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  1. Congrats! So I went to your profile to check out what an Ice Hissi looks like, and when I clicked on him I got this message..... lol Thanks! I didn't even know that was an avatar! XD Congrats again on getting your ice hissi! Good luck with your next pet-endeavor!
  2. lol Whoops! No worries! And here I thought someone had something to say about some of my shares here.
  3. Been playing Dragon Quest XI lately. BIG fan of the franchise, ever since the first game for the NES. It's pretty amazing to see how far it's come since then and how they keep coming up with new nuances and features to keep each new game FRESH, interesting and FUN.
  4. An IRL Advent Calendar? Sorry, I haven't. But it would be interesting what Neopets would do with something like that. Maybe a keychain toy to fit behind each door? lol Anyway, if they put out merch of an IRL Advent Calendar, that would be interesting. They could certainly print item codes behind some or all of the doors. THAT would be pretty cool.
  5. Going with The Sway, the predictions are fairly close and I prefer The Sway's boons. So I'll take that gamble and see if they win.
  6. An old anime I have on dvd. Final Fantasy Unlimited. Just a few episodes left.
  7. Same! Thanks hrtbrk! I just got home from being out of town for 5 days. (Mom had some back surgery and is doing wonderfully after it.) I'm so glad I checked the forums just now! Would've HATED to miss out on the bags and their treats!
  8. Likewise, I play on my PC only, and my phone is too old/dumb for such apps. Smart phones may have their usefulness at times, but I'm fine with talk and txt, though I much prefer talk to txting. Will probably have to replace mine soon, but I can't see shelling out enough to buy a new laptop or something, for a phone. PLUS paying for data for a smart phone? Not worth it (to me) imho.
  9. What are "d2r" games? I'm not familiar with that term. Your analysis of games and their effect(s) on cognition are interesting, and I would say in general, that I agree that playing games can help kids in various ways mentally and emotionally in both stimulating and calming the brain. As well as inspiring and entertaining it, of course. Lastly, I would indeed agree that the evidence is encouraging. As for me, I game too, I like to sketch and dabble in animation as a hobby. Though I'd love to improve on the quality of both. I read occasionally, not as much as I used to, but I read a LOT of text on the net day-to-day so I suppose that's why I haven't read as many books as I used to read. I enjoy listening to music, sometimes chatting with friends. And i dabble a bit in writing and "world-building", in that sense. Would love to design a game, but I couldn't code my way out of a paper bag. lol As for what games I play? Offline, I definitely prefer RPGs, or games with story that require strategy and critical thinking. Online, I play Neopets, dabble with Flight Rising and play a free-to-play MMO called AdventureQuest3D. A cross-platform MMO that you can play on android, iOS, and computers, via Steam. There is a pay aspect to AQ3D, for a 1-time fee of $25 you can unlock guardianship. You get access to the Guardian Tower, the Job Class, and some game-wide perks. Dragon Guardian is $50, basically you get a tiny amount of extra perks, and a good amount of the game's premium currency, Dragon Crystals. Either package is only a one-time thing, and it's good forever then. There is no player-trading system, so any items you want, you have to earn or craft yourself. But you can party up and grind for the items required to craft said items. You can be a top player without ever paying a penny too. A HUGE draw in the game are the cosmetic-equipment and items. They are always parodying pop-culture stuff. You could change your character to look like Luffy, from One Piece, Saitama, from One-Punch Man, etc. etc. Most equipment is for everyone, some of it may require you to be a guardian to equip it, but not usually to obtain it. Many of the permanent travel forms you can get are guardian-only, though the free consumable and the free permanent travel forms travel at the same speeds. So there's no real advantage unless you want a specific look of a specific travel form. There are multiple job/classes to master, they JUST released a new one, Samurai, the other day! It's, pretty powerful, but I haven't finished unlocking all the skills yet. Each Class has skills up to the 10th rank/level. Get to rank 10 to maximize that job's abilities and get a nice cross-over skill to use with another job equipped. (1 Cross-skill can be equipped at a time). Each class has 4 attacks besides the default auto-attack. 3 skills and an ultimate that takes time to build up before you can use it. I've played games from this company for a long time. Not QUITE as long as Neopets, but I remember some people on the neoboards talking about the original AdventureQuest, back in the day. Which launched in 2002. I started playing I think, around 2003. THAT game is still going, not missing at least 1 weekly update since it's launch. It was originally Flash, now it's accessed via the Artix Etnertainment Launcher. A program you can download to access any of their games. Unlike Neopets, the people over at AE saw the death of Flash coming and converted their game worlds BEFORE Flash died. I think quite a lot about the company and it's founder, Artix, who plays a Paladin. Actually, if you visit their site and check out the Heromart, they have an original 8-bit ROM game file (use a Nintendo/NES emulator to play), called Dungeons & Doomknights. First and only one of their real-life products I've bought. lol Oh you get some codes to get some fun cosmetic stuff in AQ3D and a couple other games, but the game itself is really pretty fun! Kind of reminds me of the King's Quest games, only with a Castlevania feel and action to it. Artix himself did most of the coding and designing of that game. You can find lots of cool vids about AQ3D on Youtube. Gold Raven's channel is a good place to start. With all sorts of how-to videos. Anyway, AQ3D is a fun game, and if you like MMO's but don't want to bleed your wallet dry, this is a great alternative to those MMO's that focus more on the money end of things, or charge a monthly subscription fee. Because like I said, AQ3D is FREE-to-Play! Current max player level is 38. Game is presently in Open-Beta. I use this wiki site a lot for AQ3D. http://aq-3d.wikidot.com/ Especially if I don't log in for awhile Lots of GREAT info and links to the official site too! Oh yeah, you get a daily treasure chest, inside are some neat goodies. From FREE Dragon Crystals, to boosters (gold, exp, class exp,) travel forms, to even pets and cosmetic armor you can only get from the daily treasure chests! Time to open between treasure chests is 23 hours. Game/Server time is Eastern time zone in the USA. They are based in Florida.
