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  1. I got a fountain faerie quest and painted Lil_Shade_tail into a marble aisha. He looks amazing. Problem is, I still have a few more days to go until my lab ray fortune cookie runs out, and he was the pet i was zapping. Meet Drosera_regia, my newest pet. She's named after the King Sundew, a species of carnivorous plant. I grow sundews, but not that species since it's way too big for my terrarium. If she doesn't get zapped into something i like, I'll paint her woodland. My battle pet used to be a woodland jubjub years ago, but a jubjub can't use the Kacheek Life Potion so i morphed her when her healing item no longer suited her hp.
  2. I figured i should update. He died Monday night. I'm certainly going to miss him, and I'm glad I got to see him during my visit to California in October.
  3. My Grandpa is going into hospice care. He lives on the other side of the country, so my mom can't be there for him. She is, understandably, taking it hard. I was feeling guilty about how well I was taking the news yesterday. However, it turns out that I was only internalizing it. Should have expected that, I'm on the autism spectrum so that's my usual pattern with grief. I had the worst insomnia I've had in years last night. I got to sleep about 5AM. Good thing it's Sunday. I just started a new job taking care of kids, so I'd better sleep tonight. At least I'm still training, so I won't be alone at any point.
  4. I love blobikins. It's very expensive, but i think I'll make it a goal. It will certainly take a long time.
  5. Oh good! An electric current seems to fill the room. When everything has settled, you see that there is something different about Anarchy_3_3. It looks like their attack has gone up by 1!
  6. the past 2 days were just stat losses. Heres today The ray is fired at Lil_Shade_tail... ... and he loses 2 strength points ... and he changes gender!!!!
  7. The ray is fired at Lil_Shade_tail... ... and he doesn't change at all And take 2 ... and he doesn't change at all Blah
  8. The ray is fired at Lil_Shade_tail... ... and he changes colour to Electric!! edit- You have received 1 EXTRA Lab Ray zap's each day for 7 days! Your time starts now so head over to the Lab Ray and get zapping! The ray is fired at Lil_Shade_tail... ... and he gains 3 maximum hit points!!!!
  9. Happy New Year to everyone! Ten of my Neopets picked out food. My Kacheek named Thingameeba did not. If anyone else with 11 or more neopets wants to confirm, ten may be the limit. My two youngest pets were the only ones to pick out gross food. Must be due to inexperience.
  10. Looks like 10 food items from the monthly freebees are all you can get. I have 11 neopets, but my last one didn't pick out anything. 

  11. I got a new pet slot, and transferred over a lab rat from a side account. He is currently a yellow Peophin. I created him earlier in the year, but I don't know what he was initially. I found what i did with my Hegie though from the last "charity corner!" Good, I was afraid I'd sold it. Time to zap. The ray is fired at Lil_Shade_tail... ... and he doesn't change at all
  12. Oh nice! Haven't gotten this event in a while.
  13. Interesting combo of items today. I accidentally deleted my initial screenshot, so here they are in my inventory. I guess the old item pool is still active. Nothing good happened though.
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