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  1. somehow i just spent two and a half hours reading the neoboards about this and all i gained was the knowledge that apparently twitter is going to implement nft-verified avatars. this must be what my grandmother felt like when i tried to explain webrings to her. im logging off and going for a walk.
  2. yeah i found that news post. and this petpage, summarizing everything against their implementation, on the boards: www.neopets.com/~Scroggs and oh boy this could end so many different ways and none of them are good
  3. sure, sure, multiple people make sense but what in all heck is this about neopets nfts??????
  4. yeah i had no idea where to look either, so i just opened up every pet in a different tab and sorted through them several times weeding out the oldest years. a list of release dates for colours would be neat but i would have no idea where to even begin looking!
  5. i don't blame you, he is really cute! good luck with the support ticket, anyway!
  6. UNIB's back down to 62... not looking likely that it'll get to 80 this time around.
  7. so according to jn, the chocolate chia was released on february 18, 2005 which is..... way earlier than i expected! for some reason i just kind of assumed that it was one of the colours released during that murky 2012-2019 area where i didnt play, but it's practically one of the og colours!
  8. oof! trying to send in a ticket definitely couldn't hurt! also you could try reselling the plushie? probably for less than you paid if the tag's now opened, but it could help recoup some of your loss.
  9. look........ i did not come here to be personally attacked! also i was just looking over all the chocolate colours to see if the cherry thing was true and i realised that a) there hasn't really been a standout 'unique' for this colour yet, and 2) that the eyrie is the only one that has yet to get a chocolate version! for a (relatively) new colour, they sure took care of all of those fast!
  10. idk because the poogle's head is tilted, the off-centre strawberry doesnt look that odd to me? it's technically at the 'top' and sometimes a little asymmetry is nice.. and oh my i didn't even realise that the outfit didn't have pants! clearly poets have different standards as to what constitutes proper dress i suppose it's a little less strange that it's based on an actual character..
  11. you know it's a good chocolate pet when you get hungry looking at it the outfit's a little lackluster, though, what is it supposed to be?
  12. yeah tsrc looking nice, i sold 9k at 83, made a nice chunk of change!
  13. double christmas sounds like something a marketing exec would come up with
  14. The ray is fired at Movario... ... and she changes colour to Grey!! HE'S SAD BECAUSE HE'S NOT A WIZARD YET and nothing for jepire
  15. aaaaaaand stay out! for real though, i dont like techos much either, but this one is really nice! and as @jellysundae mentioned, the outfit is based on velm from neoquest 2: http://pinkpt.com/neodex/index.php?title=Velm
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