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  1. Thank you both, @Secre and @jellysundae! I'll just say it's way out of my price-range, which it is. lol I'm trying to save up for some new battledome gear, and even if I had 35 mil, I wouldn't blow it on a TCG card like that. Thanks again for the advice!
  2. Someone messaged me out of the blue on Neopets, asking if I'd like to buy his Island Peophin (TCG) card. JN has no price on it, and there isn't another one listed in trades, SSW, or Auctions. He wants 35mil for it. I'm not going to agree, not at that price. But it would be NICE to have a pricing idea of what the TCG card is actually worth. I might be able to counter his offer with a more reasonable amount. But most likely, I'll wait until I start working more on my Peophin gallery. Which has been on a hiatus for quite a while now. lol Another thing that make me a LITTLE suspicious about his asking price, is that his account is only 3 months old, and he's got some message in his profile about wanting his accounts freed. He's also got a number of rare items up for Trade on the trading post. I mean, ranging in the 3-20mil NP, EACH. Not for any one lot. Including a Wand of the Dark Faerie, no price asked just "mail offers". Which I'm also surprised to see, for such a "young" account. Thanks in advance for any info regarding the asking price and real value of the TCG and such!
  3. I'd say I've picked fairly decently this year, not my best, but not bad. I too would like to know why some of the returning players aren't at their usual top of their game this year. lol Also, I've picked players who have been selected for the star-player, they've been on my team, but I picked OTHER players as the star player instead. I still don't get how Ehlo Froyo had that massive score in week 1, but was not the Star Player. Sure would like to know HOW TNT picks their star players if not highest points earned by that player! Anyway, my total score is 23265 right now, and that's not too shabby! Even though I've got a number of new-players on my roster. They've done pretty well for their rookie year. Good luck to everyone with your final picks for the Staff Tourney!
  4. lol Actually, he's usually in 3rd or 4th place, at least in recent years. I check out the leaderboard for GPG multiple times, every AC.
  5. Hey guys, So over the course of this AC. I've seen people mention a bit about how they play, or where they don't know how some players play with either the mouse, or the keyboard. If you're used to one, chances are it's because the other is more difficult for you. Also, if you feel like it, feel free to share tips and strategies for how you play, it might help others who aren't as experienced get some ideas that might boost their playing levels a bit. I have trouble playing with the mouse, so I'm a steadfast keyboard player for YYB. I prefer playing Right to Left, and in 1-3 formation. Sure the fingers might slip with the keys at some times, but overall I find it more stable for me to control the characters. That being said, the glitches in the game, such as a scrolling jump, and where sometimes your character with the Yooyu walks without you even touching the controls, as though it's not reading the control-input, both have happened a couple of times this year, and I tend to see issues like that a couple of times each AC when I'm playing. For the keyboard though, it's important to keep the mouse cursor off of the borders of the flash game area. Otherwise it can kind of interfere, like the game doesn't know which input to read. That's my speculation based on past experiences. Since this got a bit long, I'm playing the following tips under spoiler tags. Regarding the first 4-6 yooyus. Speed in scoring. Maximizing limited time per goals. The dreaded Darigan Yooyu. Guess that's it for now. One other thing to keep in mind, is that the no matter who scores a goal, when the next yooyu appears, 8 seconds will have been deducted from the play-clock. This happens after EVERY goal. So, if you score high, your game time goes by more quickly, which means you can get more games in more quickly. Great if you're working with time constraints of some sort. With Neopets Mobile being in the BETA, perhaps some time, maybe even next year, MAYBE TNT will have a way for mobile devices to play YYB for the AC? That might be fun,. and could be a good possibility for some who don't like to play with keyboard OR mouse. Just speculation on my part. I hope some of this is helpful, maybe get some of those brain-juices flowing and looking for routes that you too can use to improve your game and overall Yooyu-balling ability. ;D
  6. Am I the only one who is annoyed about 2 days off from competitive play? It's one LESS day to try and gain prize points and ranks. Another reason to be frustrated with TNT's decision in recent years to end personal rank-increases on bye-days. >_>
  7. Right, I find it best to play YYB kind of like, golf. I can't and don't care to play golf, but like when you swing the club, you need good follow-through. That can help set you up in case the yooyu is intercepted or misses it's target. I've had a few really good volleys between my team and the opposing ones. Sure they ate up time, but it actually felt like playing a GAME instead of just dominating the field. lol I find that if you keep moving after shooting, keeping those things in mind, that it can be quite helpful if the unforeseen happens. Ah, I'm a gemini, but as far as elements go, water is probably the most versatile, and pretty cool to-boot. I don't understand why water-species aren't automatically considered "Maraquan", but since I'm a huge peophin fan, I went with the water-team. lol Though this is the worst I've seen them rank (so far), since I ended my last hiatus from Neopets. About 2012 or so. Before then, they weren't highly ranked either. Ah well. I've never been in the champion team, but it's fun to try and see how far the team goes.
