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  1. well the dark eyes on other transparent pets are supposed to be the "shadowed" cavity of the empty eye sockets that....... that doesn't really make sense here, though. i would have gone for like a yellowed/white washed out "dead eye" like the zombie pets have
  2. yeah the artists seem to be doing most of the marble pets as like, the round shooter/toy marbles, but then occasionally throwing in one that's more like the stone. the nimmo looks ok. a bit bland, but well-drawn. that outfit's nice! it's always nice to see more fancy hats, even if that hat could stand to be a little fancier!
  3. because the mechanism for donating items is super clunky and slow. buying 90+ items can save you a lot of time and clicking
  4. yeah, this is the one colour that should have broken the standards of the colour but yooooooooo that outfit is pretty nice! if i had more knowledge of what sort of wearables were out there i'd probably give that a shot
  5. i still have a ton of junk in my sdb from last year. i'll probably be fine? although i haven't been doing as many dailies this year. hmmmmmmmmmm...
  6. it must have come to me in a dream.......
  7. ooo, haunted woods vs shenkuu today! Good luck, @jellysundae!
  8. now that's a zombie pet! and while there are some colour combos that i would love to see changed... i don't know if i agree with them just changing the artwork? i mean, there's probably people out there that like their pets that way, and just up and changing the art didn't exactly work out so well last time. (also, i could have sworn there was already a shop wiz outfit????? im so confused?????????)
  9. there's so many possibilities. so many.
  10. Oof, wow, what a mess. I bet the people selling the cards weren't too happy about that either, if they were making a profit on it. I'm not surprised that people aren't buying as much NC, that's a huge change. I hope that it was only the newly issued cards that were changed, and they didn't retroactively change the value of the cards that they'd already printed and distributed? Also i went and watched the video again, and you're right! I totally missed that the first time because the auto captioning doesn't pick up the end of her sentence, but as best as I can hear it, she says, "And on th
  11. Is this about the premium slot or are the next pet slots released (slots 7+) going to be nc unlocks? Also, what happened with the Brazilian NC cards? Google isn't bringing up much that I can find.
  12. haunted woods gang! i didn't play last year so i'm excited to get back into it. although the games seem really low quality
  13. eyy, phantom of the opera! nice! does the stealthy colour seem... off, to anyone else? the design of the outfit is cool (excluding the weird ribbons) but the colours seem, like, flat?
  14. yeah im glad i didnt get my hopes up when they first announced that they were releasing UCs. i have a few GBCs that i could potentially trade for whatever this item ends up being, but given that they specifically mentioned that they want to keep the value of UCs, i'm guessing the price is probably going to be pretty steep. it's a pity, there's been few interesting suggestions for how they could be introduced through a hybrid np/nc system, either through a plot or map reward, or through a quest system, usually combining one free yearly zap with nc mall tokens to reset that cooldown. but i
  15. awww, that's perfect! and my pets chose.. gloom, what are you doing. i know you live in a decrepit wasteland where every scrap of food is precious, but pls get some higher standards.
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