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  1. What are people seeing for the iconage on Sword of Malum against Kaia? I got 2 air, 15 water the first time and 6 air, 15 water the second time. Not what I expected at all! I'd love to hear what others are seeing.
  2. I'm very torn... I can't decide whether to go Team Living or Team Dead. Usually I'm all for the bright, positive ones (Team Light, Team Hero, etc.) but I actually like some of the dark-themed stuff on Neo - especially the lampposts in the Tale of Woe and Neovia - way more than the flowery stuff, usually. So I'm actually considering Team Dead. I don't know what to do!
  3. Don't forget to also train your pet. Damage is calculated by number of icons times your pet's strength boost. If you want to increase your damage, you can increase number of icons, but often it's more cost-effective to increase strength boost instead. (Or to really be a BD master, increase both.) You can read about strength and defense boosts on TDN. You can also read an analysis of The Importance of Training in the Neopian Times.
  4. Good to know! I wish I would have known that at the beginning - I definitely would have scheduled my summer differently. I'm glad to hear I'm not flagged for suspicious activity, though! Thanks!
  5. Yesterday, on a break day when I was facing a practice team, I tried playing a few AC games. Despite sending scores, none of my game counts increased. But today, it was fixed. Did this happen for everybody? Or perhaps I was flagged for suspicious activity and then cleared (like they discussed in the news)? I'm just checking. If games against the practice team don't count, I'm going to need to plan out my playing differently so I can reach my rank goal.
  6. Two new weapons were announced via the News this week: Trishulatops and Merciless Idiom. A sword in the hand is worth three in the bush... If you have any information about these weapons or any others, please contact us.
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