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    Surfing, painting, making jewelry, baking, spending snuggle time with my Siamese kitten and husband, I enjoy reading, the ocean, the redwoods, and playing neopets!

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  1. Welcome back! awe my heart strings are being pulled reminiscing, I really miss Habitarium! u_u
  2. Mine is down too. On a side note just before it went down I won a sandtravaganza scratchcard in the kiosk! That made my day. Especially since I haven't won anything extravagant in a LONG time!
  3. I am not sure if it has been mentioned before but I am even having a hard time declutter. Every time I click the tray it send me to the home page. Am I doing something wrong?
  4. I love the classic neohomes! I worked really hard upgrading it to the max too lol. I never grew interested in the new neohomes.
  5. Wow! Everyone did really well! Usually I vote right away on the entries. This time I think I really need to think about it because there are so many that did such an exceptional job on matching the TCG!
  6. Now I want to eat chocolate. This is going to be a scrumptious competition. Can't wait.
  7. Holy moly there are so many good entries for this Runway! Aaahahaha I love the One Ring! That is so creative! Gosh I love all of them. Great creativity everyone
  8. @jellysundae good luck! I will keep my fingers crossed for you! My husband was excited with me too until he found out it was just for Neopets. He thought I was a complete nut case when I was bouncing in my chair with excitement.
  9. Oh my goodness! All this time... I have been putting thousands of np down for the wishing well! I took your advice and only put 25 np and I won a dirty fish tank! I am star struck! My very first wishing well wish has been granted. That is so cool!
  10. I guess hotdog's are this months thing?! I am curious about that spore blossom. Without my glasses I thought I was looking at a celery stick with peanut butter and raisins at first.
  11. I guess being generous was my hope in winning lol. I'll definitely lowering my contribution significantly now!
  12. I have not won anything from the wishing well and I have played intermittently as well. How much does one put down for their wishes? Perhaps I am a bit cheap? 1000NP is what I always put down. It would be nice to see the average wishing well donation being dropped.
  13. I am curious to see everyone's entries! I will definitely look deeply into each entry by youtubing the song they used. It will be neat seeing what everyone's interest in music will be.
  14. I love your passion! It will happen. The same thing happened to me when I submitted my entry to I think the Runway 50? I thought my entry looked REALLY cool and was determined to have the Lab zap one of my pets until I got it just right. The background was pretty expensive, in my standards, but I made sure to buy it right away. I will be rooting for you! http://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1517030
  15. Oh man this is a good one! I definitely would have voted for this one! Here is an alternative Masked Ball I would have entered. I was stuck on whether I should have submitted it or the one I actually entered for the contest. Tuxedo Mask a Sailormoon ballroom theme!
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