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  1. Yeah I definitely learned my neolesson with the mods in the discord. There's a zero tolerance policy in effect. My guild member got banned from everything too: i said i had np leftover from games on my alt but that was my main for like a year because my old acc didnt have a email so i wasnt able to recover it that's a snippet from our conversation. They banned her for mentioning something, without following up with questions about it and banned her outright without letting her explain. It's just a bit rough is all I'm saying. I'm a mod on a couple reddits and two discord channels and I ALWAYS gave people warnings and pms before doing something drastic. Unless it was something racist/sexist/super offensive.
  2. Thank you everyone! I'm thinking Illusen's Quest next since I'm already on level 9. Past that? I want a King's Lens to finish my Battledome set
  3. Just wanted to pop in! I know this is a necro post, but I wanted to say that I never got my trophy and my ticket was never responded to.
  4. yeah I like it worn over not worn Also huge fan of the cute lamps we got. I recently made a sapphire custom for my techo and it fits weirdly well into it
  5. SUCCESSSS! You guys! This is my #1 neogoal and tomorrow is my birthday! In celebration I'll be adding my username on NP to this account (Starre305) Feel free to add me as a NF!
  6. Tomorrow is the big day Let's all take deep breaths and do lamaze breathing together
  7. I sent in a 5,000 word appeal and got back one sentence: "Sorry, your ban is permanent"
  8. Oh no it definitely felt like a sting operation. Phishing for sure. very kindly asking me questions and seeming interested in things, and then BOOM HERE'S THE BOOT haha
  9. SO STORY TIME? Ok. It's nothing absolutely crazy. But I have been in the discord since early 2018, and was invited by the creator funny enough. We had talked about some charity thing and we connected over the fact I was doing children hospital visits as Spider-Man and charity events for under privileged kids through the Ronald McDonald Foundation. SO. I'm in the discord at that point. Early to mid 2018 I didn't know much about what was allowed in Neopets in the way of userscripts, so I just downloaded all the ones recommended to me by people on the reddit, which is also run by the discord people. Same mods. Moving along, One of the scripts was one to visit the healings springs to heal your pets every 30 minutes. I stopped using the script in August of 2018 but never deleted it off of my greasemonkey. SO I had it installed but wasn't using it, like, it wasn't activated I should say. Greasemonkey is used like a library where you download a script and can turn it on and off. I had been meaning to delete it off my library but there's so much to purge there I figured, I wasn't using it so what's the harm. Fast forward to yesterday. I post a screenshot of me getting caught with a bad word filter for something like, "the only way to open is" and one of my userscripts is to let me know not to post things that could get me in trouble. In this case the word pen was next to is... you can do the math. One of the mods Novey wanted to use that script so he asked for a DL link. I said, I got in trouble for using links in the past so I'll DM you. I dm-ed him and told him to use userscripts at his own discretion. I didn't know he was a mod at this point, I thought he was genuinely trying to learn about Userscripts (I'm dumb), not potentially trying to phish for information. So he asked which userscripts I have installed. I gave him a long list. He seemed very curious about the Healing Springs one here's a snippet: "NoveyYesterday at 2:25 PM Ah okay can you list all of them then? bboyspidermanYesterday at 2:27 PM gameroom fixmeup - autofills the hagan and a couple small tweaks that make dailies a couple minutes faster search helper - adds TP, sdb, and sw, ssw links to items on screen so you can easily look them up food club auto better - I link it to my better and it fills in the bet I click bet, it fills in the second bet, I click bet, sort of like the hagan bad word checker - for neoboards ssw shop price checker - to make sure I'm not posting 100k items for 10k, basically like the search helper, but is shop exclusive training timer - times my training so I can accurately train my pets sidebar - adds a sidebar with helpful dailies links and timers for jhudara an illusen and the healing springs one which I just turned off I had a couple more but once I got premium on NP it made them useless NoveyYesterday at 2:31 PM Alright thank you so much! Do any of these like visit pages for you at all? Sorry, I don't really know much about scripts and such! And I'm interested in the healing springs one mainly, do you have a link for that? bboyspidermanYesterday at 2:51 PM the healing springs one visits