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  1. I hope you got most of what you were missing! Could I get the terror mountain team scarf? Thanks in advance!
  2. Another match game? Oh boy.......honestly any other game ideas would be better revival of habitarium would love that for sure! But yeah anything else would be better BUT only after fixing the site first that should be the current focus not this side stuff
  3. Well that is slightly disappointing but I do find the cake really cute so I'm still happy with the cute lil moving ona
  4. Wait so its a cake not a goodie bag? I mean its super cute but just to make sure thats it right not a goodie bag?
  5. So I was getting watermelon jelly then yesterday I wasn't sure but I thought I got chokato but then today I got watermelon so I wonder if thats just a coincidence or I want different jelly so bad I imagined that chokato one
  6. I...............am so not looking forward to that oh man that is a lot how are you still going I'd be so put off by that??
  7. Yeah see that is exactly what I'm dreading I don't even look at mine much but I'm not even close to those and it makes me wanna give up already thanks to someone very generous I'm sure you already know who you are gave me bit of wind in my sails so I don't think I'll do it just yet but
  8. I like to maintain different galleries on my main and sides and I......annoyingly set myself up for big time headache by choosing plushies AND petpets I know I know what was I thinking I just spent well over 300k to expand my plushie gallery to fit 61? more plushies in there which means I'm now sitting on 664 plushies and still not close to owning them all I'm just DREADING how much its going to cost not only to get the plushies I still need but then the space. I really wish that once you hit a certain point instead of just getting 5 new spots it started to double I mean really already spending so much it'd be nice if didn't feel like getting robbed every time I had to expand
  9. I got on super early before I even went to bed and I wonder now if thats why I didn't see a change with the supposed earned site theme? Did anyone actually clock anything new? also i like both forms for topsi idk why tho i just find him cute and today's was a surprise and fun!
  10. Did I somehow miss it or has Topsi been appearing and letting us hunt neggs on the..home? page idek what to call that my bad but where your pets are this whole time?
  11. I finally got some omelette today as well but yeah I just seem to miss it a lot??
  12. Still getting watermelon but I also didn't remember to try changing my active but reminds me...has anyone else been missing omelette all week? Its always gone for me
  13. I don't really switch my active pet and never had this jelly issue until now but hey at least its watermelon jelly
  14. We never had a sports day not exactly more like we just tried a lot of different things throughout gym no matter if it was elem, middle or high school...I'm thankful for that tbh I'm extremely bad at all sports!! Only things I liked to do were tennis, archery, volleyball & I didn't hate crab soccer altho I did get my shin torn up really good once upon a time from that. Def jealous that you got to leave school and run around that seems so fun we always got stuck running around the same areas that were almost always INSIDE :[ oh wait hockey that seems so fun wish we had that as an option or just other things in general but hey at least they ditched dodgeball after elem
  15. It was a Cheery Holiday Bruce Goodie Bag! I'm trying to have as many goodie bags as I can especially ones I wasn't around for so that worked out perfectly her is hoping we continue to have good luck and others do as well at getting their wishes!
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