  8. Nice goal-count! XD The center is usually the lead in many sports where that position exists. But in a 3-1 formation, he can get the yooyu first and pass it either to his right or left. So he/she doesn't necessarily HAVE to be the top goal-gainer. I've seen some where all 4 players have a pretty even amount of scores. Since I use 1-3, Elon of course, is my top scorer. It's simpler just to post my stats as of tonight to show that. lol I'm only JUST Rank 11, but in years where I've used the other formations, 2-2 and 3-1, My other players had much more goals scored than they do since I decided to stick with 1-3. Yooyuball Goals Scored 3,832 Goals by Elon "The Black Hole" Hughlis 3,296 Goals by Oten Runeu 167 Goals by Lamelle Turow 170 Goals by Barit Jowes 199 Saves by Tonie Plessix 229 Number of Wins 298 Number of Draws 0 Number of Losses 0 Checking my last post here, it seems my GPG average has increased a bit. As of tonight it's 12.85906040268456. Even hit my 3rd score of 17-0 this year! I had a few 15s and 16s too, but I gotta say, Terror Mountain's team this round did a pretty good job. There were 2 games where they actually scored twice, though one I helped with a Darigan in my own net, just to save some time on the clock because it was the 2nd yooyu. TM is the 2nd team, I think to accomplish that this year. And their goalie was WAY more on the ball, pardon the pun, than Tonie Plessix is/was! Oh, and I haven't been counting, but I'm estimating I've had a darigan yooyu show up at LEAST some number over 1 dozen times as the 10th yooyu of the game! I mean the score is 9-0 and the next yooyu is darigan, and has been MANY times this year. Fortunately, I'm still managed to get it in A net. So I'm still at all games being 10 goals or higher. I'm pushing myself to keep trying to see if it's humanly possible to reach 18 goals. My score of 17 tonight was nice, but it wasn't perfect. I had NO time to try for an 18th point when that round began. lol I'd need 3-4 seconds on the clock to even have a chance.
  9. Congrats to the new All-stars! XD I hit Rank 11 tonight! LOL Funny story though, my 3rd game tonight was my 3rd score of 17-0 this year, on top of which I got double the 1000np thanks to my Space Faerie Charm. lol Just a fun little random, coincidental happenings tonight. ;D Managed 28 games before midnight NST. I don't know how people have time to max out on one, letalone most of the AC games each day. LOL Congrats again guys on reaching All-star! XD
  10. I'd like to know how Ehlo Froyo got such a HIGH score and was NOT the Star Player? I had Miss Rainbow on my team, but she only had like, 1000ish points or so. Raven did terribly, so I've replaced her and Decided to trade out Senor Malo, because he did the 3rd worst on my 1st picks. I decided to keep Miss Rainbow since she was star player for week 1. She might improve in week 2, we'll see. My team is Gutterfoot, Miss Rainbow, Scrappy and KikoCat, with Ehlo Froyo, once again as my goalie. My points awarded for week 1 were 8665. Not too bad!
