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  1. 11 is hilarious! As well as 14.
  2. Yayy, just started working on it!! Hopefully I remember to submit this time. 😅
  3. Seekers are my fave and have good odds, so fingers crossed!
  4. #9 so cute my heart ahh i need him
  5. I'll participate 🙂 Contender: My baby Yurble. He has a zapped petpet attached. Assume that for every attempt he will be very bloated unless I indicate that I forgot to feed him. Following @komlee225500 cheapest food suggestions. Stats: (low but who knows how low it should be for this theory): Attempt 1: No leftovers/no avatar. Attempt 2: No leftovers/no avatar. Attempt 3: No leftovers/no avatar. Attempt 4: (very bloated + in Neolodge) No leftovers/no avatar. Will update any other attempts 🙂
  6. Ahhhh this is the cutest theme ever. I somehow managed to miss this entire runway entering period whoops, but I love them!
  7. I already chose Seekers before this post went up ? I just prefer the boons The odds between Order & Seekers are v close, but also wouldn't be surprised if Thieves steal ??
  8. welcome!! i returned a year and a half ago, communities like tdn help me want to stick around!
  9. I don't know if I'd have anything worth trading ? but would definitely be interested if you do want to chat about it!
  10. White Vandagyre is one of my dreamies!!
  11. And there's my answer lol. http://www.neopets.com/~oxbridge786 Though I wish it was seekers cause I miss the book smarts boon. Or something with cartogriphication which is fun.
  12. Clockwork has been claimed and my rainbow tears if it all goes through with @shauns_fiancee
  13. This is my first experience with this ?
  14. Nothing! I just don't want it going to waste. Just let me know your neo username (you can private it if you want) and I'll send it when neopets is back online ?
  15. Would anybody like these? I think I got them both from the Money Tree and I don't think I will ever use them. 1 per person preferably, unless only one person responds for a few days.
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