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  1. I assumed that the vortex had a close to 24 hour cooldown because as far as I know I have to wait that long to fish for each pet and have had to for a long time. For the most part- I haven't kept close track, and don't fish every day. But when I do try it on consecutive days I don't usually get much if it hasn't been a full day.
  2. I got an Aquaberry just now! Along with 2 Pile of Dung, Half-eaten Berry, Old Boot and Conkerberry. I already had an aquaberry in my gallery, so it went into my shop. Here's a screenshot of the one in my gallery for no good reason.
  3. I've only just started with the food club since the end of last month. Yesterday's 80:10 was the best I've had. Maybe I should pick another page to follow. It's proven to be a decent money maker so far, and I wish I'd started sooner.
  4. Well hopefully the final item is worth it then. Good luck! I'll be sure not to clear my negg just in case.
  5. Same for me! Do you think it will increase in value or should I just sell it? Might wait until i get another.
  6. On the first day I got exactly what I wanted from the void negg (Voidberry Cobbler for my food themed gallery). The second day I tried for the Chalkboard Cookies, but got Uni Horn Sidewalk Chalk instead. Then I bought the Chalkboard Cookies from a shop so I could focus on getting things worth selling. I picked the void negg again today and sold the weapon for about 150,000 NP. So things are going well.
  7. So, I gave in to temptation and bought another of the retired MME mystery capsules. I got MiniMME16-S2a: Undercover Wig and Hat and tried it on my Sponge Kacheek. I had forgotten that she had gotten sick from the wheel of excitement, but the sick face combined with the hat actually made for an interesting look. I am also happy to note that the Island of Buried Treasure Background is no longer glitched for me. I've wanted to use it ever since I got it from NC archives. I'm reminded of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: on Stranger Tides overall. What do you think? Now to visit the healing spr
  8. Only one gross food item this month, but the one that is gross is REALLY gross.
  9. Eventide PPP- 735,000 and 740,000 Spring PPP- 345,000 and 355,000 Very odd that they are searchable. Hope this helps.
  10. Got an interesting one. Not good, but I didn't lose too many neopoints so I'm fine with just finding it interesting. Guess that's the mood I'm in today.
  11. You can land on the avatar option multiple times, but I don't think it does anything after the first time.
  12. He's home! Unfortunately both Moth and Ray (my sibling's dog that also lives with us) are treating him like a stranger. Probably because he smells different and is wearing this big blue cone that he keeps trying to get off. That shouldn't last too long. For now it's actually useful because He and Moth have mutual grooming sessions often that can get rough. We were preparing to have to keep them separate but they are doing it for us. He has several medications we have to give him and a special food to eat for the next few weeks to give his intestines a break.
  13. Thanks for the kind words everyone. You will be happy to hear that he should be ready to come home tomorrow morning. Surgery was needed, and the description of the blockage matches the toy that hung from the cat tree we got them over the summer. It went missing a while ago after they tore the string it was on. There was bruising indicating this wasn't something he had recently swallowed. Poor guy. He must have been in so much pain I pledge to be vigilant about removing damaged cat toys from now on. Going to search the house tomorrow before he gets back. We've been told that if he hadn't been
  14. Our cat Bombur (named after the dwarf from The Hobbit) ate something he shouldn't have. Or multiple somethings. He was clearly sick two days ago, and we took him to the vet as soon as he could get an appointment. He's been there since 8:15 AM yesterday, and they may have to do surgery for what is likely an intestinal blockage. I've barely slept the past two nights as a result. He's less than a year old. We got him and his brother Moth last May after losing our 15 year old cat in February of 2020. Bombur is much more outgoing than Moth, and Moth is clearly missing him. Dad says we should be abl
  15. Fountain Faerie quest at last! I've wanted an oil paint kacheek since it came out. Here's before and after screenshots of Tail_of_Pachirisu. Still dressed for Halloween.
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