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    Surfing, painting, making jewelry, baking, spending snuggle time with my Siamese kitten and husband, I enjoy reading, the ocean, the redwoods, and playing neopets!

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  1. Wow! Everyone did really well! Usually I vote right away on the entries. This time I think I really need to think about it because there are so many that did such an exceptional job on matching the TCG!
  2. Now I want to eat chocolate. This is going to be a scrumptious competition. Can't wait.
  3. Holy moly there are so many good entries for this Runway! Aaahahaha I love the One Ring! That is so creative! Gosh I love all of them. Great creativity everyone
  4. @jellysundae good luck! I will keep my fingers crossed for you! My husband was excited with me too until he found out it was just for Neopets. He thought I was a complete nut case when I was bouncing in my chair with excitement.
  5. Oh my goodness! All this time... I have been putting thousands of np down for the wishing well! I took your advice and only put 25 np and I won a dirty fish tank! I am star struck! My very first wishing well wish has been granted. That is so cool!
  6. I guess hotdog's are this months thing?! I am curious about that spore blossom. Without my glasses I thought I was looking at a celery stick with peanut butter and raisins at first.
  7. I guess being generous was my hope in winning lol. I'll definitely lowering my contribution significantly now!
  8. I have not won anything from the wishing well and I have played intermittently as well. How much does one put down for their wishes? Perhaps I am a bit cheap? 1000NP is what I always put down. It would be nice to see the average wishing well donation being dropped.
  9. I am curious to see everyone's entries! I will definitely look deeply into each entry by youtubing the song they used. It will be neat seeing what everyone's interest in music will be.
  10. I love your passion! It will happen. The same thing happened to me when I submitted my entry to I think the Runway 50? I thought my entry looked REALLY cool and was determined to have the Lab zap one of my pets until I got it just right. The background was pretty expensive, in my standards, but I made sure to buy it right away. I will be rooting for you! http://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1517030
  11. Oh man this is a good one! I definitely would have voted for this one! Here is an alternative Masked Ball I would have entered. I was stuck on whether I should have submitted it or the one I actually entered for the contest. Tuxedo Mask a Sailormoon ballroom theme!
  12. Happy New Year everyone! I am liking my neopets selection this month except for the sand apple... They are a bit dry and grainy.
  13. oh my goodness I am glad I am not the only one who struggled with that one!!! I had to give up. Even if I was remotely close to the hat and clicked it the video would pause. It wouldn't let me just click the area of the hat. Most instances I'd still get the prize for clicking around where the hat was. It just wouldn't work yesterday! So I eventually had to give up. I was so bummed.
  14. Oh my gosh I forgot that they made a Steampunk one! I don't even know what I picked. I just randomly picked things thinking I never win. Lol so hopefully I don't win. But a Mosaic Grarrl or Steampunk Hissi would be cool!
  15. Well darn I forgot that I could get a new neopet. I was waiting in the event the made a new pet! But here is my monthly freebie snacks: I didn't see the hidden Angelpuss either but apparently I spotted it by clicking the stocking? I am going to try to come every day to the event calendar! *Keeps fingers crossed*
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