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  1. Going with the Seekers for a chance at the Bank Bribery boon. Might as well get what little extra NP I can. lol
  2. Welcome to the TDN forums! *SNEEZES* lol Sorry, allergic to cats. Have fun here!
  3. I'm thinking about going with The Sway, for the boons and Oxbridge does give it a pretty clear advantage i their predictions. That's really all we regular players can do to consider, since we're not in-the-know about what the Obelisk skirmish guild(s) are planning.
  4. Hmm It does depend on how TNT runs it and as long as they can make SOME/ENOUGH money off of it to keep the current owners happy with that. It really does have a lot of possibilities if TNT plays it right and as long as the owners are kept happy. Though I wish they'd get on converting more games and fixing broken things in the BD. Like some of the abilities and stealing. But I figure that the hinted-at battle plot that is upcoming will be a way to test out fixes in the BD. This is PURELY speculation on my part. But, the last time they did a major overhaul to the BD WAS around the time of the Obelisk War, when they redesigned everything. I'm not looking forward to the 1p opponents getting their abilities fully fixed of course. lol But TNT doesn't usually play "fair" with the players in the BD. They come up with insanity and we have to deal with it. lol Like some 1p opponents have tens of thousands of HP (on Mighty difficulty). I would LOVE some more Strength and Defense boosts, but I SERIOUSLY DOUBT those will be in the mix. Again, TNT doesn't usually play fair in the BD.
  5. I feel the same with feeding pets, especially items like Pizzas. With the old inventory windows, you could just go back with the arrow keys and refeed them until it was gone, but now you MUST wait for the whole inventory page to reload. It is INDEED frustrating! I haven't done anything with pinatas yet, is there an avatar or something for smashing them?
  6. *sigh* TBH, I figured this would happen eventually with the skirmishes, back early on after they began. Get enough players together, and they dictate who wins instead of it being up to chance or by what more of the average (non-connected) players are looking for. It's really annoying. Certainly not at all fair to the vast majority of players who are not connected such a guild as that.
  7. A good plan indeed! Oooooof! Ouch, that's a big hit on the Parachute First Aid Kit. I hope when the plot starts it'll go back up a bit for you so your loss won't be as painful there.
  8. Going with the Seekers for the boon selection. Looks like even Oxbridge isn't too sure of whom they think will win after so many failed predictions recently.
  9. Yes! I've seen a screenshot of someone who had both bombs equipped at the same time! Varia is stronger than my constant weapons, but would only be useful for battles where I wouldn't need a major follow-up. Good thing I almost never 2p battle. lol I ended up trading for Shield of Faerieland and the Culture book, So I'll probably go with the 2 TCGs, Varia, and see how many points I have left over. I haven't figured that part out yet. I'd like to have some extra items for "investment" reasons, but that might not happen thanks to how few prize points were available compared to how many awesome prizes there are. I still can't believe they didn't nerf the Feel Better Soup. I mean, talk about taking the air out of the healer market. Species healers and Bag of Healing Dust prices took a hit on that! Don't get me wrong, I'm a budget battler and that's great for people like me who don't make a ton of NP, but it does irk me slightly, considering the price I paid for my Bag of Healing Dust back in the day. lol If they don't nerf Feel Better Soup, I might just keep that and sell off my Bag of Healing Dust to recoup some of that NP, but, we'll see what TNT does or doesn't do with that. If you haven't sold your Parachute First Aid Kit yet, you might wait to sell it until closer to whenever the battle plot breaks out. The prices might be highest for sellers at that point. Good luck getting an H4000 Helmet!
  10. Indeed! At 25 constant icons, "Varia is the Bomb" is nice! I'd love one for my gallery, but I'm not sure yet. The G-bomb has variable offense, up to 32 icons max if I recall correctly. So the Varia bomb would INDEED be a good in-betweener for you, especially for the time-being! But it's really up to you. The Shield of Faerieland was exciting to see, but again, due to the maximum number of points for collecting fragments, I don't know if I'd get it, even though it would save a fair bit of NP. I don't have any of the HT shields. I plan on getting the Fyora TCG card, but I'm not sure how I'd break down the rest of the points yet.
