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  1. While I'm tempted to take the side of keep as is because stealthy vandas are A++... if you really have your heart set on the baby cybunny, I think you should keep zapping. Even if it takes a while, it'll be so worth it when you finally get that zap!
  2. The ray is fired at cocoapuff99... ... and she changes colour to Polka Dot!! not.... not quite what i was going for..
  3. I love pun names like this! Pity there's no bread paintbrush.
  4. Yeah nice thing about it being an outfit is you can just leave the eye-mushrooms off Boy they've really been on a mushroom kick lately haven't they? there was the woodland buzz, and then the chia, now this. I'm liking it! Nice colour and outfit although they're not knocking the RB chomby off my dream pet list.
  5. Uhhh I just did? Try opening it up in paint and saving it as a jpg? That usually lowers the file size by a bunch.
  6. The 22nd is listed as the "last day" of the event so I expect it will be then.
  7. Well I managed to spend all my points without any leftovers. Got the snowglobe, stamp, and bomb, plus the history of faerieland, neophite's notes, journal, buzz charm and a sparklecake. Still need to get a second sparklecake and the nimmo book, but the journal didn't disappear when I read it, so I was able to swap it for two of the employment handbooks! Oh yeah I need the horn and the gummies too but those should be super cheap in a couple weeks.
  8. I just googled for it, but I think this link should work? It'll either take you to the base neopets template or to the one I edited, not sure which! xD https://tiermaker.com/create/neopets-species-4534 Post it when you're done!
  9. Kuporion sounds like a pokemon, probably one that's neon! I like Kramak and Karchef the best though!
  10. I just remembered I actually ranked the pets on a tier list a month or so ago. Although looking back on it now, I'd shuffle a lot of pets around between the "I Like Them" to "I Forget They Exist" tiers, namely moving the blumaroo, ixi and mynci down by a tier or two and the quiggle up to at least "They're Ok"
  11. If you mean the TCG cards, they're here: https://www.neopets.com/tcg/album.phtml I'll be honest, I had to google for that, I don't even know if there *is* a link to it from anywhere else on the site!
  12. This thread is making me want to add the meanings behind all of my pet names to their pages Maybe I'll do that!
  13. Haha, that's adorable! Those are all lovely names, though, your brother is good at that!
  14. Dang, yeah cats can be funny like that. It took our two cats like a month to get used to each other, before then they'd basically divided up the house and wouldn't go near each other. I'm glad to hear that he's doing alright, though! A very french look, indeed! It is a lovely name, I originally offered on him (I think he was a lupe at the time?) because Giovanni's Room was one of those ~formative books~ for me growing up. Oddly though, it still took me a while to really get attached to him? Has that ever happened to anyone else? I went back and forth over whether or not to retrade him for like a good five or six months. But I'm thoroughly attached now, I've been trying to get him a gold petpet because I think it would be fun if his backstory was that he stole it and went on the run, and that's why he's skulking around Meridell instead of out on the open seas.
  15. I just checked out your gallery, and yeah, it probably wouldn't be a terrible idea. TnT have said isn't okay to get around the censors in the case of words like 'uncle' or 'grape' but not so much with actual expletives. I think the way that things like that work is that stuff only goes before a mod once it's reported, and at that point it's basically up to that mod's decision on whether or not something is offensive, as well was what the punishment is. Hence why there's so many varying reports on what is or isn't allowed. And also why, if enough people report something even mildly offensive, it will eventually get the banhammer, as soon as it goes before a mod that isn't having it. My suspicion is that the icing of that account probably isn't due to the pet's name, since in cases like those (especially when the pet in question is adopted from the pound), the pet usually just gets deleted.
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