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  1. With the current pet limits, I'm a little surprised people are so excited for more pet slots. lol I probably won't be using my spare slot. I only have 2 pets on my main, and my peophin is usually the active pet. (Though Viragore still "steals" levels from scratchcards all the time. lol) I'm just not that "into" having a lot of pets. But it's cool to see so many people are. Let that creativity flow! Right? 😉
  2. UGH Got nothing good.. Here are my results. Tropical Food Shop Trick-or-Treat Bag Harffel Fruit Smoothie Bowl Spooky Skull Mask Edna Trick-or-Treat Bag Spooky Slime (retired) Anshu Trick-or-Treat Bag Spooky Korbat Stories (uncommon) Esophagor Trick-or-Treat Bag Spooky Korbat Stories (uncommon) Kiko Lake Carpentry Trick-or-Treat Bag Not sure about opening. Why is the Kiko Lake bag going for around 450,000np?
  3. Sounds like a quite the rousing Zombie Jamboree!
  4. @Yuiina I completely agree! It was only several years ago that I learned the apparent origin of Jack-o-Lanterns. Up until then I thought they were always pumpkins. Oh yes! The costume I had the longest was one my Mom made out of some white fabric and some glow-in-the-dark tape. It was a ghost costume, and I don't know where she got the glow in the dark tape for around the eye and mouth holes, but it only worked when you gave it a good dose of Light before going out. And even then, because it was twilight usually, there was still some light in the sky, so the effect was underwhelming. lol As you couldn't really see the glow. Even from the inside. lol Eventually, I added a cowboy hat and a holster and cap-gun to make the ghost costume that of a dead cowboy or sheriff. Just, something different with what I already had to work with. lol A lot of adults do, but if you look at people who enjoy cosplay, (costume play), like at anime conventions and such, they're pretty craftsy and able to make wonderfully detailed costumes. I've even seen costumes for sale online that individual people, not companies, made. The very LAST thing I did to celebrate Halloween, I mean pseudo-costume-wise, was to get a small travel pillow, and using some safety pics, I'd curl the top of it and pin it into place. Then I would pin it to the inside of a larger shirt, sweatshirt or hooded sweatshirt. A very quick and inexpensive hunchback look. lol I haven't done that in a few years though. lol I'm glad I could help provide you with some references then! Some places are going back to Trick-or-treat times being closer to twilight, sometimes later. Which is good in my opinion. It's not really as fun going out dressed as a spook when the sun is still high in the sky. lol
  5. What an interesting post! I like Halloween just fine. Of course I live in the USA and celebrated it as a kid. I went Trick-or-Treating too. Sometimes the weather was good, sometimes it rained, and I've even gone trick-or-treating with snow on the ground! LOL If you're curious about the origins of Halloween, I'm sure there are plenty of websites that could provide really good info. One of the COOL things about Halloween, is that I learned a couple of years ago, that the Jack-o-Lantern, was ORIGINALLY lanterns carved into Turnips in Ireland. Used as lanterns at night for walking home, or wherever. Being half-Irish, I though this was really cool to learn. 😉 Of the few costumes I've worn from Childhood to about 14. I think my favorite was a costume I put together myself. Did a pic of it a long time ago... lol That staff actually had a button that lit up and sounded the roaring thunder when you pressed it. Sadly, it stopped working. lol I don't know how to fix it, so it's in storage somewhere. The rest of the costume was a Vampire Cape, with the color turned down because I was a wizard, NOT a vampire. The glow in the dark sword, which you can only see the hilt and crosspiece here, was the last bit I added to the costume. The patch-work hoodie, black slacks and black dress-shoes I already had. This costume I wore beyond just the age of 14, but I only wore it to have some fun. See, this costume helped me cast a dark and imposing figure. I would literally watch as kids crossed the street with their friends, or parents, to avoid crossing my path. When that would happen, I'd activate the staff, and that would draw kids and parents into my dark clutches...... lol Nah, they were fascinated by the staff because they'd probably never seen anything like it. And to think, I found it at Kmart for $19.99! So their curiosity got the better of them and they'd come up to ask about the staff and how it worked. It was really quite fun. I did this for about 2 years before the staff stopped working. The speaker for the Thunder sound came undone and I've yet to get the means to fix it. Also, here is a very old animated gif I did of some Monsters on Halloween night. This was intended to be a desktop background, but by the time I completed it, about 12 or so years after I started it, the standard/most popular screen resolution for computers was no longer 800x600, PLUS Windows seems to no longer support animated gif files in their newer OS versions. Really too bad. 😞 Otherwise, the only thing that's REALLY changed from Halloween when I was a kid, is that some places, for safety concerns, no longer have Trick-O-Treating closer to the twilight hours. Some places only do it when it's bright and sunny out. Not much fun, really. If a kid were to go solo, I can see the reason for concern, but kids tend to walk with other kids, or parents, so it should, in MOST cases, be FINE to trick-or-treat around Sunset, or later. 😉
