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  1. Hey, that's me ? I doubt there is a secret to winning but I wish 4 times (25NP each) every night when I do my dailies and seem to win fairly often. On average I win once a month but throughout the years there have been times when I don't win anything multiple months in a row. With a game that's RNG-based I don't think there's much advice that can be useful, though consistency does seem to work.
  2. (from the TDN CC guide) The points have remained the same since they switched to a point system but the amounts may change in the future (highly unlikely though).
  3. Obsidian is mainly used to create the Moltara petpets but it can also be food for Grarrls and Skeiths. At the moment it can be donated to this year's Charity Corner for 1 point each if petpets aren't your thing.
  4. I find it harder and harder each event to not complain about something but they certainly didn't make it any easier to donate items this year. Carpal tunnel here I come! Negativity aside, I'm really digging the game avatar and food club perks. Hopefully I'll have enough points to get everything I want this time.
  5. If you've already bid on an item it will only require you to make up the difference. In your example you would only need to have 200k on hand to bid 1.2 on the item if you've already bid 1m.
  6. Only Day 2 and I already won't be getting gold I'll admit previous years were sometimes a bit too easy, but I remember struggling so much to get even 5k for Piper Panic and now they want 5500.. it was fun while it lasted. Edit: Once again all it took was a little complaining and a different strategy (go for speed and don't worry about getting every single gem) to get the score needed.. I'll show myself out.
  7. Possible fix for Chrome: It seems that Chrome's new update has changed the way whitelisting flash on sites works. Before, you could allow a site to run flash and it would remember it the next time you opened your browser but now they've seemed to do away with that. If Kiko Pop/Expellibox/the various Wheels aren't loading for you, go to a game like Test Your Strength and you should see a box that sales 'Click here to Enable Flash', and a box will pop up asking if you want to Allow Flash. You will need to do this every time you close your browser, unfortunately. After that you should be able to load Kiko Pop and other games that require it. Expellibox has its own permissions you need to allow as well I believe.
  8. I've been having the same problem since the Altador Cup awarded the bobbleheads. I sent in a ticket and they confirmed there were ghost bobbleheads taking up inventory space and that they were working on it, but it's been over 2 months and it still hasn't been fixed unfortunately.
  9. If you look on the Staff Tournament page, it begins June 8th Maybe one of these years I'll stop being lazy and get more than Rank 1, but it just seems like waaaaaaay too much work to get even close to All-Star
  10. Accepted the challenge and sent my score, thank you!
  11. Ready to send an AAA score if someone is looking for a partner
  12. If you have decent hand-eye coordination my advice would be to just try to keep the ball in the air in the middle of the screen without doing anything fancy. Release the ball so it immediately drops, and then try to click as close to the center of the ball as you can so that it doesn't jump much, one point at a time. I know it's easier said than done, but in my opinion it's better with this game to keep it simple.
  13. It's kind of hard to explain in text so I'll try my best, but my advice would be to play like it's freestyle mode and go around the map in circles. If a negg spawns near the middle or close to the wall, face the meerca away from the middle (at a slight angle so you aren't just moving straight towards the wall) and keep tapping the up arrow to edge along until you can get the negg and then resume going in circles. Like was said previous, this game is based almost entirely on luck so it might be easier to just keep resetting until your first or second negg are worth a bunch.
  14. I sent you an invite if you still need a partner I have a score ready to send
  15. Mine is green now as well Glad it's been fixed (hopefully for everyone else as well!), I always worry when stuff like this happens and not knowing when the plot is going to end
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