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  1. I never have to spin the Wheel of Extravagance again! You found an avatar! Yay! Edit on August 8th. Just got the Blumaroo Court Jester avatar by telling King Skarl the following: Q: What do you do if fierce Peophins has eaten too much tin of olives? A: A can't cup of aubergine Back to School Buzz bushes!
  2. I have no interest in debating on this forum because I use it to destress from the tragedy that is our current political climate. But I will say this. People will die as a result of this ruling. Our nation already ranks badly when it comes to maternal mortality compared to other developed nations. There is no justification for forcing people to carry to term. People will die; living, breathing, feeling people. All in the name of the "pro-life" movement. I'm just sickened by this whole mess.
  3. I can't believe it's taken me this long to collect my freebies. I wanted to do it at a time when I could take and put together the screenshots. Then I got a new game for my birthday on the tenth. oops. I've fallen behind on the Altador cup too. Anyways, only one gross food this month.
  4. Well this is annoying. I just wanted to do Trudy's Surprise. Now my battle pet is level 851 instead of 852
  5. I joined Team Moltara again. I got all star the past two years, but I now have a job so we will see how I do.
  6. According to JellyNeo this caused my active pet to lose maximum HP. Thank goodness my battle pet wasn't active. Spooooky.
  7. Check to see if it loads when other pets are active. When that happened to me it only affected one of my neopets. I sent in a support ticket, and TNT removed the wearables from the pet I couldn't dress. Then it worked fine. It was something to do with wearables that hadn't been converted properly yet. Still don't know which ones.
  8. Two gross foods and a terrible job of copy and pasting. But here's this months freebies. Now time to head for work.
  9. Was I supposed to get a copy of last years Dip & Dye Neggs prize Negg Fountain Background when I clicked on a Negg I'd already gotten all the prizes from today? I'll delete it if so. I still have mine from last year so I thought that bwas odd.
  10. I got a Broken Blue Fuzzle from Tarla's Shop of Mystery. I took it to the nearby repair shop and got this. It's worth about 275,000 NP apparently. Donny is unable to repair the item, try as he might. "Well, I couldn't fix it, so here's somethin' I had lyin' around the shop." You have received: Star Gazing
  11. A strong electric current fills the room, crackling with powerful energy. When everything has settled, you see that there is something quite different about Anarchy_3_3. It looks like their attack has gone up by 9! Wow! Spent less than 1000 np, and got plus 9 attack. Good deal!
  12. You are welcome. I impulsively chose the spring one, then remembered I had a spring slorg attached to a pet already and I dislike repeating colors. So I sold it and bought the unpainted one. Choose carefully.
  13. It doesn't matter. You get to choose from all three.
  14. I finally got the stamp from the teacup negg! Yay!
  15. Picked the teacup negg again. Got The Crumpetmongers Teatime Treats which I bought for my gallery two days ago. A stamp would be nice. I'd be selling it not collecting it, but still. I like the change though. I feel bad for whoever accidentally donated their stamp.
  16. I've picked the teacup negg 3 days in a row now. I've gotten the wearable each time
  17. Odd timing since I'm currently getting ready to feed my hungry neopets. That's my battle pet, nice.
  18. How about the adorable Christmas Pteri, which seems to be based on the European Robin, Erithacus rubecula .
  19. No Gross foods! I have the same number of neopets as last month, so I can be lazy and just paste new screenshots over my March 2022 Image! I could have done a better job with positioning though...
  20. I know it's a glitch and will be fixed, but it's cool to see what my plushie kacheek would look like UC. I took a screenshot. I hope they fix it soon, because my sponge kacheek is an error gear.
  21. I just checked my old neopets plushies, so i can confirm that those came with McDonald's plushies. here's a picture. Please ignore my messy desk. Also, the plushies were all played with, so especially the older ones aren't in that great shape.
  22. It's working now King Altador hands you your gift... Finneus Stained Glass Window
  23. Odd. I'm getting the text you get when completing the altador plot for the first time rather than the daily prize when I click on the king. This happened a few months ago to everyone after an update. Or at least I think it was for everyone. Is the daily broken for anyone else? edit- here's the thread
  24. Oh dear. Sorry about that and good luck. I once did that with my royal kacheek. But plushie is a much more expensive paint brush. It doesn't help that kacheek morphing potions are expensive to begin with. I go to quick stock every time I have a morphing potion in my inventory, out of fear of doing that to my sponge kacheek since that can't be painted. I really wish there was a "do you really want to do this" pop up when using MPs. Similar to giving items to other players. Good news is there are plenty on the TP. Bad news is they are all between 5.6 and 6 million NP.
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