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  1. Queen Fyora is requesting the help of Neopians everywhere! From today until March 12th, the faeries will be offering quests once a day! The Soup Faerie and the Grey Faerie have also joined the mix and will be offering quests during this time as well! Faerie Quest Event Guide
  2. Are you looking to adopt out or trade off one of your pets? Searching for a particular species or color of pet? Want everyone to know about that super rare pet you just put in the pound? This thread has you covered for anything pound related. You can also check out this topic to see if anyone might be wishing for the pet you have! Please remember that you may not trade pets for items or points, as this goes against Neopets T&C. You may only trade a pet for another pet. This thread is not for discussing other people's pets. Please only post if you either wish to advertise one of your
  3. I saw this game on another forum, and it was quite popular there, so I thought I'd try it out here. Basically, you come up with a creative/stupid way to "ban" the person above you. Example: Ruto: Starter of the thread. Can't ban anyone. :O Next person: Banned for not being able to ban anyone. Next person: Banned for not worshipping me. And so on. Okay. Go. Now. RAWR... 12/30/09: I don't know when it exactly happened, but...BTPAY is now dominant in the word game forum. >=)
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