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  1. The ray is fired at gorila_virado... ... and she gains 2 strength points!!!! Silly Camouflaged "Kitty", why are you crying? You GAINED 2 strength points!
  2. Well, TDN is a great place to start. You should be able to find ppl who have the same interests as you or Neo-goals (like getting all the game avatars, Kadoatie -feeding, customization of your NeoPet, etc.). We have friends that post about almost all the different dailies, about Battledome, and if a plot starts up-TDN or JellyNeo already put together a guide. I started with TDN first before I became active in my Neopet guild The Kindness Project (http://www.neopets.com/guilds/guild.phtml?id=4176228 ) which helps ppl who are coming back after taking a really long break as well as new ppl. So once you see something you are interested in-you can like it or eventually respond with your opinions and I bet you'll find someone who likes many of the same things you like. 🙂 So welcome to TDN Forums and I look forward to your posts.
  3. Hee hee hee! The ray is fired at gorila_virado... ... and she changes colour to Robot!! OMG! More clothes for Kokariia! YES! So happy! ... and she changes to a Red Usul Meh! Not finding this a cool color. MP Time? The ray is fired at gorila_virado... (My sibling, mintmilanos, sent me a Christmas Aisha MP!) ... and she changes into a Yellow Scorchio!! THIS? It looks like a cartoon character that should be singing, "Picking up a Baby Bumble Bee, Won't my mommy be so proud of me!"
  4. The creepy Kookith quickly grabs Buzz_Light_Year and runs straight into the laboratory. from Buzzer to Purple Kepru Whoa... did it actually work? Sure looks like it. Your Petpet has been transformed. Imagine that. You should come back tomorrow and try again! Again, are you CRAZY? I will do a name change (withOUT your zaps) maybe...but no more zapping!
  5. You blind Count Von Roo with a Lens Flare and they can't use weapons. You swing at Count Von Roo with the Sword of Malum! x 6 x 5 x 6 x 5 You hurl the piercing Thistleberry Pingrenade at Count Von Roo... pulsing thistleberry spikes ready to burst on contact! x 5 x 13 0 383 Damage Taken Kokariia's Damage is 0 Count Von Roo's Damage is 383 (he came in with only 180) Please, you're not even a Contender anymore, buddy! *I wanted to add this to my other post but they said I couldn't-file was too big?
  6. RUDE! I already HAVE Count Von Roo as a Battledome Opponent!
  7. I have one of these!!!💗 My Pink Eyrie on my side account: dripping_rainbows ( TKP's ALP Team Fire) and I named her Zeeza the Strawberry Spardel !
  8. Someone at TKP (clumsyfaery) said that they joined the Order bc they need the Avatar, so I will join the Order to try to help. Most people have picked The Sway. It is getting tedious-the Never-Ending-Battle!
  9. Or as my mom said looking over when that happened to me, "Who are those Gumbas? You have Good Fellas bullying now too?" *lol*
  10. I did NOT like Round 9's "topic" today: Stereotypes? Really? Aren't we supposed to NOT stereotype now? Please don't tell me there are 'positive' stereotypes bc I thought we were supposed to just treat everyone equally & not make generalizations. 😞 So this is what my siblings & I did. Mintmilanos entered their Baby Aisha, BAHBALUU , & wrote: Stereotypes: All Babies are cute! Moonlit_danaa entered her Pirate Draik, Drago_Silvermaine , wearing a Blonde Wig, & wrote: Dumb Blonde? I think NOT! Hexagon_dragon (Baby) entered her Robot Kacheek,azula___n_n, & wrote: Robots will take away jobs? Only if YOU input it! I entered Kokariia & wrote: Stereotypes: Old Dog?! NEVER stop learning! I was asking my guild buddies & thought I'd ask friends here at TDN too to hurry and submit an Entry to BUST A MYTH and say NO to stereotyping! THANKS! 11/10/2019 So I wrote an article to The Neopian Times to tell them how horrible their 'category' of stereotyping was in the Neopets Costume Contest. Still haven't heard from them. Did see their "Note" about : Extra! Extra! The Neopian Times will return next week with a very exciting birthday issue! I know they're busy but it's kind of important... We shall see!
  11. Hey, it's Halloween-time so I went with AWAKENED! Who is spookier than Lanie & Lillie? Good Luck, everyone!
  12. I have to agree, Blue Moehog is NOT cool (sorry little buddy) Now if he was Stealthy... THAT would be cool! Good Luck!⚗️🧪⚡🎃
  13. What is this? It's like a wig with another wig on top. A wig-eating Wig? If the FINS are UP over here ➡️ WHY ARE THESE EMPTY SHOES DOING HERE? ⬆️ HOW ARE THESE SHOES STAYING ON THIS JETSAM? I think 🥊🥊 should complete this outfit, don't you?
  14. I picked the Refresh Quest & bought the FQFC (the fortune cookie that gets you 9 days of Faerie Quests) and I just got AGAIN!!! This crazy faerie can't take NO for an answer! WHY? They never let Poor Kaia, join in any Faerie games!!! Since I can never shake her off & not to completely lose out on having bought the FC, I open another Tab, push the expensive NC item (and any other NC item I would never give her ) into my Closet or even my SDB-then buy her Pink Bag & give her something I would let Minimalist Gnorbu to grind into powder. Really hasn't gone the way I was hoping, should've picked the Cartography like @Duma & @jellysundae
  15. King Hagan listens contently to your words of wisdom... "You can do a lot worse than success like the agility of a speedy Scamander," you exclaim cleverly. He ponders all that you have said. Well, it could have been worse. What can be worse than the Money Tree being full of Scamanders? King Hagan Says: I'm not dense, youngin'. I already knew that! I'll give you 42 Neopoints for the effort, though. Perhaps a bit of studying will help you before you return tomorrow. Well, you're so WISE, tell me how to catch one!
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