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  1. Yeah, they've always been pretty similar colours I kinda like this silver, though. The highlights are a little harsh, but otherwise it's a cool effect.
  2. I partook (is that a word?) in the pet slot sale, but while some of the fortune cookies would be nice... I kinda just wanna save the rest of my NC to put towards new pet slots. Out of curiousity, how many FQCs is enough for a year?
  3. I just let it rot lol. If they do another CC, I'm set. If not... well, I have my codestones and dubloons bookmarked. The rest is outta sight, outta mind
  4. The ray is fired at A70M... ... and she changes colour to Split!! i mean... its a change i guess
  5. The ray is fired at A70M... ... and she changes colour to Camouflage!! Not bad. And I'm bummed enough about cocoapuff99 zapping robot that I decided to swap her and zap Hryngnar instead. Mainly because the Ice colour I want fro him is a leeeetle more exclusive than the chocolate for cocoapuff. There is always the rare chance of a FFQ, after all. The ray is fired at Hryngnar... ... and he gains 5 maximum hit points!!!!
  6. The ray is fired at A70M... ... and she changes colour to Pastel!! That is the furthest thing from robot that I can think of, but it is the first colour change on this pet! Also I managed to snag a few zafara morphing potions for around ~400k each so I am set for at least a couple of species changes. Lets just hope they aren't TOO often La dee daa let's go zap cocoapuff.... The ray is fired at cocoapuff99... ... and she changes colour to Robot!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME EDIT: AND I got a Custard petpet on the pet that I specifically want a GOLD petpet on. The lab is just TAUNTING me today.
  7. You can have a lab on each account, and you can have 5 accounts, so up to five rays! I have 2, and I'm just waiting for the map redemption to be fixed so I can get my third
  8. I think he has like 5 rays? So there's more chances for good zaps
  9. Alright! Let's see what happens first: a robot zap, or a species change. When it's inevitably the latter, this little lad is getting shunted off to a side until I can afford morphing potions again because HOO BOY I did not consider that before I decided I wanted a robot zafara! The ray is fired at A70M... ... and he gains 2 movement points!!!!
  10. What did everyone get? I bought pet slots! I was able to buy two for my main, and one each for my sides. I've already used up 5 of them, lol!
  11. ^ and another season p-- oh, right, halloween is over
  12. not a fan of the plushie except in the 'dear god that's terrible i love it' sense. it looks like the artist drew 10 different mockups and then asked their supervisor which one to use and their supervisor just said 'yes.' that outfit though......... that is... dare i say it......... ... .. .... a fancy hat. seriously though i'm thinking that might be JUST the thing for Doideag if I decide to commit to an all-vandagyre account! could go nice with grey... although tbh the red looks really nice as is? and i have no other pets that i intend to be basic, could be something unique... or maybe white? that would twin well with my christmas vanda! well i got a month or so to consider while i wait for the price to go down lol
  13. Welcome! The altador cup avatars are only available during the altador cup (which is in June, iirc) but it's a yearly event, so you can always get them next year!
  14. The ray is fired at cocoapuff99... ... and he changes into a Yellow Kyrii!! again? i think the game is confused why i'm suddenly creating so many vandagyres. it's like..... you still like kyriis, bud? everything ok?
  15. Whoa... did it actually work? Sure looks like it. Your Petpet has been transformed. Imagine that. It's something, at least! I've been getting absolutely nada from all my various rays for a few weeks now.
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