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  1. Thank you both for your input. I will probably rename the shop the same. Since that message I haven't put anything in my shop and I normally try to stay close to full. Right now there is room for 226 items and I can hold 830. I've had replies from good old Rico in the past, sometimes so often that I thought he was the only one working on member complaints. I still haven't received a reply about CC points. They must have got a lot of the same complaints about the same issue because I saw they added bold type to the perks and my issue was in bold type. The bold type did not appear in the perks until after I had a problem though. I'll never see those 2100 perk points again, they won't give them back (my opinion) so I should just move on. Thanks for looking at the shop hope you don't get frozen from association (JK). I don't know anything about HTML then or now and don't care to learn. I was happy but I'll get use to the white background. I would have thought if the shop looked funny or couldn't be seen, whatever that I would have seen it when I would view it as a member, not owner, and with being sure to have all NP and items names in white I actually liked it a lot and that's why I never changed or went looking for anything else to replace it. Boy, I have visited shops that the background was so dark and the item and cost was written in black so I would have to highlight the entire page just to read it. Also I just remembered, since my eyesight seems to be getting worse as I get older I had increased the font size up either on or two above the normal font size to make it even easier to read. Well, I trust in the opinions offered from the members on this group and that's why I posted in the first place. You have made me feel better about carrying on with my shop so I guess I should get busy and put some items in it to sell!. Thanks again for the help. Back during the CC event I got a profanity message from them and I disected the entire message I was trying to send and the only word that I found to be profane by their standards was sticky snowballs. I had to type it sticky snow b a l l s for my message to go through. They are watching me!
  2. I can't give you any information as to the link of the background. All I remember I will tell you though I have had the same background the entire 7 1/2 years. I remember I had a dragon as a visitor counter on the left side of the page under the name. I also had a medium blue background. All wording of the items and pricing were white so it was easy to read ans no eye strain. I remember when I was looking for backgrounds to set up that I searched through neopets to find it. What I can't remember is what where or how I had got there. I do know that since I was setting up a new account that I stayed within the rules of NP's because I wanted to be cautious (and still am) of not breaking the rules. It was just blue, no sparkers, glitter falling snow. Nothing fancy just a medium solid blue color. The dragon visitor counter did breathe flames. The description (wording) was also simple saying something like ALL YOU NEED! Hey maybe that's the item you were looking for right down there!. I don't think it had any animation like I have seen in other shops where it had a finger pointing down. I didn't have that cause I didn't know how or where to get that. So, it was all wording except the dragon. Glad you don't think I need to close my shop. I won't put a background or a description on there. Everything can be white. They even removed the name of my shop on my look up page and called it granny63020"s shop. It was named ALL YOU NEED! (just like I typed it). Why would they change the name of my shop? Is that bad as well?
  3. Hi I could use some help in deciding whether to close my shop or not. I was a member of neo for about 6 years, closed that account because I just didn't have the smarts to keep it as a side account and started fresh 7 1/2 years ago. So, when I started this account I started a Gallery and opened a shop all within the first month so the gallery and shop have existed since the biginning. Other than changing the background of the shop I haven't made any changes. I put stuff in and that's about it. I don't change the description or the shop keeper or fool around trying to make it prettier. As I said it's been the same since the beginning. I don't understand or know how to make HTML, I never had a problem seeing the prices and I'm sure the description said the name of the shop and then something like * Hey, isn't that the item you were looking for right down there? I never wrote a long story or some big description of what I sold or anything other than what I quoted to you all in this message and with the fact that it has said that same thing for 7 1/2 years I don't know why I got this message. I don't want my account to be frozen. I have worked very hard saving NP's, my gallery, stocks, and well you all know how much work is put into some accounts day after day. So I thought maybe if I closed my shop it would solve any problem that Neo may have with me and they wouldn't freeze my account. I really would appreciate advice so I thought I would come here before I actually did shut it down. I sell a lot and it is very profitable, most days more than 100000 + Thanks so much for any input. So the other day I log in and I see this... [theneopetsteam] The Neopets Team » Make this user your Neofriend Sent: 12/7/2019 07:06am Folder: Inbox Subject: Official Warning from The Neopets Team Message: [Report Message] You have received an official warning from the Neopets Team for violating the Neopets Terms and Conditions. Your shop was found to have bad HTML which made it difficult to load, purchase items or see prices from your shop. Your shop description has been cleared. If you continue to break the rules, your account will be permanently frozen. To see a list of Neo Rules, please visit http://www.neopets.com/chatrules.phtml. Please do not reply to this NeoMessage. This topic has been edited by a member of staff (hrtbrk). The topic was posted in the wrong area.Per the reason above, this topic has been MOVED from Customization to Neopets Help.
