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  1. For now @granny63020, I'd say it looks good! Not a lot of defense, but that's ok when you're fighting opponents that you can beat in a couple of turns.
  2. Sounds like your pet has some very nice stats @discobiscuit! Why wouldn't you increase your pet's HP further? Sure, you can take on MOST 1p opponents on easy and many on Mighty right now, but it might come in handy if you want to challenge opponents on stronger difficulties. Who knows what TNT has in store for us with the battle plot? Good luck getting enough faeries for the level 500 ability! I chose Summon Monoceraptor for my peophin. It's not bad, though I wish it was more than once per day. I use FQFCs too. It can be quicker, and when you do get the faerie you want, you get more points than simply training. Also, one thing to consider, a FQFC is basically $1 of NC for 9 days. But that can be better if you don't have, or don't want to spend millions of NP on Red Codestones. Especially in this pre-war economy. I augment with occasional training and Kitchen Quests, when they're under 5-10k. I only need to work on HP right now too.
  3. Thanks for adding your confirmation to the conversation @discobiscuit! So did you finally max out your Strength and Defense, so you could focus on HP? All that training of nothing but level, man I can imagine how frustrating that must've been!
  4. @GillyTook, that sounds like a good plan! Regarding Kitchen Quests. At least there's no penalty if you don't feel like finishing them. I recommend price checking each of the 3 or 4 items your asked for before you buy any. Lately I've been getting thrown some curve-balls when trying to do a Kitchen Quest. There'd be 2 or 3 reasonably priced items requested, 1k-2k or so, and then one that is over 10k. While it'd be worth it NP-wise to try it for a random stat point, I only need to work on my HP, so if I get a worthless item or low amount of NP back, or the stat point goes to some other stat, it's not very good. So I keep checking and hoping for a lower priced-quest. As I'm trying hard to save my NP to upgrade my battle gear. My point is, just be wary of how much each item costs and do what you feel you can afford per quest. You can complete up to 10 on-site quests a day. Snow Faerie, Edna, Kitchen Quests, all count toward the 10. The counter resets at midnight NST. And the time to complete the quests seems to be between 2 and a half to 3 and a half hours pretty often. Good luck!
  5. Thanks @Duma! Ok @Indagare, looking at Duma's screenshot, I think it shows your progress to 750 for each stat. Not counting your HP since that can be above or below 750 as a maximum. Though it's color will change depending on where it falls on the rainbow spectrum TNT has for your neopet's health when it isn't at or near maximum. This is mine, so pretty much the only time I see it in the Red or Yellow colors is when I've been blasted for trying to steal from the snowager (Red then,), or yellow when my pet's HP is reduced to half by the Deserted Tomb, or Fireballs from the Wheel of Mediocrity, or from a couple other things on the site that can reduce HP. I haven't tried it when my HP is in blue or orange numbers, which you can get by using some healing potions or eating but not refilling your HP entirely. I don't know if the gauge is blue or orange for those times on the Battledome Stats Page. I honestly haven't looked before when I have HP in either of those two color ranges. lol I've only seen my HP on that gauge as Red, Yellow, or Green. I hope that helps.
