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  1. The ray is fired at Luffiere... ... and he changes colour to Glowing!! I think Glowing pets are underrated. If I had the time... I'd try to make it pretty :3
  2. I don't like Chias that much either but I remember doing an outfit with one that I enjoyed doing (I even think it was for the Runway) I love that species-specific outfit! Color It's not "bad" but the 2 arms are different in texture. One has water dripping and the other is flat... Outfit I like the coloring of it. I think the shoes are a bit too much. It'd be nice if the mask would be separated from the hood, in my opinion.
  3. I'm glad that you both are having fun I just got one Pinata from Anchor Management and I'm sending it your way, just because!
  4. You're very lucky! Not everyone can do that. As for myself, I can do it all the time since I own a family of goats! They're my babies I don't have a big Ixi family though... I have 3 of them, one being maraquan.
  5. I am disappointed with the bonus item... I was expecting something nicer... oh well...
  6. Hello and welcome back! When did you purchase the Premium Account? If it was over 24 hours ago, I suggest that you send a ticket to TNT and post your ticket number here > http://www.neopets.com/neoboards/topic.phtml?topic=160961136 < Love your profile picture :3
  7. I see goats, I "like" Love your outfits
  8. I know right?! The same crossed my mind! LOOOOVE IT
  9. Color I love Burlap pets but I think that this one is lacking "something". I can't quite explain clearly but I think it's the tone of the colors used. Outfit I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT
  10. I've just read the last Release Notes and even if I'm content that they're doing somehow more frequent updates, it saddens me that they didn't mention - not a single time - customization! I think they're doing a major mistake by not prioritizing the conversion of flash wearables and the customizition app.
  11. 1 month without species or color change I really dislike when that happen.
  12. Sorry for double-posting but it has been some days since the last one. So... it's the 3rd time I win within less than a month... I'm scared
  13. I KNEW IT! WHY DIDN'T I WRITE IT?! As soon as I saw the robe I thought I'm so sure Jackie will use it on Berry. I missed my chance... for an outstanding forecast xD
  14. I agree. I'm content! I just wished they would interact with us more often and dedicate more of their time to customization instead of this: They said, before the end of December, that 70% of the wearables were converted and that doesn't seem to be the case at all. Plus, customization is what brings them the most money and it's completely broken right now. Honestly, I'm even afraid of using it and losing an item on the process...
  15. Color I think it has potential if you use NC wearables Outfit That mask is... It is terrifying. The other clothes might be usable.
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