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  1. Turmy is awake and Placeholder the Uniocto is level 8. When will I get that avatar? Then I can stop feeling guilty about having a petpet named Placeholder, and start feeling guilty about purposefully having a petpet eaten.
  2. I've never tried to submit anything for the Neopian Times, but while reading this thread I thought of a story that doesn't look like it's been done. For the avatar, does it have to be an article specifically, or does just being published 10 times count?
  3. Picking the Sway, as they offer the quest refresh boon. Might help with the last few days of the faerie quest event.
  4. Thank you everyone. I had two challenges when I woke up, and I accepted one and now that I've returned home (went to the college my dad works at because I was bored) I see I have the avatar. I didn't copy the username of the person I battled, but thank you so much!
  5. I used a fountain faerie quest to paint a darigan tonu. His name is Scuridae__36. He normally lives on my side account, but is for the time being on my main account. He's not very strong, but I gave him the Blazing Embers weapon that's usually on my battle pet. It should be a quick battle if he faces a pet that's never been trained, especially if I give him a muffin to go with it. I need to win the battle for the avatar. I really don't like his looks at the moment, so I'd love to paint him something cuter. I'm going to bed soon, so it will have to be tomorrow. Please?
  6. I never refresh the quest page after getting a quest- I always close it and click the link again because I've lost quests in the past the same way you did. In my case, they never returned. I don't know why it happens, but it does. Congrats for your quest coming back :)
  7. I used my second fountain faerie quest of the event to paint a pet I transferred from my side account into a darigan tonu. Now to find someone to battle for the avatar. Needs to be a weak pet, as it's a lab rat that hasn't had enough stat boosting zaps to be of much use. Jellyneo says you have to complete the daily quest for the reward at the end this year. I hope I don't get a really expensive request then, as that doesn't seem fair.
  8. @Yuiina Thank you! I've sent someone a trade request that had the Dyeworks Blue: Holiday Light Contacts on a trade list on JellyNeo. Asked for the green version of the same item while I was at it because green is my favorite color. I hope to get a response soon. I'll wait on the pillows because I prefer to have one trade request open at a time. Wouldn't do to send the wrong person an item due to a mix up. Even if they were honest enough to return it, it would be a waste of a gift box and embarrassing. This is the guide I use for NC trading values ever since someone linked me to it a while back. Don't know if there's a better one. Pretty Flowers Foreground was easy to buy and I'm about to try it on now. After the last gallery item I bought the Faerie Wing Flowers will be out of my reach for a while, however. Edit- Trade completed! That was fast! Also realized I already owned the flowers I bought. I didn't see it in my closet because it was on another pet. Oh well. It didn't cost too much.
  9. The discounted fortune cookies are already out of stock. I'm up early too. Blah. Edit - More seem to have been added. Never mind.
  10. I bought the Vibrant Nursery Background and decided to design an outfit around it immediately using Anarchy_3_3 my sponge kacheek. The Lanie and Lillie Collectors Contacts give it a slightly creepier vibe than intended, but they go with the Adorably Pink Lollypop that I took out of my gallery temporarily. I might replace them, but I really don't have many non-creepy contacts and the orange eyes of the sponge kacheek don't work at all with the design. Another option is the Premium Collectible: Starry Eye Contacts, but the blue doesn't match as well in my opinion. The pillows block some blocks from view that otherwise off-balance the curtains. Any opinions? Including the outfit page on Dress to Impress in case someone wants to try the other contacts I mentioned for comparison. https://impress.openneo.net/outfits/2024790
  11. Got the last of the "get onto the top 50 on the high score table" avatars last night (excluding the avatar collector one because that's different). Posting this here because I had to edit my last post in the avatar collection thread to keep from double posting. As a result, it won't appear as recent activity. Definitely one of the cutest avatars I've earned. 

    1. Angeló


      Congrats :) which one is it ?

    2. Sciurus carolinensis

      Sciurus carolinensis

      Whoops! Should have made that clear. Babaa - Maths Nightmare.

    3. Angeló


      i am hopeless at this one ... x even with all the tips

  12. Turmy is awake, and just gave me a Robot Turmac. Worth 50,000 np, so yay!
  13. looks like Brute Squad won. Congrats to those who received the avatar!
  14. My jelly kacheek (fishing level 260) just fished up Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water. Seems to have gone down in price since Angeló got it two posts above mine. The lowest SSW price is about 950,000 np. Still selling it. This is the most expensive item I've ever fished up, and i find it amusing that the pet who got it was the one with the rainbow slorgclops as a petpet.
  15. I'm going to miss out on the prize at the end because I missed the second day of voting. The day and a half thing was supposed to help, but it actually contributed to my missing it. That and I forgot exactly how it worked and thought that the next category would appear when the voting countdown reached it's end. But I checked both days of the day and a half, so had the second category appeared on the second day I would have figured it out before it was too late. Blah.
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