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Found 4 results

  1. I'm looking for giveaway if you have giveaway mail me on neopets or TDN
  2. Hey there fellow neopians! I've collected petpets in my gallery. And with my mindset of the Charity Corner this year (I donated items I never thought I would give away because I liked them too much) I decided that I would only keep the ones I like more than the others. The ones I've chosen are currently safe in my SDB, but the other 110 need new homes. So check the petpets section of my gallery: http://www.neopets.com/gallery/index.phtml?user_cat_g=Petpets&gu=enitul& and comment on this topic with your username and the petpet you want. Only one petpet per user. It's first come, first served. So if someone already said a petpet you want, you can't get it. I will check in everyday and hand out the named petpets. This will last until next Sunday June 2nd (I will put the petpets who aren't named by that time in my shop) or if all 110 petpets are gone. Well then, have a nice day and have fun!
  3. I have a lot of Neopoints that I have collected by doing dailies. I don't even play Neopets, I just do dailies because I get some enjoyment out of it. And so, to put my Neopoints to some use I shall run my own Wishing Well in this thread. The rules are simple: Request what you want, maybe write a little message, then I'll go through every once in a while and grant wishes I feel like granting. There is no limit to what you can ask for or how many times you can ask. But, if you are asking for a very expensive item, then you best have a good story to tell. And don't forget to put your Neopets username so I can send you the item(s) you wished for if your wish is selected. (It is not impossible for you to have another wish granted, but you will need to have a very good story to convince me a second time.) Current Neopoint Pool: 710,600NP(Updated 9/12/16) If I have chosen to grant your wish you will receive a forum private message! Granted Wishes icbiscuits received 5 Five Dubloon Coins (worth 6,500NP) on 9/7/16 nyrgirl received a Golden Compass (worth 35,000NP) on 9/8/16 sarahpaulson received a Scroll of the Scholar (worth 24,500NP) on 9/8/16 systemic_anomaly received 50 Rubber Ducks (worth 15,000NP) on 9/9/16 cottoncole received a Snow Paint Brush (worth 25,000NP) on 9/10/16 xd0rkus58 received a copy of "When Your Meerca's Hurt" (worth 16,500NP) on 9/12/16 cassyox received a Brown Kougra Morphing Potion (worth 37,900NP) on 9/15/16
  4. [GIVEAWAY]Cloud Paint Brush Paint Brush Giveaway Lottery!!!! Pick a number from 1-100 and leave it in a comment. *the first 10 person to leave comments are allowed to pick 2 numbers when over 50 people has picked their number, I'll use a random number generator to generate the winner.
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