  4. Turmaculus The king of all petpets is sleeping... can your petpet wake him up?? You have awoken the great Turmaculus... and he has given you a Meridell Toy Shield!!!
  5. Other than the Quiggle I was using as a lab zap pet I don't have any of the other species you mentioned. That's too bad because I really want one of my keeper pets to be that color. Thanks for the info. I was just thinking ... if I buy the Oil Paint brush will I be able to use the brush on the pets I have or will I be limited to using the brush only on the pets you listed as available at the the Rainbow pool? I may just buy the brush if I can use it on a pet of my choice.
  6. I zap pets adopted from the Pound until I think I get something someone else would like then I try to adopt them out and start over. Well, I was zapping a Quiggle. This Quiggle has been many other species and several different colors until now. This Quiggle was painted Oil Paint. I have liked the Oil Paint color since it was released. I like this Quiggle so much I stopped zapping and offered it up on the Pound, Adopt or Trade thread thinking someone else may want her. It's only been a couple of days but withing in those couple of days I also got a Fountain dip from the Grey Faerie so I like this Oil Paint color so much I went to the Rainbow Pool to search this color to see what it would look like on my pet. I looked at ALL of my pets that I won't zap (5 of them) and the Oil Paint color wasn't an option for any of the 5 of them. So then I went to the Rainbow Fountain in Faerieland thinking maybe she will have the color. Well, it isn't available at the Rainbow Pool either. So, is this only a color that you can get at the Lab Ray by zapping? I thought that when they announced new colors they were available to be used. On a second thought I did see Pastel as a color and I do think it's sort of a pretty color. Now I'm infatuated with the Oil Paint color. This topic has been edited by a member of staff (hrtbrk). The topic was posted in the wrong area.Per the reason above, this topic has been MOVED from Neopets Dailies to Neopets General Chat.
  7. I adopt pets from the pound then zapp them until I think I may have a color someone would want. Well have been zapping a Quiggle and the other day she zapped to a Robot. Well, I continued to zap her and now she's an Oil Paint color in a Robot suit. If you want her I would be happy to spend her your way. I don't know why her picture isn't posting but you can always see her by going to my page. Thanks and sorry about the problem. I just took that Robot outfit off of her and she is beautiful. Please go to my page and take a look. I'm so surprised! Won't you adopt her before I pound her? rojillaroji the Oil PaintQuiggle rojillaroji the Oil PaintQuiggle Neopet send rojillaroji has a Petpet! Lunch the Disco Carma (119 days and 17 hours old) [ Zapped by the Petpet Lab Ray ] Owner: Granny (You!) rojillaroji likes hunting for treasure. When meeting others, rojillaroji would stand their ground. - Attributes - Age: 2,614 days old (62,736 hours) Birthday: 5th May (Y14) Level: 1 Gender: Female Height: 35 cms. Weight: 58 lbs. Fishing Skill: 1 Jobs Completed: 0 Jobs Failed: 0 Job Rank: Intern - Battledome Stats - Hit Points: 30 / 76 Strength: GREAT (30) Defence: armoured Movement: GREAT (25) Intelligence: average Played: 0 Won: 0 Lost: 0 Drawn: 0 Score: 0 Challenge rojillaroji in the BATTLEDOME!