  11. I didn't really get much chance to play yesterday, or today for that matter. Just got done with my 24th game to get me to 220 games of YYB finished. Good enough to just barely earn Rank 9. Here are my current stats. Yooyuball Goals Scored 2,811 Goals by Elon "The Black Hole" Hughlis 2,413 Goals by Oten Runeu 123 Goals by Lamelle Turow 125 Goals by Barit Jowes 150 Saves by Tonie Plessix 166 Number of Wins 220 Number of Draws 0 Number of Losses 0 Goals per game average is 12.77727272727273 (Thanks to the handy-dandy calculator program that comes with Windows for those decimals. lol) Managed my 2nd 17-0 game tonight of this year. I usually can get about half a dozen or less of those in an AC. Still close but no luck on an 18-0 game. lol That's my chief personal goal in even playing YYB, though being able to get a decent weapon and stamp from the prize shop are close seconds. But even those "goals", aren't enough to keep me playing every day the solid few hours it takes to cap-out on YYB. lol I'm probably done with YYB for the night as I've got an appointment tomorrow. Gotta say, seeing Maraqua being much farther back in the ranks than it's usual range is also kind of demotivating. But hey, the team fights on, though I wish TNT'd stop giving Elon Hughlis this smarmy attitude of being a cocky yooyu-hog. It's getting REALLY old. Sure, he scores the OVERWHELMING amount of points compared to his teammates when I play, but that's because he's out front in the 1-3 format. If I went with 2-2 or 3-1 the others would have more opportunities to score. (Which I HAVE used in previous years). IF the AI for the OTHER members of the team, without the Yooyu, is EVER given that brain-increase they need, maybe I would play with one of those other formations. But, honestly, even as defenders they are RARELY where I need them, hence why our near-joke of a goalie has 166 saves for me this year. I've been wanting to trade him for YEARS for someone better, maybe Kiko Lake's peophin? Having a Peophin on the team would be awesome! Meh, don't mind me, tired-rambling. LOL
  12. Hey congrats! Maybe you can get to 16 or even 17 this year?! HOW awesome would that be?! How's your GPG average going? I'll bet it's gone up quite a bit since you started this thread when you got your first 14-0 game.
  13. CONGRATS ON RANK 1 Duma! I guess it's the tempo of the games. Yooyuball has a pretty even speed, whether you're starting out or have scored a lot, it's pretty quick-paced. SS starts off a bit slow for my liking, and then stays at what I feel comfortable with for only a short period, a moderate speed, but then suddenly, it gets really hectic. lol Although if I WERE to play any support game that'd be my first choice. After all, Apart from YYB, it's the first game I'm aware of to have Peophins in it, even if they are only angry, thirsty customers. lol The others, MSN, is like Tug-o-war, I can go fast for only just so long before my fingers and wrist(s) start to get stiff and/or sore. SOSD, I have 2 things I don't care about playing it. You have to do an insane amount of games to equal the same points in YYB, and I really am not a Chia-fan. Never have been, doubt I ever will be. I've played the support games in years passed, but, meh. lol YYB is the only game that really works for me on a constant basis, even when it does get tedious, it's less-so, imho, than the support games. I know people can get to all-star without ever touching YYB, and doing it honestly through the support games. No shade to them. Just not really my cup o' tea.
