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  1. Turmaculus The king of all petpets is sleeping... can your petpet wake him up?? You have awoken the great Turmaculus... and now your pet is a little stronger thanks to Turmaculus!!!
  2. Have you tried to use the fountain again? Just wondering if it was working for you now.
  3. lol, poor Frank! I don't foresee a petless account but the question crossed my mind. Since it seems that this was also a long time ago for you is it possible that times have changed or do you think it remains the same? When Nielo referenced her account it was an older account as well. I can see not being able to do anything with the account. P.S. Do you still have Frank?
  4. I had the same problem when I was trying to create side accounts. I could not go forward until I had a pet for the account. Of course Neo makes small changes that we sometimes don't notice right away. This being one of the little things that may have gone un noticed. I wonder if you know what may happen if an account that does have pets and if all were adopted out will the account no longer exist or just remain until you add pets? Since the one you describe is an older account I am referring to a newer created account. I'm not going to test it, I'll just keep a pet in each account I have to be on the safe side.
  5. I know there are many a pets on this site that need forever homes. I take pets from The Lost and Pound (Certified Fan Site). I try to adopt one of the oldest pets I can find that has been stuck in the pound the longest and change them into pets I think others may want. I have 4 side accounts that have pets I have been zapping and are ready to go to new homes. Not all 4 accounts are full but the time has come to offer these pets to others. I can't tell you if the names are good or not because I never knew the difference. I just take them and give them new identities. Since there are so many I do not want to clog up this forum with a picture of each one so I'm asking that you please go to my side accounts listed below and if you want any one or more of these pets message me on Neo @ granny63020 and I will transfer the pet to you. If your account is not old enough to have a certain pet I can hold that pet until it is. Thanks for taking a look. zapped_pets_1 zapped_pets_2 Zapped_pets_3 zapped_pets_4
  6. I too adopt pets. I go toa Certified Fan Site of Neo, The Lost and Pound I adopt old of the oldest pets that has been stuck in the pound and I zap them into something special that I believe others will like. I have 5 accounts, 4 plus my main. I have adopted out many a pet that was once lost. I'm glad you are adopting pets. I wish others would not create they then abandon them but it is all part of the game or we wounldn't be able to do it. I don't re pound the ones I change but look for them new homes. I couldn't tell you if any of them are good names because I don't know the difference in a bad or good name. I do see some that others have obviously named after themselves, a friend, maybe a family member, (or that is what it appears it is to me. Maybe not. Anyway kudo for taking them out of the pound.
  7. If you all take a look at this picture that Angelo posted you may like the cape/robe better. I think this pet looks great in it.
  8. Wow! The Battle Faerie! That was a great ending. I always like getting quests from her.
  9. Well, I guess this is the last day. I had hoped to receive more FFQ but maybe Neo was reading the boards of people complaining they were getting too many and they stopped giving them out. Still wish I had gotten at least 1 more but, Oh K SARA SARA. Today the quest was for the Water Faerie and she wanted a Unguberry Elixir. I found one for 2500 NP's but when I clicked it it was gone. So, the next best was 2999 NP's still not a bad price. Here are the results. Good luck to everyone on this final day! Oh, I also forgot to mention that I did get all of the Crafting Faerie items. I was happy with the items but only happy enough to buy just one of each item. Faerie Quests You have completed a quest for Water Faerie. "Oh thank you. That was far from a positive experience." For your efforts, Legretta_Abyss's defence has increased!
  10. Oh goodness! I think I'll pass on this quest today. I appreciate you looking for me. I'm wondering what in the world happened to all of the Voidberry Potion's? OK, I refused the quest then used the SSW to search the item. It does seem there are not many available in the shops. The SSW lists the top 10 lowest prices and came up with only 4 results so that means there wasn't even 10 to list. Here are the results. Searching for 'Voidberry Potion', matching 'Voidberry Potion'... Owner Stock Price mikh26 1 974,999 NP lookidontcare3 1 975,000 NP kaenguyen 1 994,500 NP reliving_chaos 1 999,999 NP
  11. Can someone please search this item and see what you come up with? I have no plans on paying this amount for an Air Faerie quest lol. Please and Thank You. Today my quest is for the Air Faerie and she asked for Voidberry Potion. I have refreshed the shop wizard no less than 25 times and each time it comes up I did not find anything. 😞 Please try again and I will search elsewhere! The 1st time it came up with the price of 942,754 NP
  12. Yes you did! I noticed you and Angelo both got a Water Faerie quest. I noticed you both had an increase in Defense. What I want to know is yours says Defense has increased and Angelo's says his Defense increased by 3. Yours also says Tatofase's defence has increased and Angelo's says Reward: +3 defence points for your active pet. Do they just word it differently and yours increased by 3 or do they sometimes award different stats for the same Faerie?
  13. Fire Faerie asked for a Corn Brush that I got for 1020 NP's. Faerie Quests You have completed a quest for Fire Faerie. "Gone. Oh that feels so much better. I can feel that fire return." For your efforts, Legretta_Abyss's strength has increased!
  14. I just put Midnight Cat in to search to see her not it came up as Sorry, nothing containing 'midnight cat' was found. Please try again. I am obviously using the wrong name but your side bar has no neo user name. I am surprised you said Candy. L_G was Candy before I painted her and she was blue and white stripped which is part of the reason I wanted a new colour for her. I just went to the Rainbow Pool and looked her up. I love the Candy colour for the Zafara. I wish it had been something similar for my pet.
  15. Glad you got a second one and are able to change things up! What is the colour she will become? Although I don't know I sure like it and the customization too. I like all the sparkle. Can you post a picture without the clothing?
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