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  1. OK I just searched each cooler and found Team Brightvale Cooler is selling for 395000 Team Haunted Woods Cooler 200000 Team Meridell Cooler 195000 and Team Kiko Lake Cooler 175000. I looked up all the coolers and these seem to be the highest selling. I am going to take your advice and buy the Team Brightvale Cooler. So, I apologize to everyone for making this offer and then taking it back.
  2. Thanks, I'll check it out. I didn't know they were sell able items.
  3. I did participate as much as possible in this event. I ended up with 288 prize shop points. It isn't lot but there isn't anything I like or want. Dose anyone want me to use these points and get something for you? I'm guessing that the items can be sent via a gift box. If you want something let me know. Spend all the points or just a few, I don't care. I just don't want them to go to waste if someone else can use them. I believe this to be the link to the prize shop. http://www.neopets.com/altador/colosseum/2021/prizes.phtml
  4. Awe, I like the candy color. It looks so cute!
  5. I'm happy that this Grundo finally changed colors. Last time there was any change in species or color was JUly 22. Seems like such a long time! I don't know that I have seen a Skunk Grundo. Just happy for any change.
  6. I understand. When we have our heart set on a certain thing then the 2nd place sometimes just won't do. The offer is open. if you change your mind. I don't have any attached and I collect petpets. That's why it was in my gallery with the petpets. If I had a bunch or actually collected the petpetpets I would make a category for them but it's just the one so... The ones fashioned after the habi would be my favorites if I were to get some but they are all pretty cute. Good luck on getting the one(s) you want!
  7. natvv, Looking at JN I see there are 43 different types of petpetpets. The Vernax 49,500 NP seems to be the least expensive. I actually thought I had a couple of these in my SDB but I don't. I was going to offer them to you. Sorry. They jump in price quite a bit with the next least expensive coming in at Veespa 219,000 NP. That's a little jump in price! Do you have any? If not perhaps you could check them all out on JN and start with something a little less expensive? I know when you get your heart set on a certain item it's hard to settle for anything else but it might get you started in your journey of having petpetpets. Of course, you may have already checked them all out and have a lot of them already. Now I am wondering what happened to the ones I thought I had. Going to check my gallery to see if I put them in with the petpets. ... AHA! I do have the Vernax in my gallery but I didn't see any others. If you don't have this one your welcome to the one I have.
  8. I knew I should have waited! This is upsetting. Sell, sell,sell!!
  9. When I was younger, a LOT younger we use to go camping a lot. No less than every other weekend. Mostly to meet up with friends and party. At that time we were pretty poor and couldn't afford the luxury of buying a tent. So, I came up with the idea of "renting" a tent. I would go to the store, buy the tent, we'd use it for the weekend and then I would return it on Monday. I of course went to different stores, different times of the day, different days of the week so that I didn't get made as a "tent renter". That was back in the early to mid 80's. I always got a nice tent and wanted to keep every one of them. During that time I became convinced that as soon as we could afford it I was going to buy one to keep. During the early 90's things were going well enough to make it happen and I went and bought a large tent. I can't remember if it was a 5 or 6 person but it was large and had dividers in the middle, places to hang lanterns. Lots of windows. Nice tents. So, since that time we have owned many tents. During the camping era new couples would join, older ones would stop coming. Every time I bought a new tent I was sure to give the old one (usually got a new one every season) to a young couple that was new to camping and they would stay in someone else's tent. . As I got older I felt guilty about the tents I had rented all those years ago but I hoped in some small way that by buying a new one every year and passing the not so old one on to a young couple that I was somehow paying off a wrong from all those years ago. We don't camp so much anymore. Our backs can't handle it even with the air mattresses so now we actually rent a camper to drive to the campsite. Really rent, legit. I'm happy to hear of your tent purchase. I hope it serves you well for many years. Happy camping!
  10. It seems as if the majority of you that replied sell around 60. That does sound like a good profit margin. Mostly the reason (that I tell myself) to hold them is that they will go up. My luck is they will go up after I sell. I am just lucky that way. Sometimes if a stock is at a higher profit it will turn out I only own a few of that stock. I'm going to sell off this one although I don't have much I don't think I have a lot invested in stocks. Here is the bottom total. I think I profit more just from the bank interest. It is all such good advice that I am going to have to rethink this and read some more articles on the stock market. Thanks to all of you for sharing!
  11. Is that what you all sell the stock at? Shoot, I read about the stock market and I could never decide if that was enough of a profit to sell so I have never sold any of my stock until the price margin is between 300% - 400%. Although I buy stock everyday I only buy the ones priced at 15. If there is more than one stock at 15 I don't know which to choose so I close my eyes and point. I have no idea what I am doing as you can tell. I have also read articles written by other members but it's like a foreign language to me.
  12. What type of food do you get/want from playing this game? I've never played this one before.
  13. I like the boons Awakened has since they are random each time they win! I am going with them as well. Good luck everyone.
