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  1. Well, Thank you Illusen! That will be useful.
  2. This explains a few things. Thankfully I'm stuck on the Wheel of Knowledge rather than Misfortune. I hope it's fixed soon. I prefer variety.
  3. I was putting some items into my shop from my inventory and didn't notice i had selected "Discard item" on my Zed Codestone until it was too late. That's not my first mistake made that way, there's a reason I mostly use quick stock for putting rare items in my gallery. If i had to lose an item worth over 60,000 np though, I'd rather have clicked donate so someone else could have it. It is irritating either way. Edit- The drop down menu error that caused me to prioritize quick stock was when I used a ghost buzz MP on my royal kacheek. I didn't realize it was in 2018 and i didn't realize how long ago that was. https://tdnforums.com/topic/50314-oh-no/
  4. I just got this for voting for the Mutant Butterfly Accessory: I already have a Valentine kacheek, but i think I'll save this anyways. I can paint an aisha for the collar then change them back next time i get a fountain faerie quest.
  5. today I got an adorable Halloween Hasee for voting for the Cherry Blossom Skin. Unfortunarely, my only neopet without a petpet says this when trying to attach it
  6. I voted for the Cherry Blossom Mystery Capsule early in the morning because I couldn't sleep. I got this cute plushie in return.
  7. Voted for the Haunted Mansion, got Jhudora Sour Candy. It's in my gallery already.
  8. Voted for the Museum Grarrl and got this background.
  9. I voted for the incredibly cute Halloween Hasee, and got this!
  10. I voted for the Festival of Neggs, and got another food already in my gallery.
  11. I also voted for March-1468, and I got The day after I bought one for myself. Rats.
  12. I voted for Golden Altador Cup Coin but I didn't have a preference this time. I got Illusen Wings.
  13. I got Sloth Salad for voting for Plasma Effect today. It's already in my gallery. Ah well.
  14. Well that was rude of that pirate. Thankfully not too bad for me.
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