  6. Well @granny63020, depending on how much you want to spend, you might add a Freezing weapon. Sleep Ray is around 1million NP these days I think. or, you can save the slot for a defensive piece of equipment that you can swap out depending on your opponent. If you're only fighting opponents that you can beat easily, say for the daily prizes, then you can leave it empty for now. IF/WHEN TNT fixes Stealing, if your Agility stat is 201 or higher, the Heavy Robe of Thievery can be fun. There's a very low intelligence stat requirement for it too, But I think it's only like, 35 or some crazy low number. I don't know if that's accurate @GillyTook. Though I've never trained my HP to 3x my level before, but I have heard that if your HP is beyond 2x your level, then you have to increase your level before you can train your other stats again. IF I'm remembering that correctly. It's been many MANY years since I last read that. So I MIGHT be misremembering it. So I've kept my stats within 2x of my level, even HP. Now since I have the max boosts, it doesn't really matter if my HP is 3x my level, but that'll take quite a bit of training and time. Once you get your Strength and Defense to 750 it won't matter for you either. That will take some time though. I didn't do any hardcore training, just some light stuff, and it took me until the Obelisk War to reach level 250. Some players, focused a TON on their training and far exceeded my pet during the same roughly 8-10 year period from the time I started playing Neopets. If you have the NP for the codestones you can train your rear off. If you buy NC at all, the Training Fortune Cookies can reduce your training time by a random amount 35%-50% I think, it's different for each training session, but within that range, for .. I think it's 5 days. It's been a long time since I last used one, so I'm not 100% on that anymore. Anyway, since the tiers in the training schools go by level, I think it's ok to train your HP beyond 2x your level, just know you'll have to raise your level to make your HP back to only 2x your level to train your other stats again. (I hope that makes sense). You might not get to 250 in level, but if you buff your stats to the next boost and get your HP up a bit more, you'll be more formidable during the battle plot than you would be if your level was 250 and your stats were relatively close to what they are now.
  7. Hi @GillyTook, I think it's a matter of preference. I've never done the math on it, but the arguments I've heard FOR doing it, is that you're at 1-red stone training for a VERY long time, until your stats catch up with your level. The proponents would continue to say that you would save NP in the long run, because you'd be level-training only through the higher tan-codestone tiers, and then you'd only need to buy 1 red stone for the other stats. Of course, red stones WERE much cheaper the last time I saw this topic brought up. PERSONALLY, I've never liked the power-leveling idea because I felt, and mostly still do, that it unbalanced the codestone market. I must point out there were fewer Red stones available when I first started with that opinion. But the point is, tan codestones would fall in price as more people power-leveled to 250+, and red stones would increase in price due to the increase in demand. Right now, most of both types of stones are higher than usual due to people training for the on-coming war. What I would suggest is this. You can power-level if you want. However, I would suggest you try to figure out how long it will take you to get to level 250 first. It won't do you much good in the upcoming battle plot if your level is high but your stats haven't gotten much higher. Ok, so because I was curious, I tried the math. To train to Level 251 will take you 2,524 HOURS. That's a few hours over 105 days. I stink at math, so feel free to check it. The last 50 levels of the training school will take 24 hours per session. Granted to you can get some levels if you're good at beating Von Roo at Deadly Dice, but that will hardly do much unless you have a LOT of ties and then are lucky enough to win a lot. Plus you have to be on at midnight to 1am NST for that. So I think your best bet will be to focus on your stats for this battle plot. I think working on your HP makes the most sense, and then Strength and Defense to the next boost for each of them. Maybe you can get to the 250 or 300 boost(s)? But you definitely will want more HP, which as you probably know, can be trained to 3x your level. Just for reference, here is the link to the article on BD boosts for Strength and Defense. https://thedailyneopets.com/battledome/strength-defense-boosts Good luck with your training. Feel free to ask any more questions you might have. As far as power-leveling goes. I did that for the last 20-30 levels when I was in the 8-tan stone tier, just before the Obelisk War. I would suggest that it becomes a more viable and economic strategy when you get to the 7 and/or 8 tan stone training tier. Sure Mag and Sho red stones are generally pretty cheap, but the other 4 are not.
  8. You're welcome Granny! I hope that you have fun with it!
  9. @granny63020, The start button, or Windows button rather in Windows 10. If you scroll down your list of Programs/apps on your laptop and go down to Windows Accessories. You should find a program there called "Paint". You can use the Ctrl V button combo to paste the screenshot stored in your clipboard that you took by hitting the Print Screen button into a new Paint file once the program is open. There is a Clipboard icon, a larger one, underneath the word File, in the menu bar. You can Paste, or Paste From. Paste should work. You can edit the pic, or save it if you want too. I hope that helps.
