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  1. Hello there and welcome Absolutely loooove your Ariel Especially the detail of Flounder!
  2. I think I finished my Inside Out customizations. I tried to make them as identical as possible... some I couldn't get as right as I wanted but I like them anyway! I hope you'll like them too. FEAR * Animation Link * DISGUST She was a bit difficult to finish. I thought "Well Disgust doesn't like disgusting things, so... she wants everything to be clean and pretty" so I end up with this: * Animation Link * ANGER JOY She was the most difficult, I couldn't find a similar dress for her. * Animation Link * BING BONG One of the things I love about this customization is that he has a candy shower (because he cries candies) * Animation Link *
  3. How many are they? Love his customization and his name is awesome!
  4. Oh ... Always great to have a company even when you're starving I remember reading that someone loved the Tyrannian Pteri * runs away *
  5. I'm so excited about this So far I had 18 established pets, which leaves me 7 slots to use (Including one for Lab Ray). For weeks I've been... ... in order to choose colors/species I wanted out of the many I want xD Those 5 slots will come very handy! Me happy!
  6. Wow @aleu1986 you're the master of Animated Round for sure My favorites are Ramses (that movie is one of the best movies ever made in my opinion, and I'm not religious!), Quasimodo, Esmeralda, Manny and Diego! I am trying to complete my set of Inside Out characters (Joy is being a bit difficult to finish) too. I like your version of them When I finish mines I shall post here too. @jellysundae Thank you for making me laugh! I was needing it When I saw the announcement for this round I thought of my entry and, as plan B, Calcifer. I thought of maybe going for a Jubjub but my other character went well so no Calcifer from my part. I love that fire xD Loved your version a lot
  7. I was expecting more entries to be honest! As many as the round about Fairy Tales for example. I love the entries again It'll be difficult again to choose my favorites. I have a favorite one already though ... #5. I mean... Howl is Howl
  8. The ray is fired at Oriana_Treewood... ... and she changes into a Green Quiggle!!
  9. Did I infected you somehow? Yes, it's kind of late already for a nap
  10. Christian Bale is the voice behind Howl? How interesting! I liked the voice of Howl in Portuguese as well, very .... mysterious and charming. I love that actors voice a lot. You can hear the voice if you play the video. And I understand what you mean about the female voices. They tend to be screechy
  11. I lost the original message My Blue Elephante changed into Skunk! @Robin Hood Please don't give up!
  12. I opened the bag on one of my sides and kept the other 4. That item makes me uncomfortable in so many levels
  13. Hello Clara! Welcome to TDN Don't worry about your age. There are a lot of people here on their 20s - 30s, including me on the way to 29 I hope you will like to be here and feel free to ask anything
  14. Depending on the customization you make, all 4 of those are great! For example, if you have access to NC, Stealthy (clothesless) Peophin is a great choice! And Daringan is a good color in case you plan on using only NP items. Those are just examples of course I think I never posted here, so I'll post mine too. The only pet that I can call a dream really this only will happen in my dreams is a UC Plushie Ixi. I have goats as pets and I love goats! And this little guy is just... dreamy! Unfortunately, it's EXTREMELY RARE. Even more than others UCs. I think I only saw one of those on neopets all these years. It's just too adorable and I want to squeeze it to death. And, unfortunately, the converted version is not 1/4 charming as the UC so...
  15. I'm so used to Japanese that I don't find them annoying anymore I understand! Makes sense I watched Spirit Away and Howl's Moving Castle in Portuguese and they aren't bad at all but there are situations where it is just "off". Still... better than USA dubs... they tend to make a lot of hmmmmm... how to say it.... hmmmmmmmmmmm... let's say they're not good
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