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  1. I seems I didn't have one since it's not in my gallery and I didn't give it away. Sorry. Would you like something else instead? And to which username?
  2. I'm sorry for your np loss. But I hope you'll enjoy your item anyway. I have plenty of NC boxes. So I'll refuse your offer. But thanks anyway. The trousers are on their way.
  3. I got some new ones this year, but still need a few to get them all. Enjoy your scarf! It's all yours. Enjoy! You're welcome. The vuvuzela has been send. It's been delivered. Enjoy. Sure thing. It will be waiting for your acceptance.
  4. Lookin' good. I replaced the link with the one you send so I hope it works now. It suits her very well. I'm glad you like it.
  5. Oops, sorry about that. ^^' Thanks for letting me know. The link has been replaced now so let me know if this one works. But I'm glad you found my gallery anyway. The hat is underway. You got it. Enjoy. No thank you. But I hope you'll enjoy your item.
  6. Greetings everyone. During the AC this year I spend quite the NC on Retired Altador Cup Mystery Capsules in search of any items from Team Meridell that I don't have yet in the hopes of collecting every single one. And while I did get a few, duplicates included, I got a LOT of other Team-related equipment. And instead of donating them to the Money Tree, I figured maybe you folks would like one. So if you see an item from a team you'd like in the 'ACequipment' section of my gallery: http://www.neopets.com/gallery/index.phtml?user_cat_g=ACequipment&gu=enitul& just say the word. And remember: it's first asked, first served and only one item per neopian. So please check beforehand if the item of your choice is still available and not asked for by someone else. This giveaway will last until Sunday next week (August 1st). Good luck and happy choosing. Edit: the first link I had didn't work but the link has been replaced and it should work now Update: If by the end of this giveaway I still have some left you're welcome to come by and ask for as much items as you want.
  7. Welcome to the forums Devyn. There are some really awesome people here. And besides that I've lost my account because it was hacked once I luckily got it back after 3 months. So while I've made a side account (animedragon2) I still have access to my first one. I hope you'll have a good time when you're on here.
  8. I think I've tried feeding a gross food once. And he (whoever it was) didn't like it. XD Like a rotten omelette. Fed it once and never again. But they love the dung jelly I give them. It's one of the cheaper foods I think hence why I buy them. But I don't buy them if they're over 10 np though.
  9. I have had this question for a while as well. But I haven't been able to think up an answer.
  10. Does playing with the mouse make SOSD easier? And what is the minimum score for SS? The best I've had is 855 right now. And I have about 6 hours of free time to spend after work and the AC is taking up pretty much all of it. I really don't have the time to do my best every SS game. Especially since now it doesn't get the inputs right every time and dosn't work as well (yet). But I do try my best at least 3 times (the np gaining ones).
  11. I'd been sending only 1200 scores for years now. And since it was quick and easy I did 150-200 games a day last year. But since it's become this tricky/hard because of the goalie's unexpected movements I'll stay at 100 a day this year which sadly takes longer now than usual. My top score is 1166 at the moment. But I also mostly get around the 800 now. Or even lower...
  12. I don't have that issue with SOSD. But since it's harder now I'll submit scores even though I missed shots since it's impossible for me to get no misses 100 times before I go insane. And since I can't get the 1200 points anymore now I just go with the scores I get. And about the YYB time, the instant you score it takes like 9 seconds of the time away before stopping. So if you score one in the last seconds the match instantly ends with the whistle but the goal still counts. So isn't it about the same time-wise?
  13. ...I've never heard it before, I've never seen it before... BUT I WANT IT!
  14. Hmm... I don't think I've had this problem. At least I don't remember thinking 'this jelly again' whenever I got one, which is every day. But I hope it'll be fixed for you all soon.
  15. Awesome. Thanks. Just wanted to make sure I got it right.
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