  14. Likewise. I simply have just felt demotivated the last couple of days. I'll try to get some more games in tonight, but I'm not really feeling it right now. My current stats... Yooyuball Rank 7 Goals Scored 2,061 Goals by Elon "The Black Hole" Hughlis 1,791 Goals by Oten Runeu 85 Goals by Lamelle Turow 86 Goals by Barit Jowes 99 Saves by Tonie Plessix 93 Number of Wins 160
  15. *nods* The routes you can take that take 3 seconds are usually the safer bets. After your 4th goal, you've probably noticed that the other team's forward gets to the Yooyu in time to steal it right after you've taken possession. So from the 5th Yooyu on, I usually let them grab it first and then hit the spacebar to tackle/steal the yooyu away and run towards the goal either angling up or down for a straight shot in. Depending on where the other team's defenders move. At least the ones I can see. I've also noticed you can't seem to start to charge a throw/pass while moving diagonally, at least when using the keyboard, which is the only way I play. So that can play into the difficulty as well with using a more direct 2-second route. Even for a 3-second route it can cause a small delay that could allow the other team to steal the yooyu back. Generally, if you both go for the yooyu at about the same time, almost every time I see that the 1st to reach the yooyu will lose it to whomever gets there and tackles it second. The other team seems to get it if you both get it at the same moment. LOL I usually run to the top of the field when I get the Faerie Yooyu, then I hug the wall until I reach the upper-left corner, then head down and hope that I fake out the goalie to go UP to open the net, and fire, hoping I don't miss. lol The darigan, while random, I think it has several patterns that change randomly each time it's put into play. The original pattern in the first couple ACs, was to be the opposite of the input. So if you wanted to shoot left, you'd aim to the Right. Obviously that was too easy after awhile. So I guess they randomized it. Still, sometimes I can kind of pick up on a pattern. I don't try for a straight in shot, I typically try an angled bank shot while aiming down and to the right, as I go from Right to Left when playing. It doesn't always work of course, but after a few tries, sometimes, you can almost get a sense of how it might go and try from a different angle. Even if you can't get the darigan in on your own, keeping it near the opponents' net can give a chance that they might score on themselves for you. Though, TBH if it's getting to be a waste of time, I'll try to score in my own net with the goalie if I'm having trouble getting the darigan back over to the opponent's side of the field. 1 point is an ok sacrifice to save time on the clock. I'm trying to score 10+ in all of my games this year, so time means something when trying to do that. lol Both Darigan and Faerie yooyus make that a pretty hard target to reach! Sorry for yammering on so much. Though hopefully some of what I said will be useful in your games, and to anyone else who reads what I said. Happy gaming!
  16. LOL Wow! Glad to hear of your improvements! LOL Congrats on the faerie yooyu, that's one darn yooyu that rivals the darigan as far as frustrating me goes.. lol In fact sometimes I loathe the Faerie Yooyu more than a Darigan one, depending on how frustrating the faerie yooyu is compared to a darigan in the same game. It's possible to score quickly with a darigan, but the patterns are so mixed up you really have to guess, observe and keep trying. If you want to time yourself in how long it takes to score. I keep tabs on the game-clock when I score a goal and just before starting the next yooyu after a goal was scored. If I can do it at a fast pace, without interruption, 2 seconds pass on the game clock, then after each score, 8 seconds is run off the clock, for whatever reason. Even if your opponents score. So you should be able to score 6 points in the first minute. it's not easy mind you, as the other team starts to get aggressive after your 4th goal. My goal, pardon the pun, is to see if I can reach 18-0 in a game, to see if it's possible. Anyway, tthe odd thing is this. It takes 2 seconds off the clock to score normally, without losing the yooyu. But if there are only 2 seconds left in the game, you will never get the yooyu there in time. you need 3 seconds on the clock to score a 2-second goal. Which makes me think that it takes slightly longer than 2 seconds to score, but not enough for the game clock to wind down a full 3 seconds. Because of this, I'm curious if it's possible to score 18 points in a game. I've scored 17 points several times over the years, but on those RARE occasions where I've gotten to 17, I can never get enough time, or get through the defense to see if 18 is truly possible. That being said, that's what keeps the game from getting TOO dull for me. lol It's a goal to shoot for, pardon the double-pun. Oh, and it IS possible to score in 1 second, but the conditions are RARE. I've only done it once or twice over all these years. From what I've seen/experienced, you need a Fire Yooyu and the player enlargement power-up almost on top of each other close, so you get them both about the same time when you go to the center of the field. Then you've gotta hope that there isn't a defender (or goalie) in the Fire Yooyu's path when you shoot. Phew, that got a bit long. Sorry 'bout that! lol Good luck!!
  17. Hey CONGRATS! I knew you could get there! That FIRST time is always the most fun! When you get higher points more consistently, then you know you're improving even MORE! Keep up the great gaming!