  8. Since I have been dealing with our butcher shop since I was 17 years old (now 61) he doesn't charge us when we pick up a few bones for this small dog we have now but it has been so many years I don't remember if I paid or not when I was younger. He knew our baby that we lost. I believe I was around 24 when we got Wizard. The butcher shop is/was owned by a couple that were teaching their 2 sons, both about my age, to work in the shop as employees when I 1st started going there. Like I said I was 17. Well, anyway the sons and I grew up together and have become good friends over these many years. Long ago they opened a 2nd shop and Mom and Dad retired selling the shops to the sons so each son has their own shop. I still visit both shops, still see Mom and Dad on occasion. What I'm saying is I trust them and believe if they thought any harm would have come from feeding my 80 lb baby a raw meat bone they would never have done it. Wizard use to love going to the shop knowing that *his friend* would be coming out with a surprise for the ride home. There is never a lot of raw meat on the bones. The meat is stripped from the bones as close as it can be. It's your pup and you need to do what is comfortable for you but maybe if you spoke to the butcher about this he/she may be able to give you informed information and maybe then you would be willing to give it a shot or you could go running for the door all freaked out (Just kidding about that last part).
  9. Sounds like everything is going well so far. If you have a local butcher shop you can get some nice bones just for asking. Sometimes they may charge you sometimes not. If they do then it isn't very costly. Also they will cut a very large bone into the sizes you ask for. The bones always have some leftover meat on them. I promise he will love you for getting them. We use to get a real large one for the yard chewing and then medium size and a few small ones. Kept them in the fridge and dished them out as needed. You'll discover which size will be his favorite very quickly and with having the large oe in the yard it gives him some incitive to hide, chew or bury and of course better a bone to chew that the furniture since he's teething. Gently correcting him and saying no with the furniture and pointing out what he can chew (the bone) may be easy since he seems to be so smart.
  10. Well if anyone should decide to use this method and smaller children are involved Mom or Dad can take them into the other room and write the names down for them.Kai sounds like a good name but I understand about the name is subject to change. The baby I lost was named Wizard and that name fit him to a tee.
  11. I too am sorry for your loss. I had to have our lab/shepard mix put down several years ago. He will never be forgotten. We had him from the age of 6 weeks until he was 15. Protection, smarter than any pet could expect to be. House trained within 3 weeks of us getting him. I just can't say enough about this wonderful member of our family. I still think of him and wish he were here. Putting him to sleep was and still has been the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. The vet said he was suffering and that for us to keep trying to prolong his life was for us, not him. Anyway, I understand how you feel and although it gets easier your baby will always be with you. Now, about the name. Let the girls choose the name. Make it into some sort of a game type thing. Let them all write down on paper a name maybe on 2 different pieces of paper so they have 2 choices put their names secretly in a hat or something. Let each one choose a paper from the hat and then you have 3 names that the girls can choose from. Let the girls choose which one they would like to name him. Know matter what you or how you decide to name the dog just be sure the girls have the final say. Please know this is only a suggestion. I think is is the cutest dog and you will have a lot of wonderful years of happiest with him!
  12. Your so welcome! It looks great and I'm happy I had it to give to you. There is plenty of other items I have to give away on the Charity Corner thread, page 6. Within the last couple of days Trudy has given me a couple of more boxes so I have 3 boxes now BUT if anyone wants anything and I happen to have no boxes left I write everything thing down and as I get boxes I send the requested items in the order I receive the requests. So, please, if you or anyone else reading this want any item please let me know. I promise you will receive it. What I do is remove the item from the list on page 6, leave it in my inventory so there is no chance of me promising the same item to more than one person. I then replace the item I remove with a different item so I constantly keep the page up to date with available items. I have no problem with anone asking for as many items as they want since my goal is to get rid of the items and to make others happy.
  13. OH Boy I have a problem. I bought a perk and got something I didn't want so I paid the extra NP's to get another choice. I got color it wild and that's what I wanted so I accepted it. I was planing to use the pet I use for zapping daily, a quiggle, but then I remembered I have a poogle on a side account so I traded the poogle for one of my regular pets. The thought behind this was to make the poogle into a *dreamie* pet that one of my guild members wanted since I could not find anyone that requested a quiggle. Well I went back to the page that shows all the perks and instead of it showing I had bought it already it gives me the option of buying another perk for 2000np. I did not use it every pet including the transfered pet remain the same. Can someone help me and tell me how to get to the perk I already purchased?
  14. (I demand proof that you didn't eat Granny, Atsumi!!!) Yeah, something about this gnorbu wasn't sitting right with me. Doesn't she remind you of the Big Bad Wolf in Little Red Riding Hood? That wolf ate Granny if I remember correctly. Maybe your right and that's what happened.
  15. Thank you I didn't know it was spam, I didn't know what it was. Should it be reported if it happens again?
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