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  1. Hi! Thanks for such a generous offer and I'm overwhelmed with your 89 gift boxes (so jelly)! If the Jeweled Skull Wand is still available, that would be awesome! Please and thank you & my username is the same here: midnight_spell360 I am sorry, you gifted that wand to another. How about the Bone Tights ? If they are still available and thank you just for offering!
  2. This is what your Eyrie looks like? Purple AND Halloween combined??? This is pretty cool-not what you wanted ... but still pretty cool
  3. Playing games won't help. I wanted to get my FC Bets in! If I can't get donation points in today-you really couldn't let me put FC in? Can't win at anything today! @Tedhaun "CC this year has been nothing but a shipwreck." EXACTLY!!!!
  4. Well I just got a text from my sibling, hexagon_dragon, and they had donated 2442 points worth, finished manually filling up the De-Clutter Tray with 15 r80+ items, pulled the lever to see Granny's Speech bubble to say they got 30 donation points, and went to the Prize Shop to verify that this amount was added on (they were recording their amount on Sticky Notes-thank God!) and it showed 0 donation points!!! Everything was 'erased'??? WHAT? I think everyone should just stop donating to CC until this glitch gets fixed!!! How will we know when TNT/JS will fix this? ... IDK!!!
  5. As I was signing into my guild, The Kindness Project.... I am MUGGED by a...ghost? FOR HOW MUCH? over 1000 np? You don't even have pockets, Ghost Boy!!! And I love the irony that while I am trying to "fall into Kindness", Ghost Boy is being UNKIND by stealing from me! So not cool! Happy Wednesday everybody! Well, Ghost Boy, just goes to show you that stealing from a Pirate doesn't pay...YOU!!!
  6. The ray is fired at falceyrie108... ... and she changes into a Green Uni! Talk about a Species change! falceyrie108 was a great name for an Eyrie, but for a Uni? Certainly a different look! So I was trying to use up my CC Perk Points, and I got the chance to do Limited Edition Again (made an MSP Poogle for a guildmate with the 1st one back in Oct. of last year). So I had the Uni a Pirate Aisha morphing potion, thinking I'll just change the Pirate Aisha into another Aisha-totally fo
  7. FINALLY!!! AFTER 5 YEARS OF VISITING THIS DUDE and throwing my wisest words out to him... Wise Old KingKing Hagan listens contently to your words of wisdom..."Never trust honour like the honor of a mischievous Kyrii," you utter thoughtfully.He ponders all that you have said. Wow! King Hagan is very impressed. King Hagan Says: Ahh, brilliant! It's good to know there are intelligent Neopians out there. I give you an A+! (766 out of 1000) You must take this gift from me. King Hagan hands you: Advanced Learning He also gives you 132 Neopoints! Something Has H
  8. Ok @Secre, you have swayed me to through in with the Sway! And who can resist this ancient Relic...er...um...Beauty?
  9. OH NO! The curse of the Tuskaninnies When the Lab Scientist decides you need to go BIG but you'd rather go HOME!
  10. Yes to the Robot Noil! No that randomsilliness became Camouflage and NOT Desert. But at least she is still an Eyrie.
  11. The ray is fired at Aisha_6042... ... and she changes into a Red Tuskaninny!! Completely unexpected! A Tuskaninny named Aisha? Well Aisha does mean "full of Life". 08/24/2020 The ray is fired at Aisha_6042... ... and she changes into a Blue Moehog!! Why Lab Ray Guy? How is this making any sense? HAPPY MUTANT DAY 08/25/2020 Well, Aisha_6042, the Blue Moehog had a purple gikerot
  12. Ok, me too! One more order for Red Order, please!
  13. Ankheton might not be a Lost Desert Prince, but he'd make a great SPACE GHOST!
  14. @jellysundae What's up with your Fir? It looks like it barely survived a forest fire!
  15. The ray is fired at Aisha_6042... ... and he changes colour to Relic!! A Color change right off the bat? What's up , Ray? Are you feeling alright? I love Mr. Peabody, my Warf Do you see how funny this is? Mr. Peabody was a cartoon dog that would take a boy named Sherman to historical events & times to teach him about history. Now my Mr. Peabody is going to "curate" his newest find- his Neopet Owner that is a Relic/statue!
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