  18. I'm going by, in-part, some of who I had on my roster last year. I also chose 2 newbies to see how they do. Forwards Senor Malo, he does pretty well every year. Miss Rainbow, since she's new I thought I'd give her a shot. Defenders Raven, again a new face and the other people I tried last year didn't perform as well as I'd have liked. So another newbie gets to try out. KikoCat was the highest point-valued player each time I had her on my roster last year. So of COURSE she gets in as a starter! lol Goalie Ehlo Froyo is my goalie. She usually does well and she's a Maraqua-supporter. I always start with her, and end with her as long as she does decently.
  19. There have been some line-up changes since last year! We have until Midnight NST this Thursday to pick or change our staff-team roster! Good luck everyone! http://www.neopets.com/altador/colosseum/staff/ So, who will you pick and how will you pick them?
  20. Yeah, I thought Jelly-day was Sunday too, I played, but didn't have a lot of time so I didn't get many games in. Then of course, today is/was Jelly Day. I don't see why we can't at least play for our own ranks and points, bye-days NEVER counted toward our chosen team's rankings in the years before that policy was put in place! Just our personal stats. I managed to get to 138 wins so far, so I'm in Rank 6. Better progress than I've made in previous years at this point of the AC, but not as fast as many other skilled players. I may score high in the games I get in, but you need to get games in to have any shot at decent prize points. I just don't like not trying my best when I play YYB. I've got total 1766 goals so far. My PPG average is 12.7971, (rounded down). So slightly better than last year's, but there's still a long way to go and I could still blow a number of games. lol Plenty of time for that to happen. lol I'd prefer quality of games to count too. Not JUST quantity. I wish Maraqua was doing better. I don't remember them having a season starting out so far back. I don't know how they did during the few times/years I took a hiatus from the site. But I'm a little disappointed so far. Ah well, there's plenty of time for things to change on that front too!
  21. *nods* Sounds like a "necessary evil" then. TNT also has had a similar attitude/policy for ages in regards to the battledome. They just set the stage, and we have to deal with it as things are. Like over-powered opponents in the BD, even with the old Battledome. It makes some measure of sense, even if it can be frustrating at times. My biggest issue, is that the once-per-battle items and abilities could be used an unlimited amount of times by the 1-p opponents, while we are restricted to their limited use. It isn't fair, but hey neither is life nor some games. I'd like to see more Str/Def boosts for pets in the BD, but I seriously doubt that'll happen anytime soon, or even ever. *sigh*
  22. That's an interesting article she wrote! Hmmm I was thinking it would be like with certain Pokemon, Like Voltorb, that can use "Explosion". They release their excess energy and then faint from the exertion. Then again, TNT has shown dark humor before so.... who knows? Maybe not even TNT. lol
  23. Congrats on hitting 16, Wildbreeze!! lol Yeah, in that range, you definitely need a bit of luck! Because the opposing team gets pretty darn aggressive the higher you go. ;D
  24. lol Yeah! I didn't used to, but I started taking screenshots of my scoreboard at the end of one game to prove to TNT that I should've gotten credit for a game I won at some higher score, like, 12 or something. lol There was as Sending error so the game didn't get counted. It was probably my first time getting to 12 in one game. But, of course it didn't work, trying to get them to credit me that game I mean, even with the screenshot. lol So, I decided to start tracking my progress with games. I started to screenshot every game scoreboard where I score 10 or more points. So far, I've had a couple 10-pointers this year, some being hard fought for. The difficulty on those games of course, being due to multiple darigan and/or faerie yooyus. I had to stop a couple of games due having to take some phone calls, but that's the only time I stop a game of YYB with a refresh or a back to the AC main page. Since we can't pause a game of YYB. LOL In YYB Luck is ALWAYS a factor! lol Especially the higher you score! My averages are usually around 12 points, slightly higher, but for 14+ points? I have to be very lucky. I am SURE you can go beyond 12 points too! Maybe even before the end of this AC! If you'll pardon the double-pun, it's a goal to shoot for.
  25. I have not had any reCaptcha when I click to play YYB. I'm using my PC with Windows as the OS. I don't typically play the support games, since I have enough trouble getting YYB games in. But I'll definitely agree that they can be annoying!
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