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  1. This is a post I found and tabbed just in case. Maybe this could help with your problem.
  2. I really have no idea how inflation works. So I'm seriously impressed with people who know when to sell what, how to sell it and the little details with changing prizes and such.
  3. This is just a post about me rambling about small things that have been on my mind these past few days (I also wanted an excuse to show my first ever AC counter). Read on if you want. So, lately I've been thinking about and noticing things. Like how the lines on the YYB field aren't exactly perfect and straight and really seem like they're painted. I love it. Or how some lands do have a game-loading screen and others don't. You know, the ones like the giant sea monster for Maraqua, the sinking Krawk for Krawk Island, the Scorchio banging on a drum for Tyrannia or The fairies for Faerieland. And how when in the first years I played Neopets I could restock my shop for every 3 days and still have something left in stock on the 3rd (restock) day. But now it can all be gone within 15 minutes to 1 hour. It's crazy, and kinda funny, how things can change over time. Also I never noticed before how Lord Kass has extra 'teeth/fangs' on his lower beak which I think it's pretty cool. Aaand that's pretty much it for now I guess. Thanks for reading (if you have). If you have a small or silly story about your past or present with neopets I'd love to hear it. Have a nice day and good luck with your team with the AC (if you're participating)!
  4. The CC isn't really something I prepare for. I guess it makes sense to store up items only to use them for the event for perks, but I just don't do it. I use the event to get rid of items I don't really need anymore (after all). So it's really just a big chance for cleaning my SDB for me instead of something I really 'participate' in.
  5. Hm... I guess I'll get used to it over time. But I like the classic site more. I wish they would still leave that option for pc/laptop users.
  6. So are they gonna change the entire site to be mobile-friendly even on a computer or laptop or is it solely for the app on phones?
  7. Indeed I have. I just checked and saw that the items were, indeed, there. Guess I should check first next year before commenting something. XD
  8. Joined my team again. But I didn't get anything upon joining this time. Usually you would get a background and an extra item depending on how many years you've been playing, right? I wonder if something went wrong.
  9. A few days ago I went to a concert of, I thought, Chomby and the Fungus Balls (it said so on the dailies page) since it's been a while since I've seen them. Turns out it was Gruundo instead. Don't know what exactly went wrong there but I was happy since they're one of my favorites. And then I wondered if anyone else on here had a favorite neoband/group. I like he 2 Gallon Hatz, Jub Zambra and the Cobrall Charmers, Mellow Marauders and the Neopian Philharmonic a lot. The one I like the least is Twisted Roses and my favorites are: Wock 'Till You Drop, M*YNCI, Yes Boy Ice Cream, Hikalakas and like I said before: Gruundo. So do you have a favorite neoband?
  10. I've been playing Neopets for (basically) every day for 14 years. And I'm always happy to make new neofriends. By the way, I think I should clear my friend list as well...
  11. That is AWESOME!!! Congratulations! Now I might visit him every day too just for fun.
  12. Wait... now that I think about it... I might have donated it with a NC Fortune Cookie unknowing that it was a Mechanical Negg prize... XD I think that's most likely what happened since it would be very wierd otherwise... I'm an idiot. ^^' Sorry for wasting some of your time but thanks for the help anyway.
  13. I've got both the lavender background and the lavender dress and every other item that your guide shows. So maybe I just missed a day? I didn't with the 'normal' neggs so I thought I would, by the force of automatism, check every day for the mechanical ones as well. And I got an April Showers Gift Box with the Rainbow Forest background. So... could I have missed a day?
  14. Some nice prizes this year. I have one question though. I didn't get the Frilly Elegant Blouse from the last mechanical Negg, but a Floral Archway Background instead. Did I do something wrong or is it just random?
  15. I won a Maraquan paintbrush with it once. It was a looong time ago though.
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