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  1. LUPE's at 74! Just a little bit higher.... you can do it.......
  2. as @Sciurus carolinensis said, vandagyre don't have marquan forms. they have beaks. you know what else has beaks? squid.
  3. faerie bubbles is back!! my dreams of one day getting a gold trophy is back in the cards! and hmm are the maps not working for anyone else? i just get a square buffer.
  4. lolol! never seen that, that's great! i patiently await the day we get a squid...
  5. The ray is fired at Movario... ... and she changes colour to Pink!! pink elephants!
  6. mara jetsam? i thought the aquatic pets didnt get maraquan colours, since the whole point of the colour was giving the land-based species a way to live in maraqua? it's a really cool look, though. love me some deep-sea freaks.
  7. i don't actually know! i'm guessing either the contest will be quietly forgotten about, or someone else will pick a winner.
  8. amin? ooo, is this another character outfit?
  9. yeah, i love that they're actually doing more inventive stuff with the toy colour, instead of just action figures! also i found out from a thread on the neoboards that this is the inspiration:
  10. oh wow, congratulations! so were any of them really expensive or were they all pretty cheap?
  11. that's a lovely outfit! love the way the hat sits between the ears. like one of those jaunty tiny old-timey hats.
  12. there's multiple ways to make our voices heard - site boycott, cancelling premium, not buying any more nc, posting feedback on the boards, posting on social media, etc. it all adds up; jumpstart/netdragon is almost certainly receiving data and consolidated feedback from TNT. also i've updated the links list! there's a link to a petition, the latest nonsense from the metaverse team (which... woof, that's embarrassing!), and protest bc entries now being allowed.
  13. yeah, sometimes randomized characters can really hit upon a winner and unlike nfts, it's a fun goal to work towards you should go for it if they're giving you inspiration! at least one good thing can come out of this.
  14. Jumpstart/Netdragon (it is clear by now that these companies are the ones actually pushing for the NFTs, not The Neopets Team) own the IP for Neopets. Sadly, they can do whatever they wanted with it. If they wanted to do a brand deal with a toilet paper company, they could. tbh I'd prefer that to the NFTs! also, what is the purpose of emptying out shops? i didn't do that, but surely it doesn't do anything, because without any items, anyone not participating in the boycott isn't going to be able to find the shop to read the descriptions, anyway?
  15. i mean it's not so much a timeline as a collection of links to other people's timelines and evidence, but i appreciate the shoutout i'm doing the boycott too. ideally the nfts will be scrapped outright, but at the moment i'm more concerned about this "neopets metaverse" which is going to fork the site onto the blockchain. forking properties into parallel projects like this can sometimes work (it's worked out okay for runescape) but it's far more likely that this "neopets metaverse" is intended to replace our site. and even if they are intended to run parallel, there's still the issue of the behaviour from the nft community. i know people can gripe about neopet's family-friendly image, given how the majority of the site's users are adults, and i've certainly grumbled about it plenty of times myself, but there are still kids on the site, and exposing them to the kinds of things in the nft community (such as the retweeting of NSFW project by the NeopetsMeta twitter) is just not okay! and no one, child or adult, deserves to be exposed to slurs or misgendering.
  16. oh that techo is really cute though!
  17. mine was pretty cute, actually! jelly catgoatwoman also ha! mine is worth more than yours!
  18. Neopets NFT Situation Link Collection For anyone who’s confused over what’s going on, a few weeks ago, we found out that Neopets are making NFTs. NFTs (or Non-Fungible Tokens) are digital receipts bought and traded with cryptocurrency such as bitcoin, or in this case, Etherium. The response to this has been overwhelmingly negative, and there have been multiple scandals that have happened since. There are a number of petpages and articles explaining everything that’s happened, and I figured a central thread to collect all the links would be helpful. I will update this list as I find more links, or feel free to suggest additions. New links in red! Last updated 2021/10/13! Non-Link News: Boycott: JellyNeo is currently running a protest blackout on their site, and several people on the neoboards have organized a weekend-long boycott of neopets.com with them, from 9 AM on 2021/10/08 to 11:59PM on 2021/10/10. Petition: Sign the Petition: https://www.change.org/p/jumpstart-get-nfts-out-of-neopets - Requires email address. Overviews and Archives by Neopians: Overview of the NFT Situation/Timeline: http://www.neopets.com/~Scroggs - Very good overview of the situation, including all known controversies. Information on Partner Companies: http://www.neopets.com/~NFTurd - Includes information on former companies that have scamed Neopets customers. Screencaps from the Metaverse Discord: http://www.neopets.com/~Swonken - Archive of comments from the Metaverse Discord Channel - WARNING: Includes references to homophobic and transphobic comments, and possible stalking threats. The chatlogs are censored in compliance with Neopets rules. - Also includes leaked conversations from a private channel. Screencaps from the Metaverse Discord #2/Mirror: http://www.neopets.com/~Tumdy - WARNING: includes intentional misgendering. More Discord Screencaps: http://www.neopets.com/~Splorg - Archive of discord comments made by gutterfoot and petra, explaining the delay in the apology and responding to the leaked conversations from the previous link. JellyNeo’s Post on the Apology to the Homophobia: https://www.jellyneo.net/?comments=13863 - Includes an archive of the original apology before it was changed. Neopets Metaverse Team Calls Neopians a Bunch of "Hateoooors": https://www.jellyneo.net/?comments=13868 - Archive of tweets and discord messages made by the Neopets Metaverse team. The NeopetsMeta twitter has since apologized here. Open Letter to TNT: http://www.neopets.com/~GildaPanda The Neopets NFT Metaverse Collection Scandal by Pet Simmer Julie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQj1yP5G_eU The Neopets Boycott of 2021 by Pet Simmer