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  2. I love the colors in the pastel, but is it just me or are the lines not very... clean? Like, the outline looks pixely.
  3. THAT IS A GORGOUES PASTEL! It looks so different from the other ones. Almost like a sunset!
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  5. Faerie Crossword Answers - [Play] Daily Puzzle Answer - [Play] Across: 2. glubgar 3. bib 5. tag 7. web 8. neovia 10. two 11. airax 13. acres Down: 1. ruki 3. bbq 4. bite 6. armin 8. nova 9. one 12. rock What other event was being done in corrdination of Altador Cup III? Answer: Neovision Prize: 305 NP
  6. The ray is fired at pizzadeliveryguy... ... and he changes colour to Strawberry!! Whoa... did it actually work? Sure looks like it. Your Petpet has been transformed. Imagine that.
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  8. Does anyone know when they will have all the results? I was thinking they may have already finished their calculations or whatnot. If these so called cheater groups are found guilty what type of consequences do they face? Are *All Star Groups* considered to be cheaters as well What is JS I would like to read more about this. +
  9. The marble is absolutely gorgeous!
  10. Do different things happen on the days for pets? Tbh I have never really noticed the dates
  11. I got enough gift boxes but would be keen to swap these items for something interesting; I love backgrounds atm and wings are always fun but don't have any preferences. Probably easiest to contact me via neopets at pruedamon I have Fyora Wig, Pretty Purple Pinwheel Staff, Staff of the Space Faerie and Mayor of Moltaras Mustache that I would be happy to swap.
  12. I pounded these guys recently if anyone is interested in my zapping efforts https://pets.neopets.com/cp/6m8mhc92//4.png Name Triwiel the Daigan Jubjub https://pets.neopets.com/cp/7t5fowrg//4.png snufflesgirl the Gold JubJub https://pets.neopets.com/cp/qfzvqj2o//4.png ChocolateMarbleCake the Glowing Wocky https://pets.neopets.com/cp/x7c5f83n//4.png pufferfishy_bob the Silver Meerca edit- the pictures aren't loading for me at the moment
  13. Faerie Crossword Answers - [Play] Daily Puzzle Answer - [Play] Across: 1. art 3. ruki 5. fyora 6. green 8. anshu 9. nova 11. ham 12. bite Down: 1. airax 2. two 4. kauvara 5. fortune 7. tag 10. verb 12. bbq Who runs the Petpet Protection League? Answer: Weltrude Prize: 302 NP and Faerieland Petpet Shopkeeper Stamp
  14. Meridell for one ... and JS are saying Darigan and Brightvale as well Not all of them are cheaters .. the ACG (all cheater group) and ASG (all star group) work differently .. the ACG use bots and they even managed to bypass the captchas this year ... again ...
  15. I think sign-ups end during the first week of play/first week of June. I might be wrong on that. But yeah, it stinks when IRL takes over. I only got... I think 92 games in this year. Won 'em all, but I really wanted to get further than rank 4! My staff Cup score should at least be respectable. My score with that is usually around or over 32,000 points. As for the AC prizes, I doubt it, but I hope I have JUST enough points for this year's AC stamp. Doubtful, but one can hope. Good luck with the AC next year alola9! If you don't mind me asking, do you know which team you'll sign up with? Just wondering. I always go with Maraqua. For better or worse. lol
  16. What teams did the cheaters join this year? And really, how many cheater groups are there?
  17. if they nerf the cheaters then we are all going up in the ranks
  18. I know we'll probably get bumped unless they calculated the final round differently. I think there's talk of nerfing teams with cheater groups too. Anything can change, but for right now I'm enjoying 4th place even though it might not last. We did extremely well in the finals!
  19. @Granny63020 it's always a pleasure There are no dumb questions , only dumb answers .. I'm really happy to help
  20. Happy July everyone, and hope you had a nice Canada Day or 4th of July if you celebrate either one of those. A few days late (I was caught up on the Altador Cup craziness), but here's the foods my pets chose this month: Now Hootenandy's picking the unusual foods this time. Strawberry and Cheese is not what you consider an ideal summer treat. Asides that, everything else is fine.
  21. I’m the same! I’ve had an account for 20 years and have found my way back to see what’s new. Have you found anything new that’s interested you?
  22. Faerie Crossword Answers - [Play] Daily Puzzle Answer - [Play] Across: 3. tag 5. alton 6. lamp 8. bite 11. sink 12. fortune 13. art 14. advent Down: 1. campfire 2. ant 4. ham 5. acres 7. arkmite 9. nova 10. mud Who is in charge of capturing Petpets to be sold at the Rock Pool? Answer: Flotsam Hunter Prize: 501 NP and Flotsam Treasure Seeking
  23. Actually, it still says July 3rd on the rules page. And if you go to staff tournament it even mentions July 5th! I'm guessing it's just when the prize shop opens but they sure mislead us by saying July 3rd. I bet everyone would have expected to be able to level up until Sunday. (With Sundays being bye days maybe not Sunday itself, but at least Saturday). Source: https://www.neopets.com/altador/colosseum/rules.phtml
  24. @Duma Thank you so much! Indeed it is a long time, and when I wrote it out for this post, I was surprised myself haha!
  25. AH HA! Bad girl! No, I'm kidding. I realize mistakes happen. I was disappointed though. I could have been Rank 12 although the best I've done in the past was a participation metal and I believe last year I did Rank at 1. WOOHOO! So, this yer with the help of Angelo and everyone else on the TDN forum I managed to get to Rank 11 so I am proud of myself for that. Next year I will be so ready that I may actually make it all the way to Rank 20! I could not have gotten to the Rank of 11 had it not been for my dear friend Angelo personally helping me all the way since the beginning. He answered all personal messages with all the the dumb questions I asked. Poor guy put up with a lot but remained patience and explained to me whatever I asked. I'm not a rookie anymore! lol
  26. Nah it's my fault. I'm not entirely sure where I got July 3rd from after reading this as I'm unable to view the FAQ page. My guess is they didn't update last years FAQ to this years and I got it from there?
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