  6. Meh I say, MEH! LOL I can beat my best score, but I can't break through the 1300 point threshold, so 1500 is REALLY not likely to happen. Guess I'm going with Abigail for this challenge. lol XD
  7. Gah! It figures, DD starts with a game score I'll probably not get. 😕 My best score for DoM3 is about 250 points shy of the needed score. I might try to beat AAA, but I'm thinking I might just go for Abigail's this time. Just so I don't miss a day of getting a score in on-time for the same-day reward. Also, since it seems that AAA's weapon-prize is mediocre I guess I can pass on it. That being said, I wish they'd give us a little more time between such long events. First the AC that eats up a month, and now suddenly the DD which eats up about 3 weeks. Anyway, best of luck to everyone with the DD! I can grin about that at least. 😉
  8. What a weird looking item, that's for sure! XD
  9. Wow, hard to believe there are no votes yet. Does EVERYBODY here have all of the faction avatars and such? I don't really mind which faction I go with either. 🙂
  10. lol At this point, yeah! Now IF they get the stealing aspect of the BD working again! (For the Heavy Robe of Thievery for instance). It would be useful up to the minimum to use it, 201 in movement points. Or maybe they plan on releasing some movement based equipment in the future? Still, free is free. 😉
  11. Wow! What an absolutely touching story about getting Kai and his first day in his new home with his new family! Almost brought a tear to my eyes reading about it! Just beautiful! Loved the shot of him on the slide too! XD
  12. I see Barit Jowes in there! Nice!
  13. Firstly, welcome to the forums! ? I hope you enjoy your time here. LOL Nice! This is my 7th in a row, 9th overall. I dread the next year's AC from the time the present AC ends until the new one begins. lol Yet I still play. I wish they would fix some of the responsiveness issues, it would make the game go faster and more smoothly. I still play for a couple of reasons. 1) I like Maraqua and have only played for them, not counting when we all got to change teams as our teams were knocked out in the first 2 ACs so all the players could participate in the Finals. Then I didn't play until 2012's AC, (I was on a LONG Hiatus from Neopets), which brings us to this year's AC. It's a huge time commitment and I've only reached All-star once because I couldn't get time or in some years the motivation after a while, to get in all games necessary to reach All-star. YYB is the main game I play. Anyway, Reason 2) I like to see how much I've progressed from the previous year. Such as my goals per game average, and how many goals I can score in one game. Just got done with my 24th game of YYB for the AC with a score of 17-0. 3rd year in a row scoring that high and I think my 5th year total to do so. I know I had a Reason 3, but I guess I forgot it. lol Oh wait, I remember now. the Prizes!!!! In hopes a great new weapon will be released! But affording it with Prize Points is hit or miss. lol How I wish they'd count goals for prize-shop points in some way. LOL I also enjoy the Staff Tournament. ? It's nice to just have to guess or figure out who's good and picking them. Plus some of us keep track of our rosters from last year so when the new staff tourney rolls around we can compare notes and decide who we want on our teams. There'll be a thread created when the staff tournament starts. Good luck with your AC gaming and good luck to your team!
  14. Maraqua's goalie could use some more training. I mean, when he misses a block, he ALWAYS falls flat on his face. It's annoying. lol After all these years, I think, as much as I'm not a chia-fan, we might swap him for the goalie from the Chia Practice Squad! LOL He'd probably be more effective. lol
  15. So, who's joining Maraqua this year? And if you're a repeat player, how long have you been playing for Maraqua? I've only played for Maraqua for 9 ACs, I've only played 9 ACs. lol The first two, and then started back up in 2012 to now. I'm looking forward to playing more YYB and seeing if I can do a 3-peat for scoring. If I can score 17 goals in one game this year, it will be the 3rd AC in a row I've gotten a score of 17, 5th year in total. A real shame our goals don't do much except maybe advance goals per game averages of our front man Elon. lol My ideal goal would be to manage 18 goals in a game. I believe that would be a "Perfect Game" score. But, I doubt I can do that. Scoring would have to be perfect for EACH possession, and I always mess up either in the first or 3rd minute of play. lol Well, either I mess up or the opponent gets a lucky steal or shot in. lol XD So mainly I play to improve my scoring in YYB and my Goal per Game average. I'd LOVE it if Maraqua won the cup in a year I was playing. I've only reached All-Star ranking once. It's crazy how many games of YYB you gotta play, and now that off-days don't count, at least they didn't last year, toward your personal stats, I might not get back to all-star. lol I prefer playing with the keyboard, going from Right to Left, 1:3 formation, and our goalie could use some more training! LOL It's possible for the goalie to score a goal, but those don't count on the goal counter of your stats, and it's possible to score in 1 second instead of the usual 2, by getting a Fire Yooyu with the Enlargement Power-up. So that's a VERY RARE happening. BTW that's the same Yooyu/Item combo you need to score a goal with the goalie. Anyway, that's a bit about my AC history and some of the tricks I know. How about you guys?
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