesn't really happen any more though, for all kinds of reasons, health and safety fears being foremost. Look at these cheeky monkies though with their price increase xD See the cost is 3d, so this is pre-decimalisation in 1971. I don't know why pennies then were d instead of p, so I looked it up! The pre-decimal penny (1d) was a coin worth 1/240 of a pound sterling. Its symbol was d, from the Roman denarius. Ok then, now we know! @Yuiina I LOVE your grandma analyzing everyone else's Broas. 🤣 and @midnight_spell360 another example of your mum being the bad-[word I can't say on here] ninja that she is! 😁 OH, and the dressing up thing. People here are still far more inclined to go for the spooky/creepy costume than just ANY costume. These are the costumes being sold by the supermarket I shop with. Pretty standard stuff with a slight step sideways for the dead American footballer, bit bizarre xD and the "scare queen" which is random but kinda cool. That pumpkin dress is exactly the same as that awful Frillkin Korbat Dress... But these costumes... they epitomise today's culture, don't they. Poor quality fast fashion (polyester from China) that's gonna get worn once then likely disgarded. it MIGHT be saved for younger sibs, it MIGHT go into a dress-up box (do kids still do that?) but it's all junk. Making their own costumes from old clothes would be so much fun, but I imagine there'd be the modern issue of being bullied/ridiculed for not having store-bought. : / Humans are horrible.
  17. Good luck actually getting one. The odds are about the same as not getting wet during a rainy downpour with nothing above your head.
  18. It's THIS day again! But the Money Tree is FULL of them, which I don't remember seeing on previous years. And they don't seem to be going away?? Have things been changed? Can anyone remember from other years? I know I've only every seen one of these dudes at a time amidst all the other stuff before.
  19. Faerie Crossword Answers - [Play] Daily Puzzle Answer - [Play] Across: 2. card 3. wrath 4. one 5. pink 6. art 10. bearog 13. alton 14. bite Down: 1. roar 2. chokato 7. hidden 8. benny 9. ball 11. roll 12. geb Which glue will help you make your craft indestructible? Answer: Strong Forever Glue Prize: 299 NP
  20. A friend on the Shenkuu board leant me a dolly to play with. Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Queen Fyora' as an avatar on the NeoBoards!
  21. I like the options that don't cover her feet up. I wonder if that's part of what bothers you about certain items? Though the fence does look nice... I like the option with the butterfly flowers (I can't remember what those are called, but I particularly like the (lovely?) topiary. I like how the tallness of them acts as a frame. DTI's broken again now. The security things are happening on neo again, so figures. 😞
  22. Right?! I was so excited when I noticed what it could do I don't like the single color eye Unis have. I like how Gen looks with them on too! Ahahahaha I really thought it would be Shrubbery I've been studying some options... I'm making myself crazy ain't that stupid? So far, I played around with the Gazebo background I dislike my mind on many occasions sigh
  23. @jellysundae When I said that I didn't mean about the latest years but the latest weeks since October started. Was my mistake I noticed every pet in this October had new cloths allusive to Halloween and I wouldn't be happy if that would happen from now on to all the rest. Those YEAAAAAH named cloths are just They absolutely nailed it!
  24. There's conversation (complaining, natch) on Board 7 about this exact thing. It IS a problem though if a pet whose day is at a particular seasonal time ends up with a LOT of their outfits relating to that season. And, conversely, for the pets whose days fall at other times of the year, if they have very little seasonal stuff. I've just looked through the Eyrie-specific stuff on DTI, there is a fair bit of costume-y stuff, but it's not excessive. I'm gonna check out the out the Korbats and see how they fare as their day's right before Hallowe'en! ... Not bad! On the whole no excess Hallowe'en stuff There's this hideous dress and hat from 2016 Hair's the only decent part of this set. This is 2017's, not Hallowe'en-y This is last year's. Creepy costume, but separate bits useable on they own.See the habit of all the clothes being one item was going on at this point. I am VERY amused by the Horatio Caine outfit... 🤣
  25. Take it .. I don't care .. I have tons of it
  26. he is so cute Whoa... did it actually work? Sure looks like it. Your Petpet has been transformed. Imagine that.
  27. I think so, for example, I checked the past few Wocky days and they've had xmas related outfits. At least they can wear the non-species-specific spooky clothes!
  28. Relic and Wrath are good colors. At least they aren't poorly made. Outfit is impressive!! My favorite piece is the hat/wig. I'm just wondering something... the October species days have all released Halloween related outfits and, even if they're all incredible, I wonder if only they deserve spooky outfits. What about all the other species that haven't their day in October?! And what about December ones? Will they all be related to Christmas?!
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