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  1. @jellysundaeAgain! Where is the OMG or I'M SHOOK button!!! This is too mind-blowing for me!
  2. @Angeló The EnablerMaybe this is Ray's way of "Going Green"?
  3. @jellysundaeWhere is the OMG button! Actually, it is TERRIFYING !
  4. The ray is fired at Rubyredgarnet1... ... and she gains 3 movement points!!!! I am SO Lucky to have this Halloween Aisha's clothes! I even FORGOT that there were Halloween Aisha clothes-Black Collar with the Yellow A, and the Red Halloween Aisha Suit & Hat! So cool, and yet...I worry that the Pounded Pets will definitely come after me for Revenge.
  5. @Angeló The EnablerYou swayed me to the Sway! I'm such a push-over!
  6. @lianakosI was worried about you too & missed you! I echo jellysundae's hope that things are better for you now!
  7. Still not a fan of Kar(r)en, I see! At least I got 10 more points than yesterday's F- ! I'll take the Castle Tutor, since there is NO School in Neopia for Book Smarts-thank you very much!
  8. In the spirit of the approaching holiday... I got my F- and the "Wise-King-Why-Me" Pose! Make me an AVATAR for "If I could go lower than F-, I would!"
  9. We can Log In Now!!! Go make your Food Club Bets before that Maintenance Pteri comes back!!!
  10. Does this mean that I can finally get Down For Maintenance Pteri ?!!
  11. I think @hrtbrk is right, this Techo looks like the Leaf Tailed Gecko I just think s/he better avoid Leaf Blowers or Windy Days! Image taken from JellyNeo bc NEOPETS is still down!
  12. I can't believe I won 41,440 NP!!! I haven't won a paint brush yet but the NP was cool!
  13. @DumaThank you for explaining this and giving me the link to the Classic inventory. I appreciate that you guys helped me and I feel bad that I didn't know that Auto Refresh was never supposed to be used. 09/15/2021 It finally attached! Now our guild can get the Mootix Avatar and hopefully the Snicklebeast Avatar around Nov. 9th, 2021! Thanks for your help @Duma and @Angeló The Enabler
  14. 09/12/2021 Welcome New Lab Rat! The ray is fired at lucas_eloisa_e_ruben ... and she doesn't change at all Well, we knew Ray wasn't just give us that coveted Steampunk Zap right off the bat, little lady! So much tears! At the Petpet Lab w/ the Creepy KookithBut... nothing happens. It makes a kind of 'zzrrrppptttt' sound before shutting down completely. Look at your Petpet, Eloisa!Thelma is not crying ! 09/15/2021 Thelma went from to this a Royal Seti! Time to step up your game, Eloisa!!! 09/17/2021 Why is this baby crying (again)? ... and she changes gender!!!! It's a man's world, buddy. Just embrace it and keep on swimming, my guy! Let's turn that frown upside down!
  15. OMG! I never knew the restriction of No Auto Refresher! Stopped it immediately. What is a Classic Inventory? Now that we moved into Beta-I don't know how to get "Classic"? Thanks for your help.
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