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  1. Item rarity still determines the number of points per donation. The rest is as @perduco says edit- but sticky snowballs are one point each. Odd. edit again- I did just get an avatar when I returned to the main page after donating a bunch
  2. Glad someone else saw it. I didn't screenshot, so i was worried that I was imagining it.
  3. The discard options from last year are showing up again when i click on items from my inventory. They don't seem to work right, but they are there. Edit- Now they are gone. looks like that was a mistake, but it gives me hope that it will start very soon.
  4. Got this event at Kiko Pop. Given my spending yesterday (I splurged about 300,000 np on some expensive wearables) This is much appreciated.
  5. Okay, I swear most of my neohome rooms are not like this. But while browsing for furniture, I discovered that there's a furniture item called Open Grave from the Tale of Woe plot. So I did this. I used 51 of Wiggling Seaweed Plant in this because they are cheap.
  6. I think I'm set. I've been collecting everything since the last event. I'm going through my safety deposit box section by section using JellyNeo's price checker. But I haven't even started counting my 27 pages of food and I'm at 22,289 points. I don't think I'll bother counting further. My limiting factor isn't how many points I have collected, it's how quickly I can donate them before the event ends. Maybe I should sell a few. instead of hoarding more than I can handle.
  7. My Origami Kacheek also has a cute little sea slug (maraquan snowbunny). They really are cute, aren't they. But it attached no problem. Thank goodness you were able to attach it finally!
  8. Well, I fixed my problem by painting her Oil Paint. Finally got a Fountain Faerie quest from my fortune cookie. Here she is now. Haven't removed the contacts yet.
  9. Been doing some construction on my account While I never really could get into the new Neohomes, I recently became interested in the classic ones. Might be a temporary interest, if they don't carry over when Neopets leaves flash behind. But for now I'm enjoying decorating. Heres something interesting I noticed today. The screenshot is from one of the gardens. The Purple Poppies are on the left. To their right are Large Purple Poppies. See what I find odd?
  10. I'll see how it goes for now. I suppose I could try out a few outfits while waiting for the scheduled time to arrive. Update- the screen keeps refreshing, so I'm going to give it a bit. If it doesn't work soon I'll submit a ticket. In the meantime, Here's Cute_Pyukumuku the white grarrl in a np item only outfit. Aaaaand done!
  11. My premium species change will be available tomorrow. I'd like my korbat to be another kacheek, as I like customizing them. I bought a white grarrl morphing potion, and will use that first. Here's what Cute_Pyukumuku looks like now. The magma slorg is new too. I'm a pokemon fan, if you couldn't tell
  12. How many avatars are on your new account that aren't on your old account and can't be obtained?
  13. I personally wouldn't, but then again I don't play food club. Given all the effort you've put in to your current account, do you have any other pros to switching and starting with very little? edit- maybe do some calculating of how much it would cost to replace what you want to replace.
  14. No gross food in sight! Looks like my neopets had some sense this time around.
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