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  1. The ray is fired at xkyubeyxx.. .. and he changes colour to Custard!! What? No dripping Custard-y look? Just a plain Aisha Collar! That's not fair.
  2. King Hagan listens contently to your words of wisdom..."Never trust wisdom like the intelligence of an arrogant Karren," you declare knowingly.He ponders all that you have said. Well, it could have been worse. King Hagan Says: I'm not dense, youngin'. I already knew that! Looks like King Hagan is woke! I'll give you 77 Neopoints for the effort, though. Perhaps a bit of studying will help you before you return tomorrow. Or maybe go to more #BLM Protests-right, King Hagan? You get that the Karrens in rl are the ones who need to be 'educated' about how things are, right? Join our cause King Hagan, you're so wise & all-so your support can make a difference! 06/27/2020 King Hagan listens contently to your words of wisdom..."Never trust charity like the judgement of a royal Karren," you say insightfully.He ponders all that you have said. It seems he is not displeased. That's good. King Hagan Says: Well you're not the sharpest tack in the drawer, but that wasn't too bad. I give you a B! (659 out of 1000) Does King Hagan really get that the Karrens in rl really need to learn how others are suffering from racism? Here is something to help you study. King Hagan hands you: King Hagan He also gives you 73 Neopoints! Thanks for the B Grade & Book. Seems like the Dude is throwing his weight behind #BLM!
  3. Meet xkyubeyxx , a Blue Female Aisha. Welcome to Project Desert Diva! ... and she gains 5 maximum hit points!!!! Why the long face, silly girl? We're just getting started. Well many zaps where the Gender changed back & forth and at least 2 times being dropped to Level 1 but Today, 07/05/2020 The ray is fired at xkyubeyxx... ... and he changes colour to Transparent!! Eeewww, I mean...interesting. Cool Collar! Transparent Aisha Collar Level: +6Hitpoints: +13Strength: +5Defence: +0Movement: +2Back to Level 1: 3 zapsGender: 3 zapsColour/Species: 1 zapsNo Change: 1 zaps
  4. The ray is fired at Chekem_MC_Junior... ... and she changes into a Green Koi!! I see that Ray has decided to go with an UNDER THE SEA theme... Maybe a Morphing Potion CAN be a girl's Best Friend? Sorely tempted. But I have 3 Extra Zaps this week, so I'll try to see if Ray will provide something Incredible...eh? At least the Flotsam stayed Fish-like. Last ZAP of the night-... and she gains two levels!!! And this is how you LOOK? 06/23/2020 The Sea Adventure stops ... and he changes into a Yellow Acara!! And now the Golden Jungle Experiment continues I know the Body Glow doesn't show it, but he is no longer a Fish-he is a Yellow Acara!LOL 06/24/2020 Well, the Jungle Experiment ends bc the Yellow Acara bc a Woodland Acara I think she could be a dream Pet for someone, so I am putting her in with Timmy the Island Turtmid I hope she finds her Dream Owner!!!
  5. Okay! Okay! @Angeló and @Duma I did the 10 Battles!
  6. Went with Brutes but I don't know when I'll find time to do 10 battles with AC going on! I'm not so talented (like this guy) when it comes to multi-tasking!
  7. Absolutely delightful! I am not familiar with "lookbooks" but I use the Premium Membership's Journal in a similar way. Ugly Sweater Dec.2019 NYE 2019 March Makeover 2020 Quarantine Fashionista 20 Team Krawk Island 2020
  8. The moment you've all been waiting for is here - Week One of the Altador Cup Staff Tournament is underway! To play, set your TNT fantasy team's roster by selecting two forwards, two defenders, and a goalie. You have until midnight Thursday to choose your team or make roster changes. You'll then be awarded points based upon the play of your staffers. Not sure what to pick, but I mixed Old Favorites with New Ppl Forwards: Senor Malo (ML) & *Gutterfoot (SHK); Defenders: Scrappy (RI) & *Iceman(VP) and Goalie: EhloFroyo (MQ) *New Staff Members There wasn't a STAR Player Option to pick? Anyone else have better ideas/guesses? Hey, I guess I forgot to "hover" over my team to have the Star Player Option Pop Up *** You selected Scrappy as star player ***
  9. I, too, am hoping for a Desert Outcome with Chekem_MC_Junior ! Yesterday he went from Disco King to Father Time! Meet the Oldest Altador Cup Krawk Island Fan 06/09/2020 A different kind of success... a Gender Change gave me her dentures back! (I accidentally deleted them before). So HAHAHA, Lab Ray Dude, I needed those dentures back & now I got them! (my maniacal laughter rings out!) 06/15/2020 A new Lab Color You could say that this is the natural progression of Life (in Neopia), first you get old (Elderly) and then you turn to "DUST" ( or Clay)! What's more 'dusty' than clay? ... and she changes colour to Relic!! Chalk up another collar, actually 2 today. Ray was very generous. MEAN! But generous. Did you think Chekem had reached the end of the natural progression of a Neopet in Neopia? HA! ... and she changes colour to Zombie!! Of course, becoming Undead was the next stage! Another new collar and "clothes" to add to my Aishas' wardrobe or threads? Looks like she could use those ElderlyGirl Dentures! Yikes! So scary looking! She is a Spirit with KI Team Spirit! 06/19/2020 The Reign Of Aishas is over, at least for Chekem_MC_Junior ... and she changes into a Blue Flotsam!! Ask any mermaid, you happen to see... What's the best Flotsam? Chicken of the Sea! Which is why she's not in water, right? Too scared to swim.
  10. Photos: Moments of peace, unity you may not have seen in George ...  I went to Houston's Protest on Tuesday. I couldn't keep silent about George Floyd's death and the many, TOO MANY, other deaths of people of color. Pictured here his family leading our protest- Gianna Floyd-his 6 year old daughter and her mother  Roxie Washington .

    Don't be silent. If you see someone being mistreated, stop-pull out your phone, and let them know that they are going to be held accountable for what they are doing.

  11. Boil them, Mash them, Stick them in a stew~wait a minute, it's a Petpet? How do you get a Depressed Potato as a Petpet?
  12. How is a Jawshell able to EAT a Swinging Chair? Esp. if I'm looking at Shimmery Seagrass, which implies that I'm near water and must be holding my Inventory Bag in my Pet's paws...I just don't see the logic of this scenario! @Granny63020 Don't listen to Nigel! If he's so successful, WHY is he using a paper cup on a string to 'contact you' with a Stock Tip? Just tell him that there must be a knot in his connection and take off!
  13. Thanks, @trickkey ! Your post is very helpful to more than just me, but it feels good to read/hear this right now.
  14. Oxford lists Awakened at 37% chance of winning, Seekers at 35% chance of winning, and Thieves at 29% chance of winning. I guess I'll try Awakened. The "Refresh Request" was a bust for me this past week, my 7th pet was NOT getting his stats upped by the Faeries he fetched items for.
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