  14. Do you often win coconuts or just put out his eye and try to blind him?
  15. Angelo, I noticed that quite often you win coconuts from Coconut Shy. I have never won a coconut so I thought I would ask you, and anyone else that would be willing to chime in if there is a certain number you use to get these coconuts. I notice that you can change the number at the end of the link from either 1 thru 5. Maybe there is a number that betters the chance of getting a coconut? If everyone that replies or the majority that replies are all using the same number then I want to try my luck and try to win. I randomly change the number but that doesn't help me. I hope you all will share your secret number and/or give me some advice.
  16. jelly, I couldn't find the exact message where you posted this but it was the link to How to PLAY FLASH GAMES LINK. Well I did bookmark the link so I could play Coconut Shy, Test Your Strength, Qasalan Expellibox, Bagatelle and Cork Gun Gallery. I think I may be doing something wrong though because when I play any of them what I get is this (below) they all look like this, not just this game). This game was Test Your Strength. Is this what is supposed to happen? Do the games display for you? I can make sense out of some of this but not all of it. Is there an easy way to read the results? I tried to google the link thinking maybe something would display but it did not. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me with this. &prize_msg=%3Cfont+size%3D%2214%22%3ECongratulations%21+You+won+43+NP%21+You+scored+5+out+of+100.%3C%2Ffont%3E&result=1&filename=&np_award=43&name=&server=done&obj_info_id=0&
  17. I agree with you and I don't hate it either. I just wish they would wait and make these changes sometime later, after they have more stuff converted for us. They should have every available soul working to get everything changed then they can go back and do the easy stuff. Also, just came from Grave Danger. It has been changed too. (update) Just came from the Snowager, yes, it also has changed. I'm guessing this will be the case on everything I click.
  18. I usually spin the wheels a few times or more a day. I spun them earlier and I just went to spin them again and they have changed them. Slight changes, before, after the spin, a box would just pop up and tell you the results. This time after the spin I had to click the wheel to see the results of the spin. Come on, the were converted and working. Couldn't this have waited and instead of changing this stuff now how about getting other stuff working so we can get back to enjoying more of the site. I know it was important to me for them to change the way I see the results of the spin. Wow am I happy they finally changed that for me/us. This was keeping me awake at night! Yes, sarcasm folks. FIX SOMETHING THAT'S BROKE! Rant over for now.
  19. How do you find these things!!!!!!! WOW, thanks!
  20. Please to know Burfin was adopted, so many pets are just left behind. I don't necessarily believe they have to match I just want them to seem happy together. Sometimes the most mismatched things can become *2 peas in a pod*. I'd like to think that my pets are friends with their petpets cause I know opposites attract too. I know, this happens to all of us. I can only give staff the benefit of the doubt and assume they are working on site issues. like this one, but in my head I have serious doubts that things that may be important to us are not as important to them. Not just referring to the lookup. I'm just not convinced but I know this topic belongs under another heading. Complaint Department?
  21. I like zapping the petpets as much as I like zapping my lab rat pet. Today I realized I have so many cute ones that have transformed that until I get another pet to use as a lab rat I won't be able to zap these little guys anymore. I'm going to post pictures. To me I think the petpets that are attached to their pets seem to fit the pet they are with. Anyway... HERE THEY ARE... introducing my family of petpets! Water Florta attached to my Battle pet Legretta_Abyss my Polka Dot Krawk Black Blugarattached to Kadue my Mutant Uni White Erisim attached to Khatar_T my Rainbow Lutari Faerie Babaa attached to kingiku my Maractite Ogrin who BTW is UFA Fire Bowla attached to kukku_do my Baby Lenny my Rock attached to side_stepper my Plushie Poogle Mutant Vacana attached to trico0o myattached to trico0o my Red Grundo (current Lab Rat)
  22. They stole from me two times this last week. I was not happy about it either!
  23. Maybe it has something to do with you being a moderator?
  24. Hi All! I know my shop may not have something for everyone but I'm going to ask that everyone please go take a look. I can't get my closet to load because I have more than 1900 items in there and they put that 650 item limit on it. I didn't have problems loading it until these new site changes came about and I don't want to check that box so I only see 650 items. I'm greedy and I want it all or nothing! I didn't want to get rid of anything but I am going to get rid of stuff until I get to the point where the closet will load. A lot has been put into the SDB but I have decided to sell even more. Stuff I know I won't use. I can hold 950 items in my shop and as I sit in front of the computer if an item is sold I replace it with another. I price everything based on the SSW. I'm down to 1490 items in my closet and there is so much more it still won't load. So please have a look if you have time. If my link is wrong then try using granny63020. Thank you all so much! http://www.neopets.com/browseshop.phtml?owner=granny63020 P.S. The SDB is next! I added new spaces to my shop. I can now display 1050 items and I have enough to keep it fully stocked for a while. Still adding items as they are sold (unless I am sleeping) lol. Anyway I would appreciate it if you come back and take a look often. I'm hoping you'll find something you like. I appreciate every purchase very much. Thanks in advance for visiting my shop!
  25. I tried this because I too have been trying to find a way to change the picture. All mine has is Edit Profile.
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