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  1. I think she looks better now In general, I find shoes a weird item for Peophin, Flotsam, Hissi, etc.
  2. Colors are nice and even if I'm not a personal fan of Origami, this one isn't that bad at all :) That hat stands out for a very good reason, it's wonderful and the entire outfit is pretty cool!
  3. It has been a pile of soot for a week now and absolute no change at all
  4. I was trying to update my petpage and I got the same message.
  5. It might take a while indeed because it has been a while and some features are not working still. We can survive though for a while Why do you think you never help? You're always the first person I ask help to xD I just knew you'd ask me to post here first so I went ahead! Forethinking (is that even a word? xD) I don't like the price of it either 2kk NP * cough cough * Much appreciated my dear
  6. QUESTION!!!! Are paint brush items allowed on NC entry? Like these: 3 items 1 items They're not really "cloths", that's why I'm asking if they can be used!
  7. My petpet hasn't changed AT ALL (no level, no name change, etc.) for over a week... is that.. normal?
  8. Okay Thanks xD Didn't know such were possible.
  9. I think that once you haven't logged in.. let's say... 2 years, then they send the pets in to the pound (correct me if I am wrong). It is a good tatic to be honest and it wouldn't be the first game plataform to do so. I know many mmporg that do such. Once you don't log for more than 2 years, your account is deleted. It's a good way to keep everything balanced and clean. When I was back from hiatus I was surprised to see that my account was still intact to be honest I think if they took purges seriously then people wouldn't leave neopets without taking some precautions like.. logging once in a while... or giving precious items to friends or ask them to save them for them in case they return in future. Many people that played neopets won't come back... and names will be stuck there forever.. Like these guys for example:
  10. I'm waiting for DTI to come back to normal so I can check Peopha and Triclaria... it's taking a while now.. @Angeló I personaly think that Peopha would look better without any socks or shoes, but I want to go on DTI to be sure! I love the combination of the Quiggle Fountain and the Background @Robin HoodI think Triclaria looks really good I'll just wait for DTI to play around with some ideas I have in mind As for me, I've been studying options for my cute Melary. You should all know by now that I'm very undecisive and I'm stuck with this Picture ended up small, I uploaded on a petpage so you can see it better! http://www.neopets.com/~Lytivia HELP @jellysundae come help with my OCD xD
  11. For what I understand, and by reading official forums, it can happen but you need to be extremely lucky. I mean, winning is already a matter of luck so winning twice in a row is even more difficult. You can read more about it here > http://www.neopets.com/neoboards/topic.phtml?topic=160135050 These are the most important posts I can "understand" what happened. The person entered the next contest before the results came out. I support what people say on that thread. CC needs lots of changes... I personaly agree that the voting system is a joke! I vote every day 100 times and I have get so many pets that: - are repeated every day; - have no items at all; - have just the background; - are mine! Yes... my own pets of that account where I'm voting appear for me to vote on them.. And the winners sometimes are just.... not.... deserved... at all. These NC winners are just... ... Kougra one is sort of ok, not saying it's not pretty but there are so much better around.
  12. I was browsing on neopets official forums and found this Both Elderly lack color intensity, in my opinion. They look sloopy Postman outfit is pretty at least
  13. Roger! It's a good challenge and those 2 weeks will come in handy
  14. Ahahahaah @Angeló I didn't know that movie at all! That was a very creative entry for sure!
  15. Interesting theme! I like it I already had many ideas popping up but before I can choose one of those to be my entry, I'd like to clarify if they have to be similar in colors or similar on the theme? Imagine I'll choose the theme of a librarian and I make the 2 outfits. But they don't use the same color palette at all, not on the cloths or background. Does that count? Ah! And hopefully you'll enjoy your vacations
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