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  1. @jellysundae I definitely think it would be worthwhile calling customer service of your supermarket and telling them your situation. I'd call the higher-up customer service though, like corporate as they may even be able to get you in for a delivery slot again. I know here (Aus), they've cancelled all home deliveries for the time being and are redirecting their services to people who actually can't leave the house very easily, or are fully quarantined, and you can apply to receive home delivery. It may also be worth looking about online or on fb if you use that, for people who will pick up groceries for you. I know there's a bunch of those neighbourhood cards going around where someone near you can pick things up and bring them to your house for you.
  2. I'm in Melbourne, Aus. I'm staying home, except for occasional reluctant trips to the shops for food. But I too tend to stay home anyway. I think we are still allowed out, but they're encouraging people to work from home or stay home as much as possible. The shops are decimated. People have been panic buying for at least two or three weeks, so it's hard to get anything like non-perishables. I haven't seen toilet paper at the shop in over a week and a half, and even then it was a few packets left on a pallet being guarded by a security guard! We have enough food for now, but it's just the uncertainty about how long this will last and if manufacturing/shipping will have to close down. I have uni on Mondays and Tuesdays, but I didn't go this week, and they've finally transferred everything online. I'm not really sure how that's going to work as yet. One of my classes involves us practicing interviewing each other, so i feel like that won't work too well. My mum works in a hospital, so she's still working, but it does worry me. I was also supposed to be doing a placement soon, possibly in a hospital, but that's up in the air now. I know i'm not in an at risk group, but I don't have the best respiratory system as it is. I was getting so many posts on fb that it was making me really anxious, and when I get anxious it gets hard to breathe! worked out nicely for me eh? So i've had to hide a lot of news info, and stick to the quality meme content that I actually have fb for! I've just been trying to catch up on uni work, watching netflix, nc trading and stress eating chocolate!
  3. ah okay. if they said they'd be a while, they might just be asleep/at work or something. i wouldn't stress too much. however if they don't post it within 24 hours i'd definitely follow up with them! they probably should have sent it already though, especially if they offered earlier. Generally people are very quick about it. don't feel too obliged to send first if you've initiated, it's usually more of a we send it at the same time sort of deal, and then whoever initiated opens first (but that's flexible too).
  4. probably shouldn't need to wait a few hours. I think i've only waited a few hours once (i forgot), so i prompted them. As long as you're nice I think it's okay to prompt. I think everyone understands the time thing a lot more with NC
  5. Ooh i love petpets! Could I please ask for the Christmas Warf? Thanks for doing this!! EDIT: Thankyouuu!
  6. is there any way to see which achievements you have gotten? i know i got the 5 mins and the 400 obstacles ones as there was a pop-up that told me so, but I just played to get the third achievement (200 obstacles) and nothing happened..? Also my game doesn't end automatically at all like some others have mentioned?
  7. how have i never participated in this before?!? i voted toy, i've always been partial, although there are some nice origami too EDIT - ah the last neopies was 2013, just when I returned from my hiatus
  8. yeah they break sometimes when you use them ?
  9. me toooo! all of a sudden pages won't open, and i'll have to wait a while and then try refreshing them. it's been happening to me for about 2 weeks? all i did to try and fix it was to restart chrome tho...obvs did not help.
  10. yeah they're just different looking but cute potions. I suppose some people would collect all of the different special edition ones, but in terms of function they all do the same thing.
  11. I'm off to sleep but will start going through tomorrow. here's my list: https://items.jellyneo.net/mywishes/ranga_muffin/ Thank you for any and all gifts received. I'm not going to post names just in case people don't want that out there. EDIT: If i ever send items back it is because of duplicates! Please don't take offence! ??
  12. with the errors when sending your score, I find I get error notifications if i've been playing for quite a long time and haven't refreshed my game screen at all. Also, if you're playing a game at the cross over point of the neo day, those scores don't generally go through either. if it's not either of those two things then it's just neo I spose. sorry you've missed out on avvie scores! ? if you took a screenshot, you could always try sending a ticket?
  13. Thanks!! I will give that a go ? EDIT: SUCCESS!! all challenges complete!
  14. okay, does anyone know how to get the score for biscuit brigade?? This game has always bested me, and til a couple of days ago baffled me. it's the only challenge I have left, and while I have accepted that this will be the first GMC that I don't have all gold ticks, I really would like to complete every challenge!
  15. Oh no that's terrible!! Could someone have hacked your account? Check and see if any valuable items in your SDB/gallery are missing. I'd then implement a pin!
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