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  1. Ooh i love petpets! Could I please ask for the Christmas Warf? Thanks for doing this!! EDIT: Thankyouuu!
  2. is there any way to see which achievements you have gotten? i know i got the 5 mins and the 400 obstacles ones as there was a pop-up that told me so, but I just played to get the third achievement (200 obstacles) and nothing happened..? Also my game doesn't end automatically at all like some others have mentioned?
  3. how have i never participated in this before?!? i voted toy, i've always been partial, although there are some nice origami too EDIT - ah the last neopies was 2013, just when I returned from my hiatus
  4. yeah they break sometimes when you use them ?
  5. me toooo! all of a sudden pages won't open, and i'll have to wait a while and then try refreshing them. it's been happening to me for about 2 weeks? all i did to try and fix it was to restart chrome tho...obvs did not help.
  6. yeah they're just different looking but cute potions. I suppose some people would collect all of the different special edition ones, but in terms of function they all do the same thing.
  7. I'm off to sleep but will start going through tomorrow. here's my list: https://items.jellyneo.net/mywishes/ranga_muffin/ Thank you for any and all gifts received. I'm not going to post names just in case people don't want that out there. EDIT: If i ever send items back it is because of duplicates! Please don't take offence! ??
  8. with the errors when sending your score, I find I get error notifications if i've been playing for quite a long time and haven't refreshed my game screen at all. Also, if you're playing a game at the cross over point of the neo day, those scores don't generally go through either. if it's not either of those two things then it's just neo I spose. sorry you've missed out on avvie scores! ? if you took a screenshot, you could always try sending a ticket?
  9. Thanks!! I will give that a go ? EDIT: SUCCESS!! all challenges complete!
  10. okay, does anyone know how to get the score for biscuit brigade?? This game has always bested me, and til a couple of days ago baffled me. it's the only challenge I have left, and while I have accepted that this will be the first GMC that I don't have all gold ticks, I really would like to complete every challenge!
  11. Oh no that's terrible!! Could someone have hacked your account? Check and see if any valuable items in your SDB/gallery are missing. I'd then implement a pin!
  12. ugh, I was customising earlier and so I forgot to change my active pet back to my labbie, and now i've changed my beautiful christmas kacheek into speckled. Thank god it's temporary!
  13. so it's not on DTI yet, so I've used jelly. there's also no preview for a shoyru, only a lutari, sorry.
  14. I think collateral on the higher end and an account age of 2-3 years is a good idea. Yes it will be a bit restrictive for people (myself included), but these are hard to replace items, and it's pretty harsh to have had to replace them so frequently of late. I think a higher collateral might make people extra cautious when actually borrowing and using these items too. @Granny63020 these items are lending so that people are able to acquire avatars, by borrowing them they don't have to buy/sell. People borrow in a chain, so you have roughly ~24 hours with the item I think, before you send it on. Here's all the lending info: https://alp.thedailyneopets.com/
  15. i just saw a few on the tp saying that it was a new jelly, so you could sell it quickly to try and make a profit or else it'll probably be just like most of the other jellies in value
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