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  1. The ray is fired at Valentine_a17... ... and she changes into a Green Lutari!! Really, RAY? A GREEN Lutari? Not a PINK one, who's name is Valentine(_a17)? Come on! 🍋🍋🍋Making Lemonade here But so wanted a Valentine ZAP and Lunch is still a Pile of Soot named ...Lunch Looks more like my hopes & dreams for a Valentine petpet crashed & burned! Happy Valentine's Day! 02/14/2020 Valentine_a17 is still a green Lutari BUT the Pile of Soot called Lunch is this little dude! He is a Darigan Pepito! Pretty cool, yeah?
  2. Then SWAY it is! Calling all of the fellowship of the Buns To arms, we battle are buns off for our friend's avatar & hopefully, a decent boon!
  3. Well, only one of my choices have "won" so far. I feel like, it's just my opinion, so my opinion for me-isn't wrong. But thanks for having these ridiculous Neopies to show me how little my opinion matters.
  4. I just saw this! AMAZING!!! I WANT THIS SUPER COOL FEEPIT!!! This beats Baby Yoda hands down! WOW!
  5. From (a Pile of Soot) to.... A Rainbow Alkenore! We made a name change, from 1337 to Qazah (the Arabic word for Rainbow 😉 ) I love Qazah, my Rainbow Alkenore~ says Fateemah_7 Petpet Name Petpet Species Rainbow Alkenore Petpet Level 5 Age 969 hours old This petpet could be a good BD petpet!
  6. Can someone explain HOW this thing works? I mean, I know that you are supposed to send it to another player so you both get...What Avatar Again? This little guy didn't know what to do with the Mysterious valentine card either! Searched the TDN Forums & found: Sending A Mysterious Valentines Card before midnight NST will grant the sender and receiver the Valentine's Day Site Theme! So I found the answer-thanks!
  7. Looks like we have a winner! SEEKERS it is!!! I love their Boons.
  8. Who needs an Avatar? Who needs the Fellowship of the Buns, to fight off their s to help win an Avatar, Theme, & untold glory (ok, maybe a bit much *lol*) from The Thieves (where skullduggery reigns supreme) The Awakened (where supernatural eeriness reigns supreme) or The Seekers (where they think their intellect reigns supreme)? Need some help here to choose... A sign? ANYONE? please! Happy Kacheek Day BTW!
  9. What the fir looked like before it saw It went WHITE from fear! I LOVE it! That is SO perfect! Just add music 🎶 and you'll have DJ Roomba! 01/20/2020 Wasn't liking Fateemah_7 being a yellow-water-striped Kau, so I changed her with a Pirate MP and Now, she is our sweet Baby!!!
  10. Looks like Sway is the way to go! GL to everyone -whatever you pick!
  11. 'Bout time I start collecting some serious NP! I feel like saying John Mulaney's line about his college sending him a request, the college was asking for a gift & how did they put it? "GIVE US SOME MONEY!" Only I am saying, "Give me some NP!"
  12. Timon: We're gonna fight your uncle... for this? I feel the same way about the Protective Lime Helmet, I fought & for that HELMET????🙄😝
  13. That's a KEEPER! A Gold Meepit? Does everything he bites turn to gold? Some legends are told Some turn to dust or to gold But you will remember me Remember me, for centuries ~from Fall Out Boy Amazing Faerie Space Fungus! So , the "regular" Space Fungus is Pink & the Faerie Space Fungus is Blue...is the regular Space Fungus a GIRL? And the Space Fungus a BOY? This guy looks pretty great too. Is it a Shenkuu petpet? But an elevated one, right? I have high hopes for Dragonas Socks the Red Karen. Jan.7th,2020 Meanwhile, my Red Karen turned into a pile of Soot and had its name changed to Todd (I guess Pooper was taken?) and today Todd got zapped to be Wheelie Bot . Never saw this petpet before, not a very friendly-looking thing.
  14. I really haven't been paying attention (I entered Kokariia in BC this week, ends Jan. 3-so brutal!) so I haven't picked. Brutes seem good, ok @jellysundae and @AllTimeMarr , I will throw in with you! Just as a side note, I noticed that almost all the BC Pets have basic stats, like if I had to battle them-Kokarria would crush them *lol* But for their amazing art talents compared to my stick figure drawing of Kokariia-they crush me! Eh, I had to try it, YOLO !
  15. A pathetic Stamp Album?? Moi?? From my User Look Up Stamps: 543 Well, let's check my Virtupet Stamp Page Umm, 4th row down, 3rd Stamp from the left or right-Yeah, it's right there! Thank you for the 48k np stamp but who you calling pathetic, Gordos?
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