  11. LOL TRUE! I actually have some of both from the Shore. At one time I considered morphing my peophin, but seeing as my Freezing weapon is a Peophin Specific weapon, the Golden Peophin Harp, I'd have to buy a new freezer. I would prefer not do that. Maybe when my peophin is a bit stronger I'll get a Draik. Then I can paint it Maraquan with a stored Fountain Faerie Quest. lol
  12. I chose a peophin for my first pet after a LOT of looking through the species that were available at the time. Draik would've been my 2nd choice, I like the Maraquan Draik a lot. But Draiks are limited edition. So I don't have one, could hatch a pirate draik egg, but I'm good for pets right now, maybe someday. As for LEAST favorite, Chias, then Kikos, definitely. Chias are just, Uuuuuuuugly. Especially their basic form. Kikos, the band-aid on them really is kinda gross to me. Also, why do so many have them? Are they accident-prone or what? I mean, if they were on the bottom of them, like if they had to bounce along, that would make sense, but on the top of them? Weird. Grundos, yeah not getting one of those either. I also really like Xweetoks, an Ice Bori would've been cool, but I never cashed in on the promo back when the Boris were a new species, so I lost out on that one. lol I'm pretty ok with most of the rest, but mainly only ok. One last note about Unis, that having no defined eye kinda bugs me, makes 'em look a little like taxidermy in a way. Otherwise, I might've gone with one of them for my first pet.
  13. Wow, some interesting things still in the Vortex! I haven't seen ANY of those yet. My pet's fishing skill is at 500 (maxed). But I usually still reel in junk. lol Good to know there's some interesting things swimming around down there.
  14. Thanks @Angeló! I voted and got a Symol Backpack, worth about 23np I think when I checked the Super wiz. lol Off to look at those stamps now, thanks again!
  15. Oh? That's good to know, what is the name of the stamp so I can check it out? ^^; This was my prize for today's Neopies. Worth 30np on the super wiz when I looked it up. lol Banana Slorg Pie
  16. Looking at those pics, it was Faerie Tales of Escape. Good luck getting the Rock petpet. I wouldn't mind getting the stamp, or the Rock petpet. lol
  17. Neat looking prize! I went with Stuffing Stufftacular as well for the category. I got a faerie book (I forget the name) that was worth a "whopping" 2500np! lol It was one I hadn't read, so my peophin got to read it instead of me selling it. lol
  18. At least your prizes look kind of neat. I forget what I got for today's Neopie selection, but it was only worth 50np on the super wiz when i checked.
  19. Went with the Candy Hissi because, who doesn't like Gummi Worms? lol But I got a Crater Fruit Elixir. Man, I think I've only had 1 item worth over 1k np so far. I'm really getting tired of just getting junk items. I get enough of those just doing my usual activities on the site.
  20. Man, I keep getting junk items from the Neopies. There should be a minimum (player) market value of 1000np. Gotten a few items worth less than 100np so far. Got an "Elegant Cup of Tea" today. Cheapest on the Super Wiz, 750np.
  21. I've just decided and signed with The Sway, I've cast my vote in this topic's poll as well to reflect this. lol Good luck!
  22. I'm KIND OF leaning toward The Sway. Oxbridge's predictions have been off the last... 3 times I think. Last time, I bucked their prediction and went for The Seekers, who won. With The Sway and The Order so close in their chances. I'm thinking that maybe bucking the trend again and going with The Sway might be a good bet again. After all, with Pre-war inflation, I would imagine that people want to shore up their NP as much as possible, and Seeker and Sway boons, specifically Bank Bribery, would help with that. I've not made a final decision yet, but that's where my thinking is right now. I'll watch the poll a bit, and wait and see.
  23. Interesting! Almost done listening to this. Interesting, but not quite as informative as I had hoped. Still, for a first podcast, not bad. Didn't know they had art staff in Ukraine, I thought relocating to CA was a requirement to be part of TNT, I guess that must've changed over the years or something.
  24. Right and if you've won 10 or more battles during the skirmish. There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers.
  25. TBH I'm thinking about bucking the trend/prediction in this case and going with The Seekers. I don't care for the Brute Squad's boons, and I would imagine people probably want boons that will help increase their NP holdings with the war-inflation going on before the battle-plot has even been announced. I haven't decided for sure yet. But that's the way I am leaning on this one.
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