  10. I know someone who almost broke the top 50, they used to be a TDN staffer. I won't say who of course, but it's nice to know they're still active in the game. As for the top 13 or so, no. I don't know anyone else that I saw. But here is their list of the top 250 pets. The top of the top pets could certainly take on Snowy on Medium, MAYBE even on Mighty! The current #1 has over 30,000hp! https://battlepedia.jellyneo.net/?go=top_pets
  11. Hey congrats you guys! That's great! Maybe by the next go 'round you'll have Snow Beast in your list. I hope so. I guess the top entrant must be using a different name or something. I did a search on Neo, I'm curious about their pet's HP, but nothing turned up when I entered that name, Oh well, some things will remain a mystery.
  12. Nice, Granny. A least you had enough to sell. Good luck with the rankings when they come out.
  13. Oh yes. But even so, $1 per cookie isn't bad since they increased it to 9 days from 7. Same here, I'm not willing to use the lab ray on my peophin. Peophin morphing potions are pretty pricey still, and I like his customization and such. Plus my Freezer is species specific, if he changed species, I would need to get a new freezer. Anyway, as far as training goes. You could try for the boosts if you want, though your HP would be kind of low still then. Though, if you did Kitchen Quests, you might get some extra stat points there. I think I've gone over them in this thread before, but you can complete 10 on-site quests per day, (Kitchen, Edna, snow faerie etc.) all count towards the 10. So you can do 10 Kitchen Quests per day, if you get a stat boost, it'll be 1 point and I do believe it goes to your active pet. So, while you train your Ixi you could also try Kitchen Quests for a few extra points. I think I read somewhere that HP is one of the more common stats awarded. It can give you Strength, Defense and Agility too. KQs can be pricey and their quest timer is pretty long, usually 2-3 hours. So if there's one you don't want to do, you end up waiting a bit for it to run out so you can try a new one. That being said, I tend to only do them if the total quest price is around 5k or so. Cheap for a stat point at my peophin's level, but the items you get sometimes are often not worth much, and sometimes you only get under 1k in NP back. So, there's that possibility too. Still, it's a relatively cheap way to try to get some extra stat points. If I were into heavy training, I'd do all 10 quests probably regardless of cost, but since I'm only casually training, it's not such a big deal to put a lower limit on the NP on each quest. I'm trying to save up for some stuff too, so there's that.
  14. Ah ok. I've pulled a few "vanishing acts" too while playing this game. Though I've been back steady since a little bit before the Obelisk War, about maybe 10 years ago now? The first plot I took part in was an old one, not Meridell vs Darigan, but the one after that, but before the Hannah and the Ice Caves plot. lol I don't even know what it was called, but it was the first battle plot I took part in, and it was pretty fun. Been hooked on those ever since. But they've been few and far between. I think TNT will make sure of that. You might have to pick a team, battle or support, or something like that. We won't know the rules until TNT releases them unfortunately. But you probably won't be working directly with anyone, just like the Faerie Festival 2023, it'll be a group effort for points or prizes. You could train if you want. you may be battling too. You've got a few months according to TNT's reply to an editorial question, so there's time to raise your stats a fair bit. Yeah, I think selling would be the way to go. Even 10 Bri Codestones, at say, 3200np each, would be 32,000np. And you might turn those in and get a Mag or Sho red codestone, which are not worth that much. So you'd have lost out on value there. As for the NC stuff. If you buy NC items, the Faerie Quest Fortune Cookies are 100nc. Basically $1 per cookie, and they last 9 days. 9x24hours from the time you open them. Or, you could always get the lab ray. It has some down sides though. You can gain and lose stats. It does increase the Strength and HP quite often from what I've read. Though it can decrease Defense, change your pet's gender or species. Even reduce it's level back to level 1. So there are trade-offs in using it. I've never used the lab ray though. So I can't say anything from personal experience, just what I've read about it.
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