the healing springs for you every 30 minutes which is not neo-legal but I used it for a half a year without anything happening. but I don't know if I would recommend you use it yourself here is the link (link removed for TDN guidelines) NoveyYesterday at 3:03 PM So, unfortunately since we are a fair to play server, and you've knowingly been using auto scripts over the past year, while trading in our server, we have to issue a ban on you. We've done the same for people who use these scripts, because although you didn't get in trouble, you're still risking yours and others accounts by using them and actively trading/selling/buying things on site." I had told him: " I used it for BD purposes because I like staying healed up but 1/20 times she gives an item, so it technically automatically gives me a healing potion or snowball a couple times a day so I should have deleted it a while ago just got lazy" He got the impression that I was still actively using it, when I meant that I had been using it like, in my library and giving the link to people who were interested. The script literally has no great impact on the game. Any and all items I got from it are STILL in my sdb, because they are virtually worthless. I never benefitted in NP from it nor did I use it to my advantage in #trading. Using the script maybe got me a random healing potion a day. which is like OK at best. The important thing was that it kept my pet healed for BD-nig, which is my big passion in the game. So though I stopped using the script in mid 2018, since that coincided with the start date I was in the discord (I assume since he didn't give me much warning when he booted me) I was banned from the discord and then 5 minutes later I was banned from the Reddit, since my username was on it. TL;DR I messed up talking to a mod casually about using scripts and miscommunicated how I use them which got me banned. It was my fault for not specifying that when I say use I meant "had installed". English is my second language so there's a lot of intricacies I still mess up. I grew up in Heidelberg, Germany and though we tend to learn English better than most people, I learned it in both Europe and America since I ended grade school in California. You can imagine the confusion. Not trying to say I wasn't in the wrong, but I am saying that he should have talked to me before straight up banning me from literally everything he had the power to. The biggest miscommunication was that I said, "and the healing springs onewhich I just turned off" which he thought meant "I just stopped using it", instead of me meaning I just got rid of it off Greasemonkey. Un-installed it. I know some people get unbanned after a year or two and appealing the decision to the mods. I just sent in my appeal and hope they'll listen to me. But I've heard varying things about their change of heart to banned people. In an effort to stay in the community I've been using the neoboards and want to come back to TDN again. The discord is just INSTANT and everyone there was so friendly it's really rough to not have access to it anymore. I just joined the TDN discord, but it was 1/20th the amount of people, still, I need some access to instant messaging hahaha
  10. I'm on quest 46 of Jhudara, got banned from the neopets discord today, currently training my neopet and I'm going stir crazy at home during Quarantine. how's your day?
  11. Getting rid of some backgrounds below list price: http://www.neopets.com/browseshop.phtml?owner=starre305
  12. edit: Also hit my 100th zap (recorded, not in total) I think recording them has helped me realize how zapping helped me train so far
  13. April 30, 2018 ... and he gains two levels!!! April 30, 2018 ... and he loses two levels :( April 29, 2018 ... and he gains 3 strength points!!!! April 29, 2018 ... and he gains 2 strength points!!!! April 28, 2018 ... and he gains 4 maximum hit points!!!! April 28, 2018 ... and he gains 2 strength points!!!! April 27, 2018 ... and he loses 3 defence points!!!! April 27, 2018 ... and he loses 2 strength points :( April 26, 2018 ... and he loses 2 defence points!!!! April 26, 2018 ... and she changes gender!!!! April 25, 2018 ... and she loses 3 strength points :( April 25, 2018 ... and she gains two levels!!! April 24, 2018 ... and she gains 2 strength points!!!! April 24, 2018 ... and she changes colour to Spotted!! April 23, 2018 ... and she gains 4 maximum hit points!!!! April 23, 2018 ... and she loses 3 defence points!!!! April 22, 2018 ... and she loses 3 defence points!!!! April 22, 2018 ... and she gains 3 defence points!!!! After being back for 20 days: Level: +5Hitpoints: +43Strength: +12Defence: -22Movement: +10Back to Level 1: 0 zapsGender: 1 zapsColour/Species: 5 zapsNo Change: 0 zaps
  14. Got a Faerie Queen and Battle Faerie Like, my dream combo.
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