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  1. I'm telling my siblings to try Seekers since it's been a looooonnnnggg while! Awakened can't always win every time, RIGHT?
  2. 04/15/2021 NEW LAB RAT (& Spring Festival Fever!) The ray is fired at Emyjune... ... and she changes colour to Electric!! RAY!!! A colour right off the bat for this little baby?! (Why the long face, baby? Are you SHOCKED by the colour change?) Did your life FLASH before your eyes? BONUS: Her petpet, LillyMae the to be zapped (Black Crystacat ) So cool!!! A little well-done but nice that it didn't turn into
  3. Thanks @Scoobert_Doo for the helpful information. I will go with the Seekers also
  4. Ray Jr. aka Krazy Kokith, just can't find a decent name for your Dofrey!
  5. 04/01/2021 Meet my New Lab Rat _sol_10_10_08 which is a BLUE AISHA (but can't display the image) and her ghoti named Tumbles and Tumbles turned into THIS!!! Cool, right? 04/02/2021 The ray is fired at _sol_10_10_08... ... and she changes into a Green Gelert!! Definitely a change, Ray-color AND Species? I guess it's progress. LOL Keeping Tumbles as an Electric Snorlkin. 04/03/2021 The ray is fired at _sol_10_10_08... ... and she changes colour to Red!! Green seemed passive but R
  6. Yeah! At least I can still get Buried Treasure! What's a pirate to do when they can't play games on Neopets? Dig for TREASURE!
  7. Is this Neopets way of banning me from making np through their pitiful selection of Everybody's Least Likely Games Players Played? Am I being restricted to card games only? This is making me feel disinterested in this site more & more! 03/23/2021 Do you see this unbelievable score of 19 million + points??? I was at Level 54 and just got tired and if I submit this "score" I get Score Submission Failed: Window Expired What am I doing wrong that I am not able to play these games? My siblings aren't having this problem. Is my computer so slow that it's causin
  8. The ray is fired at lzumiSena... (Relic doesn't show up?) ... and he changes colour to Yellow!! (Another color "banned?} So instead of being "Turned to Stone", my Lab Rat Aisha is now YELLOW. So we can call him "Mellow Yellow"!!! 03/15/2021 The ray is fired at lzumiSena... ... and he changes into a Yellow Gnorbu!! Staying with the Mellow Yellow theme!Ray is on a roll... to TROLL!
  9. I thought Boochi was retired??!!You MISSED!!! Nanny-nanny-boo-boo!!!
  10. The ray is fired at lzumiSena... ... and he changes colour to Elderlyboy!! of course he does, bc I need some more Elderly glasses! 02/16/2021-after 30+ hours with NO power (Freak Ice storm deep in the of TX) The ray is fired at lzumiSena... ... and he loses 2 movement points!!!! Of COURSE He does! He's ELDERLY for God's sake Is Elderly really a colour? Isn't more of a state of mind? Or a change of Life Progression? 02/19/2021
  11. Posted on my Guild Board but leaning towards Thieves for that Cheaper by the Dozen Boon and their cheeky-sneaky ways so I will check back later today, God-willing, to see if there are more ppl with better decision-making skills than me! *lol* 02/10/21 7:32 pm NST Sorry, someone from my TKP guild needed the Avatar for Thieves (not sorry?) so I went for that faction. Good Luck to everyone! Fellowship of the Buns-Funs for Everyones
  12. Yesterday when I went to the Petpet Lab to Zap lzumiSena the Desert Aisha 's Petpet Lollygag-I was rudely warned that the Mad Scientist Kokith wouldn't be pleased for my coming to his Lab again. Really thought I hadn't but- my mouse has been double-clicking which has been annoying when I play Scarab 21 but apparently Lollygag the Snuffly changed... from to a Blue Aroota Surprise!
  13. Well, if you're into Boons, Order has Cartogriphication and Refreshed Quest Request , Seekers has Book Smarts (increases your Pets Intelligence when your Pet reads a book they can get 2-4 points instead of only 1. It's how I got Kokariia's Intelligence to 14393 Ultimate Genius) and Right Round Round Round (you can spin a Wheel twice without waiting 4 hours), or Sway has Cheaper by the Dozen (you can buy Stocks at 10np instead of at 15np for a week) and Refreshed Quest Request. So I am torn between Order and Sway...I'll check later tonight to see if more ppl say if they need an Avatar.
  14. I was wondering the same thing. Are they "trying" to make us "appreciate" their attempts of contriving "mini-plots" : Tis the Off Season (Terror Mountain's AC team vacation) A Bad Day for Hanso (A thief's tale about how they landed in jail? The Gift of the Xweetoki (Ok, we all saw this coming, right? The Gift of the Magi re-reinvented? Could be a favorite.) The Negg Tree (Kari's obsession with Neggs naturally would lead to decorating a tree.) *I wrote this on my guild page and can't get rid of this weird pink background for my text. Ok, I agree they need to get over Advent Cale
  15. I've been playing it-especially since the Flash games are NOT available now. (I thought that they were working on this ever since most Internet Browsers announced that by Dec. 2020 they wouldn't carry Flash??? And the games on Beta mobile- ). But I promised my mom-no more clicking on the "buy" button, so I flee as I try to get more Stars, as stupid as that is, and I am at 322 Stars. I wish they would give those of us who completed the game our last prizes-the Haunted Altador Amulet & Background.
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