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  1. Does anyone know when they will have all the results? I was thinking they may have already finished their calculations or whatnot. If these so called cheater groups are found guilty what type of consequences do they face? Are *All Star Groups* considered to be cheaters as well What is JS I would like to read more about this. +
  2. AH HA! Bad girl! No, I'm kidding. I realize mistakes happen. I was disappointed though. I could have been Rank 12 although the best I've done in the past was a participation metal and I believe last year I did Rank at 1. WOOHOO! So, this yer with the help of Angelo and everyone else on the TDN forum I managed to get to Rank 11 so I am proud of myself for that. Next year I will be so ready that I may actually make it all the way to Rank 20! I could not have gotten to the Rank of 11 had it not been for my dear friend Angelo personally helping me all the way since the beginning. He answered all personal messages with all the the dumb questions I asked. Poor guy put up with a lot but remained patience and explained to me whatever I asked. I'm not a rookie anymore! lol
  3. It's not your fault! I just didn't know. I did play games Friday and I played so many trying to get to Rank 12 that is when I decided to do the last few games Saturday (today). I'm just kicking myself 1) because I didn't know it was the last day and 2) because I didn't finish the last few games, kinda being lazy but I had already played a combo of games maybe 40 games total. That's why I stopped and figured I finish today. I haven't read anywhere that Friday would be the last day. Everything I read said July 3 was the last day. Sorry they had you working so many hours!
  4. Shoot! I thought I had 2 more days to play. I was so close to rank 12 I could have been there yesterday but thought I would just finish it today. I was like 16 games away playing the shootout. Now I'm really disappointed since it says it ends on July3!
  5. What in the world happened??? I clicked to play and this is what I got. I thought it ran thru July 3 and what and the Staff tournament?
  6. Marble is not a bad look/color for an Acara. I like the color blends.
  7. Not sure how to vote this week. I went with the prediction of who would win the last round and they lost so although the prediction are right more than wrong. I don't like anything about the Brute Squad boons so win or lose I won't vote for them. The Thieves have about the same as the Brutes so I won't go with them either. I love the fact that the Awakened offers so many options so although I may not win by going with them that's who I'm supporting this week. Last time I went with either of the 2 above teams and won I disliked the boons so much I only used the Space Faerie Boons and didn't chose any boon. I wish they would update/change the boons available for both of the 2 above. Wonder if that is even something they would consider?
  8. I kept the same team for the 1st and 2nd weeks. There was a small decrease in points the 2nd week but no big deal. I did go on and leave the team the same for the 3rd week. The way my luck runs as soon as I change something I would end up wishing I hadn't have changed anything. Will this 3rd week be the last one they play or is there more?
  9. So now that I have the hang of playing there's more questions. I know there are 20 ranks. I am at rank 6. Is this a good average for this point in the game? What rank is everyone else at?
  10. My gosh! Could it have gotten any uglier? Looks like he/she ate a face and it's showing through the stomach. of the Wraith Oh, yes, it got worse they put that awful clothing on it.
  11. So that's it? They play once and then you wait a week? 2 weeks? for them to play again? How many matches do the play? Based on the amount of time between plays 2 seems logical. Here's what happened. Is this good, bad or average? I don't remember exactly but I was awarded 48?? NP's So I went to JN and found some answers. Looking at JN I see they have it listed as there going to be 4 rounds then a total although given the time frame of the Altador Cup I don't see how they are going to manage 4 rounds but since I don't have a great understanding yet of all this I'm just trying to go with the flow. You all just wait till next year when I have all the knowledge from this year under my belt that I'm getting from the smartest people on this forum! Thanks to everyone for putting up with my dumb questions and answering them anyway. You have no idea how much I honestly appreciate all of the advice, information and help I'm getting from everyone. Thank you!
  12. I think this Stealthy Quiggle looks BAD TO THE BONE! Such a serious look.
  13. WELL! Doesn't that make it easy! I am really wishing I had done this before. Now I can't wait this will be the easiest points I have ever earned. Thanks for explaining this. After the Staff Tournament starts do they continue to play until the end of the regular tournament ends?
  14. This will be the 1st time I've participated in the Staff Tournament so I am flying blind on this. Does this game play the way we play the regular tournament? I was reading about it on the tournament page and the JN site but I couldn't find anything saying how many matches we play a day or if there is an option to play again if you don't like the results, like we have the option when playing against the other regular teams. I'm not really sure how this is going to work oh and do I have all day or is there a time frame that you have, ex, you can only play the Staff Tournament during 9am and 5pm. I wish things had been spelled out a little more in a Staff Tournament for dummies guide. I definitely qualify for a free copy of that guide, lol. GOALIE DEFENDERS FORWARDS "Every one has the fire, "Kreludor is ready to "I wonder what would "Burrowed deep under a Whether on the high but only champions know eclipse the other teams! "happen if I..." pile of skirts & dresses seas or on the pitch, when to ignite the spark." beaded bracelets, interior there is no defence décor, and strawberries... against a Krawk Island Miss Rainbow emerges. She attack!" only breaches the surface of this pile for a FEW reasons. Playing in the Altador Cup is one of them!"
  15. lol I'm not sure what I think about this Sponge color. Sorta makes me think the pet has come down with a disease or something? Put a sad face on it and well, I don't know. This one is just weird to me but I'm sure there will be plenty of members that just love this little guy. I've never noticed before but is it contacts or do they just naturally have different colored eyes depending on the color?
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