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  1. Flash dying is one thing, but for Adobe to actually BLOCK flash content with that stupid death of Flash (EOL) thing, is really adding insult to injury. Can't even play the Test Your Strength thing now. I wonder if TNT was caught by surprise by Adobe doing that and is now Scrambling to update the games? Back on topic, I'll probably go with The Awakened too. At least it's a chance at better boons than either Brutes or Thieves can provide.
  2. C'mon SEEKERS! Bank Bribery, all the way! XD
  3. I went with the Sway, LOVE Bank Bribery. lol The boons for the Thieves and the Brute Squad really aren't useful for me anyway. The guild I'm in is going with The Sway as well. Though we're a small guild these days. lol Good luck to all fighters!
  4. Thank you both, @Secre and @jellysundae! I'll just say it's way out of my price-range, which it is. lol I'm trying to save up for some new battledome gear, and even if I had 35 mil, I wouldn't blow it on a TCG card like that. Thanks again for the advice!
  5. Someone messaged me out of the blue on Neopets, asking if I'd like to buy his Island Peophin (TCG) card. JN has no price on it, and there isn't another one listed in trades, SSW, or Auctions. He wants 35mil for it. I'm not going to agree, not at that price. But it would be NICE to have a pricing idea of what the TCG card is actually worth. I might be able to counter his offer with a more reasonable amount. But most likely, I'll wait until I start working more on my Peophin gallery. Which has been on a hiatus for quite a while now. lol Another thing that make me a LITTLE suspicious about h
  6. I'd say I've picked fairly decently this year, not my best, but not bad. I too would like to know why some of the returning players aren't at their usual top of their game this year. lol Also, I've picked players who have been selected for the star-player, they've been on my team, but I picked OTHER players as the star player instead. I still don't get how Ehlo Froyo had that massive score in week 1, but was not the Star Player. Sure would like to know HOW TNT picks their star players if not highest points earned by that player! Anyway, my total score is 23265 right now, and that's not t
  7. lol Actually, he's usually in 3rd or 4th place, at least in recent years. I check out the leaderboard for GPG multiple times, every AC.
  8. Hey guys, So over the course of this AC. I've seen people mention a bit about how they play, or where they don't know how some players play with either the mouse, or the keyboard. If you're used to one, chances are it's because the other is more difficult for you. Also, if you feel like it, feel free to share tips and strategies for how you play, it might help others who aren't as experienced get some ideas that might boost their playing levels a bit. I have trouble playing with the mouse, so I'm a steadfast keyboard player for YYB. I prefer playing Right to Left, and in 1-3 formatio
  9. Am I the only one who is annoyed about 2 days off from competitive play? It's one LESS day to try and gain prize points and ranks. Another reason to be frustrated with TNT's decision in recent years to end personal rank-increases on bye-days. >_>
  10. Right, I find it best to play YYB kind of like, golf. I can't and don't care to play golf, but like when you swing the club, you need good follow-through. That can help set you up in case the yooyu is intercepted or misses it's target. I've had a few really good volleys between my team and the opposing ones. Sure they ate up time, but it actually felt like playing a GAME instead of just dominating the field. lol I find that if you keep moving after shooting, keeping those things in mind, that it can be quite helpful if the unforeseen happens. Ah, I'm a gemini, but as far as elements go, w
  11. Nice goal-count! XD The center is usually the lead in many sports where that position exists. But in a 3-1 formation, he can get the yooyu first and pass it either to his right or left. So he/she doesn't necessarily HAVE to be the top goal-gainer. I've seen some where all 4 players have a pretty even amount of scores. Since I use 1-3, Elon of course, is my top scorer. It's simpler just to post my stats as of tonight to show that. lol I'm only JUST Rank 11, but in years where I've used the other formations, 2-2 and 3-1, My other players had much more goals scored than they do since I decid
  12. Congrats to the new All-stars! XD I hit Rank 11 tonight! LOL Funny story though, my 3rd game tonight was my 3rd score of 17-0 this year, on top of which I got double the 1000np thanks to my Space Faerie Charm. lol Just a fun little random, coincidental happenings tonight. ;D Managed 28 games before midnight NST. I don't know how people have time to max out on one, letalone most of the AC games each day. LOL Congrats again guys on reaching All-star! XD
  13. I'd like to know how Ehlo Froyo got such a HIGH score and was NOT the Star Player? I had Miss Rainbow on my team, but she only had like, 1000ish points or so. Raven did terribly, so I've replaced her and Decided to trade out Senor Malo, because he did the 3rd worst on my 1st picks. I decided to keep Miss Rainbow since she was star player for week 1. She might improve in week 2, we'll see. My team is Gutterfoot, Miss Rainbow, Scrappy and KikoCat, with Ehlo Froyo, once again as my goalie. My points awarded for week 1 were 8665. Not too bad!
  14. I didn't really get much chance to play yesterday, or today for that matter. Just got done with my 24th game to get me to 220 games of YYB finished. Good enough to just barely earn Rank 9. Here are my current stats. Yooyuball Goals Scored 2,811 Goals by Elon "The Black Hole" Hughlis 2,413 Goals by Oten Runeu 123 Goals by Lamelle Turow 125 Goals by Barit Jowes 150 Saves by
  15. Hey congrats! Maybe you can get to 16 or even 17 this year?! HOW awesome would that be?! How's your GPG average going? I'll bet it's gone up quite a bit since you started this thread when you got your first 14-0 game.
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