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  1. Weird! But no way! Togepi is WAY cuter than those jelly chia! lol
  2. Yes, rotten sun-dried fish! Those lopsided stats are really suspicious!
  3. I always save a screenshot at the end of the staff tourney for the following year so I can see all rounds I chose and who did well, and stunk out loud. My week 1 line-up turned out to be the same as my Week 1 line-up for last year. I always choose Ehlo Froyo as my Goalie though, Go Maraqua! lol Fortunately, she's a really decent goalie! I'm HOPING to select the right Star player, hasn't happened yet though. lol Good luck everyone with your picks!
  4. Cool. I've been mashing the spacebar with little to no success, so lots of releasing as well as pressing. I wish TNT could fix it, but since the AC is now underway, I highly doubt that will happen before the AC is over. Oh yes! I hate that when everyone is crowded and the game kept/keeps switching with whichever one is a tiny bit closest to the yooyu. True, plus it's harder to know when to use a power-up if you can get to one, because there is no longer any order for the yooyus. Like, normal, random, normal random, now it's a random yooyu every time. So it's a bit pointless to powe
  5. Best to go after the yooyu first, since the stealing doesn't work well. The 8 seconds still comes off the timer, but INSTANTLY when you score, which is different from the old version. You have to be watching the timer basically, if you want to see it. And the timer starts more quickly at the beginning of each round than it did in the old version. In the old version, scoring with only 2 or 3 seconds coming off the timer was fairly easy, especially starting a new game. But, in this one, the timer has counted down about 2-3 seconds before you can even make a move toward the yooyu. As I just
  6. Congrats on maxing out. I only managed about 16 games. But I was busy with other things, and TBH, I wasn't really looking forward to playing with how glitchy YYB is. On your points of frustration.... Yes, the steal is pretty broken, I find I have to move more defensively, trying to avoid them altogether instead of going through them then sometimes, the other team's steal will miss when they attempt it. The player switching IS still annoying. Definitely in part moreso because of the lack of a consistently working steal-function. but also, couples with another one of your points,
  7. lol If that were possible! TBH With the glitches and getting used to the new physics, my best score has only been 9. Though I haven't been able to play much the last couple of practice days to get more familiarized with it. lol
  8. Interesting Secre. To me, it doesn't seem like it'd be possible with just support games, but I know people do it, as you've done it, and more. Thanks for posting your stats. Nice going! I tried several practice games of YYB, it's pretty darn glitchy. I gotta wonder just what TNT spent the whole last year since the end of the last AC doing.... Plus that new power-up that seems to slow everyone down, I haven't seen that one before. It seems more annoying so far. More power-ups showing up is ok, the opponent-goalie seems more on the ball when it comes to stopping my shots, pardon the pun.
  9. Welcome to Maraqua Secre! I hope we do well this year!
  10. Haven't tried any of the converted games yet. TNT should partner with one of those independent groups/people making flash emulators that play flash content, like Ruffle for example. I have the nightly build downloaded for a couple of games some old friends made ages ago. Non-neopets stuff. Can't use it for everything because it's still in development, but I can view some of my old friends' works, which rocks because I lost touch with them awhile back. I always have a sense of DREAD about the AC. The prize points awarded are so LOW, imho. I mean sure, some people can get Multiple All-Star,
  11. Ah, I didn't know he was a former Art Director for Neopets! That's cool!
  12. While I haven't signed up quite yet, as usual, I plan on supporting Maraqua! So, who's joining up with Maraqua?! Any thoughts on the team members? We've seen a couple of newbies replace players from Mystery Island and Faerieland, are there Maraqua team members you'd like to see traded/replaced? Share your victories, foibles and close calls or weird happenings during your games! What are your goals, (pardon the pun), for this year's AC? Most importantly.... Let's have fun!!
  13. Cool vandagyre player! Good luck to Faerieland! JellySundae, that guy had some cool art, thanks for posting his link!
  14. Interesting, I wonder what she'll bring to her team? Good luck to Mystery Island. They usually put up a good competition!
  15. Definitely would prefer The Sway wins, but I'm still considering which faction I'm gonna join. As much as I like a good battle, I really don't like the boons that the Brutes were given by TNT. Just, not too much that's very useful except in certain circumstances or conditions. Edit: Went with The Sway, just because I'd prefer their boons.
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