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  1. I was in the middle of the crossword so I didn't screenshot the event, but I was just given Magical Gooseberry Chia Pop by Captain Limebeard. It's going in my gallery. I could sell it, but chances are I'd want it later for my collection.
  2. Congrats on your wish for a wraith eyrie coming true :)
  3. + 8 defense! I think this is the best result I've ever gotten from the Coincidence. Thank goodness I had my battle pet active.
  4. American here, Halloween is my favorite holiday. When I was younger, our parents would take my sisters and I trick-or-treating at our old apartment complex in Davis, California. There were no cars to worry about there. The only thing that ever went wrong was some guy dressed up as a bear to terrify us. He used a bowl of candy with a "take one please" sign as bait, then came around the corner roaring at us. That was mean, and gave me nightmares about bears for a while. Besides that, it's always been about fun for me. And sweets, that's important too. I definitely don't condone demanding candy or destructive behavior. People who don't respect the "no porch light on means this family isn't handing out candy" rule ruin it for everyone, and it's awful that a parent would encourage such behavior. I'm too old to trick or treat now, but I still dress up and take a walk to look at decorations. In the past I've helped take my friend's little sisters around the neighborhood. Don't know if I'll do that this year. I'm hoping I'll have time to make a new costume, as I've been a white mouse for about 4 years in a row due to school taking up time. Need ideas though.
  5. I'd be interested in borrowing the doll eyes, if that's allowed. Really want to try for green, but I traded my own pair a year ago.
  6. Just got an Autumnberry from Pick your Own. It's quite pretty and only the second time I've gotten a berry worth more than a handful of neopoints. Into my gallery it goes! On another Fall related note, I hope Haunted Hijinks or an equivalent will be announced soon. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I've been known to dress my neopets in spooky attire at any time of year, so it'll be nice to be in season. Edit- Well that's odd. Its image doesn't have a white background like every other item in my gallery.
  7. It's my Candy Acara's birthday! Hopefully her mouth will be unglitched soon. It's currently in her eye, which is the reason she always wears contacts. 

    Now to return to bed.


  8. Looks like something is going on. I can access the site for the most part, but get this when I click on an item in my inventory. Also, the news page is completely blank.
  9. Anyone else see the reference to the old kids show Blue's Clues in the Neopets News page on Draik day? :) I found it a bit amusing.
  10. Looks like it will paint your pet a random color, according to Jellyneo. I'd personally sell it but maybe you feel like a bit of a gamble. It's going for 1.2 million on the trading post. Not sure what it does if your pet's species doesn't come in the color it picks.
  11. Turmy is awake, go try your luck. Got a second petpet level for the petpet I'd like him to eat. Useless though.
  12. I just waited, it lasted less than half an hour. By the time I'd completed the quest on my phone, I was able to get back in. Good luck. I hope it works for you soon.
  13. My account isn't frozen, as I can still log in on my phone. I was trying to switch to my side account after accepting a faerie quest. As soon as I hit the log in button, I got this notice. Tried to log back to my main account and got it again, so I'm stuck. Is this happening to anyone else? Edit: I'm back in. No idea what happened. But it's all fine now.
  14. Turmy is awake. Just got 350 Neopoints from him. Still don't have the avatar, although I feel bad that I'm hoping each time that a petpet gets eaten.
  15. I've decided to include it. On the subject of my gallery, I got the rarest berry I've ever gotten from Pick Your Own just now. It's called a Benyeroberry. I was so afraid of accidentally deleting it that I didn't discard the piles of dung in my basket. SSW says it's going for 259,000 np at the cheapest. Into my gallery it goes.
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