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  1. ...I've never heard it before, I've never seen it before... BUT I WANT IT!
  2. Hmm... I don't think I've had this problem. At least I don't remember thinking 'this jelly again' whenever I got one, which is every day. But I hope it'll be fixed for you all soon.
  3. Awesome. Thanks. Just wanted to make sure I got it right.
  4. Just a question about Topsi to make sure I get it right in my head: If he says '10 more times' does that mean you already 'found' him this day (day 1) or do you still have to find him for this day?
  5. At the Lunar Temple I somehow select the correct answer by guessing since you can't see the chart anymore. XD Has this happend to other people? Or something else interesting maybe?
  6. So far it's going better than I thought for me. I tabbed the pages I had om my premium bar and the restock page so I could still visit those more easily. And so far I've been able to do the things I did before too. The old site was better, but I don't have too many problems with this so far. Then again, I'm not doing things other people are into. Like customization. So I'll wait and see. But one thing's for sure: I'm happy that I can still see my precious pets.
  7. Any idea if the things on the pet central page (fun/moving images, backgrounds, music etc.) will be converted?
  8. This is a post I found and tabbed just in case. Maybe this could help with your problem.
  9. I really have no idea how inflation works. So I'm seriously impressed with people who know when to sell what, how to sell it and the little details with changing prizes and such.
  10. This is just a post about me rambling about small things that have been on my mind these past few days (I also wanted an excuse to show my first ever AC counter). Read on if you want. So, lately I've been thinking about and noticing things. Like how the lines on the YYB field aren't exactly perfect and straight and really seem like they're painted. I love it. Or how some lands do have a game-loading screen and others don't. You know, the ones like the giant sea monster for Maraqua, the sinking Krawk for Krawk Island, the Scorchio banging on a drum for Tyrannia or The fairies for Faeriel
  11. The CC isn't really something I prepare for. I guess it makes sense to store up items only to use them for the event for perks, but I just don't do it. I use the event to get rid of items I don't really need anymore (after all). So it's really just a big chance for cleaning my SDB for me instead of something I really 'participate' in.
  12. Hm... I guess I'll get used to it over time. But I like the classic site more. I wish they would still leave that option for pc/laptop users.
  13. So are they gonna change the entire site to be mobile-friendly even on a computer or laptop or is it solely for the app on phones?
  14. Indeed I have. I just checked and saw that the items were, indeed, there. Guess I should check first next year before commenting something. XD
  15. Joined my team again. But I didn't get anything upon joining this time. Usually you would get a background and an extra item depending on how many years you've been playing, right? I wonder if something went wrong.
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