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  1. Does the html of that one not allow for you to change the background yourself?
  2. Oh man I'm such a fan of baby pets why i have nothing but babies on my main and the lupe is EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA cute especially with the wings and lil winter jacket! A elderly petpet as a nanny is cute and funny love it!
  3. Every time I find myself needing to upgrade I wonder over and over why they don't change it so that once you hit a certain point you at least get more than 5 slots...
  4. Is that where the garland comes from?? Boy I need to pay more attention with my luck that isn't what I'd get at all and thanks I absolutely love the baby korbat they deserve more love!!
  5. This is really the best season and glad to see so many other people favoring it as well! This is INCREDIBLY generous and altho my initial interests are already gone I wanted to say thanks because now I know what I wanna try and track down and see if I can trade for especially that garland I think Gwynne really deserves it
  6. You can do it just hold out! Just keep think more quantity get the most for your NC
  7. This is really generous of you and what a way to clean up! If the Premium Collectible: Sleigh Over Neopia Background is still available I'm interested if not perhaps the Welcome to Winter Background or Bubble Lights Background? UN: aaml123
  8. Personally I'll probably wait for sales its how I got a bunch of backgrounds last year and some other things..not from CC just I mean sales fff
  9. I don't think someone should have to complain to get a full refund they really dropped the ball this year huh
  10. Its a good thing they fixed that glitch where it was making it seem like your total points disappeared...nice as it is that 500 points doesn't make up for all the people that spent their points early before they lowered the prices smh
  11. Yeah there are a lot of rules but I'm pretty sure that is something thats fine to do...I really should go over rules cause honestly I don't know all of them either
  12. I used to do that with my SDB before I realized just how hard that was to do and with CC so now I just put my favorite things on a side to hold onto so I don't accidentally get rid of them or something. I always forget trophies are involved with CC I hope you get that gold! CC is a lot of work after all
  13. I know we still have like three more days but I think I'm gonna call it I got doubles or more for most of them except the capsules because........well they really haven't paid off for anyone have they?? I donated 7438 not sure I have it in me to continue three more days
  14. Thank you!! I have a whole baby account because I just can't help it they are so cute! Yeah I kept seeing the festival banner and with all the other mentions it feels like something is up which is a little weird because didn't we already have the festival this year...not that I'm complaining I'm fine with more quests~
  15. I absolutely love this concept! I agree with having never seen one customized quite like this which is great with a nice backstory and everything.
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