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  1. i dont think that neopets has an official list of all the restrictions on side accounts, which is mildly annoying as there are a lot of little nuances to it. most of what we know about the restrictions of side accounts comes from editorial questions. which isn't super helpful for people who don't read the editorial! but tdn and jellyneo both have articles about the subject. they cover what is allowed and disallowed side accounts, as well as exceptions and grey areas. they're well worth a read: Multiple Accounts and Side Account FAQs i hope tnt doesn't freeze your accounts
  2. Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Godori' as an avatar on the NeoBoards! i am so glad that podcasts exist, i would not have lasted otherwise lol
  3. yessss! maracite buzz is one of the colours that i've been waiting for, and it's lovely!! (i do agree though that the wings would probably look better without the outline) edit: i got the paintbrush i offered on! so i went ahead and painted doideag! she's my first pet painted in 2021! and the wings actually look very nice when they're on a nonwhite background!
  4. hmmm, i might just try that date trick. i've given up on ever getting most of the games avatars, but i was so close to carnival terror..!
  5. @Secre wow that is quite the list of achievements! not that i'm surprised, seems like every time i visited this forum for the past few months you have a thread with something else crossed off your to-do list! still, congrats, and good luck with all your 2021 goals, especially the avatars. the end of flash is going to be making a large chunk of avatars semi-retired for at least a very long time, possibly forever.
  6. i am loving the little helmets for the ears. makes me wonder if there's some reason that ogrins need those to be see-through. maybe they have eyeballs hidden inside the hair tufts.
  7. i love this steampunk colour. steampunk's one of those colours that has always been way too overdetailed for my taste, so i'm liking this much cleaner design. even if it does kind of go against what steampunk is usually about, which is covering every available surface with gears and widgets. the outfit's cool too. reminds me of those old-fashioned fancy dress outfits.
  8. back in browser doesn't work for me, but im pretty sure that's a firefox problem not a neopets problem. refreshing and then hitting the search button again works find though. according to gutterfoot tnt is aware of the problem though, so hopefully it'll get fixed when they get back. yeah, that's pretty jarring. i'm pretty sure that's going to be a thing until the pages in question are converted over to the new layout.
  9. im fairing pretty well. i already used jellyneo for my dailies. and i only did like, bank interest, trudy's, stock market, food club. i put my pets in the neolodge so feeding them's not really an issue. shop wiz is the biggest problem for me. i tried to track down some pppb's the other day and looking through the search results took sooooo long.
  10. if you press f5 to refresh, it will still take you back to the first page, but it should remember your search terms, so you just have to press the search button again. am using firefox, though, so idk about other browsers. in classic, firefox didn't remember the search field when using the back button, that was only a chrome thing.
  11. yeah i'm have some trouble navigating too, but i'm sure that i'll get the hang of it as i use it more. i don't think it's necessarily ugly, just unfamiliar. my main complaint atm is the sidebar not being opened, but apparently that's coming. and i'm missing my themes, too! i used to use the constellation theme, and while it has been converted.. it's pretty ugly and fuzzy lol, so i switched to the haunted woods theme. it's not quite the same though. tnt did kind of drop the ball on not getting everything at least functional before pushing out the site. like yeah it's a huge project, a
  12. every year i buy myself a little treat. this year it was these fridge magnets: because i was running out of fridge magnets anyway, and look at them!
  13. BC went back into lockdown in November. I'm currently isolating b/c im the primary carer for my mother, who has like, 4 or 5 different risk factors. We knew pretty early that any sort of christmas party wasn't going to happen this year. We're just going to stay in, cook something nice for the two of us, and probably spend the afternoon video calling the family. We did decorate for the first time in six years, which has definitely cheered my mum up! She loves having the house decorated for christmas, but we've either been in the process of moving, or too busy for the past several years. Lu
  14. I probably should have transfered the pet I want to be a robot buzz... but i was lazy, so i entered Movario to be changed into a Halloween Elephante!
  15. Could have an area of the profile display all previous names, like on steam? but yes, i, too, would actually be willing to play nc to change my name, although i would definitely take the np option if it was there! it would be a good cash sink. a limit to one username change a month, or something similar could also be a thing. also re: neopets gender, i hope the royal/usuki/etc appearance differences are kept separate (as the pet's gender presentation), with a drop-down menu being gender identity which would affect/override the look-up and pet's pronouns. cause they don't always match
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