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    Surfing, painting, making jewelry, baking, spending snuggle time with my Siamese kitten and husband, I enjoy reading, the ocean, the redwoods, and playing neopets!

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  1. oh that is good to know. I am glad I am not the only one having trouble with it!
  2. oh no! I am so afraid that will happen to me. There were times I caught myself before hitting submit on my shop. Sorry that happened!
  3. I am having this dilemma as well. I am hoping that they will have the CC again so I'm crossing my fingers for that at the moment.
  4. Hello! I am from California. Welcome to the group.
  5. Today is the day to start the trick or treat hunt if you haven't looked yet. I am not sure if this is the correct location for this topic, please forgive me if it needs to be in a different location. I was super excited and got all 7! Good luck everyone!
  6. That is so awesome! Congratulations. I tried getting one and I had no luck so I gave up. That's so exciting seeing someone win
  7. So glad that you are ok and that you didn't get in an accident and damage your vehicle. That is horrible. It is amazing how many incompetent drivers are out there. Where I live there are people who can't drive in the rain, fog, sunshine, or snow lol. It is so frustrating.
  8. I hope your symptoms stay mild and you get better swiftly! Drink plenty of fluids and rest.
  9. That is totally awesome! Lucky duck! I love seeing what is in the money tree.
  10. I am getting them too an it is frustrating! but a funny glitch happened to me the other day. I had an earth faerie quest looking for steam jug and when I went to turn in the item the quest changed to a light faerie for a gnome with a fishing pole. I was like what the what!? Lol
  11. ooooh I really like the transparent Ruki!! I want one!
  12. Hello and welcome back! It is always great seeing a neo player come back.
  13. I can't believe it happened. But a safe option would be to have your finance get a vasectomy it is reversal able and more manageable for him to have it done. My husband got it done and he recovered in days and it is completely safe. But just a suggestion!
  14. I really liked the select "All Pets" Option on the Neo Lodge! That makes it so much easier to make reservations for all of my pets!
  15. Yup, this is the story. It is my absolute favorite. I hope everyone stays healthy and safe this holiday season! I love that it is December, the advent calendar is one of my favorite things to play!
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