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  1. I traded with someone else for Moltara Team Face Makeup, and turned my kacheek into a Team Moltara fan that still thinks it's AC season. Thank you very much for the hat nd the idea.
  2. My gallery is so large that it lags when I organize new items. I hope I haven't made any mistakes as a result, because with 1620 items in alphabetical order any mistakes are difficult to correct.

    1. Angeló


      I love your collection , but if there are mistakes , you can fix them when you're ranking items .. For Example if you put Aquaberry before Apple and they're ranked 2 and 3 .. you can reverse their ranking by making Aquaberry #3 and Apple #2 .. or use decimals to move Apple up by making it 1.1 (so it will rank after the item ranked #1) .. 1.1 automatically becomes 2 .. you can use decimals up to 9 .. for example 1.1 , 1.2 , 1.3 , .... etc up to 1.9

    2. Sciurus carolinensis

      Sciurus carolinensis

      I know that, that's how I get new items in their correct place. The difficulty is in finding mistakes among a sea of correctly placed items. 🙂  Once they are found they are easily fixed. 

  3. http://www.neopets.com/gallery/index.phtml?user_cat_g=ACequipment&gu=enitul& Maybe you have to have it on view as guest mode to copy the link? Try this.
  4. Got it! Thank you so very much! I put it on my kacheek immediately. Here's a screenshot. Edit- gallery link is still going to the wrong place. Don't know why.
  5. You might want to check your link, it takes me to my own gallery when I click it. I found your gallery through your username though. May I please have the Moltara Team Hat?
  6. I'm so sorry. Doesn't look like there are any Lupe Transmogrification Potions on the TP right now, but that gives you time to save up for one. I once used a morphing potion on I think my royal kacheek when I was trying to put it in my shop. That was a long time ago, but I remember that feeling.
  7. I had an alien aisha at one point. Can't remember if I tried that, but I should have.
  8. I just had to remove Esophagor Bowl of Slimy Stew out of my gallery because it turned out to be a gross food. I thought it was a spooky food when it was released in a trick-or-treat bag in 2019. Sometimes it is hard to tell. It says very clearly at the top of my gallery, Gross food is gross, and is banned from this gallery. Now I need to make sure there aren't any other gross foods hiding among my 1591 items. Easier said than done, JellyNeo only looks at the first 500 items of my gallery last I checked. Seriously though, why is it gross while Slime Cream and Slime Sundae and Slime Soup are all classified as spooky foods? It features the Esophagor, the other three are just generic slime!
  9. It happened to me just now. Once I clicked on the notifications link (where I had no new notifications) the ridiculously high number was gone.
  10. You're welcome! Just collecting every food that catches my eye. I don't have a set goal in mind besides that.
  11. Why can't I sleeeeeep! It's 3:24 AM where I am! AAA better not have a grudge against me!

  12. Bought it and the Water Foam Hot Dog. Neither were in my gallery.
  13. I actually saved the cake for my gallery and opened it on a side account (It's a NC freebie, so that's allowed). Then I used a gift box to send the item to my main.
  14. It's a cake, but you get +4 hp to the pet that eats it plus Birthday Ona Picture Frame when it is eaten. Here's how it looks on my kacheek.
  15. I only started seriously playing FC this year, and find it useful for my gallery. I follow This Page for no good reason- it was just the first one I bookmarked. Yesterday's win was just enough to finally get the The Great Golden Slushie that I've been saving up for since it was released. Yay!
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