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  1. I guess I'll zap Bhaumi now, since I was silly enough to not snap up a faerie lenny morphing potion when they were still only 900k. The ray is fired at Bhaumi... ... and she changes colour to Snot!! wow.
  2. Well I'm not surprised it's the tyrannian buzz, everyone was asking for it on the thread. I'm not really a fan (that chin!) and yeah, it really does look like mutant. But everyone seemed to want it, so I'm glad nonetheless. The outfit is nice, too. Is it just a generic costume or is it a character. From Neovia perhaps?
  3. oof, 90k, that is a lot! but not as much as 315k-465k, which is where they're currently at! well, hopefully they'll be back to normal soon. the pet slots does explain it though, i was wondering why everything had gone up so much in price! The oilpaint ixi is another nice one, i really like the Renoir vibes. he looks lovely!
  4. Thanks! I legit just stared at the screen for like ten seconds I was so not expecting that. Which kiko potions did you use? Are they very expensive? I lucked out that so far all my lab rats have had potions under 10k. Also oof, that's too bad about the NC items. I wish they would give out a few boxes through something other than trudy's, that only gave boxes. Even if it was just a few a year it would solve the problem of not having boxes on sides (or if you could send a box in a box, so you can at least spend 2 trudy boxes for 1 on a side) Yeah, the oilpaints and mosaics are a little hit and miss, but there is one or two in each colour that I really like, so I'm hoping that the buzz and kyrii will be one of those nice types... if not, I will probably go for the mosaic grarrl, cause that's my favourite out of all of them. I just really want more kyriis and buzzes, i don't have nearly enough! Ooo, those two crosspaints sound amazing! I think i've seen the hissi one done before, it's rad. Mara draiks are also lovely, and would go really well with your other two maraquans. And yeah, those slots do fill up pretty quickly. I remember when the 6th slot came out a few years back, I think I had all five slots across all my accounts filled in like, a day.
  5. The ray is fired at Jepire... ... and she changes colour to Robot!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i got it!! she's perfect! and that's all the pets on that account done. just the petpets to go!!!!! i literally just posted a few hours ago bemoaning the possible impossibility of 100%ing another account this year, and I got it!!!!
  6. Oh, the woodland Blobikins is really cute! Issa little cactus! It's too bad that you didn't get your garlic kiko, but I'm glad that you found a new permie regardless! I'm waiting on: either a woodland buzz or vandagye for my main oilpaint buzz or kyrii and/or mosaic buzz or kyrii for my faerieland artists account burlap kyrii for my brightvale account and i'm not waiting an anything for my virtupets account but I am waiting on a lab zap which is 100% random sadly. ^ Yeah, Jepire was zapped robot today. So all I need to finish that account off is two petpets. Looking like it's going to be the one completed this year!
  7. Aw, that's wonderful! Also can I just say that I love how you call your broken/discarded section "preloved"? That's so cute it warms my cold shriveled heart!
  8. My achievements: Started off the year by painting Doideag maracite when the colour was released last january. She's looking very magical now. Then I painted Xeneona royal. Gerree and Ghertrudie were both painted in February. They're looking very spooky. I created Regieg and painted him in May. He's the penultimate pet for my Virtupets account. Then Mariggold and Rhosse were both painted royal this past fall. They're looking very cute together. And finally, I created Melspeth just a few days before the year's end. She will be painted Steampunk, eventually, for my Faerieland account. No interesting zaps this year. I zapped Jepire and Movario for the whole year, but nada. But to be fair I have already gotten my alien aisha and robot bori from the lab, so I'm probably due a dry streak. My most exciting petpet acquisition was a water moltenore for Fluxroot. Sadly she herself is not her forever colour, as I'm waiting on the release of either a woodland buzz or vandagyre. She is a woodland mynci for now because that morphing potion was cheap enough. I also painted Wrecho's rock pink, which 100% completed my Haunted Woods account! My goals for next year are to get the rest of my petpets in order. I've made several offers on blobikins and mutant yooyus, but no replies yet. Vullards are still inflated, and I haven't really decided what to do for Melspeth, as she's new. Probably one of the moltara petpets, although I don't really like going for such an obvious choice. I'll have to have a look though the petpets at some point and pick out something that's a little more special. I also want to 100% complete another account, although that might be difficult as every single account is currently waiting on the release of certain colour/species combos! But hopefully one of them will release, surely?
  9. Very nice! The toy peophins are so cute, and that was so nice of the gifter to give you that!!
  10. The ray is fired at Movario... ... and she changes colour to Darigan!! tick another one off the bingo, bois It does look pretty snazzy....
  11. I've only redeemed the pet slot on my main, since there's only 1 more pet that I want at the moment. Still looking for a good name, though.
  12. another coconut!! points=10000&totalnp=17105&success=4&prize_id=26873&error=Ach%21+See%2C+the+game+isn%27t+rigged+after+all%21++Tell+your+friends%2C+kid%21 this time i got the hairy evil one! man it took me like four months of playing to get my first one. now i start doing it again and i get two in a week!
  13. nabbed myself a vicious evil coconut from the shy today!
  14. The ray is fired at Movario... ... and she changes colour to Faerie!! i don't think i've had that elephante yet. one of the few that I haven't. I really should start a bingo card...
  15. I got my robot bori from the lab, iirc it took 83 days. I have also been zapping my buzz since... 2019ish? no robot for her yet, though.
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