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  1. That's awesome! Maraquan Lutaris are wonderful. Never had good enough luck to get FFQ, but I'm happy when other people get them.
  2. lol Igloo Garage Sale is easily the most broken. It's actually funny how broken it is, and yet they still threw it onto the site. Oh, you have to vote on the day of release? Looks like I'm missing out then.
  3. Why are the last 3 days all about Advent? *sigh* *picks random choices*
  4. Or they'll start Altador Cup on April 1st, and nobody will be able to play the games.
  5. Thanks @Secrefor the tip on Fashion Fever! That did the trick. At least there's one game functioning properly! All joking aside, I hope they fix some of these, and I expect they will.
  6. Thought I'd give the flash HTML5 games a go. Turmac Roll works, but... something seems off with the scoring. I grabbed one piece of fruit, and it set my score to 666. When I ended with a 1000+ score, it gave me 1118 NPs. It goes beyond 1000 now?! Also, the death sound is ear piercing. Fashion Fever doesn't send scores. DISAPPOINTED! After I sent my Hasee Bounce score of 98 (come on now, I'm not good at this one), it said I played it 3 times total, even though it was the first time. And it says my high score is... 0. So that's not working properly. The game seems the same as I re
  7. We start off talking about Elephantes, then go on to cultural appropriation, then to Rukis. Forum sites are an intriguing outlet of conversation. People like that are always going to exist in society, and there's nothing that can really be done about it. The best thing to be done is to shrug them off. If we don't feed them attention, then maybe they'll get bored.
  8. I also chose Forest Sage Ruki. I really appreciate the detail that went into that one.
  9. It's the internet, people are gonna get offended by everything. It's quite sad, really. There's more important things to worry about than whether a pet sim website is releasing culturally appropriated virtual clothes.
  10. Pyramids is fun, but it's agonizing when you have one card left over that you can't remove. It didn't happen today, but I've been knocked off of the bronze trophy score countless times before it gave me the trophy. Also, I have high scores in games that would've earned me a trophy had I done them on the 1st of the month, but I couldn't replicate the scores. The struggles of being a trophy hoarder, I guess.
  11. Maraquan Lutari. It was an easy choice for me. That combo is gorgeous.
  12. Toy looks really well done in my opinion! As for the outfit... Someone had a lot of fun drawing that, I'm sure.
  13. This is why I didn't hate on the Beta theme on that other thread. It showed a lot of promise, and I knew they would correct the issues people had. This is turning out great. I just hoped it would've been farther along by now.
  14. There's an extension called Ruffle, which I was hoping would be further along than it is when Flash was removed. It unfortunately doesn't support ActionScript 3, which many of the things on Neopets use. I don't know about Tarla's, I've never tried. Only thing I know is Ruffle works on Gormball, so it may work on Tarla's if it doesn't use AS3.
  15. Yeah, you're right! I retract what I said about the wings earlier, cause they look great here. I quite like the overall design when it's not on the plain background.
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