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  1. Did I somehow miss it or has Topsi been appearing and letting us hunt neggs on the..home? page idek what to call that my bad but where your pets are this whole time?
  2. I finally got some omelette today as well but yeah I just seem to miss it a lot??
  3. Still getting watermelon but I also didn't remember to try changing my active but reminds me...has anyone else been missing omelette all week? Its always gone for me
  4. I don't really switch my active pet and never had this jelly issue until now but hey at least its watermelon jelly
  5. We never had a sports day not exactly more like we just tried a lot of different things throughout gym no matter if it was elem, middle or high school...I'm thankful for that tbh I'm extremely bad at all sports!! Only things I liked to do were tennis, archery, volleyball & I didn't hate crab soccer altho I did get my shin torn up really good once upon a time from that. Def jealous that you got to leave school and run around that seems so fun we always got stuck running around the same areas that were almost always INSIDE :[ oh wait hockey that seems so fun wish we had that as an option or
  6. It was a Cheery Holiday Bruce Goodie Bag! I'm trying to have as many goodie bags as I can especially ones I wasn't around for so that worked out perfectly her is hoping we continue to have good luck and others do as well at getting their wishes!
  7. So glad to see it went back for everyone that is an improvement at least!
  8. I forgot this happens sometimes I don't really check to see how many days I have left to go....if this is a normal issue why hasn't it been addressed and fixed yet? Seems like one of the things people would want fixed first?
  9. Gosh I was bit inspired by this and thought you know what I'll try why not and I won a goodie bag! So thanks @gypsyknees
  10. Oh man thanks everyone for letting me know about the X bit I will for sure be using that until we no longer can guess all we can do now is hope @Duma is right and that updates will eventually fix this little bit of annoyance for all of us! Also yeah I was fixing up my gallery yesterday and almost had a heart attack when the security issue started I thought oh no I'm going to have go and re-rank all of those now Thankfully that wasn't the case but looking forward to that going back to normal
  11. I've gotten pretty used to the updates to the site and don't even mind most of it anymore but the one thing I can't stop being annoyed at is being in my inventory and the page refreshing every time I do something I much preferred it to before when I could do multiple things before I refreshed my page ON MY OWN....maybe I'm the only one this small thing is bothering but I just can not get over it. Been trying to bust a pinata open FOREVER now and it feels like its taking even longer because it keeps refreshing after each try Edit: If there is some sorta setting that I don't know about th
  12. Does the html of that one not allow for you to change the background yourself?
  13. Oh man I'm such a fan of baby pets why i have nothing but babies on my main and the lupe is EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA cute especially with the wings and lil winter jacket! A elderly petpet as a nanny is cute and funny love it!
  14. Every time I find myself needing to upgrade I wonder over and over why they don't change it so that once you hit a certain point you at least get more than 5 slots...
  15. Is that where the garland comes from?? Boy I need to pay more attention with my luck that isn't what I'd get at all and thanks I absolutely love the baby korbat they deserve more love!!
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