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About Me

I hate doing "about me" profiles, don't you? XD


Most of my info is in this or my Neo-profile.


Well, let's start with something relevant and obvious. I'm on TDN's Battlepedia team. The Battlepedia team are the people who update and rate equipment and items relevant to the Battledome. It's not always as easy as you might think. Sometimes TNT can be VERY sneaky with the quirks in some weapons. And in wars where multiple sides can be chosen. Such as the Obelisk War, it can be tricky getting stats for the faction you've joined, since you don't have the opportunity to fight your own "allies". Luckily our staff works together well to help each other when such needs arise. At the risk of sounding a little biased, our staff at TDN rocks!

Of course with new weapons coming out, we're always interested in help from other players to figure out what stats a new weapon might possess. (And yes we can credit those who help, if they want to be credited)

We also use what we know to help battlers of all levels to improve their battle sets, or help with strategies for 1p opponents.


Aside from that, on Neo, I'm a peophin fan. My peophin was my first pet, and he's served me very well in all of our battles over the decade + I've been on Neopets. ^_^

Even though I'm a big fan of the battledome, my battle set is fairly weak.  I can't restock, so I game, battle for prizes in the BD, and try to participate in plots that might come with some nifty prizes I can either sell or use. But, yeah, it takes me a LONG time to make NP. lol Though I DO like Trudy's Surprise, free NP like that is ALWAYS a welcome boost! XD


Outside of the Neo-sphere. I enjoy reading. I sometimes write a bit, and I love to draw. I also have an interest in animation, though I've no lessons in art or animation. It's a nice hobby right now, but I'd like to improve at it. I maintain a thread on the art forums here. It has a number of pieces when they were still works in progress. Feel free to give things a look-over if you wish.




Guess that's about it for me.


Thanks for reading, have a great day! :)

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