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  1. I had the same problem. It took a lot longer than I'd have liked.
  2. I alternate between f5 and enter, no clicking needed. Does that work for you? Not sure if it depends on your browser. I just went from 24 CC points (12 Pawkeet Pinatas) to a total of 88 points. Got 6 items in the 90s. So buying them every once in a while is a good strategy. Not too often though, otherwise the price inflates.
  3. I'd been careful to keep those ones, as I thought they decreased in value after part is eaten. Looks like I need to do some more research as there's more to it.. Thank you! I had been keeping to the newer 1 point omelettes, but still.
  4. Obsessive hoarder here! Ever since the year that I sold most of my SDB just before the Charity Corner was announced, I've been saving just about everything. As a result, I had over 18,000 points to spend during the most recent event. Every so often I sell a few items if I need the neopoints, and can justify that because I buy sticky snowballs every chance I get like others have said. But I don't like to. I even go so far as to limit feeding my pets to mostly rarity 101 items. When the events are coming up, I only feed multi use foods like omelettes and jelly, and save one portion each time. I do have a few items, like codestones and nerkmids, that I sell as soon as I get them (now that I'm done training my battle pet, that is). But the rest of it stays.
  5. My kacheek Tail_of_Pachirisu contracted Achy Head without me noticing. I could have waited for the healing springs to work, but I'm impatient. Magic Goop (the guaranteed cure), cost more than I wanted to spend. Black Cherry Tea, on the other hand, was going for about 10 NP on the SSW. After the first few didn't work, I decided that I would keep buying and using it until I cured my neopet or it got too expensive. It took 29 doses of Black Cherry Tea before the achy head was gone. I wonder if the chances of success are known for the potential cures. Maybe I'll test it again. Yes, she is still dressed for Halloween.
  6. Hooray! edit- forgot to paste what I actually said. Oops. King Hagan Says: Ahh, brilliant! It's good to know there are intelligent Neopians out there. I give you an A+! (795 out of 1000) You must take this gift from me.
  7. I got the avatar a long time ago. I just spin the wheel for fun now.
  8. You know how the Wheel of misfortune has the possibility of causing your active pet to forget a book? If you land on that space and one of the Hidden Tower Grimoires are forgotten, do you lose the corresponding avatar you got for reading that book? I only spin it with a pet that has never read a book, just in case.
  9. I have a Christmas Schnelly for sale. The lowest price on the SSW is about 240,000 np, but there's no point in trying to sell it for that much because the price for buying a regular Schnelly (~80,000) plus a Christmas petpet Paint brush (~20,000) is less than half that. I'm offering her for 90,000 or a speckled negg to anyone on here who's interested. She's a very sweet cat, not at all spooky despite being classified as such.
  10. Due to my sleep cycle being messed up, I've been awake at the right time enough times to get that avatar and then find out you can lose it 😞 But thankfully I got it back later. I am very pleased to say that I got the Draik - Escape from Meridell Castle last night. I can't seem to get past level 3 no matter how hard I try, so I've been trying to get on the high score table on the first of the last few months. Each month I've been bumped off, but I made it with a score of 250 at last.
  11. December 2, 2019... and she changes gender!!!! December 2, 2019 ... and he gains 3 movement points!!!! Time to fight the lab ray scientist again for a gender change for Cute_Pyukumuku.
  12. My jubjub, Cute_Pyukumuku, is going to be a lab rat until I either get a color I like or I get a fountain faerie quest and can paint her woodland. Whichever comes first. Here's a screenshot of today's results. I used a lab ray cookie, that's why there's 2. Wish me luck!
  13. Congrats to both of us then :) What avatar will you try for next? I'm saving up for a meowclops. I want one to keep, as I think a ghost painted one would be perfect for one of my pets. In the meantime, I've got a placeholder petpet that I've been waking the turmaculus with. So I'm going for two avatars at once, and feeling slightly guilty at the same time.
  14. I did it, and thank goodness I never have to play this game again!
  15. Which is why you have to be very careful getting the Grarrl Warrior avatar.
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