  10. Remember you need to win 10 battles minimum to qualify. Oxbridge786's prediction.
  11. WOW! @GillyTook, that's crazy! It reminds me of a friend of mine who got rear-ended by a Semi truck a number of years ago. I'm pretty sure it was before she became a mom though. She drove a smaller car back then, a 2-door. So it was just her and her hubby at the time. Though that was down in a metropolitan area, I think near Milwaukee, if my rusty memory is recalling correctly. @Mouseykins, that's one way to look at it. You can trust yourself on the road, but not others. Also, what happens if there is some sort of emergency? You might HAVE to drive somewhere. It's good experience to have and to do it right by having a license and knowing the rules of the road. That lady I almost hit maybe didn't even have a license anymore, it's possible. I heard on the news about a guy who'd been driving 50 years and only was just found out to not have a license! I had ANOTHER close-call today. Some jerk in a truck was waiting to turn into my lane near an overpass. There was NOT enough space between the car ahead of me and myself for him to safely do this, so I had to jut out to the right lane which tapers and ends a few hundred feet ahead. Just because I was mad, I gunned it, made sure I was safely past that jerk and then went into that lane before the right lane ended. TWO close calls IN TWO DAYS if freakin' NUTS! I live in a pretty rural town. Only slightly over 6,000 people. Today's incident was just out of town near the highway. The jerk from today could've waited literally 2 seconds for me to be past him because nobody was behind me at all.
  12. Thanks! Yeah, bad drivers are a major pet-peeve of mine. Bad enough when drivers weave in and out of lanes, or turn without using their turn signals. This old lady, didn't even do that. I noticed her movement, and took my foot off the gas, if I hadn't, then I don't think I could've stopped in time when she DID pull out into the street, blocking all traffic on that side. I mean, the turn signals are SO easy, and they let people know if you want to change lanes, or turn off. So they know if they need to slow down to accommodate you or whatever. It's polite, it's the law, and it saves lives. Plus, you're less likely to get horn-blasted if you let them know you're about to make a certain move that involves turning or changing lanes. Agreed, bad weather is one thing, but today was only a little overcast. If you can't drive in clear weather, then you shouldn't be on the road. I mean, it's a privilege, not a right. Though it IS necessary for MOST people to do errands or go to work. But it's still only a privilege. Heh, sorry for venting again. I'm tired of bad drivers. They've been increasing more and more around here, even though tourist season is now over here.
  13. So I'm driving home after going to the grocery store. There's a truck in the meridian going left, and 2 open lanes where this old lady is waiting to leave Aldi's.... this person, starts pulling out, BEFORE THE TRUCK MOVES. So she begins BLOCKING BOTH LANES OF TRAFFIC! Starting positions as I'm driving toward this area. The Vs and ^s indicate the direction of traffic for those lanes. |_V_|_V_|_Truck_|_^_|_^_|Old lady After I was able to come to a stop... Old lady had the road ENTIRELY blocked. I was about 6-8 feet away from hitting her door. |_V_|_V_|_Truck_|Oldlady| If I hadn't slammed on my brakes as HARD AS POSSIBLE, I WOULD'VE totally slammed RIGHT into her. I blasted my horn, but all she does is clear her ear, smiles and waves at me as she turns around me! People like that need their licenses REVOKED!!!! I am so furious right now! >( Still shaking with how close that was!
  14. Oooooof! Computer issues can be SO annoying! Glad you are able to return to Neopets and TDNF! Welcome Back!
  15. Chances are it's Omicron, either 1 or 2. Both are easier to spread/catch than Delta or the original BIG strain. But they are FAR more mild as far as symptoms and risk goes. Since you are fully vaxxed, you'll probably be fine with just mild symptoms. So yeah, at least you shouldn't have to worry. That being said, Good luck! I hope you don't go stir-crazy being stuck inside while your symptoms run their course. lol But it shouldn't be too long right? Are they down to 1 week, or is it 10 days of staying in where you are?
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