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  1. Last minute entry sent in. My first time ever participating, so I hope I did it right.
  2. I got 225 NC (I think that was the amount) for that earlier in the month, so I doubt it.
  3. There's an extra 500 NC on my account that I don't think I bought. It just appeared in the last few hours. I'm not sure if it's a mistake, or if whoever was in charge of reimbursing people who bought stuff from Overpowered finally came through. I would expect a note if that were the case though- either by e-mail, neomail, or twitter. I'm not using it just yet to be safe.
  4. In preparation for painting my slorgclops, The Blorp Rises, rainbow, I tried my hand at drawing one. I know it's not the exact pattern of a rainbow slorgclops. I did it my own way on purpose and set it as my profile pic.

  5. Getting some sleep so I have the energy to reply on time! Joking aside, after I've gotten the paint brush to make it rainbow I'll go back to what's on my gallery wishlist. Got some pretty expensive foods that I paused saving for in order to complete this goal. None as expensive as the meowclops though.
  6. I've been saving up for a meowclops for over a month. I wanted to keep the petpet as well as get the avatar, so the ALP wasn't an option. Yesterday, I spotted one while browsing the auctions that was just a tiny bit more than I had. Thankfully it was still available once I sold a nerkmid and played a bit of Ghoul Catchers. I was so excited that i was refreshing the auction page over and over, but finally it was in my inventory. I attached it for the avatar, then immediately unattached it and went to the cooking pot because at some point I had decided that what I really wanted was a slorgclops. Eventually it will be painted rainbow, but it will be a few weeks before I can afford to do that. Everyone, meet Mayhem_5_5_5's new squishy one-eyed friend. Name changes may occur.!
  7. Finally got the number six avatar! Now to continue saving for my meowclops. Almost there! According to current market trends, this asparagus should cost 5,023,641 NP per kilogram. Edit- 1/5/2020 this is a good month so far. Got the Meowclops avatar yesterday. Also yesterday, I obtained a score of 3360 in Korbat's Lab which meant I woke up to the Freaked Korbat avatar. Yay me!
  8. Just Got the Evil Coconut avatar plus this coconut. My first time getting anything good from Coconut Shy.
  9. I'd been hoping for more food for my gallery. Only two items so far, on the 8th and the 12th. Neither are very appetizing, but they are not classified as "gross" so they went in.
  10. My lab pet was zapped from a spotted jubjub to a red skeith. After modeling today's stocking stufftacular gift forJellyNeo, I bought a morphing potion. Now she's a blue jubjub and cute once again.
  11. Turmy just woke up. He wasn't hungry unfortunately. Maybe he will be for someone else. You have awoken the great Turmaculus... and he has decided to give you 350 neopoints!!!
  12. I got a negg yesterday, so it's sometimes worth it. At least I think that was the source of the negg I sold yesterday. I can't remember for sure.
  13. I'm not sure of the odds. I'll do some testing now. He has six equipped items, one of which has that effect. Two can be used at once, and I don't know if it's random or not for the first turn. If so, wouldn't the odds be 1 out of 3? I have had him change my pet's gender twice in one battle before though. That was irritating. edit- I lost 16 times against him. Forgot to record one battle though, and I should have counted turns as well as overall results, but I'd rather not waste more healing potions. So out of 15 recorded battles my pet changed gender overall 8 times. One of those had three gender changes in one battle. 7 battles resulted in no change, but one of those had the strange potion used twice (which cancels out the change). See why I should have counted turns?
  14. My lab pets are never equipped, but I can still fight with them. There's a fist option for weaponless pets. They don't have to win, they just have to have the right weapon used on them. Might take several losses, but just use the cheapest healing potion and repeat. Only one health point is needed minimum to enter a fight.
  15. The time tables that were linked to on this very very old thread are no longer accessible due to the demise of TinyPic. I quickly created one on Excel, and in case other people want to use it I'm sharing a blank copy. Not sure if the formatting will make sense to anyone else, but I'm just marking the document using the fill option. Hours (in 24 hour time) are along the top. One minute increments count down vertically from each hour. Please let me know if this works. Magma Pool Times Copy.xlsx
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