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  1. I'll throw in with you Big Bro. What else is there to do now that Flash is dead-so are most games! Spooky Awakened it is! *snap* *snap*
  2. Excuse me, but aren't Nimmos Neopia's version of a FROG? So kikkooogabarain is worried about becoming a Mortog , which is very unlikely that Neopets are zapped into Petpets, or is worried that she'll be turning ...into a Nimmo, which she already IS? None of this makes any sense! The ray is fired at kikkooogabarain... ... and she changes colour to Darigan!! SHE CHANGES TO A COOL COLOR like Darigan and she's CRYING?! LOL this is too f
  3. The ray is fired at flingsourus... ... and he changes colour to Disco!! from Pirate to Life of the Party! A new look for a new year! And for the 3rd Zap (2 Extra Zaps from a Lab Ray Cookie) for 01/09/2021 ... and he changes colour to Transparent!! Wow! Pretty Spooky! Especially the intestines showing. Thank goodness he's wearing some clothes to hide his "unmentionable" organs ! 01/10/2021 flingsourus has been
  4. Oh no! Oh no! Oh no, no, no, no! :( Well, at least I already got the Avatar...
  5. Hoarding the Space Faerie SCs? Genius. I just forgot that they are available every Friday! So, yeah I'll save them for that boon too.
  6. Went with the BRUTES, no real reason other than Awakened has won a lot and Seekers-eh. Yeah, just felt like it should be the Big & Brawny Guys' time to shine.
  7. Yeah, I think you are right and I am sad that I worked on bringing my Stars total to 300 and still no Haunted Altador Amulet & the Altador Mansion Background . So, I will try to put in a ticket but I have never had good experiences with JS/TNT glitches that cost me an item (I never got the Blazing Embers from the Wraith Plot). I was hoping that the final amulet would give me enough np to fund Kokariia's Gourmet Food Club goal to make it to 3rd place. *sigh*
  8. My map only goes to Altador, but when I got to House #120 and "won" ...I didn't get the Haunted Altador Amulet & the Altador Mansion Background. I only had 253 stars-is that why? And thanks for inspiring me to try. Since Dec. 2nd, I worked on Ghoul Catchers to get a of the Amulets & Backgrounds. I had just gotten Shenkuu yesterday.
  9. So, let me get this right...5 Pirakeets ...in a row... doesn't even rate 25 NP...bc it is the TOP row? This will teach me for coming to spin this Slot Machine with more NP than the Jackpot!
  10. I don't know, I felt like stealing might be fun so I went with Thieves (42% from Oxford) Getting the "naughtiness" out of my system before that Jolly Guy rolls around?
  11. Tressa, you should bet all of the 10 in hopes of getting at least one to pay out. As risky as FC betting is-Garet is the most conservative bettor and makes me feel the safest when it comes to betting. 72:1 was great and their 28:1 yesterday turned into 42:1 for me bc I accidently did the last bet "wrong" and got an extra 14:1 with it. Sometimes my accidents actually pay out? *lol*
  12. Today, 11/18/2020 The ray is fired at flingsourus... ... and he changes colour to Checkered!! Really? Meh! I hope we could get Desert too! (But I am open to Dessert-always!) Today, 11/23/2020 and she changes colour to Stealthy!! I already took 01_whoot_1z4_9 the cool Stealthy Clothes. Ah well, we can try for Desert. Today, 11/25/2020, and she changes colour to ElderlyGirl Well, there are clothes involved- Old, Librarian Clothes? It's a
  13. WHAT GIVES???!!! You thieving Yooyu Ball Rejects!!! You WON AC XV-but you had to take my One Hundred Dubloon Coin?!!! NOT COOL!!!! So glad Kokariia wolfed down her Silver and Purple Doughnutfruits this morning before you came sneaking around. REVENGE!!! I say KI should go plundering on Kiko Lake! Who's with me to get our pilfered items BACK???
  14. Where my Bro goes, I go-Order it is! Let's suit up our BUNS! Good Luck to Everyone!
  15. Yep! Never trusted that Granny Hobgoblin either! Thanks for explaining that Dacardia is just a cover for Granny's evil deeds of hiding poor Elderly Neopets that she used & needed to bury. We're on to you, Granny!
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