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  1. Here's what I got today. Couple of items are worth selling.
  2. Turmy is sleeping right now. I did wake him but I click off the page before I saw what he did to my pet. Then I clicked the page open again and got the answer below. I wonder if someone that was trying to get turmy to eat their petpet kept doing this through out the hour he is awake if he would actually eat the petpet and perhaps get the avie I was going to try it but I have the avie. Anyone what to give it a go and see if he eats your petpet?
  3. lol Poogle on crack. The ice is nice.
  4. I'm sorry, I did misunderstand. I do the same thing. In fact if I get a grey FQ and I have a dip I use it before I complete the quest because I worry she'll call the Fountain Faerie and I'll lose the 2nd dip. I will say she has done so a few times but for the most part it doesn't happen. With my luck though ???
  5. Unless the rules have changed I think you may be mistaken about trips to the Fountain. It's my understanding (and I have been wrong many times) that you can have only one Fountain dip at a time. If you have one now and get another before using the one you have then one of them is cancelled out. Meaning we can have only one at a time and you would just lose the 2nd one. Again, the rules may have changed and I could be wrong, I'm not always up to date with stuff. In this case I do hope I am wrong because I would love to be able to have more than one at a time.
  6. I just won this at the Fruit Machine!
  7. I got this cute little Disco Tasu petpet from Trudy today
  8. It's been a week and I got a prize but it doesn't say it was on the new prize list. I've never got it before so I'm posting a pic. Maybe it is an old prize but I just never got it before. Sorta looks like a bulldog or a pug I think.
  9. midnight_spell360 members of TKP have asked if anyone has heard from you. Is there a message that you would like me to post on your behalf to the guild? If so you can either put it here or in a private message on TDN. If not that's OK too but I wanted to make you the offer to post a message for you. You are missed by everyone with Angelo and me being at the top of that list. You touch so many with your kindness and caring nature. We all hope your account gets back to you soon.
  10. You know me well! LOL I hope it sells too!
  11. I missed that post, where was it posted? I would like to see the new prizes. I already listed it for sale and hope if the prices are going to decrease that I sell it before that happens. If I get another one most likely I will read it to my pet. How do you know most people get their prizes on Monday? I didn't know that either!
  12. I know Trudy's Surprisehas been giving out new and improved prizes but today I got this book. After checking the SSW before I read it I had to post this. It is by far the most expensive item I ever received from this daily. The lowest starting price is 350,000 NP up to 999,999 NP only 6 books are listed for sale. Angelo, this would be a good edition to the gallery if you don't have it already.
  13. This Strawberry Kyrii is really cute with flowers in the leafy hair. The actual color is nice and bright as well. They really got this one right. The new outfit gives me a Robin Hood feeling. I could wear that outfit to play Ultimate Bullseye or go to a Renaissance Festival or both! I'm sure there would be an archery competition at the festival.
  14. I guess I missed it (happy face) because it is working now.
  15. 360, I miss you so much! I hope this is resolved soon.
  16. What kind of prize did you win?
  17. hahaha, how strange looking. Reminds me of a cross between a deep sea diver, mutant and a robot. I don't dislike it just think it looks strange.
  18. Angelo, with all the boxes you have I would have thought I would have received at least 195 gifts! I wouldn't want to use all the boxes on me, save a couple for your other friends. I'm ready, start sending!! lol
  19. I don't feel like it was a prompt. I feel more like I was being forced to do something rather I wanted to or not. If nothing else instead of doing things the way they did they could have sent a message saying something like If you don't change your PW by a certain day we well be forced to lock your account until you do so please take a minute to make the necessary changes. I don't like the *we have the power and you will obey method* Doing things the way they did them was wrong and with so many members having to change their PW's at the same time was probably some of the reasons everyone was having so many problems with this. I just feel like the method they chose was wrong, maybe it's just me.
  20. That quote came out of hrtbrk's post in reference to the update.
  21. hrtbrk, I checked through all of my email messages from the last few days and I never received an email from neo requesting me to change my PW. I know I needed to do this but still didn't get a message from them about it. Everything I know about the breach I learned from TDN not neo.
  22. I don't have either of those symbols in my password and didn't have them in the previous password. Just checked my email and have a message that says the reset code was cancelled and to click here to begin the reset process again. I don't think it is too lengthy otherwise I wouldn't be able to remember it. Of course I know all about writing them down but who wants to look them up when you log in. LOL Trust me on clicking that *log in* button. I'm surprised I still have a button to click. I was pretty upset about this whole thing in the 1st place and now that I've walked away for awhile I can calmly try this again without trying to break something, like a log in button.
  23. No but it is just sitting on that log in screen with no error message. I'm going to go back and start refreshing like you did. I also use FF. I have been refreshing and getting the error message now that says Invalid Password. Please enter the correct password to continue Do you think I should click the forgot password again and start over? If I do this can I put in the password that I just chose to use or will I have to come up with another Well, it has been 8 hours since I posted this 1st message. All this time has been spent trying to reset the PW. During my efforts I received a message saying I was all set and my PW had been changed. Each time I received that message when I tried to log in I would get the same error message as the one listed above. Can't even count how many times I wanted to get a hammer. So, I just *changed the PW* again for the umpteenth time and received the message it was ok to log in with the new PW (again). So I again tried logging in and this time I was actually able to do so. I'm not going to log out because I don't want to go through this again. I want to say thank you Steve and Angelo for trying to help. Steve I did try several times to refresh. I also restarted the computer probably 6 times. I checked the PW's in my security section just to be sure there was no mistake with user name or password. It had to be Neo doing this and not my computer. I'm happy for those that were able to change PW's without any problems and I am feeling sorrow for those that have to go through what I did or even worse. All I have for advice is GOOD LUCK! and thanks for making it so difficult Neo.
  24. I'm disappointed every month. I don't feel like I get anything that's worth anything except the 2000 NP's.
  25. OK I was busy doing something on Neo when a message popped up telling me to log in. I tried and it was required I change my password to log in. I followed all the instructions and of course I'm still locked out. I sent a ticket but I wonder how much good that is going to do. UGH!
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