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  1. I'm sorry I'm a bit confused by your transmog option, but here's my opionion for your others: Before I read your Cybunny's name I thought maraquan or oil, and having read their name I think definitely maraquan. In terms of the Hissi, I too like the faerie (and likely easier to customise/more variety), although I am also a sucker for lost desert, especially this design. I also have to agree with Angelo though. I have been trying to work out which fruit/veg chia to get for years (no joke), now that there's a sroom option, well that's pretty difficult to pass up too! I suppose it depends on what matters more to you currently - the best value/savings or which pet speaks to you most even if it's not what you expected.
  2. @Singledwish123 I agree. I kind of love the chipmunk and am also very frightened by it. Nonetheless, am loving the ongoing effort and creativity.
  3. loving the chia fruit content! That sroom is definitely on my list too!
  4. this has happened to me too! i keep getting robo jelly!
  5. Oh yay! This is great, I love the effort and the little details - spookynatural season 41 - lol.
  6. I'm so happy to hear that Bombur should be on his way home tomorrow! He and his brother look very lovely! I'm quite the ginger kitty fiend myself, but I do find that they get themselves into some sticky situations, so they have caused me much stress and heartache (no regrets though)! Hopefully it'll be a while before he feels tempted to eat something that isn't actual food. I'm sure he'll want a good long rest when he gets home, too. I hope he makes a speedy recovery!
  7. baby pets are so adorable! i don't have any, but maybe oneday... i think they're both cute! I think maybe the foreground would go nicely with the fairytale BG as the colours work well?
  8. only if you want to. you can sell them whenever you like, and whenever you feel you're going to get the best return!
  9. i believe the greyed out items are ones that they haven't fully coded for the new beta, non-flash system. definitely easier to customise in the classic version (as long as we're able to) for the time being!
  10. Hiya, i'm sorry you lost some of your items!! I'd pursue this with TNT, regardless of if they have 'resolved' the case. If you still have a record of the communication from TNT where they promised to fix the situation, i'd send that through as well as any other details - account names, pet that wore the clothes, rough idea of when you bought it etc. I thought they were generally better about NC issues, but obviously you still have to push them If you don't have any luck with them, your best bet would be to go on the NC trading board, and ask if anyone is trading the items. I just checked waka (NC trading value guide), and all of the mad tea party items, except for the teapot are valued at 1-2, so they should be fairly easy to find, possibly some for 2:1 if you're lucky. The teapot will be harder though. Im not sure how much trading stuff you've done, so i'm attaching a simple trading guide from jellyneo: https://www.jellyneo.net/?go=nc_mall&page=trading I hope that's helpful. I don't have any of the items unfortunately, but i'm sure you'll have some luck on the NC board, and keep pursuing it with TNT!
  11. Here are my Halloween outfits so far. I may add/amend them if I have time, we'll see... I'll do new autumn ones in November too. For some reason Thunder_Lassie's (last pet) wings are coming up pink, they are actually black!
  12. same account for me too please. Thank you again!!
  13. ooh autumn/fall is my favourite too!! I haven't dressed my pets this year (very distracted), but I shall get started now. also, you've alerted me to the fact that they have released the halloween cap. honestly, you don't come online for one day, and it appears! If you have any left, I would love a witches brew cap. If not, I would love the pie in the background BG. Thank you very much for doing this giveaway!!
  14. hiya, so with the patapuff pack, i'm pretty sure the holiday aspect is just to be decorative/festive and that it functions just like any other patapuff pack! i have no idea what happens if you let a pet play with an NC BG, but i suspect nothing drastic - but maybe don't test it out with something super special. also, are those the items you're donating, or just random ones you have out while organising? cos you have a few nice ones there that i wouldn't donate if I were you!
  15. you can, but you need a gift box to do so. the OP doesn't want to invest in NC for her side account to buy a gift box, so she can't move the item. The only other way would be trudy which she can't do on a side account, or for somebody to send her a gift box straight to her side account.
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