Julie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFSkDgViWQU - Two videos covering the initial news and the boycott. Metaverse Moderator Encourages Doxxing Alleged "Raider": https://www.jellyneo.net/?comments=13874 Metaverse Discord Screencaps #4: http://www.neopets.com/~Baxsby - Announcement made regarding the encouraged doxxing. Press Releases: TNT's Initial Press Release: https://www.neopets.com/neoboards/topic.phtml?topic=161264216 - Q&A which addresses the initial confusion over the legitimacy of the NFTs project as well as some context for why they're doing it. TNT's Apology Concerning the Homophobic Moderator: https://www.neopets.com/neoboards/topic.phtml?topic=161276379 - Note that this is the updated apology. An archive of the original post can be found here. Neopets Metaverse Press Release: https://neopetsmetaverse.medium.com/the-long-game-58d6c0f760c - Note: This was posted to the @NeopetsMeta Twitter, and has not yet been confirmed on neopets.com. Protest Art Now Allowed in the Beauty Contest: http://www.neopets.com/neoboards/topic.phtml?topic=161282976 - Confirmation from tnt_contest_judge in the 4th comment. TNT Response to the Oct 8-10 Blackout/Boycott and Metaverse Concerns: https://www.neopets.com/neoboards/topic.phtml?topic=161283187 News Articles: Neopets are being turned into NFTs because of course they are, by The Verge Other (Fun!) Stuff: The Very VERY Stale Bread: http://www.neopets.com/~megawonderful - Satirical Newsletter that is currently covering the situation. Mint a Free NFT: https://www.jellyneo.net/nfts/#free-nftopet - Not on the blockchain, but they also don't cost $100+
  19. oh, yeah. from what I understand, the events are this: - There was an offsite discord channel set up to discuss the neopets nfts. - One of the mods was posting homophobic slurs in the discord. - When met with complaints, there was no apology, nor was he removed as a mod. - The other mods, when asked to add the slur to the chat filter bot, said that it would be too difficult. - However, there was eventually a chat filter installed, which filtered out the word "gay." Which isn't an offensive word by itself, and so doesn't need to be censored. - The mod was eventually removed from power after several days. - TNT posted a vague wishy-washy apology to the neoboards. there's a more thorough explaination here: http://www.neopets.com/~Scroggs (scroll down to "Controversies") and here: https://www.jellyneo.net/?comments=13863 There was another petpage with screencaps of the actual discord conversations, but last i heard it got taken down. personally im not really surprised by the non-apology, it was probably either written or dictated by one of the jumpstart people, not tnt themselves, and i do kind of agree that tnt (the devs, not jumpstart) aren't and shouldn't be responsible for moderating offsite communities (the lion's share of the blame lies with the channel owner and the other mods for not removing the mod from power asap). but it's still kind of telling that these are the people that the neopets brand is willingly associating with. i've also seen allegations that the company handling the nfts has been promoting nsfw projects on their twitter, although i can't confirm this as i don't have twitter. either way, this partner is clearly not a good match for neopets (although personally im of the opinion that nfts in general aren't a good fit for neopets because trying to merge communities two decades removed from each other is just... ludicrously silly, but that's neither here nor there) EDIT: Neopets Metaverse Fork so, looks like the plan for the nfts is to create a fork of the site "on the blockchain" https://neopetsmetaverse.medium.com/the-long-game-58d6c0f760c this from the neopets metaverse twitter (because god forbid they actually announce things on their actual site). this is just... i really have no words. EDIT#2: discord channel transphobia and leaked conversations the person with the discord screencaps has put them back up, albeit censored. http://www.neopets.com/~Swonken additional discord controversies: - leaked conversation from the metaverse admins talking about how ucs/pet slots should be released to "distract" the site's userbase away from the nft fiasco and increase PR - and also how there should be some "metaverse neopoints" with a "low barrier to entry" - and how there should be "better moderation" on the discord - on the public channels, accusations of someone intentionally misgendering another user, when brought to the mod's attention they're advised to "just ignore" - and another user threatening to stalk someone on twitter for the purposes of getting them banned last two haven't been addressed yet afaik EDIT#3: TNT discord chatlogs http://www.neopets.com/~Splorg some additional comments from gutterfoot on the reason behind the delay, and a response to the leaked chatlogs about releasing uc/pet slots
  20. it was one of those "sorry you were offended" apologies, with a helping of "not our fault anyway"
  21. yeah, they generally start up every time there's a thread on the neoboards about it.
  22. The ray is fired at Movario... ... and he changes colour to Fire!! another day, another zap, and still no wizard. hopefully the cost of the halloween pbs will fall after the holiday. i meant to hand-paint him last year, but i didn't really have any else to zap on this account, so i just kept at it. fire elephantes look very strange, dont they... very top-heavy!
  23. just cut around the mouldy bits, it's fiiiiiiiiine! ah, the best month of the year! and... i was going to lament the lack of spooky or gross food but i also had blueberry flavouring so both the faerie bubble and the snow puff look pretty gross... could really go for a chocolate milkshake right about now though..
  24. maybe he is! banking is a cutthroat business. why do you think there's only one bank in neopia? he's taken out all the competition! but yeah ditto what jelly said about the pastel colour! all the decoration is on one side. still, the colours themselves are nice (even if the outlines are a tad too thin for my taste :P) it would probably benefit from some clothing covering up some of the purple.
  25. somehow i just spent two and a half hours reading the neoboards about this and all i gained was the knowledge that apparently twitter is going to implement nft-verified avatars. this must be what my grandmother felt like when i tried to explain webrings to her. im logging off and going for a walk.
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