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  1. I'm holding my vote for now. But according to Oxbridge, the Seekers are due for a win. They give the Seekers a 61% chance of winning this round, as it's been 14 round since they last won a skirmish. So I am leaning that way, but I don't usually decide until the last minute. lol
  2. Thank you! I've just recently started working on a new project, should take me close to a year, given past projects similar in scale. Plus it's a personal project, so I'm soloing it, as usual. lol It's a great way to learn though, and challenge myself to think, try, and hopefully discover new things I haven't thought of, or done, before.
  3. Duma's post is an awesome place to start out if you're not familiar with how to prep and battle. And Gypsyknees has some great tips! Jaydeed has a good point too. If you are looking for certain prizes, like stamps or books, etc. TDN's pages on the 1p challengers has prize data too! And boy did it take a long time to collect! lol If you post your battle pet stats, and available equipment if you have some already, people can also help you out with different builds (ways to train your pet) for a style that works for you. Just don't go into battle with nothing equipped! LOL When I first
  4. Wow, what a dismal faction choice, boon-wise at least.
  5. I'm thinking about The Seekers, since I like their boon selection. Not really wild about the Brute's boons, nor the randomness of the boons from The Awakened. I mean they may or may not have boons worth using, kind of a carp-shoot. And we all know it's not nice to shoot carp in a barrel. LOL Not sporting at all.
  6. I was JUST about to try Kass Basher after reading through this thread, but the space for it in the games room just stays grayed out when I click to open the game. I wonder if they are working on issues with the game now? I'm on a PC using Firefox. I haven't tried any (formerly flash) games since Flash died and Adobe decided to be dumb and block Flash everywhere after the death of Flash. I'll try it later.
  7. Bank Bribery is my Boon of choice, Quest Refresh a close 2nd. Cartographication is ok, but in dozens and dozens of times of finding my way to the treasure in the Faerie Caves, (with or without cartographication) I have NEVER found any items when opening the chest. Just a random amount of NP, 600-10000 is about the range. If I recall the low-end correctly. Haven't decided on whether I'll go for The Sway or The Seekers. I'll see what others think first. lol
  8. Wow, seems this old thread got some new attention. lol. A few months back I upgraded to this. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01GE59RZI/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Decent price for what came with it. Plus It's my first tablet (2nd overall) that has a screen to it. My old tablet (see my 2018 reply above), I just couldn't get the feel for it without being able to see what I was drawing, it was a smaller tablet so the size differences were also a bit hard to work with. I've only done a little bit with it. I still prefer the tactile sensation of Pencil on P
  9. lol To be honest, I don't really know the numbers for how faction wins are determined, nor about how many "points" each opponent might be worth. I usually focus on the Faction leaders in the skirmishes. It's a one-round battle for me anyway, so I choose the leaders on the chance that they MIGHT be worth more toward the team effort. JUST speculation though. If going contrary to a faction that has been predicted to win, I will battle that faction's leader more than the faction leader of the other faction I'm up against. Something like a 2 to 1 ratio. It doesn't always work of course, O
  10. Flash dying is one thing, but for Adobe to actually BLOCK flash content with that stupid death of Flash (EOL) thing, is really adding insult to injury. Can't even play the Test Your Strength thing now. I wonder if TNT was caught by surprise by Adobe doing that and is now Scrambling to update the games? Back on topic, I'll probably go with The Awakened too. At least it's a chance at better boons than either Brutes or Thieves can provide.
  11. C'mon SEEKERS! Bank Bribery, all the way! XD
  12. I went with the Sway, LOVE Bank Bribery. lol The boons for the Thieves and the Brute Squad really aren't useful for me anyway. The guild I'm in is going with The Sway as well. Though we're a small guild these days. lol Good luck to all fighters!
  13. Thank you both, @Secre and @jellysundae! I'll just say it's way out of my price-range, which it is. lol I'm trying to save up for some new battledome gear, and even if I had 35 mil, I wouldn't blow it on a TCG card like that. Thanks again for the advice!
  14. Someone messaged me out of the blue on Neopets, asking if I'd like to buy his Island Peophin (TCG) card. JN has no price on it, and there isn't another one listed in trades, SSW, or Auctions. He wants 35mil for it. I'm not going to agree, not at that price. But it would be NICE to have a pricing idea of what the TCG card is actually worth. I might be able to counter his offer with a more reasonable amount. But most likely, I'll wait until I start working more on my Peophin gallery. Which has been on a hiatus for quite a while now. lol Another thing that make me a LITTLE suspicious about h
  15. I'd say I've picked fairly decently this year, not my best, but not bad. I too would like to know why some of the returning players aren't at their usual top of their game this year. lol Also, I've picked players who have been selected for the star-player, they've been on my team, but I picked OTHER players as the star player instead. I still don't get how Ehlo Froyo had that massive score in week 1, but was not the Star Player. Sure would like to know HOW TNT picks their star players if not highest points earned by that player! Anyway, my total score is 23265 right now, and that's not t
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