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  1. The Spring Thaw got me good, the eyes
  2. I hit a wall this week haha I didn't come up with anything good, excited to see the entries!!
  3. Hi! I love your magnificent Fyora signature haha.
  4. thats so cool!!! congratulations, what goodie bag was it !?
  5. Interesting! I have literally never considered having a JubJub as a pet so this will make me branch out haha.
  6. guys your reactions are so sweet i love this community
  7. I know people who met on Tinder and are now married. I guess you never know who you'll meet.
  8. I logged in today and saw this!!! I saw this new outfit here on tdn on uni day last week and thought I'd try my luck because it would be a long time until its buyable. She's a little mismatched (haven't changed anything except the hair) but I love it!
  9. Oof the odds are hard this time. I think I'll go seekers. Dry spell has to end sometime. http://www.neopets.com/~oxbridge786
  10. Welcome! I found I enjoy it much more when I'm part of a community, and tdn community is super kind.
  11. Oh my goodness those backgrounds are sooo cute.
  12. I'm definitely not an expert, I only started doing BD during the Wraith Resurgence event. Some of the weapons I use aren't buyable I believe, as they're from that plot. But my main used weapons that are buyable are Yooyu Knuckle Duster and Turned Tooth. I also have Patched Magic Hat and Greater Healing Scroll but to be honest I don't use them really. My battle pet's stats aren't super super high. She's level 74 at the moment. I recommend getting to at least level 50 because then you can train a really valuable battledome ability that completely blocks the enemy's moves for one turn (there will be guides on that). Random dailies add to her stats, and I use Faerie Quest Fortune Cookies from the NC Mall and try to make sure that she is always my active pet so she gets the rewards from the faeries which are almost always stats based. When you're training, don't worry about movement/agility. As far as I know it has no effect on results. Endurance (hit points), attack and defence will be what makes a difference. I've never battled another player. I started with Donny as I often got fairly valuable Neggs or decently rare items. Once you get your stats up, look into how to get the Koi Warrior as an opponent. That is mostly all I play now, to get as many red codestones as possible to sell. Again I'm not an expert at all but hope this helps a bit! Oh and I use Dewberry Revivers in between battles when needed for complete healing (I collect cheap direct from Healing Springs)! But look up which potion you need based on what HP your pet has!
  13. Oh my goodness, the new veiled outfit is incredible, definitely going to make that a goal.
  14. Wow looks like all four seasons are accounted for! So cool.
  15. What was cancelled due to lack of interest! I honestly just can't wait for Negg Festival stuff and didn't realise that doesn't start til April.
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