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  1. Usually have been getting 5,000 or less. Hmmm, is Neopets feeling a little guilty about locking me out of my account for a month for their Breach incident?
  2. Just popping on to say that Alice finally helped me get back my main account and I deeply appreciate all of your help. support, and suggestions. Let's hope no one has to go through a forced exile from their Neopets account/Neopets. Thank you everyone!!!
  3. Hello TDN Friends, I am still locked out of my main account but am finally got my rl apartment and starting my new rl job as a Writing Consultant for undergraduate students. I didn't get to be an Arabic tutor as UT (probably like most universities) have strict limits on how many hours a student can work. This means I am on campus Mon-Wed-Fri from 9 am to 7 pm but probably won't get students coming for help until Sept. Being on campus this much means I should probably try to get a meal plan bc eating out gets very expensive fast. I am trying to budget but I am still learning. Anyway, is there anyone who can help me get my main account back? I put in a couple of tickets and I just don't understand why Neopets or Jumpstart can't give me the email that is linked to my main account? I am so sad over this and very discouraged. Baby (my youngest sister who is married and starting her PhD degree at Boston University) is offering to give her account to me- but I really want my own account-Kokariia is so close to getting a trophy in Gourmet Food Club... gaaahhh! And Neopets keeps charging me the monthly Premium Membership, without helping me get my account back?!!! I miss everyone but I don't want to "join" TKP through one of my ALP sides or my sister's account. Just so frustrated, I can see why my mom never went back on Neopets after her account was frozen ( she had a really slow computer and got an unusually high score in a new game they had released and decided she was cheating).
  4. Yeah, you think that someone who buys NC regularly would be treated a little better. I don't understand why they're not sending me the link to make a new password. Aira, I hope you posted who TKP's August 2022 MOTM is. Sorry but I'm still in the process of moving as my prospective landlord gave my apt. to another person. So scrambling and getting my life together -this has been low on my list of what needs attention. I hope I'll get back on soon, I could use some cheering up.
  5. I'm trying not to freak out but I still can't log in to my account- where I guess I placed in the July 31st Caption Contest. Why are they taking so long to help me get back on to my account? My siblings told me that they can go to my Look Up, so I'm not being frozen.
  6. I'm still locked out of my account. I sent a ticket bc I did change my password yesterday using my phone but couldn't log in today. There goes my Trudy 100k Spin, I was at 1 today!
  7. So Camouflage doesn't come with any gear or at least a cool collar? Bummer!
  8. The ray is fired at Jo_Bobb...(He was an 8-Bit Aisha) ... and he changes colour to Striped!!I'm a REAL Aisha now!
  9. The ray is fired at CherryLotusBlossom... ... and he changes colour to Spotted!! I would cry too if I was "Spotted" !!! Definitely looks like it has an illness!
  10. Woohoo! 20,000 NP too bad every gourmet food Kokariia needs to eat starts at 5 Million NP, but still is a rush! I am never going to get the am I? Come on, she's a PIRATE (plays for Krawk Island in AC) and an Aisha!
  11. Hey Granny, is everything ok? Are you alright now? Ramadhan started and it's taking me a little time to balance my fasting & worship with classes & Guild things. I didn't forget about you!

    I hope you're Ok & cleared to post on TDN now if you want.

    Peace be with you. ~360 

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    2. Granny63020


      How long is Ramadan? I hope you get it all adjusted back to some normalcy.

    3. Granny63020


      It says

      0 warning points No restrictions being applied

    4. midnight_spell360


      Ramadhan lasts 29 or 30 days (we follow a lunar calendar). Don't worry, we eat an Early breakfast called Suhur and usually break our fasts at sunset with dates and milk to help energize us.

      It's all good, Granny. 😉

  12. I know that my siblings told me stories about Guilds they were in when they first went on Neopets and they weren't good experiences, but I feel that The Kindness Project has a real chance bc mostly the ppl who joined are kind and willing to try to make others happy. With all of the games, 1 NP auctions, and competitions that we have there at TKP, we really have built a nurturing and fun environment. Why not at least give it a try?
  13. Whoa... did it actually work? Sure looks like it. Your Petpet has been transformed. Imagine that. You should come back tomorrow and try again! What a cool looking petpet! Stealthy Miamouse! It's a KEEPER!
  14. Is anyone else having this problem? When I got on the site this afternoon and got the usual notice about the monthly Premium Collectable-but the item wasn't in my Inventory. Then I get on and have this nm: Is this messed up or what? OK, the Premium Collectable: Double Hearts Neon Sign made it in! Crazy!
  15. The ray is fired at angel_sweety_12... ... and he changes colour to Eventide!! I think Eventide might help this Acara a new home! To the Pound to be adopted!
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