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  1. Here in Australia, it's not really accepted. Most people roll their eyes when they see Halloween stuff in stores and we're like.. but that's American. I know there are some people who love it here but it's not widely practiced. Even for those who do its usually parties not trick or treating. I didn't know anyone in Australia did trick or treating until I was 18 and moved from a secluded area in my country town to a more suburban area (still in the same town) and a few kids were doing it in our neighbourhood. People who live in different parts of Australia e.g. close to the city might have a vastly different experience to me. But in my experience it's only a fraction as popular as in the US and UK.
  2. Can I clarify, does this mean "faerie tale" as in a Neopets specific thing or a general fairytale?
  3. Oh my goodness these are AMAZING!! I actually got so excited scrolling through! I ended up giving up due to the dti issues, I'm not even mad these are way better than I imagined!
  4. I've never known the rules or participated but that does seem really weird. I'm more shocked that he has pets named Felix and Flash and they're only 3134 & 3194 days old (8ish years) 😮 I would have thought that simple one word names would have been snapped up a loooong time ago.
  5. I'm dying for that postman outfit ahh so cute
  6. This is such a great theme, especially to keep us busy during your holiday ☺️ It's also exciting because I work with almost no NC for my pets unless I get something as a prize or given by someone so it will be really cool to see what we can do with just neopoints to create similar things to neocash.
  7. Hey! Welcome back! I'm a childhood player (don't have my original account though, it still exists but I can't be bothered putting in a ticket for lost password/email and also the username is a lil embarrassing haha). I came back on and off throughout the years but have been consistent now since December 2017. It helps that one of my fiance's best friends is into it so I have someone to enjoy it with. I'm going to add you too
  8. Yes hahaha I kinda need to do it as soon as I see the new contest or I'll forget about it through the week.
  9. Amazing job everyone! Some categories I just don't know what to make so I take my hat off to those who can be super creative
  10. Dangit Brutes 😢 Congrats to those who won though!
  11. That's actually a really pretty book, I kind of want it for my gallery now hahah
  12. I'm so useless at broad categories because there's just too many options to think of that all of mine feel mediocre haha. I'll give it a shot but I wouldn't be surprised if I come up with nothing. 😅😅😅
  13. I was considering going for Brutes but they have failed me before so even though Order only won 2 rounds ago I'm going to give them a try. *shrug* Pretty sure I'm making a mistake lol.
  14. Ahh I can't believe I got 2nd! Especially up against so many amazing entries. Thanks everyone!! Also I too was avoiding babaas because I thought it would be really popular haha.
  15. 11 is hilarious! As well as 14.
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