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  1. Tarla is in. Got Maraquan Troops Stamp from her 2 minutes ago.
  2. Did you know that the instructions on JellyNeo still work for finding the correct phase? You don't have to guess randomly. Here
  3. Has anyone else noticed that the game still works? I thought the servers would be shut down in December. But I made the usual amount of neopoints yesterday playing level one over and over. Don't know about the level awards though. I've gotten as far as I feel like trying for.
  4. It finally happened! I actually got the avatar from the wheel of Knowledge! I landed on the spin again space twice. the third spin I got it!
  5. If you look at my status you'll see how it looks on my own kacheek.
  6. Showing off how Spring Hair Flower looks on my kacheek here so I don't take over @kacheekkawaii's thread any more than I already have. Thingameeba always wears the Black Button Contacts because she's based on a stuffed animal from my childhood. I refuse to take them off no matter how difficult it can be to customize around them.

    Thingameeba 1-9-21.GIF

    1. kacheekkawaii


      that looks cute on her.... but... i'm not too sure about her eyes...😐 no offense

    2. Sciurus carolinensis

      Sciurus carolinensis

      No worries. I don't mind at all. Just don't tell her :D 

    3. kacheekkawaii


      okay, i won't... :3

  7. Wow. That's the fastest I've ever gotten a NC trade done. Thanks for telling me about it. It will look perfect on my kacheeks. Now to customize.
  8. Ah, I see. Looks like it's a 2010 NC item. Time to try to find someone willing to trade it because I really like it.
  9. Sorry. She's very cute. and I absolutely love yullies. Does "neo-sona" mean she's based on or represents you? Also, what is the flower she is wearing in the picture?
  10. My plan is to sell back my classic neohome within the next few days, as it's worth over 300,000 np according to this page. I spent a lot on the items, so I'm glad there will be a point in keeping them.
  11. I think neohomes 2.0 are on the list of things that will be unavailable once flash support ends this month. I wouldn't spend any more neopoints on it. Classic neohomes too, which is too bad because I put a lot of effort into mine. I've been taking screenshots that I plan to turn into something soon. But right now I'm waiting for whatever neohome feature they come up with next.
  12. No official gross foods, but the gruel pizza sounds pretty gross to me. About the changing passwords, Here's a link to the official post.
  13. Today's Stocking Stufftacular prize, Frostbite Body Paint, is a bit disturbing. I thought so when I got it, and I still think so now that I see it on my kacheek. It is pretty, but not really in a good way. Here's my journal entry featuring it. edit- it gives my pet an extra face when battling!
  14. I asked for a mosaic grarrl too. But I'm not overly fond of Grarrls so I don't know why I did that.. In the unlikely event that I win, maybe i'll think about adopting her out.
  15. Just got this from the advent calendar only to have it stolen. How irritating. edit- It's been replaced.
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