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  1. Oof! I did the same thing on release day and it wasn't worth it either. In case anyone hasn't completed this step of the Tutorial Quests yet you don't need to buy a new map. You can visit the Map hub and select one you've already completed and it will count.
  2. Happy Birthday! It appears to work the same way Trudy's Surprise does with a personal streak, so if you miss a day the weekly streak will reset (along with your weekly reward).
  3. I was having trouble loading it a bit ago, but just tried and was able to claim it
  4. If you're on the legacy pages of the website there should be a button at the bottom of the page called Help: and on the migrated pages it will be Support: That should bring you to the Support page and then from there you should see this
  5. In the FAQ of the Events/Plots portion of Support they have a Recycling section that refers to a Charity Corner-esque event that will take place alongside the Faerie Festival.
  6. I don't use most of those either, so I just put in @neopets as my account for Twitter and it accepted it lol. Threads and possibly Tiktok didn't ask for a username (if they do I put the neopets account as well) so you can just click Continue at the bottom and it should approve that entry
  7. I'd say try resetting it again in case something went wonky the first time. As far as I know you shouldn't have a problem using repeat passwords (after the breach obviously), I don't think they restrict that. Also as a side note in case your password is lengthy it can cause issues if it exceeds a certain amount of characters so that may be an issue as well. If it doesn't work after another reset (without having an error) you may want to try clearing your browser cache, and click the login button a few times.
  8. Seems they're having a mandatory password change following the data breach so everyone will be logged out at some point today. Mine was signed out and I tried logging in and it said my password was wrong. Followed the reset steps and tried to log in but it just sat at the login screen. I had to refresh the page (Firefox) a few times for it to finally allow me to sign in. Does yours come with any kind of error message?
  9. Cheapest I could find using SW: 2225 2299 2300
  10. You should be able to fix this issue by clearing your browser's cookies and then restarting it. People aren't really sure what is causing it but it's most likely happening due to something on their (Neopets') end.
  11. Charity Corner hasn't started yet, but it has been announced to be starting very soon. When it does start there will be a main event thread on this forum that you can follow, and a link will be posted on the TDN Dailies page that will direct you to the main event page. If the process for donating is the same as it has been in previous years there will most likely be a machine that will have a donation interface. Any eligible items in your inventory will appear on a list where you can choose to donate them, which in turn will give you points based on the rarity of the item. If you have any other questions, this page should explain it better than I can, or feel free to ask if it doesn't!
  12. Hey, that's me ? I doubt there is a secret to winning but I wish 4 times (25NP each) every night when I do my dailies and seem to win fairly often. On average I win once a month but throughout the years there have been times when I don't win anything multiple months in a row. With a game that's RNG-based I don't think there's much advice that can be useful, though consistency does seem to work.
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