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  1. While playing Sakhmet Solitaire I got the Relic Paint Brush! Yay! It's been 2 yrs since I won a PB.
  2. @AngelóI bought you a Haunted Mansion Jack-o-Lantern 1 Pack that you can use for Oct. 18th window to get the Neovian Style Ball Gown for my Music Gallery but I forgot what your side's/Music Gallery's name is. could you neomail that name to me again? I don't need any trade, I just need that name so I don't send it to your main but directly where it needs to go.
  3. @Angeló Now she can be her own Lightnight for Trick-or-Treating!
  4. @jellysundaeNow he can be Beta and a video game hero!
  5. @Angeló I have NO idea either but I feel like maybe it's their turn? (Me when I face the Brutes in BD) Might as well fight WITH them then be pounded by them. Not Kokariia though, Battledome Scores Played: 5009 Won: 4,772 Lost: 135 Draw: 102 Score: 1,150,520 She beats Commander Flint on Red Level every time!
  6. This Maraquan Jetsam made me think of Dory and Marlin in "Finding Nemo" when they face the Anglerfish
  7. Hmmm... what to pick? What to pick? Do I want an Order of Red, or Brutes to go, or steal away with the Thieves? Not very good at making decisions today.
  8. Don't you just hate it when "A suddenly" falls from the sky and lands in your lap! Good thing that the Space Faerie bottled this "suddenly"!
  9. From JellyNeo's posted notes: Is anybody else wondering whatever happened to: So, who were those Winners? What happened with this???
  10. That's amazing! Up 8 Levels!!! This is what I got today... Am I crazy that I thought that since I got 4 10000s, I was expecting something more than 10,000 NP?
  11. Here are all my Neopets. I didn't write anything for Kokariia's Entry in JellyNeo's Halloween Contest, other than "Devil", so I won't even make it through Round 1. *lol*
  12. My Camo-Techo ready to fight! Most of these generated NFTopets are reflecting how I feel, SAD or TRAPPED !!! I am trying to enjoy at least having my Neopets to customize and try to do guild events to keep my guildmates' spirits up that at least we can have a caring community to just vent out a bad day or share a joy of accomplishment-no matter how small-and who are these Neopets Metaverse ppl to come and call me dumb and ignorant bc I don't think I should have to "pay to play"? IT IS going to destroy what Neopets was supposed to be like and I will be proud to be an "NFT Hateoor" if that's what it will take to get JumpStart/TNT to get Neopets out of the GREED zone and into the family-fun zone.
  13. You guys are right, most ppl do not come to shops if they have no items-so you're right, it won't be read/seen, We did try to stay off the website- my siblings did better than me, but I did leave a note up on my guild message board about the Black Out before stopping to use the site this weekend. Live and learn?
  14. Continued (couldn't fit) I love my siblings, they are willing to do this bc they support me! Boy, you guys weren't kidding about how ugly these NFT Randos could be!
  15. I had my sibling screenshot my Shop to at least not have any "business" going on. I am trying to build up courage to move towards canceling my Premium, but even my side accounts are full of ALPs for my guild, so I don't know how I can manage this. I will work on this... Meanwhile, my siblings joined in the Shop Closures!
  16. @jellysundae I think the Pets have "pivoted" from Revenge for being Pounded to Outrage over NFTs being made of them without their consent from this Neopets Metaverse. I predict that we will see & smell lots more Skunk & Swamp Gas Pets!!! Stay tuned!!!
  17. Grumpy Old King King Skarl listens as you tell your joke... Q: How can you tell a Spooky Eyrie from King Skarl? A: By carrying a spell of triple cheesy bones! Drat! It looks like your joke had no effect on the Grumpy Old King. King Skarl Says: Well, thanks for trying... I'll give you 47 Neopoints for the effort. You should try again tomorrow. Yeah, maybe I will since the King seems to be distracted today!
  18. Just a chuckle from this Chuckle Head? I guess "seasons" influence this guy's mood.
  19. I may be overworked and running on 19 Achyfis, but I can still count! If you want the Random Events machine to work again, I still need: Thermal Explosive Device x3 Rocket Fizzy Drink x1 Rotten Beetroot x3 Well, at least these were not expensive items (I only had one of each). *sigh* There was a build up and then...
  20. @Scoobert_Doo I like this idea very much. A "Rico S. Day" vs. An "Alice W. Day" Would "Tony P. Day" be a wild card option?
  21. @jellysundaeAgain! Where is the OMG or I'M SHOOK button!!! This is too mind-blowing for me!
  22. @Angeló The EnablerMaybe this is Ray's way of "Going Green"?
  23. @jellysundaeWhere is the OMG button! Actually, it is TERRIFYING !
  24. The ray is fired at Rubyredgarnet1... ... and she gains 3 movement points!!!! I am SO Lucky to have this Halloween Aisha's clothes! I even FORGOT that there were Halloween Aisha clothes-Black Collar with the Yellow A, and the Red Halloween Aisha Suit & Hat! So cool, and yet...I worry that the Pounded Pets will definitely come after me for Revenge. 09/30/2021 The ray is fired at Rubyredgarnet1... Ray was generous, my Halloween Aisha turned Mutant! Another cool collar! Yay! 10/04/2021 The ray is fired at Rubyredgarnet1... ... and she changes colour to Relic!! And another one bites the dust, or in this case STONE!
  25. @Angeló The EnablerYou swayed me to the Sway! I'm such a push-over!
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